The Dawson's Creek Contest of Favorites Thread #2

Here is a refresher on the rules:

The game is a elimination game: the last one standing will be the winner.

They will all start with 5 'points' and every voter subtracts or takes 1 point from their least favorite and adds or gives one to their favorite. When there are no points left for a particular episode, song, place etc., then that one is eliminated from the round. This will continue until there is just one left standing. That one will be crowned the winner of the round. This way of voting also means that you don't get just one vote. You can keep taking turns voting, but you just can't take two turns in a row. Since we don't always have a lot of posters on the board this will keep the game moving and will make it a bit more exciting.

First Game - Rounds
I. Favorite Dawson Leery Relationship
2. Favorite Pacey Witter Relationship
3. Favorite Joey Potter Relationship
4. Favorite Jen Lindley Relationship
5. Favorite Andie McPhee Relationship
6. Favorite Jack McPhee Relationship
7. Favorite Audrey Liddell Relationship

OP made by Freshgirlly908 and ChristinaL80.

The Dawson's Creek Contest of Favorites Thread #2
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