Badass Latina[Gabby Dawson/Monica Raymund]#4 "I think maybe that you're hiding, and I know that Shay wouldn't want that for you."

T O T H E 4th T H R E A D
Gabriela Dawson | Monica Raymund


01. Maud&Danny
02. nicky83
03. xlennie
04. Roswell Dream Girl
05. Crumps5
06. Walt Reynolds
07. fire for a heart
08. Romantic In Denial
09. BlondieLeigh
10. wickedrum
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I was be a firefighter.
All right guys, please stop, you can take the kid gloves off. What happened, happened. I've been cleared for duty, ready to work, and I am happy to knock anyone's teeth out who treats me like a snowflake.
You want to go? We can go right here. Come on!
Shay would've loved that.
Okay, look you want to quit. Then quit. Give him what he wants.
I know today's been kind of um...confusing, maybe?
I need your help. We all do.

Badass Latina[Gabby Dawson/Monica Raymund]#4
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