Romeo & Juliet [Kara & Mon-El | Melissa + Chris] #21: "On Argo...for one moment...all the problems went away and I could envision us together"

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★ B/C They can be themselves with each other. She can be Kara Danvers, Supergirl, and Kara Zor-El with him. He can be more than just the "frat boy" Daxamite Prince with her.
★ B/C She hates being vulnerable but has opened up because of him and for him.
★ B/C He wants to help her "keep the world spinning."
★ B/C She saw potential in him before any one else did.
★ B/C He is grateful for her & considers himself "the luckiest guy in the world" b/c she was the one who found him.
★ B/C They make each other happy, like "dopey grin, butterflies in the stomach happy."
★ B/C They make the best "spy team" as Kara Danvers and Mike Matthews.
★ B/C They have their inside jokes and get each gifts (club soda and Highlights; he's Goofus, she's Gallant)
★ B/C He is practically living with her and they are domestic af. He makes her breakfast in bed.
★ B/C He surprises her with her favorite food; potstickers.
★ B/C They have the best couch scenes.
★ B/C He reminds her that she has "so much to offer the world" & not to "let anyone say otherwise."
★ B/C They have saved each other time and time again (even once with a True Love's Kiss!).
★ B/C She doesn't have to tiptoe around him, she can use her full strength and not break his nose.
★ B/C She "can't lose him."
★ B/C He wants to "fill every moment of her life with joy."
★ B/C She gave him her most treasured possession, her mother's necklace, to "keep [him] safe."
★ B/C Their chemistry is off the charts.
★ B/C they love each other.
★ B/C They want to wake up with each other.

"What's it like working with Chris?"

Cred: [X]

"She’s so focused on how much he’s changed and how he becomes so generous, kind, thoughtful, and selfless." ~ Melissa

"He’s completely enamored by Kara, and thinks she’s this sweet, amazing person who he wants in his life" ~ Chris

"That relationship especially, I don't think Kara has ever felt anything like that before" ~ Melissa

"I love these two together. They are charm city. They have such great chemistry." ~ Kevin Smith

"The chemistry between Chris and Melissa, on screen, is amazing. We think they're such a great couple." ~ Andrew Kreisberg

"I am a big fan of Chris Wood and Melissa Benoist, and they get along great. And you know what, it’s the right way to tell a story." ~ Mark Pedowitz

"Kara and Mon-El have this genuine love that comes from this deep place." ~ Chris

Cred: [x]

"Melissa and I have found this nice pocket for the characters to live in. It was just so easy to play and she's just so generous as an actress that she just keeps it rolling. She makes it easy." ~ Chris on working with Melissa

“In the finale we saw Kara having to make a very painful hero’s choice and save the Earth and send the love of her life off into space and that was devastating” ~ Jessica Queller SDCC 2017

“I love the way they bicker. I love when they would write these sort of humor-filled two people feeling patiently about very opposing viewpoints,” “Their love is very sweet. It’s flawed in a way that isn’t always shown on television because you have frustrations with it, you see like ‘Why can’t you just get this right? Why can you be better and stop sucking?” But there’s a pure attraction between them that I think is really sweet.” ~ Chris SDCC 2017

"What has been the most rewarding part for you guys to play the evolution of these two characters together?"

Cred: [x]

"He was the first love that she’s ever had,I know they had their differences up until the end, but toward the end, they really saw each other on an even playing field. They were peers. She said, ‘Go be a hero, you’re ready.’ They believed in each other, so losing that confidante, that support, that love was devastating to her. I feel like, for the first time, especially since we’ve started the show, she really felt like she had it balanced — she had a happy life with her partner, she had work going for her and was working her way up in the premiere, and she was loving being Supergirl and saving the world, so a giant part of her identity was wrenched from her.” ~ Melissa about Mon-El return

“The suit is awesome and standing next to Supergirl is going to be a really cool visual.” ~ Chris

"[The suit ]It was something that we wanted to do, and we wanted to make it part of his journey and his story with Kara,” Rovner said. “So we’re excited to be able to have him be his more traditional, heroic Mon-El that I think the fans are excited to see, and we were excited to see, as well.” ~ Robert Rovner

CW Fan Feast with Chris & Melissa

Entertainment Weekly's Musical Crossover Interview

Late Night Hijinks on Set with Melissa

Kevin Smith loves them

(For Season 3 and beyond)
★ Karamel to be reunited []
★ Mon-El to become Valor [X]
★ Supergirl and Valor teaming up & kicking ass [X]
★ Karamel date night []
★ Supergirl and Valor flying together [X]
★ Supergirl and Valor flying kiss inspired to the comics []
★ Mon-El to come back []

"Do you wanna go be heroes?"

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OP arts credit to the very talented and generous Simy

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