BFFs {Zoe&Lavon} #11: They became friends the instant they met.

z o e & l a v o n
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"You met Lavon Hayes, best friend you ever had." "

Zoe and Lavon became instant friends when she first arrived in Bluebell, and he was virtually her only friend for a while. Zoe had a hard time fitting into the small southern town, so he was the one who helped her to navigate the tricky waters of Bluebell. He is her confidant and best friend. They help each other out in hard times and are always there for each other.

"best friend you ever had.."

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the reasons.
001. Because "No way! You're the mayor? Lavon Hayes, the linebacker?
002. Because she rounded up. He got robbed in '06
003. Because Lavon Hayes likes her math
004. Because him being the mayor is the first thing about BlueBell that she actually likes
005. Because lucky for her, she has him to give her counsel
006. Because people will see she wants to fit in if she shows up on Lavon Hayes's side
007. Because Lavon Hayes has a rep to protect. she best goes and gets herself a shower before she rides the tide with him
008. Because she apologizes for what she is about to do
009. Because she parades around in front of the mayor without a stitch of makeup
010. Because she forgot to tell him her new receptionist Didi asked about him
011. Because "I just want to beat Brick. Just let me win, come on"
012. Because knowing Zoe Hart didn't wind up using her free pass last night makes Lavon Hayes sad
013. Because "Don't make me take away your pancakes, woman"
014. Because she moved to BlueBell, took a plane, a bus and Lord knows what else and she came here. He has a feeling she're more impulsive than she might think
015. Because he has a feeling that if she ever truly lest yourself go, she might fly
016. Because for her there is no one percent. That is just the statistical margin of error
017. Because maybe 99 out of 100 people will disappoint her but he thinks she finds the magic of the world in the margin of error
018. Because he always gives her rides
019. because he can't just keep her company every time she needs to make a house call. This ain't "Driving Miss Zoe"
020. Because she needs to borrow his car to save a man's life
021. Because she asked him if her dress was va-va-voomy
022. Because he lets her host his Thursday night pregame party
023. Because she helped Lavon with the football team
024. Because she was supposed to help him with the pregame party not make things harder for him
025. Because she doen't know how to apologize to him
026. Because she thought he could invite some friends over to celebrate the big win
027. Because he is a good friend. He's probably her best friend in the whole world at the moment. No pressure
028. Because as long as he doen'thave to go shoe shopping being Zoe's best friend is fine with him
029. Because "I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you, I was distracted by the crazy uniform you're wearing"
030. Because she thought he could invite some friends over to celebrate the big win
031. Because "you're probably my best friend in the whole world at the moment, no pressure"
032. Because he's fine being her best friend, as long as he doesn't have to go shoe shopping
033. Because "please change before you take me to the airport"
034. Because he doesn't have anything wrong with him... yet!
035. Because "Lavon, how much to you love me?"
036. Because "don't you find it a little odd how invested you are in the love-life of a 14-year-old?"
037. Because he's like the best friend that she has ever had

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BFFs {Zoe&Lavon} #11: They became friends the instant they met.
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