Gossip Girl #8: Because It's On Netflix And We Can Binge!

Welcome to the Gossip Girl thread

Because even though the show is over, we're still here.

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Main Cast

|Blair Waldorf/Leighton Meester
|Chuck Bass/Ed Westwick
|Dan Humphrey/Penn Badgley
|Eric Van der Woodsen/Connor Paolo
|Dorota Kishlovsky/Zuzanna Szadkowski
|Ivy Dickens/Kaylee Defer
|Jenny Humphrey/Taylor Momsen
|Lily Van der Woodsen/Kelly Rutherford
|Nate Archibald/Chace Crawford
|Serena Van der Woodsen/Blake Lively
|Rufus Humphrey/Matthew Settle
|Vanessa Abrams/Jessica Szohr

Guest Stars

|Anne Archibald/Francie Swift
|Bart Bass/Robert John Burke
|Ben Donovan/David Call
|Carter Baizen/Sebastian Stan
|Ceci Rhodes/Caroline Lagerfelt
|Charlie Rhodes/Ella Rae Peck
|Cyrus Rose/Wallace Shawn
|Damien Daalgard/Kevin Zegers
|Dianna Payne/Elizabeth Hurley
|Georgina Sparks/Michelle Trachtenberg
|Hazel Williams/Dreama Walker
|Howie "the captain" Archibald/Sam Robards
|Isabelle Coates/Nicole Fiscella
|Jack Bass/Desmond Harrington
|Jessica Leitenberg/Alice Callahan
|Juliet Sharp/Katie Cassidy
|Kati Farkas/Nan Zhang
|Nelly Yuki/Yin Chang
|Louis Grimaldi/Hugo Becker
|Olivia Burke/Hilary Duff
|Penelope Shafai/Amanda Setton
|Raina Thort/Tika Sumpter
|Tripp Van der Bilt/Aaron Tveit
|William Van der Bilt/James Naughton
|William Van der Woodsen/William Baldwin
|Vanya/Aaron Schwartz


|tell me a lie
|Kiss of Death

Future Titles

Great leaders only need three hours of sleep!|
You'd better not be selfish. A woman remembers.|

Previous Threads

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#3: Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get drunk enough to make you all seem interesting.|
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#5: Have a little faith, and if that doesn't work, have a lot of mimosas. |

Gossip Girl #8: Because It's On Netflix And We Can Binge!
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