Appointments 2019

This thread is to keep everyone informed of recent appointments for leadership positions here at Fan Forum.
Please join us in congratulating these members who have agreed to take on more responsibilities! :glow:

For further information about Affiliated sites, or to learn about sharing Fan Forum news on other sites, please see the thread on this board.
If you have any questions , please PM Ray or Yvonné our Communications Team Managers.

For questions about Thread Tags, please see the thread on this board or PM Catia, Thread Tag Leader.

A list of Communications Team members can be found HERE.

If you have any questions about graphics for a board, or would like to join the Graphics Team please
PM Chelle, Mel or Rora
, the Graphics Team Managers. A list of Graphics Team members can be found HERE.

A list of Managers can be found HERE.

Please see the details on the Moderator Application thread on this board on how to become a moderator.












Experienced moderators willing to accept temporary assignments. A list of MST members can be found HERE.
If you have questions about the Moderator Support Team, please contact Deborah or Nikki

:party: CONGRATULATIONS!:party:

Banners by chaos blues

Note: This thread should be restarted by a Moderator Manager. Thanks.

Appointments 2019
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