Outlaws In Love ♥ SKATE #110: The simple lack of her is more to me than others' presence. (Edward Thomas)

Welcome to the 110th
Sawyer & Kate Appreciation Thread

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K a t e Austen
Kate Austen was born to run. When Oceanic Flight 815 crashed on September 22nd, 2004,
a pair of handcuffs was found washed up in the debris. A few hours earlier, they were fastened
around Kate’s wrists, as she sat next to the U.S. Marshall on the plane. What was her crime?
She blew up her stepfather. She has gone through almost her entire life both running and
lying, and as the Marshall told her before she got on the plane; she has "no attachments." Nobody
to care about, or at least nobody to care enough about to stay in one place. It’s arguable that
the crash is the best thing that happened to Kate. She got a chance to start over. It was revealed
that she’s actually a strong-willed, independent, kick-ass woman who knows how to handle
a gun and beat up the bad guys better than almost anybody on the entire island. And yet at
the same time, she has a softer side, a vulnerable side that she only shows in certain situations,
around certain people, one person in particular. When she crashed on the island, she finally
had a home. And in that home, she found love, acceptance, and a reason to stand still. On
December 24th, 2004, Kate and five other islanders were rescued. At home she has come to
the realization that she has only Aaron. Off island, she has become the liar she once was. She yet
again put on a mask, a charade to make people believe she was someone other than who she
truly was. But Kate can only “pretend” for so long.

J a m e s Ford
aka Sawyer.
James “Sawyer” Ford went through his life seeking revenge for a conman who ruined his
life, and in the process, he became a conman himself. “I became the man I was hunting.” He never
cared about anything except money. His life has been full of meaningless flings with all kinds
of different women, all for the common goal of gaining their husbands’ money. The only thing
that ever seemed to have meaning to him was a single letter that he wrote as a boy to the man he
was determined to kill. When flight 815 crashed, he was being deported back to the states from
Australia. He became the enemy among the fellow islanders, the “bad guy,” the “troublemaker,”
the “jackass.” There was only one person on the island, a fellow outcast, who he ever listened
to, who he ever did anything for, who he ever opened up to. His connection with her transformed
him, brought out who he truly was in the inside, showed what he was really made of. Despite his
attempts to get people to hate him because he felt like he deserved it, and even though he retaliated
with comments like “I ain’t no hero,” he is indeed the saviour of all those left on the island. At the
beginning he was called a parasite, “always taking, never giving.” Three months later, he was
jumping off a helicopter, ruining his chance at getting off the island, not to mention risking his life,
all to save the woman he loved. He’s a scoundrel and a hero, a fighter and a lover. And we know
that the love that transformed him will one day return to him, and he will be whole again.

The S t o r y

From the moment he called her “sweetheart” for the first time,
it was clear that James Ford and Kate Austen had something.
He had been with girls like her, he told her. But not girls exactly like her,
she responded. And thus began the amazing, frustrating, rocky,
enthralling relationship between the two outcasts.
In the fugitive’s mind, she should be a good woman,
and in order to be a good woman, she needed a good man.
And a good man wasn't a conman like Sawyer.
But as the days passed, her heart would not allow her to stray away from him.
As their time on the island progressed,they shared everything together,
from the most passionate kisses, to their deepest, darkest secrets.
It hasn’t always been easy, but the best love stories never are.
Their relationship is something real, something that is a true joy to watch.

When they crashed on the island, they were strangers,
whose one similarity was that they were lost.
Or.. at least that's what it seemed like at first glance.
Behind all of their fronts, and lies..
they really aren't all that different when it comes down to it.
They both happened to be deported back to the US on the same flight, that same day.
But when they found each other, they found themselves.

Sawyer loves her unconditionally, and he will always love her,
matter what her past looks like and no matter what her future holds.
Kate sees right through Sawyer’s tough exterior, she always has,
but she also sees into James’s heart, which beats only for her.
She makes him a better person, and he gives her a reason to
believe again. Their salvation lies in each other’s love.

"I can see through you, see to the real you."
Those words sum up Skate perfectly. They didn't have to pretend
to be someone they aren't, they didn't need to to run away,
they felt comfortable around each other. They didn't hide,
they weren't afraid to show their true nature because
they knew they would be accepted and loved. They were drawn
to each other from the beginning. Kate saw Sawyer's real nature
from the start, Kate could never fool Sawyer. Their relationship was
about trust and mutual respect. Sawyer never judged Kate,
never wanted her to change and Kate never felt like she
needed to change, for the first time in her life she felt loved
for who she was. They were on the run their entire life,
when they met, they found comfort in each other and it felt like home.
~ Karma Police

Sawyer and Kate, two outlaws with an epic journey.
They met in a island and there they survived, they helped each other,
they fought, they laughed, they felt in love.Tragically they
didn't end up togeter,but the feelings will always be there and
their story won't be forgotten.
"It's not about the destination, It's about the journey"
~ SkateGirl88

The Journey
Three months. Three years.
Never Say Never
Who Knew?
My Skin
Gravity of Love
Slow Dancing In A Burning Room
Sonnet 130
All the Same
I Miss You
All You've Ever Wanted
Back As We Are
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Assassin's Lost Tango

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It's about the journey, not the destination specially
is the destination is death.Skate got to leave the island and survive
, to live a long happy life.It's ridiculous to think nothing is gonna happen
between now, they will give each other a clean slate,
they can't deny their feeling for the other.Skate got an spectacular
journey during 6 season of the show and I love every minute of it.
Thank you Evi and Josh for those amazing scenes,
you guys chemistry is one of kind.
~ tatibsblp

Sawyer and Kate were the little spitfire of LOST.
Definetely. They got the whole package since day one; the chemistry,
the up's and downs, the push and pull they kept during for most part of the
show, the first sexual tension, the first i love you, the first love making
and for God sakes: A SOUNDTRACK THEME. It was enticing to see them,
it broke the cliche story we get every single day 'badgirl/boy
with goodgirl/boy'. They were both outsiders, not fitting in any place..
cause they later found out the only place they could definetely
fit in was with each other, without the conning without the running
they could definetely bethemselves with each other, there was
no need to be better or live up to anything, cause they
were the same, flaws and all.
~ timtyra

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On The Road
The Dreams of Tortured Souls
Sawyer's A Romantic
Children Of The Hatch
Redneck Sushi
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The Way Home
Obsessions and Fantasies
All Ya Gotta Do Is Ask
Reasons To Be Missed

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Tater Top 2006 Best Chemistry
Best On Screen Pairings by Phil Parker
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J O S H & E V I

'I told Josh, "There is going to be a tongue in this kiss", and he said, "Fine by me!"'
- Evangeline Lilly

"I did as many takes on the kiss scene as I could! Evi and I talked about it.
I asked: "Do you want to do the Hollywood kiss or do you want to do a real kiss?"
She was like: "I think we should do a real kiss"
- Josh Holloway

"The sexiest thing about Josh is his dimples. He's just got such a beautiful,
genuine smile — it shines from inside out. Because he plays a bad boy on the
show, people assume that's how he really is. But Josh is the warmest-hearted guy and he's so chivalrous. He will always carry a bag for a girl or open the door
for her, and it's a really, really attractive quality. In so many ways he's a good,
old-fashioned Southern man. I think that Sawyer has a very big and vulnerable
heart, and I think Josh does, too."
- Evangeline Lilly

"Evi is truly amazing. She’s so giving as a person and actress
and a pleasure to work with."
- Josh Holloway

"He’s the sweetest, most tender-hearted guy – and he’s sexy!"
- Evangeline Lilly

"Apart from being a pretty girl with a hot bod, what makes Evi sexy is her
willingness to play. I like a girl who's unafraid to get dirty and throw herself into
the physical aspect of what we do. Evi's willing to be a little warrior, and I appreciate that. Yet she maintains her femininity.
She's a tomboy, and that's sexy. Climbing out of those freaking cages and
jumping down with no rope, no nothin' - she did it every single time, probably ten
times. She got huge bruises. I'm protective of her because as our friendship has grown, I've seen that she does crazy s---.
Stuff that a stuntperson should do. I'm like a scolding mother to her now.
I'm like, 'Hey! That's enough of that! Let someone else do it.'"
- Josh Holloway

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"Looks like we got something in common after all..."

t i t l e s
Take me back into your arms and don't ever let me go. I’m not lost anymore, I'm home.
I may not be the one for you, but I'll always be there for you...
If you feel like running today, you know I'd understand.
You've done nothing at all to make me love you less, so come back when you can.
You are the best thing that's ever been mine.
Kate’s heart lifts. And for this one moment, in time, they are COMPLETELY CONNECTED. – I Do Script
Maybe it’s because he showed genuine FEELING. And maybe it’s because she really LOVES him. – I Do Script
"Kate's going to marry Sawyer, if my son has a heart." - Damon Lindelof's Mama

S C E N E o f t h e M O M E N T

Outlaws In Love ♥ SKATE #110: The simple lack of her is more to me than others' presence. (Edward Thomas)
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