Bingo Game , The List and the Rules

I thought Id make this stand out and clear to read, I am listing the words and the rules

The rules are easy as ... I list the 40 words and you guys choose 20 of them and then PM me those words you have chosen , Once we have all the players , i cut up the words into pieces and place them in a bowl and draw the words out , i can easliy take a small pics of the word/s in my hand and post them in a photo , i may chose one or twos at a time , depends on how i feel :P If there are Questions please ask away , so who wants to play Bingo :D

Smallville .. Jonathan ,,Martha , Clarke,, Wet Shirt

Tom welling ,Kal-El, Lucifer , Alien

Lois and Clarke, Level 3 ,Kryptonite ,,The Talon

Bridgette Crosby, Jor-El ,Phantom Zone ,Black Kryptonite

Red Kryptonite , Silver Kryptonite ,Doomsday

Barn door ,Kara ,Rocks , Caves

Magic , Zod , Luthercorp

Kent Farm ,Pete Ross , Lana

Lex , Bazarro ,Davis Bloom , Oliver Queen

Tess Mercer , John Jones ,Zombies

Shelby the dog , Red Queen

The Blur

Bingo Game , The List and the Rules
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