Psychiatrists {Daniel Charles & Sarah Reese} #3: "Every medical discipline, psychiatry included, is as much art as it is science."

Daniel Charles & Sarah Reese
appreciation thread #3

01. BlondieLeigh
02. ~jo♥jo~
03. Walt Reynolds


Future Titles;
"They [patients] can't get that help if you come to work scared."
"I want to be there when Dr. Charles testifies."
"Dr. Charles taught me everything I know. "
"Sometimes we get a win, right?" "Sometimes we get a win."
"Everybody comes to you, don't they? With all their pain? And you just have to absorb it. How are you doing today?"
"Worry not, Dr. Reese, we'll always have a long way to go in the healing of souls."
"Right on sister. I knew you were smart."
"Butchered hockey, football, and baseball in one sentence -- impressive."

Past Threads;
#01 | #02

Psychiatrists {Daniel Charles & Sarah Reese} #3:
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