Friends Gang #8: "Judge all you want! Married a lesbian, left man at altar, fell in love w/ gay ice dancer, threw wooden leg in fire, lives in a box!"

"It's about sex, love, relationship, careers,
the time in your life when everything is possible
which is really exciting and really scary
it’s about searching for love and commitment and security,
and the fear of love and commitment and security,
it’s about friendship because when your young and single in the city,
your friends are your family."
~ The show's creators in 1993 ~

So, this is a thread to talk about the Friends gang relationship on the show, how great and close friends they are, all the awesome scenes they have together (like in those thanksgiving ep or the Poker one ect.), of course it doesn't have to specially include the 6 of them we can also talk about about scenes including just 3/4 of them.. ;) And this is also a thread for the Friends cast and their friendship in real life because we all know how really good friends they are, so here you can talk about their interviews, bloopers, post pics (of them at events, from photoshoot..), ect... :)

"My favorite part of the show
is those six people together,
that's when 'Friends' was
truly great to me."
~ Kevin Bright ~

1. Black mamba
2. Endless Fighter
3. Cris
4. ♥SweetBettyRose♥
5. valeposh
6. *~Sophia~*
7. unfloopy_
8. Goodnight&Go
9. Majora's Mask
10. Chareey
11. lovesophia
12. razzlephrat
13. noelle
14. ellen-cheerleaderx
15. j_acidburn
16. stoptheqtip
17. "You'reMyLittleSnowAngel"
18. ||michelle||
19. Brucas4life
20. LG rocks my socks
21. Sweetest_Thing
22. BrathanSupporter
23. michelle1
24. stardazzle
25. Eveline2525
26. missunlikely
27. lisegurl
28. varjak-golightly
29. countingcolors
30. thepoison
31. Creamsodaqueen
32. McLeanAmy
33. - bad romance -
34. F.R.I.E.N.D.S/OTH
35. livstevi21
36. ladybug70981
37. wistfuldreamer
38. kika_m
39. F.R.I.E.N.D.S/OTH
40. Giana
41. true colours
42. classictvfan91
43. quin611
44. WeBuiltThePyramids
45. MPFan09
46. Jenny's Dimple
47. gigilove
48. maja_m&m
49. Lorelai82
50. issa1005
51. BrucasBangelBrylan
52. OnlyException
53. msstock87
54. Nilicat
55. Shiny Shinx
56. Leo_Lover
57. quin611
58. JMRamos
59. WileyDairyGnome
60. Maité
70. Swift2Potter
71. stlavin95
72 BlackSapphire
73. bickering love
74. *Amethyst*
75. sourburst

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"Sure I peed on her. And if I had to, I'd pee on any one of you!"
"Okay, I hate dogs." "What?!" "Are you crazy? Why?" "Are you out of your mind?!"
"I'm gonna get some coffee, anyone want anything?" Every chimes in. "I was just being polite."
"I don't think my boss likes me." "Mine either." "Must be universal." "Or 'cause you're hanging around here at 11:30 on a Wednesday."
"Judge all you want! Married a lesbian, left man at altar, fell in love w/ gay ice dancer, threw wooden leg in fire, lives in a box!"

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