The Spooners {RyanღMarissa} #30: She’s his first "real" girlfriend


Ryan Atwood;;
Grand theft auto. Arson. Fist fights.


Marissa Cooper;;
Theft. Overdose. Will shoot a bitch.

Together? Newport's Most N.o.t.o.r.i.o.u.s Couple.


01. He cared enough to carry her to the poolhouse in the Pilot.
02. She’s his first "real" girlfriend
03. Even Theresa could see they were meant to be
04. Because he's whoever she wants him to be.
05. Because she trusted him with information she hadn't told anyone before.
06. Because they're good secret keepers.
07. Because she made him a CD.
08. Because if she stayed, he wouldn't have been able to leave.
09. Because she knows he's not really a bad boy.
10. Because she only wanted to go to Cotillion if he went.
11. Because her in a white dress and him in a tux? Totally an omen for the future!
12. Because he gave her his jacket.
13. Because he asked her out and she said yes.
14. Because grilled cheese goes perfectly with mac and cheese.
15. Because he took her with him into the pool.
16. Because can she borrow a tank top so she can look as cool as he does?
17. Because she went to find him at the poolhouse.
18. Because people only look like Ryan if they're in love.
19. Because is there anything cuter than them when they spoon?
20. Because Ryan knew Luke didn't deserve her.
21. Because Ryan saved her life.
22. Because Marissa called him first at the hospital.
23. Because he was totally peeking when she was changing.
24. Because she doesn't want him to stay away.
25. Because with these two it's cotton candy, no question!
26. Because he wants to make it work no matter what.
27. Because he wanted to go "one more time" after they kissed.
28. Because he oh-so-smoothly tried to cop a feel.
29. Because he stole her shoes to keep her from leaving.
30. Because he wanted to spend a whole night together.
31. Because he was worried about disappointing her.
32. Because he's never been a boyfriend before.
33. Because he jumped over his bed to kiss her.
34. Because she just laughed when he said he 'usually climbed out of the window or into the front seat'.
35. Because she doesn't want to just sleep around him,
36. Because they had the best date ever.
37. Because should they use her poolhouse or his?
38. Because she wanted to see where he was from.
39. Because she wouldn't leave him.
40. Because he's her Snoopy!
41. Because the unwritten rule of relationships is he's allowed to tell his girlfriend.
42. Because she isn't telling Summer about THAT!
43. Because he only saved up enough money to buy a Christmas present for her.
44. Because she's taller than him in heels!
45. Because she wants to be wherever he is.
46. Because she got help after he said he couldn't do this again.
47. Because he wanted to make sure she was safe.
48. Because she said I love you and he said thank you.
49. Because he ran to the top of the building to be able to kiss her at midnight.
50. Because she's the first person he's ever said "I love you" to.
51. Because let's face it, he's whipped.
52. Because he walked her to class.
53. Because his face lights up when he hears her voice on the other end of the phone.
54. Because him watching her dance works for him!
55. Because right now, she doesn't want to talk about Oliver.
56. Because his lap was made for her to sit in.
57. Because golf will be especially fun for her!
58. Because if Oliver hadn't interrupted, they would have been hot tubbing.
59. Because he's part of her life.
60. Because he tried to embrace the friend.
61. Because he researched Oliver to protect her.
62. Because she called Ryan first again at Oliver's.
63. Because she's so, so sorry.
64. Because she wanted to make love to him.
65. Because he was only having fun playing video games with her.
66. Because he knows she loves him.
67. Because he wanted to protect her from the truth about Julie and Luke.
68. Because it's not about what he wants, it's about what she needs.
69. Because he's a little shorter than she imagined, but still so hot!
70. Because in his eyes, she's the beauty.
71. Because now someone's the bitch!
72. Because they make pillow fights look fun.
73. Because he hurts when she hurts.
74. Because he was determined to find her first.
75. Because he wouldn't let her run away again.
76. Because she picked the one place she knew only he could find her.
77. Because what is he supposed to do without her?
78. Because when they reunite, tongue is involved!
79. Because they could skip lunch.
80. Because he can't get enough of this stuff when she's around.
81. Because "really good" for Ryan is like singing from the treetops!
82. Because brownies taste the best when they're feeding them to each other.
83. Because he loves her and Kirsten knows it!
84. Because they're gonna be fine.
85. Because she IS his girlfriend.
86. Because what strippers? He doesn't know of any strippers.
87. Because he wants still wants to make this work between them.
88. Because she stood by him....
89. ...then let him go even though it broke her heart.
90. Because it was too hard for her to go into the poolhouse.
91. Because she calls him in the middle of the night...
92. ...and he stays on the line knowing it's her even when she doesn't speak.
93. Because she ran to hug him.
94. Because it wasn't like that at all with Theresa.
95. Because her last boyfriend was afraid of heights...
96. ...and because the poor guy didn't know what he was missing!
97. Because they're not very good at the 'just friends' thing.
98. Because when they were wondering if SS were meant to be, they were totally talking about themselves.
99. Because he chases her with stuffed penguins.
100. Because she asked him to the dance.
101. Because he was worried about her at her dad's party.
102. Because of course they're okay. They've got bagels!
101. Because when he talks about how he met her, flashbacks are a must.
102. Because they just connected; he'd never met anyone like her before.
103. Because she has pictures of him all over her room.
104. Because he meant a lot to her; he still does.
105. Because it hurt him to think she believed what they had meant nothing to him.
106. Because he's sorry, and so is she.
107. Because she shared her umbrella and put her arm around him in the rain.
108. Because she misses him every day.
109. Because the tent is big enough for two.
110. Because cheeseburgers and chili fries sound perfect to them!
111. Because even after all this time, he's still whoever she wants him to be.
112. Because he was upset when he looked at her with Alex.
113. Because she thought it would be fun to work together.
114. Because they're not going to burn Captain Oats, are they?
115. Because they built it together and they're going to burn it together.
116. Because Marissa's supposed to call him back.
117. Because she wanted to be there for him with Trey.
118. Because he looks really adorable; he's so cute!
119. Beause he thought ugly hats were her thing.
120. Because the last time she went to Chino, she saved his ass.
121. Because the first person he punched in S2 was to protect her.
122. Because Julie is his mother in law.
123. Because they're taking it slow.
124. Because Summer and Seth know they CAN'T take it slow.
125. Because is THIS awkward?
126. Because it's nothing he hasn't seen before.
127. Because the last time she slept in that bed, she was with him.
128. Because he reached for her hand.
129. Because she didn't want Trey to hurt him.
130. Because he gave her his jacket again.
131. Because he's sorry he yelled at her.
132. Because he's come to the right place!
133. Because she dragged him off to her room.
134. Because she's been amazing.
135. Because they almost kissed!
136. Because he would have turned himself into the cops to protect her.
137. Because they're partners in crime in the drug busting scam!
138. Because back off bitch, she's with him.
139. Because when she asked what he wanted to do, he kissed her.
140. Because imagine a whole weekend of nothing. but. this.
141. Because he owes her that weekend, and that he can do!
142. Because he called her wanting to be home with her.
143. Because that's not The Nana, is it?
144. Because she was helping Trey because he was Ryan's brother, nothing else.
145. Because he was excited about their date.
146. Because a busty blonde stuck her hands in his pants and his only thought was of Marissa.
147. Because she wanted to look perfect for her "very important date" with Ryan.
148. Because he called her over and over trying to find out what was wrong.
149. Because her first concern was about what Trey did to Ryan.
150. Because he rode his bike all the way to her house to see her.
151. Because does she feel like going to prom?
152. Because Marissa would never hurt him like that.
153. Because he's just in time.
154. Because he put his arm around her when they were walking into Caleb's funeral.
155. Because it'll be fine; he promises.
156. Because when Trey hurt Marissa, he ruined everything for Ryan.
157. Because he rushed a guy with a gun to avenge her.
158. Because she shot Trey to protect him.
159. Because they both toss furniture; it's fate.

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The Spooners {RyanღMarissa} #30: She’s his first
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