{XS} Nora West-Allen|Jessica Parker Kennedy #2:"No Worries Uh always pay it forward..Creating positive sums on an infinite basis. Isn't that amazing?"

Nora Allen | Jessica Parker Kennedy
Appreciation Thread

No worries.
Uh, always pay it forward.
That's my motto, you know? Because at any given moment, one of us could need a helping hand.
Like now, you two total strangers, you know, were short on cash,
and then someone just steps out of the blue and helps out in a totally random way, - am I right?
And you know, it's more than just karma.
It's the principle of infinite consequence at work in our lives.
And it's always expanding.
Creating positive sums on an infinite basis.
Isn't that amazing?

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002. FireQueen
003. SydneyO
004. lisagslack14
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008. Scarlet Speedster
009. BeautifulContradiction


{XS} Nora West-Allen|Jessica Parker Kennedy #2:
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