Queer As Folk ~ 1.16 ~ "French Fried" Episode Discussion *NEW*

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1.16 ~ "French Fried" Episode Discussion

Michael and Dr. David disagree about finances; a strange Frenchman moves in with Lindsay and Gus causing a stir; Justin is suspended from school.

Director: Jeremy Podeswa
Writers: Jason Schafer
Created by: Russell T. Davies
Original air date: April 8, 2001 (United States), April 23, 2001 (Canada)

Scenes ~ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...MX2BSQstc0XUJv

Music from 116

Theme From A Man and A Woman - Francis Lai - Dr Dave pays and pays again

Devil's Brew - Mo Koffman - Dr Dave & Michael argue - In Restaurant

These Boots Are Made For Walking - Geri Halliwell - Babylon - Dyke Nite

C'est Ma Chanson D'Amour - Terry Day - Mel meets Guillaume - Fantasy

Treasure - Rainbow Club - Liberty Diner - Michael's no boytoy

Allo Depanneur - Jean-Michel Bernard/Alain Goldstein - Lindsay's House - she's getting married

By Your Side - Malina - The Gang's at Woody's

Straight To Number 1 - Touch 'N Go - Michael & Dr Dave having fun

I Parade Myself - Gang of Four- Liberty Ave. - Justin makes enemies / End Credits

Queer As Folk ~ 1.16 ~
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