New Girl 150K Posts Celebration Thread

We did it!!! :woot:


Another amazing achievement for New Girl FanForum!
Even tho the show has ended we have reached to another milestone!
Thank you to all of our great posters that makes the board live with us.
We'll be keeping to post and also hope for a reunion someday
Cheers for 150K!! Here's hoping for more Ks in Apartment 4D!
~ cK (lessismore)

It is so good to see to board still going strong even after the show has ended:yay:
I feel like it's the kind of show that the fans can reminisce about for a long time:nod:
It stays with us for many years because of all the nice memories
and we can imagine where the characters might be in the future even though we can't see them anymore.
I hope that the board will keep growing for a long time and that we can celebrate many more years to come:)
~ Jo (JoJoF92)

Celebration icons

Icons made by lessismore

Icons made by Unsung Hero

Thank you everyone for making 150K happen on the board! :pinkie::pinkie:

New Girl 150K Posts Celebration Thread
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