Atom {Ray Palmer | Brandon Routh} #13: Because he became, "Atom to help people."

{Ray Palmer | Brandon Routh}

ray of sunshine, the atom palmer
CEO of PALMER Technologies,
Knight Sir Raymond of the Palms

Former fiance Anna Loring, tragically died in front of him
which made him never want to feel helpless again.
He falls in love quickly, as you'll see with his relationships with Felicity Smoak and Kendra Saunders.

Also, inspired by by George Lucas movies.

He tries to see the good in everyone, even someone as a wild case
as Mick Rory aka Heat Wave.
His new bestie is Citizen Steel, Nate Heywood.

He is willing to risk his life to save another because it hurts him to see another person
suffering, example the russian prison, he took the beating for none of his teammates

Formerly resided in Starling City, now resides on the Waverider, and looking to become a legend instead of a forgotten one.
Very enthusiastic, and even made lunches for his teammates for a mission he wasn't a part of.

01. eternalfate
02. Queen of Babble
03. Lauren James
04. Cmtaylor531
05. save each other
06. lisagslack14
07. L i N d $ @ y
08. Carmilla
09. LunaSolTierra
10. *OldHollywoodStarlet*
11. fire for a heart
12. beautiful connection ♥
13. green eyes sparkle
14. Awesome Nerds
15. chasing the sun

Future Titles
B/c Ray doesn't want anyone to suffer the same doomed past relationship fate he received.
Because he got to walk on the moon like a true champion.
Because he successfully captured a speedster on gravity!
B/c he had the classic space theme when he found a fragment for spear of destiny.
Provided by Tia

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Atom {Ray Palmer | Brandon Routh} #13: Because he became,
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