Surgeons {Connor Rhodes & Ava Bekker} #2: "You were right to put your trust in her. She is a first-rate surgeon."

Connor Rhodes & Ava Bekker
Appreciation Thread #2


01. BlondieLeigh


Future Titles;
"I'm delighted to assist you, Dr. Rhodes." "I'm glad to hear that. Shall we?" "Okay, boss."
"I'm fine." "Sure. Hair's a mess, bags under your eyes. You look great!"
"I find your gift for self-flagellation fascinating." "What is that supposed to mean?"
"Nice looking. But is she attracted to you or the car?"
"Are you all of a sudden rooting for my success?" "Not at all, I just hate winning by default."
"I guess we're both in the dog house now." "Plenty of room for two."
"Look at you two, getting it done like Jordan and Pippen."
"Your successes suggest a good pairing, but your...exchanges often convey the opposite. What's peculiar is Dr. Bekker seems to enjoy this...discordance. Do you?" "Maybe I do."
"Have you come to see me or our patient?"
"I wish that you weren't dating anybody at all."
"I was never dating your father." "But you didn't mind me thinking so." "No, I didn't mind."

Past Threads;
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Surgeons {Connor Rhodes & Ava Bekker} #2:
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