Stana Katic/Kate Beckett #62 - "The bar on unbelievable is pretty high right now"

Welcome everyone to the 61st Stana / Kate Appreciation Thread

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39. Rabbit Heart
40. Intersect
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42. Queen of Babble
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48. meen
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50. Willow Fabian
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76. -Fated to Love-
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80. green eyes sparkle
81. Ron_Cullen
82. AlwaysCB
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85. KaylistaCalypso
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87. Jensen_Girl22
88. WolfBeckett
89. fragileღheart
90. Pattinson's Pitbull
91. ~*~ Zoey ~*~
92. **Anja**
93. Hfce
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95. Full◎Circle
96. Morgan98
97. Sandy0401
99. witch with claws


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Where To Watch:

Absentia as Emily Byrne on Amazon Prime
The Rendezvous as Rachel Rozman out on DVD
Cadaver as Dr. Lisa Roberts Summer 2018
Miss Atkins Army as Vera Atkins TBA

Future Titles:

"They would totally be friends. They'll be like hey girls whats up? They'll be like hey lets go for coffee. Then they'll be like okay." (on if Kate Beckett and Emily Byrne ever meet)

"But we're still here and we're still behaving odd. And so I think that the concept of survivor is unfortunately still commonplace in our world." (on telling the story of Emily Byrne)

"I worked for eight seasons with a crew of people and a production of people that became more than just coworkers." (on the Castle crew and cast)

"We had an amazing group of fans. An amazing audience. They were real diehards. And so I think it was a privilege to be able to entertain that group of people." (on Castle fans)

"That character had so much integrity. And what was really beautiful is that she was imperfect. But in spite of her imperfections, she always tried her very best." (About Kate)

"The bar on unbelievable is pretty high right now" (KB quote)

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Stana Katic/Kate Beckett #62 -
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