Welcome to the "re-vamped" Franchise Board [Friendly Reminders Included] - Please Read and Respond

Welcome to the new and improved board that is now fully revamped to include The Vampire Diaries|The Originals where the boards merged together a few years ago. The new moderators of the board have taken over and created an easier to move around Board Guide that is well organized. Once Legacies starts we will also be including it into the board affiliated to character|episode|relations threads to go along with how the other two serieses have been formatted. We here on the board are going to treat the series like its already apart of the board

We welcome you to have a look around and join us in the new journey of the board, the board is officially 9 years old but we have worked hard to make sure that we can continue on for another 9 years or longer. We the new moderators felt that :ff: wouldn't be the same without the board for the shows. So please join us in discussion about the shows that have came and ended plus join us for the next series in the franchise. The moderators are a team that have been working together for at least a year on another board, they are fully capable of bringing this board to its highest and best potential

Please see below [after gif] for just some general remainders and feel free to ask any questions or provide any comments or feedback or suggestions on how to make the board even better than it was. Also know that either moderator or both moderators are available to PM with any concerns or comments that you wish to have addressed privately - just click on their name to be directed to their profile to send a PM

Your moderators,Sarah [beyond insane] & Tar [a new hope]

- BASHING•We want to keep this board a healthy and warm place for everyone.
•Bashing an actor or a fanbase is completely forbidden where we do not want to attack an actor, TPTB or fellow poster. You're entitled to voice your opinion in a constructive criticism way, even if it's unpopular or negative, as long as you express your opinion in a respectful manner.
•A friendly debate is fine, but please bring any negative to our Rant|Debate thread which is going to be used to focus any negative feelings especially with both shows finished now
•If you don't like a specific character/shipper avoid going into the shippers/characters appreciation threads
•Avoid talking about other shippers' in your own shipper thread.
- SPOILERS•The Vampire Diaries|The Originals are over but please go to the Legacies Spoiler Thread that is located on the Spoilers Board to discuss any spoilers of the series to come

Welcome to the
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