Pia Toscano {Appreciation Thread} #3: "I only want to write songs that help people."

Pia Toscano Appreciation

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Pia Toscano is a Top 13 finalist on the tenth season of American Idol.
Born in Howard Beach, New York, she auditioned in Jersey City.
A graduate of the LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, she worked as a make-up artist, and also as a vocalist for a covers band.

Pia Toscano admires Whitney Huston as a singer, according to a video interview on the American Idol website.
"Her singing gives you the goosebumps," she said.

She started singing when she was just four years old and realized she may have talent
when she auditioned to get into performing arts high schools and was admitted to all of them.
Her inspiration is her sister, who is one of only three female timpanists playing in a symphony orchestra.

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IDOL Performances

Hollywood Group Round - Grenade
Hollywood Last Solo Round

Vegas Round - Can't Buy Me Love

Top 24 - I'll Stand By You

Steven Tyler: That was unbelievable. That was gorgeous.
Jennifer Lopez: I knew that you were a stand-out, but honestly I feel like you were a little tricky cause you were saving that, you were saving that for when it counts. It was out of this world.
Randy Jackson: Let me just say something right now … this is our first standing O of this new season … You just put yourself in the top. That's how you do it!

Top 13 - All By Myself

Randy Jackson - He explained how he can be jaded, and tells people not to tackle such big songs – but that Pia was able to hit the notes naturally. He's in awe of her. "Very hot, dope, performance."
Jennifer Lopez - "I think a lot of people were wondering what you were going to do to top last week ... There it is. There it is." She had no words, she just smiled. "Really beautiful."
Steven Tyler - Another fan, he said she polished the apple. "You just slammed it."

Top 12 - Where Do Broken Hearts Go

Randy Jackson - "Every week you're producing amazing vocals. [...] Pia is in the competition to win it!"
Jennifer Lopez - "I was so glad to hear you sing something up tempo! You have an angel watching over you boy, you're perfect every time you get up there."
Steven Tyler - "You are why this show is called ‘American Idol’. You nailed it."

Top 11 - All in Love Is Fair

Randy Jackson - "You're phenomenal. You're beautiful, you got the talent, you hit the notes. What I love is that you think of the note and you hit it dead-on. Next time, bring something different to the table."
Jennifer Lopez - "Again you kill us, with your killer ballads. I need now: the other dynamic … Now I need you to own the stage."
Steven Tyler - "I think you're now the closest star in this American Idol universe"

Top 11 Redux - Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

Randy Jackson - "You’ve sung a ballad every time, but you slay them every time. Everyone knows you can sing."
Jennifer Lopez - "The notes take us to an otherworldly place. I felt you more than I have before."
Steven Tyler - "You’ve done it again. It makes me cry inside."

Top 9 - River Deep, Mountain High

Randy Jackson - "We all believe in you, and you showed tonight that you can deliver on an up-tempo song."
Jennifer Lopez - "You are really special up there. You need to start studying the greats to get greater."
Steven Tyler - "Murderer! Murderer! You killed it! There's a million guys out there in a million bars having a million drinks about you tonight."


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Pia covering Shawn Mendes' In My Blood:

Pia Toscano {Appreciation Thread} #3:
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