Howlers {Remus Lupin|David Thewlis} #16: "Yeah, I know it’s a bit on-the-nose but you know what? It's Moony."

Welcome to the 16th
Remus Lupin | David Thewlis
Appreciation Thread


Welcome a new thread! If anyone wants to be added to the list or wants to put any links/pics up, just holler on the thread. :)


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-He faces his fears and doesn't let them get the better of him.
-He isn't afraid to speak Lord Voldemort's name.
-He's a great friend.
-He's the best goddamn DADA teacher Hogwarts ever saw.
-He's so cute!
-He looks young and handsome despite his age
-He's a werewolf.
-He helped make the Marauder's Map
-He's prepared for any emergency.
-He's a Marauder.
-He's sexy. (you have to agree )
-He's well-liked by everyone.
-He's got an adorable nickname. (come on.. Moony? that's so cute~!! XD)
-He cares about Harry and his friends.
-He was quick to realize that Sirius was innocent and didn't hesitate in admitting he was wrong.
-He's polite to Snape even though Snape hates him.
-He made Neville feel better about himself after Snape put him down.
-And he didn't laugh at the students fears.
-He was able to swallow his pride and let Snape make the potion for him.
-He's an amazing wizard.
-He taught Harry the Patronus charm.
-He puts others (safety) before himself
-He takes care of Peeves nicely
-Remus J. Lupin - Nobody else gets to use their middle initial. Just him.
-Because he carries chocolate around with him
-Because he totally stuck up for Harry to the Dursleys, but still in a polite way
-he bragged about harry to the order members
-Because he was a best friend to Sirius and James

Future thread title: The last, but certainly not least, of the Marauders.


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