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Mary Josephine Crawley the eldest daughter of Lord and Lady Grantham. She was born in 1892. In the first episode, the news of the deaths of her two cousins, James and Patrick, is a shock to her because it disrupts the family's strategy for dealing with the entail that requires the estate, incorporating her mother's large marriage settlement, as well as the title to pass to male heirs. The family had arranged that Mary would marry Patrick, second in line to the title after James, but Mary did not have strong feelings for him and questions whether she must even wear mourning. Early on in the series, she is seduced by a visitor to the house, Ottoman attaché Kamel Pamuk, who suddenly dies in her bed. Her infuriated mother and the housemaid Anna help her carry his body out of her room and back to his own in order to try to prevent a public scandal that would ruin her marriage prospects.

Mary's relationship with the new heir, distant cousin Matthew Crawley, begins coldly as she overhears him complaining to his mother that he expects the family will "throw" the daughters at him. Over time, however, the pair grow closer and a romance develops. In 1914, Matthew Crawley asks Mary to marry him, but she is cautious and says she won't give him an answer until the end of the London Season in August. However her mother becomes pregnant, and if the baby is a boy, he will inherit the title instead of Matthew, so Mary refuses Matthew on the advice of her aunt, Lady Rosamond. Matthew is quick to grasp her reasoning and leaves Downton for a time. While he is away, Mary gets engaged to Sir Richard Carlisle, a newspaper magnate who, when Mary confesses to it and asks for his assistance, promises to help keep the Pamuk affair under wraps. They plan to marry in July 1919, after the marriage of Matthew and his new fiancée Lavinia, and to move to a neighbouring, stately home that Sir Richard plans to buy. After Lavinia's death, it becomes clear that Matthew and Mary still have feelings for each other. In 1920, Mary breaks off the engagement to Sir Richard and initially agrees to move to America to live with her grandmother and maid Anna. However, Matthew again proposes to her on bended knee, and the two get engaged.

The couple, after a brief moment of doubt the night before the wedding, happily marry in series 3. After her youngest sister Sybil dies, Mary supports her brother-in-law Tom Branson's decision to raise her niece and goddaughter, Miss Sybil Branson, a Catholic. While she and Matthew are intent on having children, it is hinted throughout the series that they could be having reproductive issues. Matthew believes he might not be able to have children since he suffered a severe back injury at Amiens in 1918 during the First World War, and was temporarily paralysed from the waist down. In the penultimate episode of Series 3, Mary and Matthew meet by coincidence at a reproductive health clinic in London, where Mary reveals to Matthew that she underwent a small and successful operation in order to strengthen their chances of conceiving, although it is not disclosed exactly what her problem was. Despite previous tension between them, the series ends with them happily reaffirming their love for each other as they celebrate the birth of their son. Unfortunately, Matthew is killed in a car accident after leaving the maternity hospital on his drive back to Downton. Due to Matthew's death, she has missed her chance to be Countess of Grantham.

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Dockery is the youngest of three daughters of Michael Dockery, a native of Athlone, Ireland, who worked his way up from driving a van to becoming a surveyor, and his wife Lorraine, is from Stepney, East London. After working as a driver, in his 50s, her father graduated in occupational hygiene and qualified as an environmental analyst, becoming the first person to survey the British bases in Antarctica. Dockery's great-grandmother Maud Malyon was born in 1910 in Newham, East London, and was a domestic servant. She was just 17 when she married grocer’s assistant William Henry Oakman, 18, at West Ham Register Office.

She was born and brought up in Romford, East London. She was educated first at the Chadwell Heath Foundation School in Chadwell Heath, later known as Chadwell Heath Academy. She was then trained at the Finch Stage School. At the age of 18, with two A-levels, she won a place at London’s Guildhall School of Music & Drama (Guildhall School of Music & Drama). She graduated from London's Guildhall School of Music & Drama in 2004.

She was a member of the National Youth Theatre, studied at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama where she won the Gold Medal for drama and made her professional debut in His Dark Materials at the Royal National Theatre in 2004. In 2006, she was nominated for the Ian Charleson Award for her performance as Dina Dorf in Pillars of the Community at the National Theatre.

She appeared in Burnt by the Sun at the National Theatre for which she received an Olivier Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. She won second prize at the Ian Charleson Awards for her performance as Eliza Doolittle in Peter Hall's production of Pygmalion at the Theatre Royal, Bath, which toured the UK and transferred to The Old Vic in 2008, and for the same production was nominated Best Newcomer at the Evening Standard Awards 2008.

In 2010, she played Ophelia in Hamlet at the Crucible Theatre alongside John Simm.

Dockery made her television debut as Betty in Fingersmith in 2005.

In 2006, she starred as Susan Sto Helit in a two-part adaptation of Terry Pratchett's novel Hogfather.

In 2008, Dockery played Kathryn in Channel 4's The Red Riding Trilogy and played the guest lead of tormented rape victim Gemma Morrison in BBC`s Waking the Dead. In 2009, she appeared in the two-part Cranford Christmas special for the BBC, and starred as the lead character in a modernised BBC adaptation of The Turn of the Screw.

She came to public prominence in 2010 when she played Lady Mary Crawley in Julian Fellowes' series Downton Abbey, the first season of which was screened on ITV between September and November 2010. She was nominated for a Southbank Award in January for Best Breakthrough Performance in a TV drama. She has been nominated for three consecutive Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award for this role.

Dockery made her professional stage debut in His Dark Materials in 2004. For her role as Eliza Doolittle in the 2007 London revival of Pygmalion, she was nominated for the Evening Standard Award. For her role in the 2009 play Burnt by the Sun, she earned an Olivier Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Her other notable stage credits include Pillars of the Community (2005) and Hamlet (2010). She has also appeared in the films Hanna (2009), Anna Karenina (2012) and Non-Stop (2014).


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"Haven't you heard ? I don't have a heart
Season 1 - Episode 4

"The truth is we're very much alike, so naturally I think she's perfect."
Season 2 - Episode 3

"Well there you are then. One day you'll meet
someone else and you'll marry. Perhaps it'll be
second best, but it doesn't mean you can't have a life."
Season 2 - Episode 2

"Why must she be so savage? It's my broken
heart and it was her advice that wrecked it in the first place."
Season 2 - Episode 3

"You should learn to forget what I say. I know I do."
Season 1 - Episode 4

"Dear Lord, I don't pretend to have much credit with you.
I'm not even sure that you're there.But if you are, and if
I've ever done anything good, I beg you to keep him safe."
Season 2 - Episode 1

"I'm not much good at hanging back I'm afraid. I won't get
in your way I promise. But I will stay. You have volunteers
don't you? Well, that's what I am. A volunteer."
Seson 2 - Episode 5

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#1 There’s no fussing around. So I love that about her. She doesn’t suffer fools.
#2 Lady Mary is very much in charge (with a little help from Lindsay and Carrie)
#3"You believe I'm much more of a rebel than I am."
#4 "I think you're fweaky and I like you a lot!"
#5 “My mum taught me always to see the funny side of things.”
#6 "It's old news, me and my accent, but it always seems to make headlines."
#7 "You have a straightforward choice before you."

"Because in her book the Countess of Grantham lives at Downton Abbey."
"Mary needs rather more than a handsome smile and a hand on the gear stick."

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