A plug for my music-themed novel "Golden Strings"

Hi, and thanks for reading this post. I am offering my fellow Fan Forums users a chance to check out my novel Golden Strings, published in Dec. 2017 by Editions Dedicaces (based in Montreal). This is the story of a gifted young musician named Gary Sapling, who lives in small-town California in 1974. He works a menial job at a local mall, but dreams of musical stardom. As the summer progresses, Gary gets the chance to visit San Francisco with his uncle Karl. That visit starts a chain of events that leads to Gary meeting and bonding with a local guerrilla theatre troupe who live communally, and a love triangle with two young female members. This story is influenced by "Hair", "Almost Famous", and "Boogie Nights". For more info about Golden Strings, please visit the publishers website: Editions Dedicaces - A French Canadian publisher for English writers worldwide. Use their search engine to look up this novel.

A plug for my music-themed novel
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