Angsty Artists {Craig ♥ Ashley} #137: We're not upset.

{♥}Welcome to the 137th Angsty Artists (Craig Manning and Ashley Kerwin) Appreciation Thread!{♥}

{A: But you're okay?
C: I'm crazy Ash.
A: You're not crazy.
C: Maybe you should go.
A: I don't want to.
I'm not leaving Craig.
C: The first time we dated was a disaster.
This time was a nuclear.
A: We're not over.
C: So you're here with me?
A: Absolutely}
+Voices Carry

Learn about the characters...Craig Manning {Jake Epstein} and Ashley Kerwin {Melissa McIntrye}

{Troubled, artistic, and passionate, Craig Manning has twice the angst of any other eighteen-year old. Whether it’s being the center of love triangles or struggling with his bipolarity, or his recent cocaine addiction, Craig’s life is plagued with problems. Yet, despite his dark past, which includes an abusive father and a mother who died of cancer, Craig has somehow maintained a great sense of humor and a romantic spirit. He's learned how to be a great stepson to Joey Jeremiah, a good brother to Angie Jeremiah, and a loving boyfriend. His songs have earned him the admiration of ex Manny Santos, the appreciation of BFF Ellie Nash, and the love of Ashley Kerwin, the other half of Degrassi’s power couple. Even when he’s most cocky and breaking the hearts of girls, this heartthrob still oozes charm and personality, and we always manage to forgive him.}

{Because if he really loved Kate,
he wouldn't want to change her.
He'd love her for who she is}+Craig in Dressed in Black

{Degrassi’s resident chameleon, Ashley Kerwin is a combination of mysterious beauty, strong compassion, and creative expression. These traits have lead to appreciation from Jimmy Brooks and Sean Cameron, and love from Craig Manning. Throughout her transformations from teacher’s pet to goth girl to rocker chick to vintage princess, she’s channeled her thoughts into lyrics, both poetic and musical, all while being a soundboard for Craig and her friends in times of need. While she does have a penchant for not confronting certain issues in her life, it makes her more real as she grows into her own person, learning from her mistakes. Her family life has been altered, by both her father coming out to her and remarrying, along with Kate’s recent relationship with boyfriend Jeff, but Ashley rolled with the punches and found her place in each. In season 4, the formerly moody poet lightened up and opened herself up to love again with Craig before jetting to England. Once returning, she also has an altered attitude, more care-free, and even though her relationship with Craig hasn’t been addressed, we know she’ll always be in the front row, cheering him on because it’s in her nature.}

{Really? Wow. I guess
I knew he was always
destined for greatness}
+Ashley in High Fidelity

The Story of Crash (Craig&Ashley)

{A: I, I can't marry you yet. But I want to. I do.
C: So that's a someday?
A: That's a yes}
+Voices Carry


{C: Look. I hurt Ashley and the fact that she's even willing to look at me,
I'm not screwing that up again. So you can flirt with me and people can say
whatever but the fact is I love your niece.
A: Thought you only said that at airports?
C: I'm not staying here long. I just came to give you this. It's a hotel room key. It's for later. If you need a place to go}
+ Voices Carry

{From their bashful days as friends to their angry rocker phase to their angsty declarations of love, we can't get enough of Craig Manning and Ashley Kerwin. No one understands Ashley more than Craig, her mental and musical soulmate, encouraging her creativity and opinionated nature. He loves her when she has a sharp tongue, is icy, throughout all her transformations. Deep down, he sees the girl we love-- someone who's compassionate, classy, and worth the wait. At the same time, Ashley has endured opposition from her family and friends to try and make it work, finding it in herself to forgive the boy who loves her for who she is. Bravely standing up for Craig in VC and to Craig in RRHS, she brought the best out of our boy.

Locker leans, Shrew practice, GM petitions....they support each other's interests and ideas, throughout season 2. Naturally, Craig chooses Ashley to share his troubled past with, resulting in one of the most respected and satisfying finales of Degrassi. Season three proved to be an ultimate test, with the popular, cheating storyline, yet it was CrAsh out of the two Craig ships who made amends, leaving the AAs hungry for more. Boy, did they get more. In season four, a slew of episodes confirmed what we knew all along-- that CrAsh will see each other through the best of days, exciting recording sessions/ band interviews, or the worst of days, Craig's episodes in VC. It's no wonder we still hope for a reconciliation down the line. In our hearts, we know, and they know, they are "so, so not over."}

Learn About Us...The Fans

Why We Love Crash

{There are many reasons we love Crashley, but mostly it's because they will always be there for eachother. We've seen that in past episodes, how Craig helped Ashley realize she shouldn't change for someone else, and how Ashley helped Craig through his fathers death, and his bipolarity. And the summer will make them stronger and make them realize how much they do in fact love and need eachother. Also for the fact that after Craig, cheated on her last year, she was willing to give him another chance. That say's a lot.}

Craig and Ashley had one of the most natural, genuine beginnings on television. They both needed to be in each others life at that point and it turned their world upside down completely. From that point their problems were handled realistically and weren't handled to make them look perfect. That only made their solution all the more special and believeable that it would bring them closer. They have come farther in their time together from start to finish then most tv couples go their entire run. By their final season their love for each other was not "in your face" but it was very easy to see how strongly they cared for each other. They may have other relationships that are even more "on/off" but the emotional effort they each put into those pales in comparison to all they went through with each other. No matter how much the writing has screwed with their story, at every screw up there is even more potential for them created. They may have killed the characters at this point in time, what they meant to each other hasn't dared to be messed with. They're too afraid to deal with it right now.
-- Kathy

Craig and Ashley are the ultimate couple because they are the whole package. They are a realistic and honest teen couple that I've always been able to relate to and love discussing because there are so many layers to them. Jake and Melissa play so well off each other and the result is an amazing range of emotionally intense scenes; scenes that can only happen when a couple has intense passion for each other. They have their sweet moments and moments of angst, all which have this amazing energy and feel genuine. Though both Craig and Ashley are troubled, they seem to really balance each other out and understand each other. As a bonus, I never know what to expect next with Crash. They are such a surprising couple.
-- Nicole

Craig and Ashley are the ultimate couple for so many reasons. Besides being beautiful, talented, intelligent and musically-inclined, Craig and Ashley share a deep connection and bond that grew incredibly strong over time. The love that they have for one another is undeniable. They don’t throw out the term “love” without substance and feeling behind it. The build-up they were given to come to that point is rare for any couple on Degrassi. There are negative moments throughout their relationship, but they aren’t simply glossed over. The lows of their characters help to mold the highs, which therefore creates an ideal balance. No couple is perfect and Crash certainly doesn’t pretend to be. They have worked hard over the years to get to a point of understanding, comfort, friendship, love and passion. When they are together, they are each other’s best friend and lover all at once, which is a beautiful thing.
-- Jen

Craig and Ashley are the ultimate couple because out of all the couples from D:TNG they received the most development. They made it through some of the most stressful obstacles in couple could endure. They survived Craig cheating, they survived Craig's bipolar disorder, and it is just a matter of time before they overcome Ashley staying in England. No other couple in D:TNG a had practically a whole season dedicated to them like CrAsh.
-- Leigh

Craig and Ashley are the ultimate couple because not only do they fight to be with one another, but they fight the odds. Their storylines are consistent, wonderfully written, and there are no hints of randomess or a lack of depth. They are shaped by their history, rather than reliant on their history. They have a shown, established connection rather than an assumed connection. Seasons 2-4 is a testament to their strength and the faith the writers have in the ultimate DTNG couple.
-- Nikki

Craig and Ashley are the ultimate couple because every season that both Craig and Ashley have been in, they have shared the screen. They have been through so much, yet it comes back to their story. Crash has attracted so many different kinds of fans who have remained loyal and true to their ship through the roughest times and I believe that shows dedication that the couple has been able grasp a hold to these fans, which not all couples can do with their fans. There are also the little moments, that don’t take as much notice along with the big ones, that you realize how much they really mean to each other, proving all the more how "ultimate they are" This couple has been through quite a few issues together and their story is far from over.
-- Ria

Want to re-live the 50th? The 100th?

{A: Thank you so much for doing this.
C I love you.
A: And thank you so much for saying that.
Perfect I love you too}
+Voices Carry

{C: This is amazing.
A: I know.
C: I want to bottle this.
Get drunk on it for the rest of my life.
A: I so, so love you}
+Voices Carry


1. konstantine
2. CrAshRocks
3. kaleidocat
4. Mayberry
161. scsdegrassifan
162. LeahKins
163. Penny Avenue interview with Jake Epstein:
Which girl would you pick? Can you tell me?
Jake: Personally? Ashley. I mean, honestly, I never understood the Manny/Craig relationship. I just think the two characters wouldn't go well together in real life. podcast with Jake Epstein:
So the question I'm sure you've been asked a million times: If it were you, Jake Epstein,
choosing between the characters of Manny, Ellie, or Ashley, who would it be?

Jake: That's a good question. I would say Ashley. I always liked the character Ashley, from the beginning.
Cause I think I related to her, with all the music stuff and the kinda goth phase she went through. I'd say Ashley!

More from our honorary Angsty Artist.
During the On The Set For Bust A Move Part 2:
Jake: I've said from the beginning that he should end up with Ashley. Cause I think they are the most alike. Ellie was fully supporting Craig.
With Ashley it is felt sort of both ways. He was supporting her and her music too. Manny was just for play man.

++{Something 'bout the way you shine
And when the lights go out
I wanna make you mine
Somethin bout the way it seems
You're always here, in my dreams
When there's noone there no I'm not scared
But I'm in love
With you}++

When did you first start shipping CrAsh?

{I knew from the minute Ash was sitting on Craig's lap in Father Figure that they were going to be my new favorite couple. Previously I had always prefered Jimmy/Ashley, so in season 2 I was kind of biased against them, but how could you not ship them after seeing how cute they were? - Ria}

{After I started liking Crellie over Cranny in season five, I found that I lot of reasons I used in Crellie's defense could also apply to CrAsh. And I just started to respect them more. And then when I compared the Cranny reunion in season five to the CrAsh reunion in season four, it really showed just what girl Craig really loves and appreciates the most. Another thing I realized about CrAsh is that while Craig kept both Ellie and Manny in his life because that way he could have the friendship aspect and the romance aspect, he had both of those in Ashley. And as I started to compare them to Cranny's status more and more, it really showed just how strong CrAsh's relationship really was.

But even before all this, while I was still filled with hatred over the couple and convinced I would never like them, I had made two CrAsh videos. One very positive and another semi-positive. As I made them, I couldn't help but have several positive thoughts about the couple. - Melanie}

{I first started shipping Crash during season 3. I thought they were pretty cute before SISOSIG, but once the dreaded triangle began, I realized how much I was pushing for Crash to stay together. Once RRHS aired, I was completely hooked and I've been smitten ever since. - Jen}

{I've always liked the characters Craig and Ashley and I'm fairly certain that while watching Season 2 I had the realization that these are two teens that probably would interact and date in real life. I supported them enough while watching Season 3 to be slightly upset at the triangle. When the-n started airing commercials that hinted a Crash reunion, I felt myself getting excited. I'm not normally a shipper, but I think you could call me one once I finished watching GITM. Season 4 was the season of the Crash and that has been the only time I've ever looked forward to episodes so much. - Nicole}

{The first time I started shipping them was when I saw SISOSIG. I really enjoyed seeing how important it was for Craig to be with Ashley. The second time I started to shipping them was when I saw the looks they shared in High Fidelty, instead of giving Ashley a dirty look for staying in England and hooking up with Ali Craig just smiled and waved at her. - Leigh}

{I believe it was Dressed in Black. Which was one of my first episodes - Callie}

{I started shipping CrAsh the first time I saw RRHS on the-N. I always liked them before, in DIB, and especially in TANE, but RRHS just confirmed to me that I cared whether or not they got back together. Of course, I was pulling for them. - Nikki}

{I first started shipping CrAsh when i saw DIB, I really thought they would be so cute together then TANE came and seeing ash being there for him even when he freaked out on her was so sweet and I really started liking them, then season three came and they had some really cute moments but then RRHS came and it sealed the deal for me, I was officially obsessed seeing craig finally apologize and so sweetly was amazing and their chemistry just blew me away, the looks they gave each other, everything was awesome, season four they were perfect too, from the first time seeing each other after "the incident" to him proposing to them both wanting to spend their lives together to ash being there for craig when he was diagnosed bipolar, they had amazing chemistry through everything and I am hooked forever. - Katie}

{TMBA made me think of the possibility of these two, but DIB is what really did it for me. - Teeka}

{Well, the first time I saw Degrassi it was a season one rerun and there was a commercial for the next new episode which was RRHS. I was intrigued and practically started shipping them from the promo. After I saw the episode, I definitely started shipping them. My love for them grew after I saw the older season two episodes, and even more once season four came along. - Lindsey}

What is the moment you can watch over and over again without getting sick of?

{I really like the moments during Season 2, during their more innocent time. Lately I've been obsessed with the "Locker Lean" scene in TMBA. It's such a cute little moment and gives us the first hint that Craig is trying to get more involved in Ashley's life. And then there's the Taming of The Shrew performance - such an attention getter. And when Craig took Ashley's picture - Jake can give off such emotion with just one word, you just felt that he wanted that picture to be for him. And of course when Craig asked Ashley to the end of year dance - Craig was so cute with his adolescent nervousness. Oh and the VC hospital scene, what a great way to conclude a rollercoaster episode. Too many favorites! - Nicole}

{I have watched the ending scene of Tears Are Not Enough over 100 times. The innocence, the music, the closeness, the shared intensity of their stares and the true start to their relationship…it's completely beautiful. I know that whenever I'm having a crappy day, I can watch that clip and instantly smile. It's the one Crash moment, the one Degrassi moment that I will never get sick of. - Jen}

{The moment I can watch over and over again would have to be the ending scene of VC when ash says she's not leaving and that she's there with him is just incredibly sweet, also the scene where craig runs out of the studio for ash, that was just so sweet for him to do. But really, every scene with them, I can watch over and over again without ever getting sick of them just cause I love their chemistry and all their scenes are just amazing. - Katie}

{Lol..I can pretty much watch any Crash scene over and over again. But I think it would have to be a tie between when Craig sings "Shine"(or any good song including Dust) for Ashley in the gym and when Craig runs out of the studio after Ash in ND. Just as I think I narrowed it down I think of the cute moments in FF and the GDTR deleted scene, it's too hard with so many great scenes...well I can always watch the slap in Holiday but that's for a different reason. - Ria}

{Ashley helping to pull Craig off of Joey in VC. - Leigh}

{Probably the hospital bed scene in TANE, and then the ND reunion kiss. - Nikki}

{Probably the hospital scene in VC. Loved Ashley sticking by Craig, and saying she wasn't leaving. - Callie}

{ND hallway kiss Also, pretty much all of RRHS -- that's probably the episode I've watched most out of all of Degrassi. - Lindsey}

{Definitely when he chases after her in Neutron Dance at the end. I could slo-mo that scene forever. - Teeka}

{C: Hey! What you got in here?
A: Every shoe I own. Hey. *They kiss* You know I thought this whole goodbye thing was gonna be so hard.
I'm so glad you're here and you surprised me}

+Going Down the Road

{C: Going somewhere?
A: Are you?
C: Soon. I’m gonna go home. I think we owe everyone a dance.
*He takes her hand and they start walking to the dance floor*
C: You can ask.
*They start dancing*
A: Ask what?
C: How I’m doing. I won’t go psycho.
A: How are you doing Craig?
C: Better}
+Craig&Ashley in Tears Are Not Enough

Angsty Artists {Craig ♥ Ashley} #137: We're not upset.
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