Summer Roberts #16 ~ "I’m sorry I overreacted. I meddled. Oh my god, I’m Seth."

All-Time FavoriteSummer Quotes:

~ The more time i spend with zach, the less times i think about ... God, what's his face? Built like a bean pole, curly hair, runs away like a little bitch on his sailboat, leaving nothing but a note for his girlfriend who cried over and over for him until the Fourth of July until she decides she doesn't cry over bitches on sailboats.

~ Oh, please don’t say that. My dad has disastrous taste in women. If I don’t step in, he’ll wind up with the first money-grubbing **** bag that ends up in the back seat of his Maserati.

~ No, I think we’re just too embarrassed to face each other. Either that, or he’s treading water until he gets to Brown and finds a big pair of pale New England boobs to replace me.

~ Listen, skank. You can't just say really mean things in a really nice voice and and expect us to not realize you're a total ... skank!

~ Sure we're this week's hottest couple and then world gets sick of it. The shopping sprees, the strip clubs, the people turn against us. Okay. How many juicy sweatsuits does she need? Ugh that goatee is so mid-90's. And pretty soon the movie bombs and the wedding is called off. But i'm not gonna let that happen to us. Because Cohen, what we have is special.

~ There was a hot, hot yard guy who was in the yard and who was hot.

~ [Taylor] made me see that at Brown you’re going to be surrounded by like really smart people and it’s going to make you feel really stupid. So you’re going to need someone around to make you feel smart again.

~ Can you imagine me on the East Coast? I'd be like one of those animals that they rip from their natural habitat and put in a zoo. My fur would get all mangy. I'd throw dung at people....

~ He’s kissing another girl! Yes, right in front of me on the phone! I can’t believe this! I have been crying actual tears over that ass and he’s kissing randoms!

~ Cohen, you are in a deceit spiral, and if you don’t stop now, you could turn into one of those creepy old men who have secret attics where they hide stolen money and porn

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Summer Roberts #16 ~
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