Jeffrey Dean Morgan 50,000 Posts Celebration!!!

Made by: Nikole

Made by: Erin (80s90sIsTheBest)

I CANNOT BELIEVE WE’VE REACHED 50K! :yay: This makes me so happy, I have a huge smile on my face; I am so proud of this board! Thank you to everybody who posts here and has contributed to this wonderful milestone :group_hug: And a special thank you to my co-mod Nikole who has planned this whole celebration :hug: -Gelly

Our first major milestone!! I am so proud of this board, and I love all it's posters dearly. You making modding fun! We are currently in the middle of a posting challenge, and I couldn't be prouder of what we have accomplished so much. Thank you too everyone who helps us keep this board a constant hit. My love for JDM keeps me motivated as well. I've only met him once, but he's the sweetest man I've met in my life. I love the man, and I love his board. Thank you so much too my amazing co-mod Gelly, without you as my co-mod I don't think the board would exist. Your the best co-mod a girl could ask for, and you make posting a blast here! Congrats to everyone on 50k. :group_hug: -Nikole

Jeffrey Dean Morgan 50,000 Posts Celebration!!!
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