Lobsters {Ross ♥ Rachel} #35: "Because he can't imagine his life without her in it."

Welcome to the 35th Ross and Rachel Appreciation Thread!

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love Reasons Why We Love Ross and Rachel love

1. Because we always knew they would wind up together
2. Because they are lobsters
3. Because they always find their way back to each other
4. Because she could never be over him
5. Because when it's about them it's never off the table.
6. Becasue he drop his chance to be on the Discory Channel for her.
7. Becasue he would let her go to see her happy.
8. Because he's the reason why she didn't go to Paris.
9. Because even when he was marryin' another girl, Ross said Rachel's name.
10. Because they had a beautiful baby girl.
11. Because she's everything he ever wanted since he was 15
12. Because they will "never be off the table"
13. Because he dressed up for her prom
14. Because she got off the plane
15. Because they had a little... "eye contact"
16. Because some things are just meant to be
17. Because sometimes they come back
18. Because they are each other's lobsters
19. Because best friends make the best lovers
20. Because we never lost faith
21. Because we got our happily ever after
22. Because they always find their way back to each other
23. Because in the end love is all they need
24. Because with them...it's never off the table
25. Because she bold his girlfriend
26. Because they're sweet and hot...they're swhot!!!

love The Family love

Possible Thread Titles

Because he is the best she’s ever had.

Because he's the one!

Because a faux proposal is great, a real one is even better!

Because when they are together it's like heaven on earth!

Because when he's close, she can't breathe!

Because their song is Wicked Game!

Because in the end forgiveness was all that mattered!

Because she held onto him like someone broken!

Because he will hold her when she's falling apart!

Because forever in you, forever in me, ever the same!

Because god bless the broken road that lead her back to him!

Because be my friend and hold me!

Because warm me up and breathe me!

Because he'll wait for love, he'll wait for her!

Because he's hers, all hers!

Because he's going to loosen up her buttons baby!

Because we never stopped believing!

Because her eyes sparkle him with love!

Because she could always fall into him!

Because every time they touch, they get this feeling!

Because they are broken without each other

Because a faux proposal is great, a real one is even better!

Because it's the last time they say it's been you all along

Because it's the last time they will ever hurt each other again

Because they're the perfect two

Because they run right into each other

Because they will always love each other

Because he fell in love with his best friend

Because he wanted her to stay to be with him

Because he can't imagine his life without her in it

Thread Vault
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Lobsters (RnR) #6 ~ Because in Our Ending They Would Have Gotten Married Again
Lobsters (RnR) #7- ~ Because she asked him to touch, squeeze, rub, grab her ass!
Lobsters (RnR) #8- Because They Made Kissing In The Rain Hot!
Lobsters #9 Bc even when friends went off the air, they still got married
Lobsters #10 Bc she got off the plane for him
Lobsters [RnR] #11 Bc he's the best thing that's ever been hers!
Lobsters [RnR] #12- Because only his faux proposal could make her cry!
Lobsters [RnR] #13 Because only on FRIENDS Does a T-Rex and a Princess Belong To Each Other
Lobsters [RnR] #15: Like a Pillow/ Blanket...You Can't Have One without the Other
Lobsters [RnR] #16- Because their wedding would have been a dream come true!
Lobsters [RnR] #17- Because with them it's never off the table!
Lobsters [RnR] #18- Because he knew they would end up together!
Lobsters [RnR]: #19 I, Ross, Take Thee Rachel... Emily.
Lobsters [RnR] #20 : I can't imagine my life without you...without these arms, your face, and your heart..your good heart Rach
Lobsters [RnR] #27 - You and I both know we are perfect together.
Lobsters [RnR] #28 -R: Can you take care of Emma just for today? R: Sure, just lend me your breasts and we'll be on our way.
Lobsters [RnR] # 30 - Because he fell in love with his best friend

Lobsters {Ross ♥ Rachel} #35:
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