We keep 100k celebration #4: Because our celebrations never end!

Welcome to
The Emily Bett Rickards Board's
100,000 posts
celebrations thread

Made by Sarah

"No one put EmBett in a corner"


The cutest Cute to ever cute !

Welcome to our 100, 000 posts celebration !!!
and what a milestone it is - 100,000 posts is amazing!
We couldn't have done it without everyone who has
contributed to this board over the years.
We have met some amazing people on this board,
and we definitely look forward to making more in
years to come! Please feel free to leave a comment
and help us ...

Made byCanICallYouKate

The journey

Emily Bett Rickards Campaign Thread opened on October 14, 2013

Board opened on August 1, 2014

Permanent Moderators : holding my heart and unbreakable clarity

Temp Moderators: dancing in the rain, only dreaming, and s e r e n i t y

10,000 posts: September 9, 2014

New Moderator : olicitybubble

25,000 posts: July 29, 2015

New Moderator : oxalys

50,000 posts: August 28, 2016

New Moderator : dbn

75,000 posts : September 20, 2017

100,000 posts : February 02, 2018


"I'm kinda awkward, silly and dorky."

"She could handcuff me to a chair and leave there
me and I probably would forgive her
because she's the sweetest"

Made by Sarah

"To the men who committed harassment,
who perpetuated rape culture, who turn a
'blind eye' and complain about 'reverse sexism':
you are weak and complicit.To the women who
found the strength to speak up, to the women
who supported one another and to the women
finding their voice: You can. You are heroines."

“…we want that feeling that you’re feeling,
whatever you’re feeling is right. That’s one
of the greatest things about reading or
watching a show or a movie. Your feelings
are right no matter what, and it gives
you that privilege.”

Made by girl under the floor

"She’s like a unicorn. She has all these amazing qualities
that you would think could not exist in one person and s
he has them in spades."

"She is just a delight. I think she really brings just a great,
fresh energy to the show. It can be a pretty cold world,
and she appears just like a ray of sunshine and hope,
both as a person and as a character."


100,000 posts, 3 years and 425 threads on FanForum !!!

Made byCanICallYouKate

Thank-you to everyone who has contributed to this board over the years...
past & present posters, past & present mods.

also a HUGE thank-you to everyone who contributed to this thread,
especially to Kate (CanIcallYouKate), Sarah (beyond insane) and
Paula (girl under the floor) who made for us all these wonderful banners and icons :hug:love

HERE's to the next 100K !

Made byCanICallYouKate

"Dream Big."

We keep 100k celebration #4: Because our celebrations never end!
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