Everwood Melting Pot (OT3) #29: Cultural Exchange


This thread is for discussing different cultures and customs around the world.
Current events are welcome.
Politics related discussions are allowed.

As moderators we enjoy the atmosphere and environment and would like it to remain peaceful. We know that sometimes in the heat of the moment there's a temptation to cross the line so we would kindly ask you to follow the rules below:

1. Discuss opinions and ideas. Do not bash people.
2. Respect the opinions of fellow posters.
3. Attack ideas. Do not attack people.
4. Accept that someone having a different opinion does not mean that they hate or dislike you. They just disagree with you.
5. If you feel that someone shows any disrespect towards you, please do not engage in arguments. Contact us and we will handle it.
6. Most important of all... we need to be open-minded and show respect for our fellow posters.

We thank you for reading and hope that you will have fun posting here!

Everwood Melting Pot (OT3) #29: Cultural Exchange
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