Red Bedroom [OTH Music] #301: Because music has the power to heal.


♫ 'One Tree Hill' Soundtrack (January 2005)
♫ 'Friends with Benefit (February 2006)
♫ 'The Road Mix' (April 2007)
♫ 'Feel this' (2008)

♫ SEASON 1 ♫
Gavin DeGraw "I don't wanna be" ~ The Get Up Kids "Overdue" ~ Forty Foot Echo "Beside me"
Vertical Horizon "Echo" ~ Longview "Further" ~ Gavin DeGraw "Belief" ~ Sense Field "You own me"
Kenna "Free time" ~ Buva "Hopes and dreams" ~ Yellowcard "Empty apartment" ~ Hot Water Music "Remedy"
Jimmy Cliff "Many rivers to cross" ~ Dispartch "Headlights" ~ Bosshouse "Play it straight"
Maroon 5 "She will be loved" ~ Bryan Greenberg "Say yes" ~ Train "Calling all angels" ~ Bosshouse "Breaking away"
Switchfoot "Dare you to move" ~ Sarah McLachlan "Fallen" ~ Travis "Reoffender" ~ Bryan Greenberg "Lonely world"
Maroon 5 "Harder to breath" ~ Sheryl Crow "I shall believe" ~ Bethany Joy "Elsewhere"~ Snow patrol "Spitting game"
Sheryl Crow "The first cut is the deepest" ~ Bus stop feat Carl Douglas "Kung fu fighting" ~ Gavin DeGraw "More than anyone"

♫ SEASON 2 ♫
Gavin DeGraw "I don't wanna be" ~ Rob Giles "See me" ~ Yellowcard "Empty apartment"
Maroon 5 "She will be loved" ~ Trespassers William "Lie in the sound" ~ Snow Patrol "How to be dead"
Tyler Hilton "When it comes" ~ Jimmy Eat World "Hear you me ~ Jimmy Eat World "23" ~ Keane "Everybody's changing"
The Honorary Title "Bridge the tunnel" ~ Black Eyed Peas "Let's get it started" ~ Jimmy Eat World "Kill"
Lee Norris "Baby got back" ~ Switchfoot "Dare you to move" ~ Bethany Joy "Let me fall" ~ Tyler Hilton "Glad"
Riddin' Kids "Stop the world" ~ Tyler Hilton & Bethany Joy "When the stars go blue" ~ Sum 41 "No reason"
Gwen Stefani "What you waiting for?" ~ The Wreckers "The good kind" ~ Keane "She has no time"
Story of the year "Sidwalks" ~ Gavin DeGraw "Chariot" ~ Ray Lamontagne "Hld you in my arms"
The Honorary Title "Cast in heat" ~ Jimmy Eat World "Work" ~ Tyler Hilton "How love should be"

♫ SEASON 3 ♫
Gavin DeGraw "I don't wanna be" ~ Feeder "Feeling a moment" ~ Bethany Joy "Elsewhere"
Fall out Boy "Suga, we're going down" ~ Tyler Hilton & Bethany Joy "When the stars go blue"
The All-American Rejects "Move along" ~ The Veils "The leavers dance" ~ Nada Surf "Always love"
Fall out Boy "Dance, dance" ~ Tyler Hilton "Missing you" ~ Feeder "Tender" ~ Jimmy Eat World "Over"
Jamiroquai "Feels just like it should" ~ Tyler Hilton "Star-spangled banner" ~ Jack's Mannequin "The mixed tape"
Yellowcard "Lights & sounds" ~ Bethany Joy "Halo" ~ Strays don't sleep "For blue skies" ~ Aqualung "Easier to lie"
Jack's Mannequin "Dark blue" ~ Fall out Boy "A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More 'Touch Me'"
The waking Hours "Revenge" ~ The Fray "How to save a life" ~ Gavin DeGraw "We belong together"
Angels & Airwaves "The Adventures" ~ Bryan Greenberg "Someday" ~ Gavin DeGraw "Jealous guy"
The Fray "Look after you" ~ Michelle Featherstone "Coffee & Cigarettes" ~ Snow Patrol "Chasin cars"
Gavin DeGraw "More Than Anyone" ~ Led Zeppelin "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You"

♫ SEASON 4 ♫
Gavin DeGraw "I don't wanna be" ~ Trespassers William “Matching weight” ~ The Lovely Feathers “Wrong choice”
Dashboard Confessional “Don’t wait” ~ Ray LaMontagne “Within you” ~ The Wreckers “Way back home”
The Cure “Prayers for rain” ~ Yellowcard “City of deviles” ~ Sugarcult “Do it alone” ~ AFI “Prelude 12/21”
Band of horses “The Funeral” ~ 8MM “No way back” ~ The Wreckers “Lay me down” ~ La Rocca “Capitol pill”
Audioslave “Revelations” ~ José Gonzales “Heartbeats” ~ Ray LaMontagne “Lessons Learned” ~ Audioslave “I am the highway”
La Rocca “Non-Believer” ~ 8MM “Forever and ever Amen” ~ Chris Mills “Chenoa” ~ Teddybears “Different sound"
Damien Rice “Grey room” ~ Run DMC “It’s tricky” ~ The National “Lucky you” ~ The Chemistry Set “Into the light”
Vega4 “Life is beautiful” ~ Within Reason “Let it out” ~ The Veils “Nux vomica” ~ The Honorary Title “Stay away”
James Morrison “this boy” ~ Gym Blass Heroes “Good vibrations” ~ Tyler Hilton “You’ll ask for me”
Foo Fighters “Time like these” ~ Spice Girls “Wannabe” ~ Travis “Closer” ~ Ryan Adams “Two”

♫ SEASON 5 ♫
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club “Mercy”~ Yellowcard “Light up the sky” ~ Kelly Clarkson “Irvine” ~ The Verge Pipe “The freshmen”
Group 1 Crew “Forgive me” ~ Jimmy Eat World “Gota be somebody’s blues” ~ The Bravery “Time won’t let me go”
Rilo Kiley “Silver lining” ~ Kate Voegele “Kindly unspoken” ~ Fall Out Boy “the take over, the breaks over" ~ José Gonzales “Heartbeats”
Kate Voegele “No good” ~ The Honorary Title “Far more” ~ The Honorary Title “Stay away” ~ Fiest “I feel it all”
Kate Voegele “I won’t disagree” ~ Kate Voegele “It’s only life” ~ Lenny Kravitz “Bring it on” ~ Kate Voegele “Wish you were”
AA Bondy “There’s a reason” ~ Lifehouse “Broken” ~Nada Surf “I like what you say” ~ Kate Voegele “Only fooling myself”
OK Go “Here it goes again” ~ Ryan Adams “I taught myself how to grow old” ~ Bruce Springsteen “My hometown”
Matthew Ryan “Jane, I still feel the same” ~ Pachelbell/Opus 1 Music “Canon in D” ~ Grace Potter & The Nocturnals “Apologies”
Jonathan Rice “It couldn’t be me”~ The Hours “Let me breathe” ~ Foo Fighters “Home” ~ Jeff Cohen & Bethany Joy “Leaving town alive”
The Honorary Title “Along the way” ~ Bethany Joy “Let the fire start” ~ La Rocca “Roadway Hymm”
Adele “Hometown glory” ~ Gavin DeGraw “In love with a girl” ~ Augustana “Twenty years”
Kate Voegele “Hallelujah” ~ Boston “A man I’ll never be” ~ Leopold “She said” ~ Bethany Joy & Enation “Feel this”

♫ SEASON 6 ♫
Bethany Joy & Enation “Feel this” ~ Coldplay “Lovers in Japan/Reign of love” ~ My Morning Jacket “Look at you”
Civil Twilight “Quiet in my town” ~ Jack’s Mannequin “Orphans” ~ Michelle Featherstone “Running down”
Grace Potter, the Nocturnals & Bethany Joy “I want something that I want” ~ Chris Cornell “Watch out”
Enation “World in flight” ~ Kate Voegele “You can’t break a broken heart” ~ Angels & Airwaves “Secret crowds”
Angels & Airwaves “Lifeline” ~ Bethany Joy “Karen’s café” ~ Meaghan Smith “I know”, Bethany Joy “Scheming star”
Bethany Joy “Mrs Scott” ~ Simple minds “(Don’t you) forget about me” ~ Born in the Flood “Anthem”
Oasis “(Get off your) high horse lady” ~ Kate Voegele “Devil in me” ~ Kate Voegele “Manhattan from the sky”
Keane “Spiralling” ~ The Bittersweets “When the world ends” ~ The Fray “You found me” ~ Lisa Hannigan “Sea song”
Trigger Code “On my own” ~ The Fray “Never say never” ~ Pete Yorn “Thinking of you” ~ Fall Out Boy “I don’t care”
Kate Voegele “99 times” ~ Owl City “On the wing” ~ The Aeroplanes “Black hole” ~ Nick Lachey “All in my head”
Kate Voegele “Lift me up” ~ Mark Geary “Angel” ~ Pete Yorn “Long time nothing new” ~ Aidan Hawken “Innocent”,
WAKEY!WAKEY! “War sweater” ~ Rosi Golan “Come around” ~ The Marshall Tucker Band “Can’t you see”

♫ SEASON 7 ♫
Bethany Joy “Quicksand” ~ Iron & Wine “Belated promise ring” ~ AJ Roach “Devil may dance” ~ Novi Split “Hollow notes”
Black Eyed Peas “Showdown” ~ Radical Face “Welcome home” ~ Silversun Pickups “Growing old is getting old”
Noisettes “Never forget you” ~ Noisettes “Sometimes” ~ The Cave Singers “Seeds of night” ~ Simon Kelly “Burn my eyes”
Phillip LaRue “Deeper side of you” ~ OK Go “I want you so bad I can’t breathe” ~ The Temper Trap “Love lost”
Susie Suh “Feather in the wind” ~ Dashboard Confessional “Belle of the Boulvard” ~ Colbie Caillat “I won’t”
The Black Keys “So he won’t break” ~ Wallpaper Airplanes “Will you be by me” ~ Bethany Joy “Maybe”
Endochine “A new beginning” ~ Civil Twilight “Letters from the sky” ~ Switchfoot “You love is a song”
Noah and The Whale “Blue skies” ~ WAKEY!WAKEY! “Brooklyn” ~ Everly “Flying machine” ~ PINK “Funhouse”
Everly “Girl in the moon” ~ Everly “We belong” ~ Bethany Joy “Never gonna be” ~ Lifehouse “From where you are”
Cheap Trick “I want you to want me” ~ Cheap Trick “Surrender” ~ Cheap Trick “Smile” ~ Low-Fi “Where you are”
Sheryl Crow “I shall believe” ~ Switchfoot “Enough to let me go” ~ WAKEY!WAKEY! “Car crash”
KISS “Rock and roll all nite” ~ Adele “Make you feel my love” ~ Simon & Garfunkel “The sound of silence”
The Little Heroes “On your way” ~ WAKEY!WAKEY! “Light outside” ~ Nashville Skyline “Carry you home”

♫ SEASON 8 ♫
Kate Voegele “I don’t wanna be” ~ The Boyer Rebellion “Semi-automatic” ~ Endochine “Music to drive and cry to”
Ray LaMontagne & The Pariah Dogs “For the summer”~ Jack Dolgen “Our light” ~ Aqualung “Lost”
Bethany Joy “Stars” ~ Laura Izibor “I don’t wanna be” ~ Lara Izibor “Can’t be love” ~ Girl Named Toby “Holding a heart”
Low vs Diamond “I don’t wanna be” ~ Jack Dolgen “Daytime” ~ The Black Keys “Ten cent pistol”
Grace Potter & The Nocturnals “I don’t wanna be” ~ Aqualung “Time moves slow” ~ Lex Land “Ides of March”
Laura Izibor “Everybody’s wrong sometimes” ~ WAKEY!WAKEY! “I don’t wanna be" ~ Wild Nothing “Summer holiday”
Aimee Mann “I don’t wanna be” ~ Helen Austin “Love is” ~ The Dimes “September” ~ Laura Izibor “If tonight is my last”
Kid Cudi & Kanye West “Erase me” ~ Laura Izibor “Mmm…” ~ Trent Dabbs “Follow suit” ~ Other Lives “For 12”
Augustana “I don’t wanna be” ~ The Rocketboys “Sights and sounds” ~ The Dimes “Coming home”
Switchfoot “Dare you to move” ~ Calhoun “Knife fight” ~ The Civil Wars “Poison & Wine” ~ Lucero “I don’t wanna be”
The Wooden Birds “Struck by lightning” ~ Survivor “Eye of the tiger” ~ Jana Kramer “Whiskey”
Joshua Radin “I don’t wanna be” ~ The Dimes “Take me away” ~ Katy Perry “Last night night (T.G.I.F.)”
Adele “Rolling in the deep” ~ Kate Voegele “Heart in chains” ~ Future of Forestry “Slow your breath down”

♫ SEASON 9 ♫
Gavin DeGraw "I don't wanna be" ~ The Naked and Famous “The sun” ~ Cathy Davey “Holy Moly”
Jana Kramer “What I love about your love” ~ Branches “Sleeper” ~ Tyler Hilton “Loaded gun”
Tyler Hilton “Kickin’ my heels” ~ Dawes “If I wanted someone” ~ Mates of State “Unless I’m led”
Waterdeep “It’s alright” ~ Michael Logen “St. Christopher (on my way)” ~ Goddam Electric Bill “Clouds and a bee”
Justine Bennet “Carry me” ~ Amy Kuney “Where I can’t follow” ~ Ambassadors “Litost” ~ Generationals “Greenleaf”
Katie Herzig “Free my mind” ~ Florence + The Machine “No light, no light” ~ Radical Face “Black eyes”
Blind Pilot “We are the tide” ~ Paul McLinden “Too little too late” ~ Tyler Hilton “Prince of nothing charming”
Vanessa Carlton “Hear the bells” ~ The Horrible Crowes “Joey” ~ Feist “Graveyard” ~ Cary Brothers “Take your time”
Avalanche City “The streets” ~ We are Augustines “Chapel song” ~ We are Augustines “Barrel of leaves”
Damien Rice “Cold water” ~ Perrin Lamb “Let it linger” ~ Promise and The Monster “Night out”
Boy & Bear “My only one” ~ Matter “Last thing” ~ “Magnetic Man “Flying into Tokyo” ~ Robin Foster “Forgiveness”
JBM “Forests” ~ Florence + The Machine “Leave my body” ~ Florence + The Machine “Never let me go”
Ryan Adams “Gimme sunshine” ~ Kathleen Edwards “Empty threat” ~ Cary Brothers “Free like you make me”
Blind Pilot “Half moon” ~ Bethany Joy “Blue sky” ~ Amie Miriello “Gun is loaded” ~ Tyler Hilton “Loaded gun”
Gavin DeGraw “Soldier” ~ Gavin DeGraw “Belief” ~ U2 “One tree hill”


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Red Bedroom [OTH Music] #301: Because music has the power to heal.
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