Music Junkies | Sisters in Law [PH] #77: Haley valued Peyton's opinion on her music.


01. BlondieLeigh
02. royalღcaliber
03. sourburst
04. Walt Reynolds

"Spooky! Scary!"


They were sister all along.
Peyton believed in Haley more than anything.
Haley always believed that Peyton was the one.
Peyton missed Haley when she went away.
Haley valued Peyton's opinion on her music.

"I love the friendship between Peyton and Haley because they were always honest with each other. Peyton was
the first girlfriend Haley ever had, and Haley was a true friend to Peyton when she was surrounded by the popular
crowd that didn't know her or even care about her. The special bond of music that they share is so beautiful,
and their friendship is the best to watch played out on screen." ~ Katie

"I love PH because, right from Season 1, they clicked. Peyton turned to Haley when she felt she couldn't turn
to anyone else. They are connected through their love of music, which I feel deepens their friendship. Yes, there
were hard times in Season 3 but I think that made their friendship stronger. I love how at the end of Season 5 PH
were leaning on each other completely and helped each other through their rough times." ~ Kirsty

"I love PH because I feel that they have the most natural chemistry on the show. I think the real life friendship
between Joy and Hilarie really shines through in all of their scenes. Like Joy said, Hil is her favorite person to work with,
and it truly shows. Peyton was Haley's first real girl friend and Haley understands Peyton like no one else really can. They
both just have this understanding of one another that is so genuine and effortless & it's a pleasure to watch." ~ Alex

"I love Peyton and Haley because they have a silent understanding. They always seem to understand each other even
when no one says a word; it's a true example of a beautiful friendship." ~ Kayla

"I love the PH friendship because, to me, it is the most genuine and real friendship on the show; no matter how small
the scenes are that we get there is so much chemistry between Hil/Joie and the quality of the scenes are right there." ~ Kiren

"I've enjoyed watching the friendship between Haley and Peyton grow since early in season 1. They started out as
the most unlikely of friends, but we were able to see a bond develop and flourish. Whether talking about music,
boys, or their own thoughts and problems; they truly have come to rely on one another. Watching two girls come from
such different backgrounds to create an almost sisterly bond has been a highlight of the show for me." ~ Mel

Music Junkies | Sisters in Law [PH] #77: Haley valued Peyton's opinion on her music.
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