Pacey and Joey #37: They Always Wanted to be Together

Welcome to the 37th
Pacey and Joey Appreciation Thread! ღ

She Wants to Stay and Be With Him!
He's Going to Be Where Ever She Is!

♥ ♥ ♥

♥ ♥ ♥

YouTube - Crazy in Love (by dorkyxmichie)

YouTube - Before you (by Isa)
YouTube - Chasing Cars (by Isa)

YouTube - Pacey and Joey-Love Story (by Carolyn)
YouTube - Pacey and Joey- I'll Make Love to You (by Carolyn)
YouTube - Pacey and Joey - Can't Fight This Feeling (by Carolyn)
YouTube - Pacey and Joey - This Years Love (by Carolyn)

YouTube - Pacey and Joey - You (by Alex)
YouTube - Pacey and Joey - Angels (by Alex)

YouTube - What's a Soulmate? (by Charleesangel)
YouTube - Pacey and Joey - Love Unspoken (by Charleesangel)

YouTube - Pacey and Joey: Shimmer (by Barb)

YouTube - Pacey & Joey - Innocence (2cd place "winner"!) (by EmmieClassic)

YouTube - Pacey e Joey - Feels Like Home (by Fraki22)

YouTube - Pacey/Joey - Innocence (by Beth)
YouTube - Pacey/Joey - From Where You Are (by Beth)
YouTube - Pacey/Joey - Feel This (by Beth)

YouTube - Joey & Pacey - Stolen (by TWLproductions)

YouTube - Pacey Joey (Dawson's creek)_First day of my life (by lauradjer)
YouTube - Pacey Joey (Dawson's creek)_Shades of gray (by lauradjer)
YouTube - Pacey Joey (Dawson's creek)_The kill (by lauradjer)

YouTube - Pacey and Joey - "You're off the Hook" (by jleinnn)

YouTube - Beautiful in your eyes (by truelovepj)

YouTube - pacey & joey "angeleyes" (by soulunari)
YouTube - pacey & joey "a winter's tale painting" (by soulunari) (by Mrseclipse555)

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Pacey and Joey #37: They Always Wanted to be Together
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