Evil vs. Wicked {Regina/Zelena | Lana/Rebecca} #3: "You & I aren't exactly the sisters our mother wanted us to be, but you're all I've got Regina."

Regina/Zelena | Lana/Rebecca
{ Evil Queen • Wicked Witch }
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01. Bandit Regina
02. sourburst
03. Madame Regal
04. baelfire24
05. MaybeLove.
06. KeepThisaSecret
07. Neverlight
08. AgentGrasshopper
09. ~*~ Zoey ~*~
10. GrhmLz
11. Lawlessaholic
12. sherry02
13. Quillan

future titles
"You were sisters once, who loved and needed each other." - Cora
"It's nice to have family in town." - Regina
"What the hell did I ever do to you?" "Isn't it obvious? You were born."
"Pay attention, sis. This is how you take away a happy ending." - Zelena
"This isn't the wild west." "No dear, it's the wicked west."
"Our mother taught me one thing, never bring your heart to a witch fight." - Regina
"I'm going to take everything away from you." "Bring it greenie."
Because Regina gave her a second chance

Big Sister Challenge
My Big Sister

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Evil vs. Wicked {Regina/Zelena | Lana/Rebecca} #3:
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