Sebastian Stan - a spitting image for Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker)


Some time ago I read this article about a Instagram user who highlighted this resemblance between those two and that he should audition for Star Wars The Force Awakens, and Sebastian responded him, saying that he already was at auditions for Star Wars but with no results.
Many times I've seen people who said they noticed that resemblance.

In February this year, Mark Hamill tweeted about this:


And at the Civil War European Premiere in London from few days ago, Mark Hamill made time to come and watch the movie with about the avengers, leaving the set of the Star Wars next episode at which he's working now. First he declared that supported Team Cap, after watching the movie, #TeamEverybody. On the red carpet he made pictures with some of the cast including Sebastian Stan.


And afterwards, Mark Hamill tweeted this:


And Sebastian also posted on his Instagram account this photo (he barely posts photos once in 3 months) with the words: "Finally" (like finally the son met his father / or his idol from Star Wars - one of his favorite movie ever) !!!


The fans are so hyped about it, as I've seen in the messages he received on Instagram, cause (secretly or not) many of us would want to see someone looking like Luke Skywalker in future episodes of Star Wars, on one hand, and on the other hand, it's about Sebastian Stan we love (I think that would suit him perfectly, imagine Bucky with a laser sword...).

Today someone posted a video with Sebastian on the Red carpet premiere calling Mark... "his father" :) Awwwwww...


And then, the actor Mark Hamill tweeted:



Afterwards Sebastian's fans were probably like...



Come on, Disney! Father Luke has spoken. Make that happen!!

Bucky here's the Jedi!
The Jedi, meet the Bucky!


Sebastian Stan - a spitting image for Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker)
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