Besides Harry Potter, what else are you reading or watching? #5

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Queer Eye (S2) - Every ep of this show makes me cry. love

Philinda {Coulson ◆ May} #3: "That decision is made with the people who love you. And that's me. I love you."

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◆ ◆ ◆

s h i p p e r s ;001. KeepThisaSecret
002. AstronomySnap
003. L i N d $ @ y
004. KaeraNyu
005. Mysteria
006. LittlePixie
007. only dreaming
008. *Dark_Angel*4eva
009. OnlySlower
010. rpmaluki
011. Licia
012. ami_07
013. LabuanPearl88
014. canthaveyou
015. baelfire24
016. Jaimegirl
017. WyleCor
018. Talula78
019. witch123
020. Mazikeen
021. indigo sunrise
022. we are not alone
023. Summer Falls
024. ChakotaysLover

◆ ◆ ◆


◆ ◆ ◆

f a n v i d e o s ;

AoS / Coulson and May / A Thousand Years
Coulson & May | Northern Lights
AoS / Philinda / Hurricane
Coulson & May - Right Here
Phil Coulson & Melinda May - Unsteady
Coulson and May / You Are In Love
Coulson & May | Certain Things
Philinda - London Heart
Coulson & May | Hold On
AoS / Philinda / Thinking Out Loud

f a n f i c t i o n ;

Finding Home
I Am Never Without It
If the Frame Fits
Please Stay

f u t u r e t i t l e s ;

"To let go? Of May? I'm not letting go."
"No matter what happens, I'll take care of you."
"I've lost too much lately. I'm not gonna lose you."
"I'm not giving up on May. When I was gone she never gave up on me."
"I did it for you, to protect you! I - you mean a lot to me. A lot."
"For reasons I can't fully explain, I trust this woman."
"But I can replace him. You not so much."

p a s t t h r e a d s ;

001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | 005

The Bodyguard [1992] "Don't Worry I'll Protect You" #2

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Welcome The Bodyguard Movie Discussion Thread #2.


The Bodyguard Directors Cut Article

Chris Movie Rewatch Thor: Ragnarok on Sunday 9 pm EST June 24th!

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Join us for the Thor: Ragnarok Rewatch!!! It will be fun!!!

Movie Couples Appreciation #1 ~ "You Complete Me." - Jerry Maguire ♥

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A place to discuss each and every one of your
:sailboat: One True Pairings in Film :sailboat:

PLEASE NOTE: We urge :ff: posters to all treat each other with respect and kindness.
Please express your opinions in a fair and positive manner.
Do not criticize other posters or any movie couples - this is an APPRECIATION thread. Thank you. :)

Movie Couples Appreciation #1 ~ "You Complete Me."

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A place to discuss each and every one of your
:sailboat: One True Pairings in Film :sailboat:

PLEASE NOTE: We urge :ff: posters to all treat each other with respect and kindness.
Please express your opinions in a fair and positive manner.
Do not criticize other posters or any movie couples - this is an APPRECIATION thread. Thank you. :)

BUNS {Bellamy & Guns}#9: Bellamy is back on the ground and he's torn between two lovers, that sword and his guns.

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Welcome to the

{B U N S}
Appreciation Thread


BUNS = Bellamy + Guns = love


1. a little chaos
2. Leelith
3. destroyer of worlds
4. verbis diablo
5. April7739
6. Lxury
7. sourburst
8. Karma Police
9. Ellfoy
10. loppabelle
11. till you come back

*Honorary (but jealous) shipper: Bellamy's axe

Iconic BUNS:

The BUNS gif

BUNS Threesome

Like a Kid in a Candy Store BUNS

Rover BUNS

These moments have been discussed and giffed so much
that they are generally recognizable by their nicknames.

Of course, more moments can be added over time.

The Beginning of the FF Phenomenon

Fun Facts:

Bellamy held a gun in the very first episode of the show.
Bob Morley himself coined the term BUNS, in a tweet. April admits to stealing it from him.
Wells actually fired Bellamy's gun (on the ground) before Bellamy did.
Though Bellamy taught Clarke how to use a gun, he wouldn't let Murphy even have one. At first.
The moments where Bellamy has to set down his gun are among the saddest in the series. #fact

BUNS Songs:

"Bang Bang Bang Bang" by Sohodolls
"Shoot Your Gun" by 22-20's
"If I Had a Gun" by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
"Goodbye, My Lover" by James Blunt (BUNS breakup theme song)

Feel free to make a suggestion!

Future Thread Titles:

"I hear you have a gun." -Clarke
"Shoot him, Bellamy!" -Murphy
A gun is like a woman. It's all about how you hold her.
We like the way he handles his pistol.

Previous Thread Titles:

1. The original OTP.
2. Because Clarke isn't the only one he calls "princess."
3. Because we don't want none unless you got BUNS, hun!
4. Badass Rover Buns Trailer
5. Bellamy: Wanna Bang? / Gun: Yes.
6. He's beauty and he's grace, he'll shoot you in the face.
7. Stay away from my trigger, I’m a loaded gun.
8. I like big buns and I cannot lie!

Previous Threads

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10

Gifs courtesy of DailyBellamyBlake

Fur Friends | [Melissa + Animals] #2: Animals bring the biggest smile to her face!

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Melissa + Animals

Awesome Nerds
chasing the sun



Newbie & Veteran Central #15: Introduction l Board Guide l Resources l Suggestions l Post Counts

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Newbie & Veteran Central

Introduction & Board Guide, Resources, Thread Suggestions, Post Counts

Welcome to the Everwood community!

Be sure to read the Rules/Guidelines of :ff: before posting.

We have a unique community here. Years and years have passed since this amazing series concluded and yet the board is still going strong. That says a lot about Everwood fans as a whole and just how unique we truly are. The show is unique, the fans are unique... there is a special pattern. We rock. :D

Introduce Yourself

Newbies, please introduce yourself. If veterans want to reintroduce yourself at any time go for it:
Fan of Everwood since:
Favorite Everwood Character:
I love Everwood because:
Other shows you enjoy:
Ships (Everwood and other shows):
Boards you visit:
What you need to know about me:

Everwood Thread Guide

Here's a list of threads already created. Please do not create a thread without checking to see if it doesn't already exist.
Mods & Thread creators, please update the list when creating a new thread so we can keep the list up to date.

*** Please Note: Some threads were lost due to Fan Forum Crash April 2006.

General Episodes/Series Related Discussion

Everwood Series Discussion Thread

Everwood's 2018 General Rewatch Thread

Everwood Reboot/Revival Discussion Thread

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Specific Topic Discussion/Debate Threads

Favorite moments of Everwood so far

Was Amy truly in love with Colin?

Favorite Season?

Rank the seasons

The Stories Left To Tell
Discuss the stories that could have happened if the series had gone on

Least Favorite Character

Favorite Characters?

Bright/Colin Accident: Who's to blame?

Everwood, your Favorite show of all time?

Does Drama equal Breakups & Conflict?

What Pairings Did You Like and Dislike?

How Did You Find Everwood?

Storylines that you wish they had shown more of

Madison pregnancy revelation: Would you have wanted to see a different end result?

The Fairy-Tale Ending to Everwood

EW Fans: Answer Some Questions

Irv Narrations Thread

Religion in Everwood

Who liked both EA/EM?

Any controversial opinions about the show?

Best Episode season one

Best episode season two

Best episode season three

Best episode season four

Multimedia Threads

Following the cast on Social Networking Sites

Everwood Fanart & Avatars

Everwood Music Thread

Everwood Fanfics

Shippers Thread

The Greenies: Ephram/Amy thread
Ephramy has magical chemistry and the most beautiful story.

The Ketchup Kids : Bright/Hannah thread
Discuss the relationship between Bright and Hannah.

Andy/Nina Appreciation Thread
Discuss the friendship/love story between Nina & Andy.

JailBait : Ephram/Madison thread
Discuss Ephram/Madison, yes, even babygate/Madisongate.

Frosty frenchers: Ephram/Laynie Thread
Ephram/Laynie had some nice moments and maybe even should have dated longer.

Nina/Jake Appreciation Thread

Amy/Colin Thread

Amy/Tommy Thread

Homeward Bound-Andy/Linda Thread

Relationships Thread

Ephram/Andy : Because it's somewhere between father & son
Talk about the relationship between Ephram & Andy.

Amy & Hannah Appreciation Thread

The Amy/Bright Appreciation Thread
Discuss the Brother/Sister relationship.

Bright/Delia Appreciation Thread

Abbott Family Appreciation Thread

The Fantastic Four: Ephram, Amy, Hannah, Bright

The Harold/Amy Thread

The Harold/Rose Thread

The Amy/Bright Thread

Amy/Hannah Appreciation Thread

The Ephram and Kyle Appreciation Thread

The Harold and Louise Appreciation Thread

The Andy/Harold Appreciation Thread

Appreciation Threads

Greg Smith/Ephram Brown Appreciation Thread

Emily VanCamp/Amy Abbott Appreciation Thread

Greenies/E/A Appreciation Thread

Nora Zehetner/Laynie Hart Appreciation Thread

The Pratt Back : Chris/Bright Appreciation Thread

Scott Wolf Appreciation Thread

Madison Appreciation Thread

Marcia Cross/Linda Abbott Appreciation Thread

Treat Williams/Andrew Brown Appreciation Thread

Stephanie Niznik/Nina Feeney Appreciation Thread

The Harold Abbott/Tom Amandes Appreciation Thread
Talk about the great Tom Amandes

Sarah Drew/Hannah Rogers Appreciation Thread

Rina Mimoun Appreciation Thread

Greg Berlanti Appreciation Thread

The Ephram/Delia Appreciation Thread

Colin Hart/Mike Erwin Appreciation Thread

Louise/Jan Broberg Felt Appreciation Thread

Edna Harper/Debra Mooney Appreciation Thread

Harold Sr. Appreciation Thread

Sarah Lancaster Appreciation Thread

Foreign Languages Threads

Everwood en espanol

Everwood UK Thread

La Grande Roue : Francophone Thread

Pinoy Everwood

German Thread

Italian Thread

Aussie Thread

Brazilian Thread

Misc. Threads

Everwood Pinecone: News, Interviews etc.
Read and share news on Everwood, The cast & crews's project etc.

The Q&A Thread
Got a question on Everwood?

The Thankful Book Thread

Everwood DVD and Campaign Thread

Everwood Ratings

Everwood Cast Heating Up the Screen

Favorite Everwood Quotes

Songs About Everwood

Comedy Thread

Everwood Games & Fun Threads

Everwood Three Words

Everwood Last Letter Game]ABC thread

Everwood This & That

Everwood Word Association

Everwood Trivia
Show your knowledge of the show.

Everwood HangMan

Everwood Hot Seat

The quotes we would never hear on Everwood

Funny ScreenCaps

You Know You're Addicted to Everwood When..

Anti ABCs Thread

Matty's Caption Quiz: Guess the scene/episode

The Quote Game

The Agree/Disagree Game

The Person Below Me Game

The "Fill in the Blank" Opinion Game

The Compare and Contrast Game

Off Topic Threads




The Gossip Thread

OT3/Melting Pot Thread

OT4 Book Thread

Everwood Fan Pictures Thread

The Astrology Thread (included: the Astrology of Everwood)

The Everwood Food & Recipe Thread

Dawson's Creek Thread

The Gilmore Girls Thread

Health Thread

Pretty Little Liars

Besides Everwood what are you watching?

Everwood Fans on OTH

Holiday Threads:

Christmas Thread

Easter Thread

Thanksgiving Thread

Everwood Resources

Here's a list of links that might come useful when looking for information Everwood-related:

Transcripts: Seasons 1-3 Transcripts

Transcripts: Seasons 1-4 Transcripts

Episode Guide: Everwood Episode Guide on or Everwood episode list on

Everwood Music archive: Web Archive Link to

Television Without Pity Priceless Episode Recaps (plus, a great Berlanti interview): Here, must read!

Everwood S4 recaps by our very own Thief of Love: Surprisingly Shallow

Everwood Quotes: Everwood - Wikiquote

* Birthday thread is closed and for informational purposes only:

Suggestions for the board
We have a rule at Fan Forum not to create threads for everything. As a result, most of the time, the mods create the threads. However, we do not object to posters coming up with thread ideas/discussion topics and even starting threads.

Please suggest your ideas here. Post Counts
When are the post counts released?
Post counts are made by Jerry shortly after the month ends, during the first week of the next month. Posts counts will be released as soon as they are available.

There's a rule at Fan Forum that every board needs to maintain a minimum average of 12 posts per day to remain on Fan Forum.

Thanks, Jerry and Jessie, for the chart!

Post Counts:

March 2007: 30
April 2007: 33.97
May 2007: 31.90
June 2007: 39.37
July 2007: 33.42
August 2007: 58.74
September 2007: 32.27
October 2007: 27.87
November 2007: 30.60
December 2007: 31.16
February 2008: 22.59
March 2008: 40.77
April 2008: 62.48
May 2008: 64.13
June 2008: 43.87
July 2008: 24.97
August 2008: 36.97
September 2008: 45.57
October 2008: 57.74
November 2008: 43.97
December 2008: 49.58
January 2009: 58.52
February 2009: 54.39
March 2009: 46.45
April 2009: 55.30
May 2009: 62.65
June 2009: 84.00
July 2009: 83.58
August 2009: 63.81
September 2009: 92.30
October 2009: 93.26
November 2009: 78.33
December 2009: 76.16
January 2010: 79.42
February 2010: 93.89
March 2010: 67.26
April 2010: 68.87
May 2010: 48.65
June 2010: 88.13
July 2010: 61.77
August 2010: 64.55
September 2010: 65.37
October 2010: 54.26
November 2010: 56.33
December 2010: 74.84
January 2011: 56.13
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June 2011: 46.93
July 2011 :43.48
August 2011: 47.87
September 2011: 42.10
October 2011: 48.81
November 2011: 66.13
December 2011: 72.81
January 2012: 95.48
February 2012: 72.14
March 2012: 71.19
April 2012: 35.30
May 2012: 44.29
June 2012: 63.17
July 2012: 45.45
August 2012: 72.48
September 2012: 61.43
October 2012: 34.77
November 2012: 41.30
December 2012: 40.94
January 2013: 50.63
February 2013: 52.21
March 2013: 67.42
April 2013: 73.77
May 2013: 54.06
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July 2013: 64.10
August 2013: 83.57
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October 2013: 48.45
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January 2014: 56.16
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June 2014: 60.87
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October 2014: 55.42
November 2014: 50.50
December 2014: 37.29
January 2015: 49.52
February 2015: 46.21
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June 2015: 87.73
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August 2015: 44.23
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November 2015: 50.73
December 2015: 44.10
January 2016: 50.77
February 2016: 51.59
March 2016: 52.00
April 2016: 53.93
May 2016: 45.68
June 2016: 55.63
July 2016: 51.74
August 2016: 80.16
September 2016: 59.40
October 2016: 37.42
November 2016: 59.23
December 2016: 46.84
January 2017: 62.48
February 2017: 66.29
March 2017: 58.45
April 2017: 50.60
May 2017: 50.94
June 2017: 58.97
July 2017: 59.68
August 2017: 54.77
September 2017: 93.77
October 2017: 107.84
November 2017: 94.20
December 2017: 103.65
January 2018: 156.45
February 2018: 174.39
March 2018: 127.74
April 2018: 110.77
May 2018: 156.39

Thank you!

Koni, Betty & Michelle.