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Paul's Hair #23:

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And when we say hair - we mean even his chest hair ;)
Sorry Tee :innocent:

Title ideas:

Star Wars Hyperdrive Crew (OT) #182

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Previous thread:

Family [ Clan Fraser ] #2: "Being a mother to that wee bairn my heart is so full of love it's fit to burst."

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Clan ♣ Fraser
appreciation thread

clan members
001. CityGal
002. sourburst
003. KeepThisaSecret
004. lisagslack14
005. acoustichearts
006. Jasonsgurl310
007. fly me to the moon
008. T'Lynn
009. These Broken Stars
010. Nici Dawson
011. ina_am


Gallery [ Pictures ] #2: "If there was a moving picture about me, I'd be seen as a fearsome brute."

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Sam Heughan Gallery

Sam Heughan Gallery 2

Season 4 Gallery

Sophie Skelton Gallery

Season One Screencaps

Season Two Screencaps

Outlander Screencaps

Outlander Gallery

Far Far Away Gallery

SATC Survivor Thread #23: Let's start a new game

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From the last thread:


Originally Posted by northernsoul (Post 96230795)

Same for me :nod: :clap:

Sex and the City Survivor Game: First and last episodes

Ultimate episode winner

2. S2 - Last ep

Twin Souls [Brooke/Nathan] OTH #5 ~ "I know you care for her." ~ Deb Scott

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welcome to the
Brooke & Nathan
a p p r e c i a t i o n thread

Credit to Sarah.

shippers:1. qtdramachickee72
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22. 4brathan&brucas
23. lucas_n_brooke
24. BrathanSupporter
25. MysteryGirl
26. Iva-Cro
27. mrs.scott
28. hot fuss
29. TV_Fanatic90

Ask to be added.

Reasons Why We Love Them:
1. Because he likes that in a girl.
2. Because she's sorry.
3. Because he took her cheerleading stuff with him.
4. Because she set up a date for him.
5. Because she took his towel.
6. Because he had a dream about her.
7. Because it was hot!
8. Because he's Mr. Size 14.
9. Because she watched him running.
10. Because she's glad he came to her party.
11. Because they collide.
12. Because he'll make her job easy.
13. Because trust her, she's the devil.
14. Because he came for his date.
15. Because they understood eachother's pain.
16. Because he was angry when Chris slept with her.
17. Because he found her birth control.
18. Because they love standing by eachother.
19. Because he should have been her boy toy.
20. Because she whispered in his ear.
21. Because he knew the date she set up would be fun.
22. Because he loved seeing her dance.
23. Because they make flirting look good.
24. Because she cheers for his team.
25. Because they hugged.
26. Because she knows what's under that towel.
27. Because they they did that.
28. Because they're hot together.
29. Because they're too hot for tv.
30. Because she walked in on him showering.
31. Because she did it on purpose.
32. Because they liked it.
33. Because they both had broken hearts.
34. Because he has a thing for cheerleaders.
35. Because she is the cheer captain and he is the basketball captain.
36. Because it seems like Nathan likes to be naked around Brooke.
37. Because he knows she wants him.
38. Because she's in his dreams.
39. Because even James wants Nathan with Brooke.
40. Because they are undiscovered.
41. Because the attraction is undeniable.
42. Because she makes him blush.
43. Because she gave up her money when he was in need.
44. Because when he was sad, she made him smile.
45. Because we know that they are on eachother's elevator lists.
46. Because they'll save the best ship for last.
47. Because it's all about Brooke to him.
48. Because flirting is the first step to a great relationship.
49. Because James and Sophia have amazing chemistry together.
50. Because they deserve a chance!
51. Because they had a sex tape together.
52. Because it was hot.
53. Because their friendship isn't dead.
54. Because they had a fun time in the sprinklers.
55. Because they had two deleted scenes.
56. Because it was cute.
57. Because he asked her about her love life.
58. Because there was a whole party going on inside, but they sat together outside.
59. Because he's so dead.
60. Because it's about time!!
61. Because we always knew they just had to be together at some point.
62. Because he obviously cares about her.
63. Because they are so much alike.

Post your reasons!

Nathan/Brooke Fan Fiction:
She Don't Dream For Me
The Bitter Taste
You, My Love

Brooke: You know, Tim's right. See... (Pulls off Nathan's towel) fun!

Brooke: How do you do it?
Nathan: Do what?
Brooke: You gave up your family's money to be poor, Nate.
Nathan: You know what they say Brooke, money can't buy love.

Brooke: So I guess the rumors are true... Mr. Size 14.
Nathan: Uhh, I think you're in the wrong locker room.
Brooke: But the sign says boys, doesn't it?

Nathan: I know you both want me.
Brooke: Yeah, in your dreams.

Brooke: What's wrong with you?
Nathan: Nothing, nothing. You were just in this weird dream I had.
Brooke: Yeah, and?
Nathan: And we were kind of showering together.
Brooke: Don't be embarassed... everybody has that dream about me.

Brooke: You're gonna make my job easy this year. There's nothing worse than cheering for a bunch of losers.
Nathan: Well, it's all about you, Brooke.


Stunning Sophia
Sophia - Central
James Lafferty Fan

YOU (Netflix) Campaign

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Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg

Elizabeth Lail as Guinevere Beck

Luca Padovan as Paco

Zach Cherry as Ethan

Nicole Kang as Lynn

Kathryn Gallagher as Annika

Daniel Cosgrove as Ron

Shay Mitchell as Peach Salinger

Victoria Cartagena as Claudia



Episode Summary:


Bookstore manager Joe Goldberg has a meet cute with aspiring writer Guinevere Beck, and an internet search about her leads to Joe's following Beck around, monitoring her social interactions, and even entering her apartment while she is out. Joe is nearby when a drunken Beck falls onto the subway tracks, and he saves her. By the time Joe has taken Beck home, he has stealthily stolen her phone, which gives him full access to everything she does with her new phone. Beck later stops by the bookstore to thank him for rescuing her, and he asks her out. Joe lures Beck's philandering boyfriend Benji to the basement of his shop, hits him in the head with a mallet, and locks him in a plexiglass book vault.

"The Last Nice Guy in New York"

Episode Summary:


Joe is not sure what to do with Benji, who is an addict and desperate to be freed. Meanwhile, when Beck rejects her professor's advances, he threatens to take away her teaching assistant job and housing. Beck's wealthy friend Peach is suspicious of Joe. Beck turns the tables on Professor Leahy by threatening to expose his sexual harassment of her and six other women. After obtaining a video of Benji hazing a fraternity pledge to death, Joe gives him a coffee laced with peanut oil, and Benji dies from an allergic reaction.


Episode Summary:


Joe plans how best to get rid of Benji's body, while Beck is intimidated by Blythe, a rival graduate student. Joe doubles down on his efforts to convince Beck that he is "the one" for her after finding out that she is spending her time away from him hooking up with other random guys to perform a "Benji exorcism" on herself. Beck opens up to Joe about her addict father, but their attempt at lovemaking is interrupted by Peach, who needs to be taken to the hospital for a chronic ailment. Joe is almost caught burning Benji's body in the woods as he is talking to Beck on the phone. She invites him over to "finish what they started" earlier, and they finally have sex, but he prematurely ejaculates almost immediately.

"The Captain"

Episode Summary:


Beck surreptitiously messages her friends about Joe's disappointing lovemaking, which he sees via her old phone. She subsequently makes weekend plans with an older man she calls "The Captain" and lies to her friends about it. A jealous Joe follows her to a Charles Dickens festival in Nyack and soon learns that the man is her father, Edward, who she had previously said was dead. Meanwhile, Peach has learned that Joe is in Nyack, which forces him to reveal himself to Beck. They go to lunch with Edward and his new family, but Beck explodes at her critical and disapproving stepmother, Nancy. Beck explains to Joe that her father left her family after a drug overdose, and although he has overcome his addiction, she has kept him at a distance. Joe and Beck have sex again, and this time she loves it.

"Living with the Enemy"

Episode Summary:


Peach continues to be suspicious of Joe, who seeks a way to neutralize her. Peach makes a show of introducing Beck to a famous literary agent, but when he hits on Beck and tells her the negative things Peach said about her, Beck blows up at Peach. Joe sees through Peach's subsequent faked suicide attempt, and in accessing her laptop comes to realize she is obsessed with Beck. Knowing that Peach will always win Beck's attention, Joe follows Peach on her morning run in Central Park and hits her over the head with a rock. Joe arrives home to find that Paco has drugged Ron to protect his mother. Joe saves Ron, but the unhinged Ron beats him. Joe learns that Peach is alive.

"Amour Fou"

Episode Summary:


A recovering Peach is staying with Beck and deftly banishes Joe. Joe lays it all out for Beck: Peach is in love with her and trying to keep Beck dependent on her. Joe secretly follows when Peach whisks Beck off to the Salinger family estate in Greenwich, but he hits his head and begins hallucinating his ex-girlfriend Candace. Peach invites her and Beck's old friend Raj over, and kisses Beck when they are all high on MDMA. The next morning, Beck confronts Peach about the kiss and leaves, after which Peach discovers Joe in the house and pulls a gun on him. She accuses him of stalking her, and Joe reveals all that he knows about her. They wrestle for the gun, Peach is killed, and "she" leaves a suicide note written by Joe.


Episode Summary:


Joe makes an appointment with Beck's therapist, Dr. Nicky, using the alias Paul. He talks about how his relationship with "Renaldo"—really Beck—was going well after Peach's death but slowly deteriorated. With Beck becoming increasingly moody, distant, and secretive, Joe jealously follows her, but she catches him. He accuses her of cheating on him with her therapist, and she breaks up with Joe. In the present, Joe listens to one of Beck's therapy sessions on Dr. Nicky's computer, which makes Joe realize Beck is better off without him right now. He tells her what she wants to hear and lets her go.

"You Got Me, Babe"

Episode Summary:


Three months after his and Beck's breakup, Joe is happily dating Karen, and Beck's story about Peach's death has landed her a book deal. Beck begins to miss Joe and texts him after she engineers their "running into" each other. Both Beck and Joe confide in Dr. Nicky: Beck denies flirting with Joe but is sure that Karen is wrong for him, while Joe is starting to compare his new love "Brad" (Karen) with his ex, "Renaldo" (Beck). Joe and Beck reconnect while helping Blythe move in with Ethan, and Joe and Beck later have sex. A tearful Beck admits to Joe that she now knows how good he was for her, but she was afraid to need him. Joe breaks up with Karen and rushes over to visit Beck, who agrees to get back together with him. Karen confronts Beck, filling her with doubts about Joe.


Episode Summary:


Joe recalls Candace's cheating on him with Elijah, whom Joe subsequently pushed to his death. Meanwhile, since Joe will not talk to her about Candace, Beck begins her own obsessive investigation to learn what happened between them and why no one ever heard from Candace again. When her efforts lead to a dead end, Beck confronts Joe, who successfully explains everything. Joe discovers that Beck did have an affair with Dr. Nicky, which she finally admits before telling Joe she loves him. Clued by Paco, Beck discovers Joe's hiding place in the bathroom ceiling and is horrified as she recognizes the cell phones and other mementos he has kept. When Joe realizes what Beck has found, he locks her in the book vault.

"Bluebeard's Castle"

Episode Summary:


Joe tells Beck the reasons he killed Benji and Peach, and relates his childhood mental abuse at Mooney's hands. Joe learns from Annika and Lynn that Peach's family have hired a man to investigate her death. Imprisonment prompts Beck to write about her own actions which have brought her to her current situation, and she suggests to Joe that he use Dr. Nicky as a scapegoat for his crimes. Ron's abuse puts Claudia in the hospital, and Joe kills him to protect Paco. Beck lures Joe into the vault, manages to lock him in, and calls him a psychopath. Still trapped in the basement, she calls out to Paco, who thinks she knows about Ron and leaves. Joe has escaped the vault and kills Beck. Four months later, Joe has used Beck's writing to frame Dr. Nicky for all of Joe's murders. Claudia and Paco move to California. Joe is stunned to see Candace is alive when she walks into the bookstore telling him they have unfinished business.


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