Alcatraz (2010) [Cheat]

Alcatraz (2010)

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.
God Cheat:
Create a File called "Ar.cfg"
Copy the following and save it.
ScreenWidth 800
ScreenHeight 600
RunWorld worldsintro.w
StartMenu 1
loadmodels 1
drawfps 1
drawsky 1
numconsolelines 0
DrawCharacterPaths 0
consolelog 0
RaportTextures 0
RaportSubsets 0
god 1
DebugCharacters 0
RaportVariables 0
DrawDisplace 0
debug 0
RaportTechs 0
Replace "Ar.cfg" with new one for god mode. 
Note: You may have to reconfigure some graphic options.

Alcatraz (2010) [Cheat]
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