Half-Life [Cheat][Dreamcast]


Submitted by: David Armstrong
Enter these cheats under options once in a game.
Effect                                 Code
Xen gravity on earth                   Xen teaches Black Mesa
No target mode (nothing attacks you)   Soldiers ignore Gordon
God mode                               Otis loves Dreamcast
Unlimited ammunition                   Dreamcast gives firepower
All guns available                     Gordon Ignore Explosives
Slow motion mode                       Action ignore silence

Level select (Half-Life):
Level                    Code
Anomalous Materials      Gordon goes to work
Unforseen consequences   Gordon teaches physics
Office complex *         Files and fear
"We"ve got hostiles"     Soldiers visit Black Mesa
Blast pit                Safe and sound
Power Up                 Big is beautiful
On A rail                Trains and rockets
Apprehension             Fear finds Gordon
Residue Processing       Recycle or die
Questionable Ethics      Regression brings progress
Surface Tension          Combat and death
"Forget about Freeman!"  Soldiers eat tacos
Lambda Core              Scientists at work
Xen                      Fear and gravity
Interloper               Panic in Xen
Gornarch"s Lair          Xenophobia and firepower
Nihilanth                Panic and die
Endgame                  Answers beget questions
Level select (Blue Shift):
Level               Code
Insecurity          Barney goes to work
Duty Calls          Red and scary
Captive Freight     Combat and trains
Focal Point         Barney visits Xen
Power Struggle      Power is progress
A Leap Of Faith     Physics is beautiful
if you have a keyobard fo your dreamcast you can hit tild (~) in game
and to turn cheats type
sv_cheats 1
then enter the following for cheats
god - God mode
Noclip - move through walls and fly
impulse 101 - all weapons

ther you go. I hope to see these in a future release!!! :D

Half-Life [Cheat][Dreamcast]
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