Just Cause [Walkthrough]

Just Cause

Just Cause, FAQ, Version 1.0 15JAN08
By: Ceej64 (mastergamer64@gmail.com)
XBOX Live Gamertag: PMS KillerKitty

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===============================TABLE OF CONTENTS===============================
* Signifies an incomplete or presently planned section or chapter.
     a. Version 0.8 (1a)
     x. To-Do List (1x)
2.  FAQS (2z)
     a. How to find information in this FAQ (2a)
     b. Frequently Asked Questions (2b)
     a. Basics of Paragliding (3a)
     b. Transportation around San Espirito (3b) 
     c. Heavy Drop (3c)
     d. Extraction (3d)
     e. Parasailing (3e)
     f. Liberating a settlement (3f)
     g. Liberating a major city (3g)
     h. Liberating a military base (3h)
     i. Liberating provinces (3i)
     j. Skyjacking Helicopters (3j)
     a. Devil"s Dropzone (4a)
     b. Breakout (4b)
     c. Freedom Fighters (4c)
     d. The San Esperito Connection (4d)
     e. Test of Loyalty (4e)
     f. Good Cop, Bad Cop (4f)
     g. Some Like it Hotter (4g)
     h. Brothers in Arms (4h)
     i. River of Blood (4i)
     j. Field of Dreams (4j)
     k. Broadcast News (4k)
     l. Love is in the Air (4l)
     m. I"ve Got the Power (4m)
     n. Guadalicano Choo Choo (4n)
     o. Some Enchanted Evening (4o)
     p. Streets of Fire (4p)
     q. Dismissed Without Honors (4q)
     r. Sink the Buccaneer (4r)
     s. Taking out the Garbage, Pt. 1 (4s)
     t. Taking out the Garbage, Pt. 2 (4t)
     u. Taking out the Garbage, Pt. 3 (4u)
5.  WEAPON DB (5a)
     a. Pistols (5b)
     b. Submachine Guns (5c)
     c. Shotguns (5d)
     d. Assault Rifles (5e)
     e. Sniper Rifles (5f)
     f. Explosive Launchers (5g)
     g. Explosives (5h)
     a. Agency Safehouses (8a)
     b. Guerilla Safehouses (8b)
     c. Rioja Safehouses (8c)
     a. Story/Liberation Achievements (9a)
     b. Race Achievements (9b)
     c. Collect Mission Achievements (9c)
     d. Stunt Achievements (9d)

VERSION 0.8: (1a)
-Add complete weapons database.
-Add Concepts Explained
-Add Contact/Legal section
-Add Walkthrough up to completion of mission 14.
-Add Safehouses
-Create FAQ Structure
-Create table of contents.
-Objective 80% of guide will be complete upon first submission (all except the
collect missions and FAQs will be complete)
-Possible future sections: Provinces, side missions, collect missions,
Demo Walkthrough races. What do YOU want to see?

VERSION 1.0: (1b)
-Fix: Name Master Gamer changed to Ceej64
-Fix: Spelling errors in table of contents, missing section codes for Weapons DB
-Fix: Added specific unlock details for safehouse Agency 5.
-Add: Mission Walkthroughs Complete
-Add: ASCII Title Art
-Add: Gamertag
-Add: Frequently Asked Questions

-Add: Xbox360 Specific Information (Differing names, alternate walkthrough for
Mission 2)
-Add: Achievements section
-Add: Frequently Asked Questions

2. FAQS: (2z)
Q: Why are there no Frequently asked questions?
A: This is the first version and none have been submitted! To submit a 
question, send an email to: mastergamer64@gmail.com

(2a) Q: How do you find information in this FAQ?
A: This FAQ uses an alphanumeric coding system that makes it easy to find the
information that you are looking for. All pieces of information in this guide 
is labled according to chapter and section. All of the codes are listed in the
table of contents next to the item it leads to. The code is (Number Chapter/
Letter Section) 
Be aware that codes can change between updates if content is
added or reorganized, so if using a different version of a FAQ, double-check
the table of contents. To input the codes to get to the content, press control
and F (CTRL+F) to open up the search box, and then input your code. I.E: If you
wanted to find the walkthrough for the mission, "Brothers in Arms" you would
press CTRL+F and type "(4h)" (without the quotes, but with the parenthesis). 
You will end up right at the section header. Note that the beginning of every
chapter is the letter z. For example, the start of this chapter, FAQs, would be

This section serves to explain some of the common tasks you will perform in
Just Cause that are central to the game itself, and not just the walkthrough.

Paragliding within Just Cause is a common mode of transportation. Knowing the
basics is an essential part of gameplay. You can pull your chute or disengage
it by pressing "E", (your use key). It can be pulled and put away as many times
as you want. You can steer it using the strafe keys, and decend faster or
slower with back and forward. If you have not yet pulled your chute, you can
use the back/forward keys to control your angle (and effectively) speed as 
well. You do not need to pull your chute at a certain time as long as you have
not touched down (in which case you would be dead). I recommend pulling it no
later than a few feet prior. Conversely, if you need to float a very long,
cross-island distance, than you will need to (depending on jump height), pull
your chute as soon as you possibly can and drift the distance to your goal.

San Espirito is quite possibly the largest world ever conceived in a game. It
is simply huge. It is multiples of times larger than the awe-inspiring state
of San Andreas. Whereas in GTA, car transportation is the standard form the
player uses, in Just Cause, even the fastest cars or often not fast enough if
you are going anything but short distances. The same obviously goes for bikes
and boats. 
Air transportation is obviously preferred for anything longer than a short
drive, especially because it can cross the many islands. Helicopters are 
usually better than airplanes because you can fit them in tight places and take
them into battle with you, though planes are much, much fast than even the
fastest chopper. Air transportation is aided by the fact that you can deploy 
and redeploy your parachute as many times as you like. Let"s be honest, who
doesn"t love to jump out of air vehicles in Just Cause? Adding to the ease is 
the fact that air vehicles are not terribly hard to come by, even at the start
of the game. Provinces you liberate will be populated by resistance choppers,
and provinces that are under government control will be populated with the
military"s choppers. Once you get the grappling hook, you will be able to 
skyjack these beasts (see skyjacking, further down in this section). 
Also note that you can find civilian planes at airports. You can find an
unarmed chopper at the rooftop of all cleared Montano settlements and that you 
can often find military helicopters and/or planes at select military bases.

In addition to the above, the Agency will deliver vehicles to you via the
"heavy drop" function. To use it, press M (default key) and select "Heavy Drop"
the list of heavy drop vehicles will appear. There are four altogether. The 
Agency dirt bike, Jeep, Gyrocopter and Speedboat will not all be available to 
you at the beginning of the game. At the start, you will only be able to use 
the dirt bike and the speed boat. Note that an often missed detail is that you 
can only call for the boat if you are actually IN WATER! Later on in the game, 
you will be able to unlock the GP (after mission 6) and Gyrocopter (after 
mission 15). 

As if that weren"t enough, if you need to get to a safehouse or your briefing,
there is extraction. A helicopter will come, pick you up, and drop you into the
air directly above your destination! Be aware that this is not a time to use
the bathroom! If you do not pull your chute, you WILL die. This is a rule for
ALL extraction points. You can select extraction by pulling up your PDA
(default: M) selecting "extraction" and selecting a base. Note that you cannot
extract while in a major city, but as soon as you step foot off of concrete,
you can.

One final method of transportation is using your grappling hook to hitch a ride
with a vehicle. This is different than skyjacking, as you do not actually enter
the vehicle. To parasail, simply use your grappling hook to fire it at a
vehicle. Once attached, try to stay a distance behind, above, and centered with
the vehicle. You can steer yourself with the WSAD keys. If the vehicle is going
too slow, or you are about to become detached, simply break your connection 
(default: space) and shoot at the next available vehicle in front of you. 

When a province is shown in "red" on the political map, it means it is in a 
state of political instability. This is your chance to capitalize and seize the
province! You will be able to liberate any government or Montano controlled
settlements in the area. 
To liberate a settlment, go to a blue or purple settlement icon in an unstable
province. Locate the green or yellow circle to find a Guerilla or Rioja. Go up
to them, and press the use key to start a liberation! A line with a settlement
icon will appear. As your liberation progresses, this bar will move. Kill lots
of soldiers, and it will move to the right, lose too many guerillas/riojas, and
it will move left. If it moves all the way to the left (or, I may add, if you 
leave the liberation area) the liberation will fail and you will have to start
over. The goal is to move the settlement bar all the way to the right so that 
it is in guerilla or rioja hands. This is accomplished in three stages made up
of two parts. The first part of a stage involves killing as many enemy troops
as possible, and their vehicles, if you can manage. Destroying an object marked
as a black spot on the map will further send the bar to the right. When the bar
reaches a certain point, you will be notified that you can blow the roadblock.
To blow the roadblock, you can either use a rocket launcher (not recommended), 
remote/triggered explosives, or (most commonly) grenades. It will usually take
two grenades to blow a roadblock, but may take three if you missed and they
landed farther away. When the roadblock is destroyed, you will receive a
message saying "Stage 1 Complete" and you will start the process over two more
times. This is where things differ. After clearing the 3rd stage in a guerilla
liberation, you will run to the town"s flag and press the use key to end the
liberation. With the Rioja"s, however you must kill a super-health-barred
Subteniente, who will usually be found on the second floor balcony of the Rioja
house. Either way, when these objective"s are complete, the settlement will be

Liberating a major city is like having a huge war. Like liberating a settlement
there is the liberation bar, but unlike the liberation, it does not move in
stages. The war will not end until the bar is all the way to the right, when
you will be instructed to seize the flag. In city battles, the war takes place
in huge areas, with tons of vehicles, so LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE CROSSING THE
STREET! If there is a lot of heat coming your way, dart in between buildings 
for cover. Don"t go into this battle without a rocket launcher! If you play
smart, city battles can be the most fun liberation types.

The first rule of liberating military bases is that choppers, a tool that can
liberate towns in seconds, will be USELESS due to surface-to-air (SAM) missiles
that will eliminate your chopper in a flash. If you can avoid it, don"t go on
foot. There are too many vehicles, armored and unarmored, that can run you over
and crush you into an instant death, and the main tank cannons that have
explosive rounds will not be kind to Rico either. You CAN liberate a base by
foot, but it is extremely frustrating, especially late in the game. The best 
way is to either jack a tank or take an armored vehicle, such as the GP. When 
destroyed, jack a similar vehicle and wreak HAVOC!
At the beginning, heavy drop a GP and switch to missiles. Let the lock-on work
its magic and fire when prompted! Watch the fireworks until ordered to destroy
the government roadblock. Destroy it with a missile barrage and then continue
killing enemies, with the priority on any vehicles in the way. Repeat until 
done. In all likelihood, your GP will be destroyed-likely within the first
barrier as your wanted level will be maxed out. Get another armored vehicle if
you can. If you must go on foot, explosives will be essential to taking out 
tanks camped at roadblocks and such. Only attempt to blow up STATIONARY tanks
this way or risk being run over! After the 3rd roadblock, grab the flag. Good 
job! You got 50 guerilla points! Liberating military bases is a great way to 
help liberate provinces and to gain access to rare vehicles! Military bases 
host many vehicles, some are standard, like the MV. But military bases are 
sometimes the only gateway to airplanes such as the fighter jets and some 
special choppers such as the cargo chopper, HH-22 Savior, and the Hammerhead 

The ultimate goal of liberating settlements is to liberate provinces. Provinces
cannot be liberated unless they are unstable. New provinces become unstable as
a result of your actions in main story missions (i.e: There will be a certain 
number of unstable provinces available to you after each mission you complete.)
To liberate a province, you must obtain a certain amount of control, or in
other words, own an overwhelming majority of it. Liberating Montano settlements
does not count towards this. Large cities and military bases count for more
than regular settlements, and often times you will liberate the province 
without liberating every single settlement.

Probably the single most often asked question about Just Cause is "How do I
hijack a helicopter with my grappling hook?"
The reasons are simple. Number one, helicopters are usually the most convenient
form of transportation, and number two, it"s cool! So the next part is "How to"
as in, how to get yourself from the ground to the cockpit. The answer is
surprisingly simple: Aim, fire, reel. If the chopper you are aiming at is still
your job will be leagues easier. If it is still, but concealed behind trees and
you KNOW he is there, move your crosshair around until it turns red. If your
target is NOT still, your task will be harder. Depending on how fast it is
moving, and how far away you are, you may or may not be able to rope it home.
When aiming at moving targets, you will need to compensate for these 2 factors.
The faster it is moving, the farther ahead of the chopper you will need to aim.
The farther away it is, the higher you will need to aim, as the grappling hook
drops altitude over a distance. Only experience will tell you how far or high,
so experiment a bit.
Now assuming you"ve aimed, fired, and hit your target, you will now need to get
on board. Start by holding the "decrease grapple distance" button (default:
left shift). Stop holding it right before you get to the top or you run the
risk of hitting the propellers and killing yourself. Once you get near the top,
start reeling in slowly until you either see the "E- Jump to Vehicle" dialog or
you are automatically put into "stunt mode" position, holding onto the chopper
with one hand! (DAMN!) At this point, feel free to press the use key and put
yourself inside the chopper.

This walkthrough will cover the main parts of the game, but not just the main
missions, but also how to proceed in between. If you are stuck and any part of
this walkthrough is unclear on a section, email me and I will help you as best
as I can. I will also try to write this FAQ with as few spoilers as possible.

The game begins with a cutscene detailing the situation on the islands of San
Espirito. A dictator is oppressing the country and must be removed from power. 
This is where the US Government, and ultimately, you, Rico Rodriguez come in. 
Your task is to band with the locals to overthrow Mendoza"s government. The 
game begins with Rico inserting onto the island airborne-style. You may want to
first read section 3a, or "Basic Paragliding" in the "Concepts Explained"
section, though a brief rehash will be given here as well.    

You assume control of Rico in the air as he parachutes toward an island. 
Sheldon, essentially your boss, is under fire and in need of assistance. For 
the easiest time in manuevering to the beach, pull your chute as soon as you
can by pressing the "E" key (or whatever your use key has been reassigned to).
Let Rico drift down toward the island on his current course, your target is 
the beach at the front of the island, and red arrows will guide you as soon as
the details of the beach come into focus. Watch your minimap, when the distance
meter ticks down to 900 meters, hit E again to freefall. At this point your 
very close to the beach so hold w to go into almost a divebomb sort of fall. 
As you come very close to touchdown, pull your chute again to come out of the 
dive. If you need to, use the A and D keys to sharply steer your parachute 
around to circle back to the fight. If you are not a long ways from the ground
(you shouldn"t be) then hold W to navigate toward the ground. If you did this 
correctly, Rico should land in a somersault.
Once you have landed, start going against the enemy soldiers. At the start, you
will only have your Pitbulls, but you can obtain both a Moretti pistol and the
Aviv Scarab from the enemies in this level. Once you eliminate all present bad
guys, two Cutler bullhorn vans will arrive with enemy reinforcements. Again, 
aim and fire. Simple. If in need some of these troops may drop health pickups.
These will be recognizable as they are square-shaped and glow green. In later 
levels where you takeover villages, these will be easily confused with 
yellow-glowing grenade pickups, so memorize what they look like now. After 
eliminating both vans, follow Sheldon to the MV, if you"d like you can get in 
the Cutler Bullhorn and drive it over to the MV. When you reach the vehicle, 
hit E, your use key, to mount the machine gun. Sheldon will drive. From this
point on in the mission, light up any vehicles that come your way, but give 
priority to those who get close, and above all, target helicopters first. The
important concept here is to hold down the fire button and let the autoaim do 
the work for you, after all, that"s why its there! Once a car is flaming, you 
do not need to keep firing as it will explode in a few seconds. You will be 
interrupted during your killing spree to clear a road block on foot. When this 
happens, simply get out of the MV with E, move to the roadblock, and spray fire
at the red barrels until they explode. If you"d like, finish off any remaining
soldiers, as the MV will move up to get you. Get back in, and continue 
unleashing hell on anyone that crosses your way. 

After the mission, you will see a short cutscene and then receive a tutorial on
how to use the different things in your safehouses. Medical lockers for health,
ammo crates for ammo, and satellite linkup to save your game. Also note that 
the Agency safehouses always contain unique weapons not found at Guerilla and 
Rioja safehouses, and sometimes ones that can"t be found anywhere else. Right 
now, I would recomend trading in your Scarab and Moretti for the Nova 9 and 
Husher. To do this, walk over to the weapons table and press E when the 
appropriate picture shows up. Good.
Normally, between missions you will have to conquer territories to access the
next mission, but after mission one, the next mission will be available right
away. If you wish to start the next mission, go to the RV and hit E. My advice
though is to wait. This is an ideal time to explore San Espirito and more
importantly, undergo collect missions. Follow the map to blue dots to collect
what are essentially free points. If your collect items are on faraway islands,
find an airport and take an airplane to the island, parajumping over the item.
Collect missions are an easy way to unlock safehouses from the Riojas and 
weapons from the Guerillas, which is why I suggest getting as many as you can 
early on.
When you become bored of collecting items and want to start the mission, return
to safehouse Agency 1. If you are far away, or just don"t want to make the 
trip, press M to bring up the PDA, select "Extraction" and "Agency 1". Note 
that you should not be in the air or on a vehicle, though being in the water is
ok. Pay attention during extraction, as the helicopter will drop you in the 
air, and if you don"t pull your parachute, you will die. Once back at Base 
Camp, replenish your health and ammo, save your game, and then head over to 
the RV to start mission two: Breakout.

Sheldon and Kane explain the situation in a brief cutscene: San Espirito"s 
Dictator, Salvador Mendoza is the ultimate target of the campaign, and to make
life hard for him, Rico is to break a guerilla leader out of prison in order to
get in good with the rebels. The objective is simple, get in the prison and get
out with Rebel leader Jose Caramicas.
Start by mounting the Yamada Vaquero, if for some reason it is not there, order
a heavy drop for one. Ride straight out of the compound, and take a left turn
when you reach the road. Pull up your map and look for the big, red star. That
is your objective: the prison. Near by, you should see a black dot similar to
collect item dots. Black dots indicate a special weapon or vehicle for use in a
mission. Your current goal is to get to this dot. Follow the road until you 
cross a bridge and come to a fork in the road. By now, the black dot should be 
well-visible on your minimap and you actually should have gotten a pop-up about
it by now. Turn right at the fork and head down to the beach toward the dot,
which is actually a Trierme RC Athena Speedboat. Also, a military boat will
sometimes approach and after shooting the gunner and driver, you may wish to 
take this boat, the Pequod Harpoon PC 350 instead, though I prefer the Athena
for this mission. 
Once you"ve selected and entered a boat, head straight for
the objective. If you"d prefer, this mission is not time-sensitive and there 
are at least three nearby collect items which you may retrieve first. Keeping 
on the
mission, when you"re ready, start navigating around the island in a 
counter-clockwise fashion. When you see the prison walls, drive straight 
towards it, and before you hit it, press F twice. The F button triggers stunt 
mode. In this case, Rico would stand on the boat, when in stunt mode, pressing 
E will re-mount the vehicle, pressing space will make you jump out and pressing
F again will make you parachute into the air, the speed of the vehicle 
determining how high you fly. Thats why you hit F twice. This method is 
valuable for mounting fences into airports or other heights you need to reach. 
Once airborne, start manuevering towards the inside of the military prison. Try
and manuever all the way inside to the first floor where Caramicas is located.
If you manuever properly, you can land almost at the objective arrow. If not,
move to it, where you will encounter a rather humorous cutscene of Rico freeing
The easiest part is over. Now its time to break out. First, shoot the explosive
barrels on the ground floor to blow them up. Then lead Caramicas into the 
large, brown section (similar to where he was being held) which houses a set of
stairs, go up these all the way to the top (the third floor). Exit the south 
end of the room you are in and start running, at the opening, a cutscene will 
trigger and Caramicas will exit the prison on his own, telling you to meet him
at the Guerilla camp.
Exit the same way as Caramicas, either running down the ramp or jumping down,
which will incur you a small health penalty if you try to jump. You can either
take the boat you came with again or the parked Triton Patroller. I recomend 
taking the Patroller because of its location. Navigate SE towards the camp, but
be wary as there is a fleet of Pequod Harpoons on your ass. Check the map to 
see how far you have to navigate around the island to line you up with a short
route to the camp. As bad as the heat is in the sea, it will be a whole lot 
worse on land. The guerilla camp is up on a mountain, so press F twice and 
propel yourself through the air as far as you can. You should at least land by
the hill and with any luck, your wanted level should have dropped so the heat 
will not be on you. Climb the hill on foot and then run through the jungle.
You"re getting close! You should be less than 200m out from the objective. At 
100m you will reach a steep cliff. You will not be able to climb the rocky 
sections, but you will be able to climb the grassy sections. Once at the top 
look at the view! Look how far you"ve climbed! You"re almost there, only 70m 
away. So run the rest of the way, good job! About 50m out you will trigger the
end cutscene of Caramicas and his sister reuniting. You will then be prompted 
to save.


You are now automatically thrust into mission 3 with no in-between. You must
liberate a village. This mission serves as a tutorial on how to liberate such
villages. Press M to bring up your PDA and select "Heavy Drop" select the 
Yamada Vaquero (Agency Dirt Bike). A helicopter will come down and bring it for
you. This is called a heavy drop. You can do this in water as well to order the
Bald Eagle Pursuer and can also obtain two more heavy drop vehicles as the game
goes on.
Once you"ve mounted the dirt bike, ride out to the road and make left turn. 
Keep following the road until you reach the fork. Pass it and get ready ride 
straight out as fast as you can and go off the cliff and airborne. Press F 
twice to eject into parachute mode and ride down toward the village objective. 
In midair you will receive a popup tutorial on liberating settlements. Manuever
towards and land by the green arrows. Talk to the guerilla to start the 
liberation. If you need to, there is an ammo crate in the vacinity of the 
village leader, fill up if you must. Notice also, that you have been given 8 
grenades. These will become your best friends.
The idea of a liberation is to take the village out of government hands and put
it under guerilla control. A progress bar with a scale from blue to green will
appear, with a house in the middle. This icon will move as the scale of control
begins to tip. Killing government agents and roadblocks moves this scale. Also,
destroying special buildings, such as police stations (marked by black dots)
will also help move the scale. When the scale is at maximum you must (in the
case of a Rioja takeover) take out the village subteniente to win the 
liberation, or for the guerillas, walk up to the town flag, and press the E key
to replace it.
Start running in the direction as the other guerillas, shooting anything 
wearing a sky-blue uniform. When instructed, you will have to take out a 
roadblock. This is where your grenades come in handy. Throw them at the 
roadblock and shoot them when they are almost there in order to heavily damage
the barrier. You may have to do this 2-3 times. Be wary of standing in the 
road, however, as unlike in other games, getting run over by a car is fatal.
Also notice in this liberation that you have access to new weapons such as the 
Harker Sawback revolver and the Moretti CCW Centurion shotgun. Repeat the 
cycle, killing government agents and black dotted building to get to the next 
roadblock. Destroy it. Continue on again. Do this one more time and you will be
prompted to capture the flag. Do so to end the liberation. Congratulations! 
You"ve gotten yourself 30 guerilla points! 
Between main story missions, you will liberate villages in politically unstable
provinces to take them back one at a time. Now you will be instructed to take 
back another village. Again, follow the road to the arrow. If you need, you can
heavy drop another Vaquero, or simply hijack a vehicle in the road. Be careful
that the car or bike is stopped and will remain stopped. Fire warning shots to
drive out the civilians or kill them if need be. If they are scared, they may
attempt to run you down and kill you (which they will)
When you get to the village, talk to the guerilla leader indicated by the green
arrow. He will now give you timed explosives. Time to make a bang! Start out
running and kill anything with a blue shirt until otherwise ordered to blow the
roadblock. This is where your boom-boom comes in. To add fuel to the fire 
(quite literally) take a vehicle and drive it to the roadblock and plant a 
charge by the vehicle. QUICK! Run away as far as 6 seconds allows! Enjoy the 
explosion and then move forward to kill more soldiers. Destroy the black dotted
ammo depots to advance control quicker and then plant a second charge as 
prompted. Beautiful! Repeat this one more time and capture the flag. Good job!
In addition to completing mission 3, you"ve also obtained 30 more guerilla 
points and unlocked the first guerilla safehouse. 

I recomend going to your new safehouse as soon as your done to have a place to
replenish your health and ammo. The road to camp is just a ways NE from the 
village. On arrival, if you haven"t collected enough points for a guerilla rank
yet, it will tell you how many points you need and what you will unlock. If you
have performed collect missions, you may have one or two ranks and the 
associated vehicle and weapons. For right now you can do a couple of things.
You can either go on some more collect missions, take up a guerilla side
mission liberate a couple more villages or start mission four. My choice would
be to do one of the first three and at least reach the rank of Soldado 
(preferably Cabo) before the next mission. To liberate a village, look at your
map and go to a settlement in the current province labeled in blue. To take up 
a side mission, go to a green village, which as you may have guessed, are the 
ones you have already liberated. When your ready, as usual, find the RV.

The cutscene details that the US Government wants a drug war between the Riojas
and the Mendoza-backed Montanos. To do this, they"re sending you in to disguise
yourself as a drug-runner.
At the start, you"re introduced to your new best friend: the grappling hook.
With this baby, you point, shoot, and glide. Now, parasailing to boats and cars
is possible in addition to the ability to hijack helicopters right out of the
sky. When attached, left shift will shorten the cord and left control will
lengthen it.
Alright, first task. Mount whatever guerilla vehicle you have right now or jack
a car from the road. Your objective is to follow the road to the drug-runner 
and kill him. Start by looking at your map and planning a route to take to the
star. Do note the black dot which turns out to be the Huerta Ocelot plane 
(think Cessna). Note that by now the drug-runner has landed and is in a limo. 
Take off in the Ocelot by holding left shift to accelerate and holding S to 
take off. (similarly, W is nose down and A and D turn) Why use a Cessna? To use
our latest tool. Fly to a position over the limo and then press E to bail from
the plane. Press 6 to select the grappling hook and then latch onto the limo if
you can. If you cannot, latch onto the furthest car you can and reel in with 
left shift. Detach the cable with SPACE and hook onto the next car, and so 
forth until you reach the limo. Reel in either all the way or press E when the
dialog says "Jump to vehicle" to drive the limo. Start driving, but bail out 
when our red-arrowed friend does so himself. Then, simply point and shoot until
he"s dead.
Now that you are assumed to be Alfino, get yourself a new vehicle, preferably
one of the escorting MVs, and use the map to once again plan a route towards 
the objective. Lucky for you, the road follows straight ahead into the city of
Santa Isabella, where your objective is located. Once there, dismount and head
into the hotel for a cutscene, after which you will again be prompted to save.
In addition, you will also be given 100 Rioja points, at minimum promoting you
to the Rioja rank of Soldado and unlocking Rioja safehouse 1.	 

I would recomend increasing in rank at least one more time for the guerillas,
from Soldado to Cabo or from Cabo to Sargento. Before going on, also note that
a new province is politically unstable. You may want to try your first Urban
takeover in the city of Santa Isabella. Note that in urban battles it"s all-out
war. There are no roadblocks to destroy, you just kill, kill, kill until 
ordered to take the flag. I recomend getting a police car/truck and getting 
there fast, but if you must go on foot, take the alleyways as the swarm of 
enemy vehicles may try to charge you, and you know how fatal vehicles are by 
now! Liberating the city of Santa Isabella (or any other major city, for that 
matter) will net you a whopping 50 guerilla points. I recomend getting at least
halfway to Brigada before starting the mission, which would be 250 guerilla 

Watch the cutscene to find out your objective, which is to infiltrate a rice
mill being used as a cover for coca production, and destroy it. Start out 
heading west to the first black dot. It"s a docked raft, actually, the Jaeger
SFJ 7, which you will call your own when you reach the guerilla rank of 
Brigada. Take this raft and continue due west. When you see the next black dot
on your minimap, head toward it and hit F twice to eject into the air toward 
it. Get in the rice truck into the passenger seat and the driver will drive you
there. Once nearby, press W to kick out the driver and take control of the 
truck. Enter the mill, drive to the big silos and dismount. The heat will be on
now and your objective is to destory the silos. Before the mission you were 
given triggered explosives. The idea is to plant one on each of the silos 
(which are the red dots on your map) Shoot anything in purple with a gun, which
will most likely be the Nova 9, and make a break for your objectives. In the 
middle of the Silos is where you should plant the bomb, you will see a red 
arrow highlighting it. Plant the bomb, but do not blow it yet.
If you can, take a Montano truck and eject into the air out of it towards a 
black dot in the middle... o-ho! Its the mighty Mako Ocra launcher! Covet this
weapon. The other black dots are just escape routes, so dont worry about them
now. Go and plant your other triggered explosive at the other silo location and
get back! Switch to the remote trigger and be sure to face the music! New 
objective: steal a truck of Coca and bring it back to the Riojas. Follow the 
arrow to the truck and get in! Here"s the hard part: You have boxes of coca in
the truck, which the montanos will try to ram out. Drive very carefully, but as
fast as you without flipping the truck. You need at least two boxes intact. 
Remember the black dot? Find the one nearest you and carefully drive up and 
over the dirt hill. You WILL lose about four boxes, but the road less-taken may
be worth it. Follow the dirt road to the main road and take a right. By now,
Montano trucks should be on your ass, so swerve to avoid fire, but not so much
as that you lose the route or tip. Keep following this road until the red star 
is right in front of you. Turn right off the road to take a shortcut and follow
the red arrows to a garage. Find the entrance to the garage and drive in! You
will trigger the end cutscene and be prompted to save. Good work!

Notice that you are now on a different island. I would advise extracting to the
nearest safehouse in order to restock ammo and health. Then, I would recomend 
advancing one rank for the guerillas to Brigada. Do the collect missions if you
already haven"t. In fact, I recomend obtaining all of the collect items on the
first island. Once you get to Brigada and have all of the collect items, I 
advise focusing on the Riojas a bit so you at least get to Cabo. When you are
bored of extracurricular activities, move to the briefing.

The corrupt chief of police for San Espirito is enjoying himself on a luxury
yacht. Rico"s task is to take him out and then hitch a ride back with Kane. 
You have a few options. You can go to the bay and get a boat or heavy drop one.
A third option is available if you used the extraction function to get to the 
briefing-if you"re good with the grapple, you can latch onto the extraction
chopper for a ride into the air. Obviously you can"t board it, but you can use
it to get airborne and parasail to the yacht in the bay. Once on board, start
manuevering towards the red arrow, fighting off the escorts. Your shotgun or 
SMG will be effective in these small spaces. You"ll easily identy Velasco as a
fat man in a rich suit. Unload a fully automatic weapon into him to receive a 
radio call from Kane. She"s coming in a boat, so jump overboard and swim to the
Now its going to look just like the first level when you were in the back of 
the MV. Using your MV, destroy anything that shoots back and give priority to
anything that shoots missiles (i.e: helicopters) You"ll ride this easy mission
out fine. You"ll be prompted to save. 

For this easy mission you"re rewarded with agency safehouse 2 and a new heavy 
drop: The GP Thunder extreme prototype. This excellent drop comes with a 
machine gun AND missiles! HOLY! You"ve also just skipped another island and 
have many new collect oppurtunities nearby! I know the last mission was 
lackluster, but I recomend doing the following: 
-Collecting all collect items on all of the islands you have visited.
-Liberating all Rioja settlements on the islands you have visited
-Liberating all guerilla towns, cities, and military camps in all unstable
After doing so, you should have 820 guerilla points (Subteniente) and 660 Rioja
Points (Cabo Mayor). When you"re ready, go to briefing.

Your target, Durango, likes to go up to the volcano to get some prostitutes at
night. Your job is to kill him, simple again.
Heavy drop a GP. And turn left onto the road. When you come to the main road go
southwest onto the road across the highway and follow the road to the car. When
you get to the car, start to pace it and get slightly ahead. Then, go into 
stunt mode and jump to the car, get in. 
You"ll find that that wasn"t Durango in the limo and you"ll need to go to the 
top of the volcano to kill him. So follow the road to the top. If you can, use 
your grappling hook to get into the chopper chasing you. If not drive there. If
you succeeded fly higher than the opening in the volcano and bail out, pulling
your chute in time to save yourself. You"ll be taking fire like mad and Durango
will already be running for his life up the mountain so chase him up, following
his route and taking pot shots. Don"t worry if he makes it to the top, he"ll 
come quite literally to the end of the road. Good work, Rico!

After another not-so-long mission, you will be returned to Agency 2- Camp
Grouper. The Provincia de los Bravos will be available for you to liberate.
First, fill up on health and ammo. To avoid playing "catch-up" later on, you"ll
want to liberate all of the montano and government settlements now (Oh joy!) By
this I mean in the unstable provinces (or province, in this case) Note that 
"province" does not mean "island". My reccomendation is to start at the 
military base to the north. When you"re done there, liberate a small settlement
to capture the province and then liberate the single Montano settlement in the
province. There are no collect missions to go get on this island as its the 
same island! When you"re ready, soldier, report to briefing!

This mission starts with El Presidente Salvador Mendoza giving a broadcast to
the public saying that there is no revolution, etc, etc. You are then informed
that you are to escort Esperanza to an arms deal and make out like a bandit 
with the money AND the guns. Even sweeter, Kane delivers an agency-painted 
Delta Boxhead chopper to take to the deal. So when you regain control, take off
due north towards the red arrows and land. Esperanza will get in a Shimizu 
Tumbleweed pickup, so follow her and get in the drivers seat. From here, follow
the red arrows to the arms deal. When you get there, the trucks supposed to be
carrying money will have machineguns, so get into the Tumbleweed"s machine gun 
and give chase to Sanchez, taking out anything that moves, while (of course)
giving priority to the vehicles. Just like the first mission. Just keep 
unleashing hell until you get to Sanchez and finish him off. No guns for the
guerillas, but oh well.

There are some new collect items nearby as well as a military base and some
settlements-you know the drill by now! When finished, report to briefing!

This mission is fun. Your first objective is to scout out the quayside landing
area, so get in the Pursuer. Head straight north and turn left once you reach
open waters. When you reach the river heading towards the red arrows, turn left
into it and continue forward. Keep heading south down the river, take the jump
if you"d like. Take a right at the fork. Keep heading towards the red arrows. 
When you reach the depot, you"ll be ordered to detroy the rockets. Approach the
train and you"ll meet several montano agents-some of them may carry a rocket 
launcher, so pick it up and use it to destroy the rocket fuel. When all three 
tanks are histroy, get back in your boat and head northeasy towards the 
extraction point. On your journey there, you"ll meet several boats, use the
missiles on your boat to quickly take them out. The same cannot be said for the
helicopter which will stay behind you. When you come near the red arrows, look
closely. You will have to turn sharp right into the extraction, and if you are
not looking carefully you may miss it. Mission Accomplished. 

You have two provinces to liberate this time, Provincia de El Oro and Provincia
de San Mateo, including the Fuente de Lourdes and the El Oro Military Camp, 
which holds a Delta SH4 Boxhead chopper. There is only one collect item in 
these provinces (though a very important one), and only two Montano 
settlements, so there is less to do then you would think as these provinces are
mostly open jungle. When you"re ready, report to the Rioja lady for your 

Your job is here is to impress the Riojas by destroying the Montanos biggest 
coca field. So start out by grabbing one of the parked vehicles. Start by 
driving west over the cliff, pulling your parachute ASAP and sailing to your 
objective. In midair, orient yourself slightly northeast. Pull up your map, 
you"re heading to the lone black dot northeast of the cluster of black and red
dots. When you arrive, you will find a Walker AH-16 Hammerbolt, a chopper of 
impressive strength and speed. You will use this to destroy the crops with 
ease. Now, head west to the red arrows and unleash your missiles directly onto
the plants and watch them disappear! If the red arrows do not disappear on a 
certain spot, look for small patches of the green. After destroying a few 
fields, a chopper may decide to come by. Take him out quickly and move on. 
After destroying all of the fields, go to the extraction point, destroying any
air targets that dare oppose your mighty Hammerbolt. Good work.

It keeps getting bigger doesn"t it? You have a HUGE chunk of provinces to 
liberate this time... four in all. You"ll be keeping busy for a long time with
these. As always, take extra caution when liberating military bases, and find 
an attack helicopter when you need to liberate a city. You can get a collect 
item for the Black Box Hunt on Isla Alegre, which is the island farthest 
northwest. You may remember this island from the Just Cause Demo, though its 
layout is completely changed.

Finally! Finally a new main mission! The idea is that the rebel leader 
Caramicas needs to spread propaganda about the revolution, and to do so you 
will need to take over a TV station to broadcast the news. The plan is that 
Caramicas will do the broadcasting while you provide cover.
Take the Fukudu Buckskin ATV and drive south along the curvy road. When the 
curvy road ends and intersects with the main road, if you need some timed 
explosives you can drive left off the road to get some at the black dot on your
map. Otherwise, drive onto the main road and head east. Once again, turn off 
the main road onto another road to the left and head northeast to reach the 
television station. Dismount and talk to Caramicas to begin the assault. Run 
east toward the station, killing anything wearing blue. 
The first wave of about seven soldiers will attack the Seaside entrance from 
the north. The wave after that will attack the main entrance from the west. 
This time about ten or so. At this point, Caramicas should be about halfway 
done with his speech and have about a minute remaining. Direct your attention 
north, as more soldiers will be invading the seaside entrance. Finally, about 
ten will try to swarm the back door from the south in a final, desperate 
Caramicas will finish his speech and you have one final task: blow up the 
antenna to shut off a bit of El Presidente"s propaganda. This is where those 
explosives come in handy. If you did not pick them up earlier and don"t have 
any, you can drive back there, though it will be a stiff chase the entire way.
Run east down the ramp, plant the explosive, and run for your life to finish 
the mission. 

While you have only three provinces in need of liberation this time by, you 
have a much bigger area to negotiate. The area is just absolutely huge, you 
will have several collect items military camps, settlements, and a large city 
to take over.

Well its about time! After liberating all those settlements its time to get
back to the good old-fashioned war! This time you"re going to get your head in
the clouds to investigate a facility in the mountains. It"s said to be a 
medical facility, but you know better. In fact, it"s where El Presidente houses
his WMDS! Your job is to take the chopper and recon.
Getting there is easy. Take the chopper, head straight up and then due west
towards the red arrows. Be extremely careful as you approach the site, the same
surface-to-air missile towers that military bases use are waiting to take you
out.  Get as far in as you safely can and parajump out.
You now need to plant three satellite beacons. The first one is on the hospital
roof to the southwest. There are stairs, OR after shooting some soldiers, you
can steal their car and use it to parachute onto the roof. Place the beacon
with "e" and then BASE jump off of the building. Head northeast towards the
next beacon. You"ll have to jump off of the cliff and head to the platform.
Plant the beacon, jump off and run west up the hill. I found a neatly parked
Wally"s GP parked along the road, it may or may not be there for you. Take it
or find a car and start driving up the hill. Turn left and follow the main road
south. Turn right off the main road onto a dirt road and head up the mountain.
When you pass the gate, dismount and run up the hill towards the red arrows.
You should plainly be able to follow the red dot from your map. 
Prepare to meet your new best friends! Mendoza"s most elite troops, the Black
Hand, will arrive! Harder troops? Yes! BUT there"s a GOOD side. These guys
typically carry the game"s best assault rifle! The "Haswell Vindicator". I 
don"t care what weapon you have now, pick it up and try it out! I bet you"ll 
keep it. Follow the fence around to the left until you are able to get in. Grab
a Vindicator, storm the platform and plant the beacon.
Good deal right? Wrong! They"ve initiated the launch sequence! You"ll have to
reprogram the missiles... ...to come back towards you! Jump off, go around the
fence and follow the red arrow down the hill and into the garage. Hit "E" to 
activate the computer and reprogram. NOW RUN! RUN FORREST RUN! RUN TO THE

Well, that was a good mission! You"ve got a new safehouse, but no new territory
to explore... You"ve been here before! There are only two provinces to free:
one medium, one small. Right now, I"d suggest grabbing the RPG to use for 
vehicles alongside your new, shiny Vindicator. Do note that this new favorite 
weapon won"t be found in safehouses, not now or EVER. So when you find one HUG
IT AND DON"T DIE! You"ll be pleasantly relieved at the small amount of time it
takes to complete these two provinces and you"ll find yourself back at the
briefing in no time.

Before starting the brief, pick up the explosives next to the trailer. Mendoza
is starting to get a bit shaken from your revolution, and his grip on the isle
is loosening. Time to take out some more of his power... er... no pun intended.
The well-defended San Pedro Power Plant is your target. 
Run into the ocean and heavy drop yourself a Bald Eagle Pursuer. Start off by
driving east-south-east. When you get semi-close to the north end of the power
station, parajump out and as far up the cliff towards the objective as you can.
Your heat level will be 4/5 and fire will be coming at you like crazy! Keep
running south up the cliffs. At the top, you should be less than 400 meters
away and the red star should be visible on the map. So run towards it! You
theoretically could steal a jeep, but the cops will run you off the road to
the point of pointlessness, so you might as well run. Be careful not to get run
over, and you should see the station at about 200m to it. 
You"ll also see a BIG
Hammerbolt attack chopper, Yikes! Best idea? Jack it! Pull out your grapple and
fire at it. If you manage to get a hold of it be VERY careful and use the 
buildings for cover, as there are a few SAM towers to the northwest. Because
of this, be sure to take the objective out quickly! If you don"t use the
chopper, just run and gun your way to the red arrows. Use the plentiful
buildings for cover from the helicopter and soldiers. If you are on foot, be
advised, there will be many, many vehicle-mounted machine guns and soldiers 
all targeting YOU.
Once you blow the towers, get the hell out of dodge! Jack the chopper if you 
haven"t, and if you can"t, you"ll have to risk driving a car. At almost a KM, 
the distance is a bit far to run (though you could) Don"t worry though, the fun
has just begun! The Presidente has another facility on the island: and this one
is nuclear! To destroy this you"ll need to find the stairs, and follow your
linear route to the top. Run like hell! You got another hammerbolt following
and tons of soldiers! Once you blow it up, you"ll need to get out of their real
speedy quick! So grab the Vaqero motorbike you saw by the stairs and scram! Run
your bike off of the cliff and after a few seconds, parajump off and sail 
towards the Xtract point. If you"re low on health and the hammerbolt pursuing
you causes a a serious threat, you can always twist and turn your parachute.
(Just make sure you have enough height left to make it to the extraction).

The missions get better and better! Plus, once again you have only 2 provinces
to liberate! Again, in no time you"ll be ready for the brief. When you go to 
the briefing, press E and wait, a helicopter will fly towards you, so get in to
the passenger seat.

Wait for the cutscene to end to regain control. The premise is simple, an old
Nazi scientist is heading up El Presidente"s WMD program and a train is
transporting some of these WMD"s parts. This mission is very straightforward,
your goals are to take out the WMD parts and the old nutter. You start out in
an HH-22 Savior... but with missiles! Nice!
You start out about 1500m from the objective, The depot should actually be 
within sight range. Just fly straight toward it. The train has already left so
you will have to play catch up. When you are within range, the target circles
will start to show up. If they don"t, you can always do it the hard way and aim
for yourself. (Gee, how difficult!) As you approach the train, keep the mouse
button held down! You"ll be notified that the train has surface-to-air missiles
on it (A.K.A: Your worst enemy), so start decending until you"re nearly level,
but a bit above the train. If you have to due to obstacles, get behind it 
rather than beside it, and make the move when you"re clear.
When around half of the rockets are destroyed, enemy choppers will be inbound.
Until they arrive, just keep pounding! If the choppers are not hurting you too
badly, you can just ignore them. If not, go all the way to the front of the
train, take out the SAM missiles and then turn around and ascend to engage the
After finishing the train off, you"ll need to go after Kleiner. You will now be
pursued by a SWARM of choppers, which you will still have to ignore. Just keep
your finger on the trigger and your chopper pointed and moving toward Kleiner,
and you"ll finish him off in no time. If you"re close to killing him, and your
chopper is on fire, do your best to kill him and then bail at the last second.

One more mission down! You"re getting pretty close to the end I might add. You
still have an agency safehouse and vehicle to unlock (which you will soon) but
you have 2 small provinces to liberate. Unfortunately, these "small" provinces
are home to quite a few settlements now that we"re in the heart of San 
Espirito. You"ll also notice that the military base liberations are now much 
harder on the merit of the tanks alone. Pack a good rocket launcher, an armed
car, play wisely, and hope for luck. You should make quick work though, and be
ready for another mission.

Welcome to Mendoza International Airport... One of the coolest places in the
game of course! There"s a huge arms fair on site, and there are two VIPs: the 
beloved sons of Salvador Mendosa! Oy! So its your turn once again to crash the
Start out by getting into the Agency-provided car and heading up the road
towards the red arrow. When you close in, you"ll find a jeep containing a
government helicopter pilot whom you are to impersonate. Get in close, use
stunt mode to jump to the video, bail out and kill him. Once he is dead, its on
to the helipad! Jump back into your vehicle (or any vehicle, it really doesn"t
matter) and head for the next checkpoint. Its at a Montano house, but don"t 
confuse it for the helicopter on the rooftop. The helicopter you"re getting
into is armed--heavily. Its a Hammerbolt chopper. Get in.
Now its onto the airport in your big, bad Hammerbolt. Don"t be fooled though.
You"re close to the end, and this ain"t going to be a cakewalk. There will be
SAMs positioned in the area and a swarm of government choppers. Tread carefully
and take the SAMs out first if possible.
Do a few fly-bys, dont just sit there while you take all four of them out. 
You"ll have to descend near the helipad in order to receive the prompt to kill
the sons. The simple rule is to shoot any and all vehicles, giving priority to
the auto-targets. You may have to target the sons manually. You"ll then receive
the prompt to return to base. Return to the objective area in order to finish
the mission. This mission, if performed as above can be easy. It really can be
as easy or difficult as you make it, depending on whether or not you dispose of
the SAMs. The first time I ever played this mission, my chopper was destroyed 
and I had to face a league of armor and a swarm of choppers on foot while I was
completely surrounded. Needless to say, you"ll find your normally superman-like
healthbar going down rather quickly.
The missions get better and better... did I mention that you have unlocked the
last agency safehouse? Did I mention it was COMPLETE with the RPG M-112 B Slot?
Did I mention the Lance FDL assault sniper Rifle that you PROBABLY have not so
much as heard about up until now? No? I bet I didn"t mention that it includes 
the most powerful chopper in the game? (The Delta MAH-15 Chimaera) No? OK, thats
great, but you"ve also got the last heavy drop, which is... DOCTOR KLEINER"S
HELICOPTER? WTF? Oh well, it"s yours now!
It comes with a heavy, heavy price tag though. Sick of all those easy 
liberation sprees? I hope so! Because you"re now tasked with liberating A
QUARTER OF THE WHOLE DAMN COUNTRY! The entire southwest end needs to
be converted to green and red flags if you want to keep up. The fastest way to
get them all through with is to concentrate on liberating military bases and
major cities, as you can then get away with liberating the fewest towns, since
cities and bases are pretty much mandatory. You"ve also probably noticed by now
that your foes are bringing out the heavy guns. Military libs are much harder 
to perform, simple town liberations consist of Black Hand troops, and Montano 
Settlements are filled with Vindicator-toting thugs. 
You also have to liberate the Mendoza Int"l Airport. It takes place as a large
city-style battle, but there are NO SAMs (unlike the mission) so feel free to
wreak havoc from the sky, but beware! As this time, the enemy also has (many)
Chimaeras AND Hammerbolts. (If and) When you finish, head to the brief.

Rico"s mission is starting to make an impact now, and El Presidente is gathering
all of the money he can get. He"s having his Black Hand troops rob the national 
bank, and it"s your job to make sure that money disappears.
Start off by running in the direction of the red arrow, and hijack any car. You
can"t heavy drop vehicles in cities, so your new chopper ride will have to wait.
Once you have a ride, drive to the bank (at the red arrow) and hijack the truck.
If it has already left, you will have to chase it down and hijack it, your
grapple hook or a car-to-car stunt are both good options here.
Once you are inside the car, the mission becomes a simple chase. It may be an
armored truck, but it can only take so much damage, so you will have to be
careful. You are going to the southern part of the city, and there is only one
road there, so take care not to get lost on the northern section. Once you near
the destination, be sure to approach the area from the north end, as you must
drive into an underground garage to finish the mission, which despite my
counting, will also give you your 50g achievement for the completion of story
mission 14.

After the massive amount of achievement boosting provinces you had to liberate
last mission, the game is giving you merely two this time. Don"t be fooled.
You get the task of liberating "Resolucion", aka Northern Mendoza City (The 
capital of San Espirito) in a massive city battle spanning the northern and 
upper-southern parts of the city. After which, a Montano house is closeby.
North of Resolucion is Provincia Octava, which features a military base, two
settlements, and a Montano house. If you"ve been diligently keeping up with 
your Rioja liberations, then Rioja Safehouse 7, which contains a BEASTLY 
Ballard Scout tank, is waiting for you just North of the city. At the least,
you"ll need to liberate the military base and a settlement to capture the
province. When you"re done, the next mission"s briefing is in the center of

Just Cause [Walkthrough]
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