Command & Conquer - Generals [Walkthrough]

Command & Conquer - Generals

    In the modern world, great leaders resolve their conflicts with words.
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0.00)  General Notes
1.00)  Walkthrough
     1.10)  China Campaign
          1.11)  The Dragon Awakes
          1.12)  Hong Kong Crisis
          1.13)  A Flood of Violence
          1.14)  Broken Alliances
          1.15)  Scorched Earth
          1.16)  Dead in Their Tracks
          1.17)  Nuclear Winter
     1.20)  GLA Campaign
          1.21)  Operation:  Black Rain
          1.22)  GLA Mission 2
          1.23)  GLA Mission 3
          1.24)  GLA Mission 4
          1.25)  GLA Mission 5
          1.26)  GLA Mission 6
          1.27)  GLA Mission 7
     1.30)  USA Campaign
          1.31)  Operation:  Final Justice
          1.32)  Operation:  Treasure Hunt
          1.33)  Operation:  Guardian Angel
          1.34)  Operation:  Stormbringer
          1.35)  Operation:  Blue Eagle
          1.36)  Operation:  Desperate Union
          1.37)  Operation:  Last Call
2.00)  Units
     2.10)  Chinese Units
     2.20)  GLA Units
     2.30)  USA Units
3.00)  Structures
     3.10)  Chinese Structures
     3.20)  GLA Structures
     3.30)  USA Structures
4.00)  Upgrades
     4.10)  Chinese Upgrades
     4.20)  GLA Upgrades
     4.30)  USA Upgrades
5.00)  General"s Powers
     5.10)  Chinese General"s Powers
     5.20)  GLA General"s Powers
     5.30)  USA General"s Powers
6.00)  End
     6.01)  Version History
     6.02)  Closing
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|                 |          0.00)  General Notes           |                 |
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NOTE:  The walkthrough is written on Brutal mode, which is the hardest
       difficulty setting the game has.  It"s important to note that there are
       more enemy units in each mission during a Brutal campaign compared to
       a lower level campaign.  Some defensive structures are also missing in
       lower difficulty levels, so if you read about something in the guide but
       don"t see it during your game, that"s why.
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|                    |        1.00)  Walkthrough         |                    |
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|                 |         1.10)  China Campaign           |                 |
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|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |        1.11)  The Dragon Awakes         |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
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Summary                                               Location:  Beijing, China
 - China"s might is on parade
 - Protect China"s military display
 - Eliminate any threat in Beijing area
Mission Objectives
1)  Destroy the Nuclear Warhead Storage Facility.
 - The bunker is on your radar almost directly above your base.  A decent pile
of Battlemasters will crush all GLA resistance on the way to the bunker, but
the SAM sites near it are a different story (on Brutal difficulty, anyway, they
aren"t there on Normal difficulty).
Like in most real-time strategy games, the first mission of Generals is very,
very simple.  The enemy will start by sending a few suicide cars to target your
bunkers on the south-east corner of your base.  You can stop them with your
Dragon Tanks if you"re fast, but it"s not important - the bunkers aren"t really
Select your War Factory and crank out nine Battlemaster tanks.  When they"re
done, form a group with them and head to the very bottom-left corner of the map
to find a pair of Overlords.  Continue heading east until you find some more
Battlemasters and Dragon Tanks, then head for the bridge.  When you reach the
next major road below the bridge, a unit of five Battlemasters will appear from
the south to join you.  Form one big group and rush the bridge, eliminating all
opposition along the way.
When you cross the bridge and take a right, you"ll see another short scene as
some Chinese Migs  put on an air show for your tanks.  Stay out of the forest
until the fires stop burning, or it"ll wreck your tanks quite quickly.  When
the fires are out, proceed up the hill to your right and wipe out the GLA units
defending it.  More units and a few defensive structures are waiting for you
farther to the north, so proceed with caution.  Target the SAM sites first,
since they can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time, then target the
Scorpion tanks.
Work your way west to the bunker and eliminate the rest of the GLA forces, then
destroy the bunker itself to end the mission.
(Alternatively, you can avoid the Mig incident entirely and just take a left
after the bridge rather than taking a right.  Head up the path on that side
with your Overlords, and you can destroy the bunker without having to deal with
any of the GLA units or defensive structures.)
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|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |         1.12)  Hong Kong Crisis         |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
Summary                                                    Location:  Hong Kong
 - GLA cell has been discovered in Hong Kong
 - Terrorists are using convention center as base
 - Cell must be eradicated
Mission Objectives
1)  Destroy the Convention Center and its attached parking structures to stop
    the Terrorist threat.
 - The area around the convention center will seem lightly defended to you at
first, but as you approach the building, infantry and suicide cars will poor
out of it.  Keep your vehicles far enough away to give them a chance to kill
any terrorists that come out of the building before they can detonate.
Secondary Objectives
1)  Destroy the Toxin Tractor production facility.
 - The arms dealer structure near the top of the map is the production facility
you"re after.  It"ll constantly pump out Toxin Tractors until you destroy it,
so head up there right from the start and get rid of it with some Battlemaster
Once the fancy intro scene is over, you"ll have control of a pair of dozers,
a Battlemaster, and some infantry.  You should start building your base
immediately, right there on the open field.  Build a Command Center and a power
plant first, then a barracks and a supply depot (and a second truck for it).
The enemy will attack your base from two main areas.  The first is the far
right edge, where the street runs along the water.  A pair of Dragon Tanks set
to spread towards the town will be plenty to stop everything that comes from
that direction, since it"ll be infantry, suicide cars, and light vehicles.
The second attack point will be near your supply pile.  Toxin Tractors will be
the main threat there, so a pair of gattling turrets should be your defensive
investment on that side.  Once you"ve got both attack points sufficiently
protected, start building a group of Battlemasters and a few Gattling Tanks.
As you move these units up through the city, the train  will occassionally drop
off some infantry for you near your supply pile, so make sure you retreat them
to the safety of your gattling turrents.  You"ll also be told about a secondary
objective near the top of the map - the enemy is producing Toxin Tractors from
an arms dealer.  Destroy it first, then send your group over to the Convention
The approach to the convention center will be simple;  only a few infantry,
some suicide cars, and some light vehicles will try to stop you.  Don"t let
your guard down when you get to the convention center though.  Troops will poor
out of it as you attack, and if your vehicles are too close to the building,
they won"t have time to kill the terrorists before they detonate.  Blast it
from a safe distance, then blast everything around it, including the two
parking garages on the left side.
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |       1.13)  A Flood of Violence        |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
Summary                      Location:  Three Gorges Dam, Hubei Province, China
 - GLA has infested the Three Gorges Dam area
 - Enemy reinforcements now threaten our forces
 - Drown the GLA with Chinese forces
Mission Objectives
1)  Destroy the dam.
 - Just start firing at it with the two Battlemasters you start with, and it"ll
break fairly fast.  Stick your Tank Hunters inside the tower structure near the
damn to protect your base while the Battlemasters are destroying the dam.
2)  Destroy the GLA base.
 - Once the dam breaks, you"ll have a short period to build up your base before
the GLA forces can cross the river.  Build a pair of bunkers right across from
the gap that"s forming in the water, then fill them with five Tank Hunters
each.  Keep a dozer behind them to make sure they don"t get destroyed, then use
whatever method you"d like to destroy the GLA base on the other side of the
river (I recommend four airfields full of black napalm upgraded Migs).
Your first move should be to stick your two Tank Hunters into the tower
structure below your current position.  Next, have your Battlemasters start
shooting the dam, which will eventually break under the stress.  Once it does,
you"ll be free from GLA attacks for a short period of time, then the water will
drop low enough that they"ll be able to cross over the bridge directly across
the water from your position.
Build two bunkers at the edge of the water near where the crossing is going to
form, then put five Tank Hunters inside each one.  Build a pair of gattling
cannons to go with them, then you can basically forget about this area entirely
for the rest of the game, since nothing should be able to survive long enough
to cause significant damage.
Meanwhile, you can send a unit directly to the left of your supply pile to find
a spare Chinese dozer waiting for you.  There"s also an oil derrick and a tech
refinery, so get the capture upgrade from the barracks and take control of both
of those structures.  You should also send a dozer down to the bottom of the
map to build another supply depot by the second supply pile, which will speed
the mission up significantly.
All that"s left to be done is to destroy the GLA base, which you can do with a
massive pile of Battlemasters if you"d like.  I prefer to use Migs though,
since you won"t lose as many (if any), and it"ll be a lot faster.  Build four
airfields and four Migs on each of them, and make sure you have the black
napalm upgrade from the war factory.
You"ll have to fly around above the other side of the map to reveal the GLA
base, but once you can see it, simply destroy the SAM site with your artillery
promotion, then blast buildings one at a time with your Migs until the GLA
army surrenders.
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |         1.14)  Broken Alliances         |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
Summary                                    Location:  Tanggula Mountains, China
 - GLA has constructed a Bio-Toxin factory
 - Locate factory with help of operative Black Lotus
 - Air strike will aid in its destruction
Mission Objectives
1)  Destroy the GLA"s Stinger Sites
 - There are five of them, none of which are altogether too difficult to
destroy.  A small pile of infantry till take care of the first four, especially
since more will be paratrooped to you every time you destroy a Stinger Site.
You can still mow your way to the fifth one with infantry if you"d like, though
it"s faster and cleaner to use Dragon Tanks or Scorpions from a captured
Secondary Objectives
1)  Use Black Lotus to capture the Chinese War Factory
 - You"ll find the factory directly to the left of the bridge where you
encounter the first Toxin Tractor.  Capture it with Black Lotus, then mass
produce Dragon Tanks to finish the mission.
Depending on how you"d like to play this mission, your first step should be to
produce either all Hackers or a few Hackers and some regular infantry units.
I suggest building four or so Hackers and deploying them, then mass produce
equal sets of Red Guard units and Tank Hunters until you run out of money.
Rush the first Stinger Site with your infantry pile and destroy it, then clean
up the infantry and trucks around the area.
A nifty trick to avoid taking damage from the Stinger as you kill it is to use
Black Lotus to take the nearby oil derrick first, which will immediately
attract the Stinger"s attention.  It"ll fire at the oil derrick the whole time
as you destroy it with Tank Hunters.
More troops will be paradropped to you after you destroy the first Stinger, so
add them to your pile.  Move everyone north to the pair of Stingers sitting
near each other, then destroy them as fast as possible to minimize your losses.
Farther above the spot where these two were sitting is a crate full of money
behind the mountain if you feel like picking it up.
Time to cross the bridge heading west, but there"s a small obstacle in your
way.  A Toxin Tractor on the bridge threatens the well-being of your infantry,
so you"ll have to either hack it with Black Lotus or just destroy it with a
pile of Tank Hunters.  Either way, destroy it, cross the bridge, and head for
the war factory on the far left, which you can use to produce Dragon Tanks and
a few other Chinese vehicles if you"ve got the money.
Use these new tanks to crush the opposition inside the town, since the Toxin
Tractors are the heaviest vehicle the GLA will use in this mission.  Move north
after you use Black Lotus to take the second oil derrick and either completely
destroy the enemy base or take over as much of it as you can.  Once it"s gone,
your last stop is the single Stinger waiting for you near the bio-toxin
factory.  Turn right and cross the bridge near your captured/destroyed GLA
base and eliminate the Stinger to finish the mission.
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |          1.15)  Scorched Earth          |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
Summary                                         Location:  Balykchy, Kyrgyzstan
 - GLA has taken over Balykchy
 - US forces will provide air support
 - Call in Carpet Bombs and destroy the GLA
Mission Objectives
1)  Destroy the 3 GLA camps and the main GLA base
 - The camps and the main base (as well as a group of tech buildings in the
lower-left) are revealed on your radar.  You can severely damage them with your
artillery and carpet bomber, but a few Overlords and a Nuke Cannon can pretty
much destroy the entire city if you use them carefully.
Your first objective should be building a Barracks, then cranking out fifteen
Tank Hunters.  Build a third bunker between your two upper gattling turrets,
then fill all three bunkers with the Tank Hunters.  Make sure you remember to
build a second truck for your supply depot, then build a War Factory and a
Propaganda Center.
You start as a level four general, so use your points right off the bat.  I
suggest you take both artillery levels, the Nuke Cannon, and the cluster mines.
Start using the artillery and US carpet bomber (select it from your airfield)
to blast any targets you can see on the map, but keep in mind that the carpet
bomber won"t survive for long if you try to fly it over much of the map before
it reaches its target.
Your base defenses will handle everything that comes near you for the first few
minutes, but you"ll need to keep a close eye out for Rocket Buggies, since they
can hit you from out of your range.  Have a pair of Battlemasters sitting close
to your defenses to deal with them.
Other than that, simply build three Overlord tanks and a Nuke Cannon or two.
Arm two of the Overlords with gattling cannons, and arm the third with a
propaganda tower.  These five units, if properly used, are all you need to
finish the mission.  Start moving them to the left along the bottom edge of the
map, using the Nuke Cannons to blast any occupied buildings and Stinger Sites
you find.  Make sure you always lead with the gattling Overlords, since the
entire city is laced with demo traps.
Five zones on the map are revealed to you.  The one on the far bottom-left is
where a group of tech buildings is waiting for you to capture them.  The other
three small ones are the GLA camps, and the large one in the far upper-left is
the GLA"s main base.  Systematically work your way through the city, destroying
everything you see.  Be especially careful around the bunkers near the main GLA
base, since the rocket troops inside will shred you in an instant if you get
close enough.
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |       1.16)  Dead in Their Tracks       |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
Summary                                            Location:  Bishkek, Aldastan
 - GLA has commandeered one of China"s Railroads
 - GLA is gathering in Bishkek, Aldastan
 - Use Black Lotus to destroy the train bridge
Mission Objectives
1)  Get Black Lotus to the middle of the train bridge.
 - This"ll be tricky if you"re playing Brutal mode.  All you have to do is get
Black Lotus to the left side of the train bridge before she gets killed, and a
cutscene will take care of the rest.  If you get Black Lotus killed somehow,
you"ll be given an extra fifteen hundred credits to train a new one from your
barracks.  If your barracks gets destroyed and you don"t have a Black Lotus,
you"ll lose the mission.
If you"re playing this on Brutal mode, this is actually going to be a
challenging mission.  Getting money should be your first priority - send Black
Lotus to the right side of your base, where you"ll see a crate in the very
bottom.  Grab it for some easy cash, then send her across the bridge farther to
the right.  There"s another crate near the train tracks, and another pair near
the next bridge above your current position.
Head for the train depot in the middle on the far right to find another crate,
then head for the very upper-right corner of the map to find another one.  Now
you"ll be very close to a GLA supply depot, so use Black Lotus to hack money
from it.  Meanwhile, you should have plenty of money to build five Gattling
Tanks along with the Black Napalm and Chain Guns upgrades.  Continue to hack
money out of the supply depot with Black Lotus until you get these items built,
then send the Gattling Tanks over the bridge and up to the GLA supply depots to
clear out the enemy forces around them.
When Black Lotus starts to hack for less than a thousand credits each time,
have her take control of both GLA supply depots.  Crank out three workers for
each one and have them collect the remaining supplies from the area while your
Gattling Tanks defend them.
Here"s where things get tricky...  All you need to do to win the mission is
cross the bridge next to the supply depots and get Black Lotus to the left side
of the train bridge.  Unfortunately, a pair of Stinger Sites and a Radar Van
near the bridge will blow Black Lotus"s cover well before she reaches the
bridge.  To matters worse, the GLA will send everything they have to defend the
bridge as soon as they spot any of your units in the city.
The best option is to build a group of ten or so Dragon Tanks, then send the
over the bridge near your base and up to your captured supply depots.  Position
them next to the upper bridge, send Black Lotus over to a safe spot, and wait
for the patrol of Scorpions to move away from the bridge.  Cross with the
Dragon Tanks as fast as possible and send them up the edge of the water.  Note
that the two civilian buildings near here are both filled with GLA troops.  A
quick blast of flame will slaughter everyone inside, but don"t spend too much
time on it.  Instead, keep moving up as fast as you can and use the Dragon
Tanks to toast the two Stinger Sites next to the bridge.
If you live long enough, take out the Radar Van too.  If not, wait for the GLA
counterattack to clear out, then edge Black Lotus closer to the bridge without
getting her ran over or seen by anything.  When you get the chance, run Black
Lotus to the bridge as fast as you can.  All she has to do is survive long
enough to set foot on the bridge, and the mission is over.
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |          1.17)  Nuclear Winter          |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
Summary                              Location:  Dushanbe, Aldastan Capital City
 - GLA Asian terrorist cell identified in Tajikistan
 - Authorized to utilize your nuclear arsenal
Mission Objectives
1)  Establish a base and locate resources.
 - Assuming you"re playing on Brutal mode, there isn"t really an easy supply
stash to harvest except for a tiny little one a little to the right of your
starting position.  This is also where you"ll want to build the later parts of
your base.  Move in after the starting cutscene and remove the GLA structures
and units, then line your surviving tanks up to protect the gap above the
supply pile.
2)  Defeat the GLA.
 - Every non-defensive structure has to be destroyed before this is complete.
You won"t need to destroy every Stinger Site and Tunnel Network.
This mission"s a pain in the ass on Brutal mode.  As soon as you get control of
your forces, stop them all from moving any farther up the hill.  Select your
two Overlords and build a Propaganda Tower on one of them and a Gattling Cannon
on the second.  Build a Power Plant and a Barracks with your dozers right where
they"re sitting, then build a bunker right next to the hill you"re defending.
Stick any surviving Tank Hunters you have in it, then train as many as you
still need to fill it.
Start building a Command Center here while GLA units continue to suicide into
your bunker, and build the radar upgrade when the Command Center finishes.
Time to start moving.  Grab all of your surviving units and head up the hill to
the right of your base, toasting Scorpions and infantry as you go.  There"s a
small GLA base in the clearing in the very lower-right part of the map, and
you"ll want to completely destroy it as fast as possible.
Before you destroy the supply depot though, use your General"s Promotion points
to get the level three cash hack ability and use it on the supply depot, which
should get you four thousand easy credits.  Wipe everything out once you have
the money, then send a dozer over and build a supply depot near the small
supply piles.  Line your surviving tanks up in a row above the supply piles to
cover the gap there.  Get the Cluser Mines ability with your other General"s
Promotion point and drop them right above the gap inside the town.
You should"ve noticed by now that the enemy already has a Scud Storm counting
down.  Destroying it will be your first priority, though there"s really not an
easy way to do it since you can"t see it...  Keep building your base, but make
sure you spread everything out as far as possible.  Once you have a Propaganda
Center, crank out ten or so Hackers.  Keep them spread out - if you put them in
a cluster, the first Scud Storm that gets launched will be aimed directly at
Without the tempting Hacker pile as a target, the GLA"s next likely target is
your defensive tank pile.  Keep it about half a screen south of the gap it"s
covering, and as soon as you hear the Scud Storm being launched, always move
the pile up into the city as fast as you can to avoid getting it wiped out.  If
you"re lucky, the computer will continuously try to wipe out the tank pile with
the Scud Storm, and you"ll never have to worry about rebuilding your base.
If you"re not lucky, well...  be prepared to rebuild your base as fast as
possible.  Always try to keep your dozers away from buildings to prevent them
from getting destroyed when the Scuds launch.
That"s about all there is to this mission.  Once you have a comfortable amount
of Hackers and Overlords, invest in a few Nuclear Missiles.  The Scud Storm
structure is located in the middle of the map at the very top, along with a lot
of other GLA structures.  If you can manage to work your way close enough to
see it, you can easily destroy it with artillery and nuclear missiles.
Personally, I found moving through the city to be too time-consuming and
frustrating, so I used my Cluster Mines, artillery, and my first few nukes to
slowly reveal the map all the way up to the Scud Storm, then destroyed it.  >_>
Once the Scud Storm"s gone, the mission is simple.  Just keep cranking out
Overlords, then cruise through the city and blast anything that isn"t yours.
Watch out for the enemy Jarmen Kell sitting in a tower in the middle of the map
though, he"ll snipe the drivers right out of your tanks if you don"t take care
of him fast enough.  The sad thing is that it"s probably faster and easier to
just sit in your base and make five or six nuclear missiles and use them to
slowly wipe out every enemy building...
Destroy every GLA non-defensive structure, and you"ll win the mission.  (By
non-defensive structure, I mean you don"t need to destroy all of the Stinger
Sites and Tunnel Networks.)
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |          1.20)  GLA Campaign            |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |      1.21)  Operation:  Black Rain      |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
Summary                                                 Location:  Shymkent DMZ
 - Many brothers have been lost
 - China"s defenses are spread thin
 - Destroy Chinese forces
Mission Objectives
1)  Destroy the Chinese base.
 - You start with a rather large group of vehicles, so this won"t be very hard.
Grab one of your demo trucks as soon as it appears and use it to slaughter the
group of infantry that approaches from below the base.  The rest of the base
will be easy to destroy, but make sure you stay away from the power plants when
you destroy them, since they explode pretty bad.
2)  Destroy the Dam.
 - Once the base is destroyed, the game will scroll you down to a GLA base
farther to the south.  Any of your units that survived the previous assault
will drive down and join your base.  Leave them where they are to defend the
top entrance, but send one unit down to the secret arms dealer below your base.
This arms dealer offers the Scorpion Rocket upgrade, which won"t be offered by
the arms dealers structures you can build yourself.  Use a large group of
Scorpions to destroy the dam.
When the mission starts, you"ll be given control of a group of vehicles inside
a Chinese base.  A large group of Chinese infantry will approach from the
lower-right.  Send one of your demo trucks to greet them, and it should wipe
them all out in a single blast.  Use your remaining forces to destroy what"s
left of the base, but make sure you stay far enough away from the reactors to
avoid blowing up when they explode.
When the base is completely destroyed, a cutscene will send all of your units
down to a GLA base farther to the south.  Once you have control of your units
again, send one down to the ridge below the base, then to the left until it
finds the arms dealer there.  This arms dealer will offer the Scorpion Rockets
upgrade, which you won"t be able to get from arms dealers structures you build
Make sure you send all of your Workers to the supply piles in your base to make
as much money as you can, then start cranking out Scorpions.  Once you have a
group of eight or so, head out the top-left entrance of your base.  There"s a
Chinese supply depot in the hills around there, and there"re several crates of
money just sitting behind it.  Destroy the supply depot and take the crates.
Directly to the right of the Chinese supply depot is a path through the hills
that leads directly to the dam, bypassing all of the Chinese tanks.  Take your
Scorpions up the path and over to the dam, then damage it until it breaks to
end the mission.
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |          1.22)  GLA Mission 2           |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
Summary  Location:  Villages Outside Almaty, Kazakhstan, Aid Supplies Drop Zone
 - U.N. supplies en route to Almaty region
 - Intercept these deliveries for our cause
 - Collect supplies to infuse the GLA with funds
Mission Objectives
1)  Collect $40,000 in stolen supplies
 - All you have to do is collect the money from the UN troops and the civilian
houses.  The mission will provide you with many different ways to do this, but
all that matters is that you get the money.
Secondary Objectives
  2)  Collect $20,000 by taking the UN Convoys" crates.
   - Your first twenty grand will come from slaughtering the Humvees and convoy
  convoy trucks that enter the village.  Position a few tanks at all three
  major intersections, or just use infantry inside some buildings or a few demo
  3)  Collect $30,000 by taking the crates dropped by the US planes.
   - This is slightly misleading - you don"t need another thirty grand, you
  just need to reach a total of thirty grand (meaning you"ll need ten more
  thousand before this will be accomplished).  The mission will provide you
  with a trio of Quad Cannons to knock the planes out of the sky, so position
  them in the middle of the map and fire away.
  4)  Reinforcements have arrived:  Use Quad Cannons to bring down enemy
   - They"ll appear just slightly above your base, so select them and send them
  to the middle of the city.  Planes will drop crates when they explode, so
  grab them before the villagers do.
  5)  Villagers have supplies stored in their homes.  Destroy their homes and
      steal the supplies hidden there.
   - Any civilian building you destroy will have a crate in it.  You don"t need
  to destroy any of the buildings if you don"t want to, you can keep getting
  money from the aircraft to finish the mission instead or raid the base.
  6)  Collect $40,000 in supplies by raiding the US base.
   - You don"t actually need to raid the base, you can just keep collecting
  from the civilian buildings, the convoys, or the planes.  Either way, collect
  a total of forty thousand credits and the mission will be complete.
Start by using one of your Workers to build an arms dealer structure, then use
the second spare Worker to collect more supplies (and build a few more if you"d
like).  Move your infantry and Technicals into the intersection in the middle
of the town to deal with the first few convoy groups, then start building
Scorpions when your arms dealer is finished.  Cover the three main
intersections with a few Scorpions and slaughter convoys until the game prompts
you for the second phase of the mission.
You"ll be given three Quad Cannon units.  Send them to the center of the map as
fast as you can.  American supply planes will fly overhead occassionally, so
use the Quad Cannons to shred them.  They drop crates when they explode, so be
ready to pick them up before the villagers can.  You can also just destroy any
civilian structure to find a crate inside.
Once you reach 30,000 total credits collected, you"ll be told to assault the
nearby base to get the last ten grand.  You can do that if you"d like, but you
can also just keep raiding houses and shooting down planes if you want.  Either
way, the mission will end when you collect forty thousand total credits.
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |          1.23)  GLA Mission 3           |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
Summary          Location:  Astana City, Chinese-Occupied Capital of Kazakhstan
 - We have found new allies in Astana
 - We can use them to harass the enemy
 - While Astana burns, loot the city for supplies
Mission Objectives
1)  Destroy civilian buildings and gather $40,000.
 - Thanks to the insane power of the Angry Mobs, this is so easy it"s not even
funny.  You can almost make this much money by rampaging through the city right
from the start, but the Chinese will likely stop you with Dragon Tanks shortly
before you reach your goal.  Invest in a Barracks, Arms Dealer, and Palace,
then get the Arm the Mobs upgrade from the Palace to make the mobs nearly
invincible.  Train a Jarmen Kell from your Barracks and use it to snipe the
Dragon Tanks, and you"ve got yourself an almost unstoppable force.  All you
need to do is have more than forty thousand credits on hand at any time to win
the mission.
Secondary Objectives
1)  Destroy the US airbase in the upper-left corner to force their planes to
    flee the area.
 - This objective is told to you once American units start dropping into the
city from helicopters.  It"s entirely optional, so don"t worry about it at all
unless you feel like spending some extra time on the mission.  A few well-armed
mobs and Jarmen Kell are all you"ll need to level the entire city, including
the airbase area.
Ah, the Angry Mob, one of my favorite units.  The three you start the mission
with can rampage through the city right from the start and almost collect
enough money to win before the enemy gets a chance to move, but not quite.
They"ll need a little help, so start by constructing some more Workers for your
supply center, then a barracks, an arms dealer, and a Palace.  You"ll be able
to train a Jarmen Kell once you have your Palace, and more importantly, you"ll
have access to the Arm the Mob upgrade.
Definitely get the Arm the Mob upgrade.  If you thought the mobs had riciculous
power before...  yikes.  >_>  Three Angry Mobs and a Jarmen Kell can easilly
wipe out the entire map if properly used.  Make your way through the city and
destroy any building you can, then grab the money crate that pops out of it.
The Chinese and Americans will eventually try to stop you, but they"re no match
for your Angry Mobs.  Except for the Dragon Tanks... but that"s why Jarmen"s
there.  If you see a Dragon Tank, snipe the driver using your Jarmen Kell
before it gets the chance to flame the crap out of your mobs.
That"s basically all there is to this mission...  all you need to do is have
more than forty thousand credits at any given time, and the mission will be
over.  You can make a sidetrip up to the American airbase if you"d like, but it
definitely won"t be necessary to finish the mission.
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |          1.24)  GLA Mission 4           |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
Summary                             Location:  Adana, Turkey, Incirlik Air Base
 - The arrogance of the USA cannot go unanswered
 - Keep region from their imperialist grasp
 - Destroy their "superior" air force
Mission Objectives
1)  Destroy the American airbase.
 - The base lines the far left side of the map.  Other than a few Patriot
missiles batteries and a hoard of Commanches, it"s not very well defended.
Send a group of Quad Cannons and some Rocket Buggies down there, and you"ll
destroy it all with little effort.
Immediately build a barracks and some more Workers, then send a pair of Workers
to the bottom of your base area where the Quad Cannon is sitting with a pair of
Rebels.  Build a pair of Stinger Sites down here, and make sure you"re building
an Arms Dealer at the same time.  The game will nag you to build more Stinger
sites, but it"s not really necessary - Quad Cannons are much more effective.
Build a group of nine as soon as your Arms Dealer is ready.
The American aircraft likely won"t be your main concern for most of the
mission.  Instead, the constant flow of Crusaders and Humvees will probably
require more of your attention.  Always make sure that nothing makes it past
the bottom of your base where you should"ve built the pair of Stinger Sites.
Once you have a firm hold on your base, the rest of the mission is simple.
Spam Quad Cannons and some Rocket Buggies, then approach the American airbase
from the top (meaning go under the bridge rather than over it).  Be careful
when you get near the base - a massive group of Commanches is likely to attact
you, so have the Quad Cannons in the front.  Once the area is secure, start
down-towning the Patriot missile batteries with your Rocket Buggies, then start
destroy powerplants and any other buildings you can see.
Wipe out every non-defensive structure in the area to finish the mission.
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |          1.25)  GLA Mission 5           |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
Summary              Location:  Western Shore of the Aral Sea, Kazakhstan
-------                         Toxic Waste Containment and Disposal Facilities
 - Reports from the Aral Sea are not good
 - US forces have control of our toxin storage facility
 - Retake the storage bunkers
Mission Objectives
1)  Capture 4 Bunkers and Wipe out all American defenders.
 - Exactly like it says, all you have to do is take control of any four of the
toxin bunkers spread around the map and destroy every non-defensive American
structure.  Mass Quad Cannons and Rocket Buggies can easily wipe out the base
in the middle of the map, though Scorpions with the rocket and toxin shell
upgrades will work well too (though they won"t be able to stop the Commanches).
Build a few more Workers and start collecting the supply piles right next to
your supply depot, then build another supply depot to start collecting the
supplies from the second supply pile above your base.  Crank out Quad Cannons
from your arms dealer and protect the top and right side of your base from
American attacks, which will consist primarilly of infantry and Humvees with an
occassional tank.
Build a Palace and a Black Market as soon as you can, then crank out Rocket
Buggies to go with your Quad Cannons.  All three of the upgrades available from
the Black Market will be helpful, so invest in them as soon as you can.  When
you"ve got a group of about ten Rocket Buggies and ten Quad Cannons, move up
and assault the bridge leading to the island in the middle of the map.
Your Rocket Buggies will be able to toast the bunkers and Patriot batteries
from beyond their range, so use them to clear the path.  Use your Quad Cannons
to handle the infantry in the area, and make sure they"re ready to blast the
Commanches hovering around the American base.  It should be fairly easy to into
the base, and once you"re inside, it"ll be even easier to totally wipe it out.
Eliminate every non-defensive building to defeat the American forces.
The only other thing you need to do to finish the mission is capture four of
the toxin bunkers.  Build a barracks if you haven"t already, then get the
Capture Building upgrade and a Rebel (or several).  Capture any four of the
toxin bunkers shown on the map to end the mission.
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |          1.26)  GLA Mission 6           |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
Summary                            Location:  Somewhere Near Lenger, Kazakhstan
-------                                       Splinter Cell-Controlled Region
 - GLA defectors have joined with China
 - Assault the convoys and sever their supply lines
 - Eliminate the traitors and their Chinese allies
Mission Objectives
1)  Eliminate all traitors.
 - This is slightly misleading, since all you actually have to do is wipe out
the main base in the upper-right corner.  The tricky part is taking out the
Scud Storm before it blasts the crap out of you... you"ll need to move fast and
assault it with a huge group of Scorpions to destroy it, then the rest will be
comparatively easy.
Mmm, no more painfully simple missions in this campaign.  You"ll need to be
fast and efficient to win this one, so start by using one of your spare Workers
to build an arms dealer.  Send another one to the middle of the left side of
the map, then use him to build a second supply depot and collect the supplies
there.  Send the third Worker to collect supplies at the piles in your base,
and build a few more to join him.
While your arms dealer builds, scroll to the three Tunnel Networks you have on
the left side of the map.  There are three groups of units around each one, but
you"ll want some of these to defend your base soon.  Load two groups into the
Tunnel Networks and unload them above your base, then set everything there on
guard mode.  Leave the third group sitting on the road on guard mode - the
Chinese forces will eventually arrive here, and you"ll want these units to be
able to block them from entering your base.
As soon as your arms dealer finishes building, get the Scorpion Rocket upgrade
from it, then start cranking out Scorpions.  Get a Palace and a Black Market
going as soon as possible, and definitely get the Toxin Shells and Anthrax Beta
upgrades from the Palace as well as the AT Rockets upgrade from the Black
Market (and Junk Repair if you have the money).  Once you have a pile of twenty
or so Scorpions, the Scud Storm should be at about two minutes.
You"ll have to rush it to stop it, but it won"t be easy (assuming you"re on
Brutal mode).  Send your tanks straight up through the path in the middle of
the map, then head to the right and enter the top of the GLA base.  Ignore
anything that shoots at you and just keep pushing your way into the very top
right corner of the map, which is where they"ll build the Scud Storm.  Destroy
it at all cost, then use anything that survives to start taking out buildings.
With the Scud Storm gone, the hard part is over.  The Chinese forces aren"t
powerful enough to be too much of a threat, so just build more Scorpions if
necessary and wipe out the GLA base entirely to finish the mission.
[Want to make the mission a lot easier?  Use the captured nuclear warhead
 trucks like the game suggests.  As long as the enemy doesn"t see the trucks
 near your own units, they won"t fire at them.  You can drive them straight
 into their base right at the start of the mission, split them up, and destroy
 most of it instantly.  Do it correctly, and they won"t even get the chance to
 build the Scud Storm before you have enough Scorpions to wipe them out.]
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |          1.27)  GLA Mission 7           |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
Summary                     Location:  Baikonur Cosmodrome, Southern Kazakhstan
-------                                Soviet-Era Rocket Launch Facility
 - Take control of the Cosmodrome
 - The missiles there will deliver deadly toxin to our enemies
 - Our destiny is at hand
Mission Objectives
1)  Capture the ground control building.
 - You"ll have to take it with infantry.  I suggest you wait until you"ve
already wiped out the Chinese and American bases though, since you"ll also have
to make sure the ground control center doesn"t get destroyed once you"ve taken
control of it.
2)  Capture the rocket launch gantry.
 - As soon as you have control of the gantry and the ground control building at
the same time, the mission will end.
You"ll need to move fairly fast to avoid getting hit by the nuclear missile and
the particle cannon, though the computer"s not really smart enough to use them
effectively anyway...
Start in the usual manner, building a Barracks and several more Workers to man
your supply depot.  An Arms Dealer should be next, followed by a group of
Palaces loaded with rocket guys on the east side of your base.  Once you have
the capture building upgrade from your Barracks, train a Rebel and use him to
take control of the oil derrick in the lower west corner.
As soon as your first Palace is done, you should start a Scud Storm.  If you"re
really fast, you can get two Scud Storms ready before the enemy gets either of
their superweapons off.  Don"t be too concerned if they manage to use one of
them though, as they tend to choose really stupid targets.  (If you only manage
to get a single scud storm ready before their counters are low, use it to blast
the large power plant group near the particle cannon.  It"ll stall it long
enough for you to do something about it.)
Now that you"ve got Scud Storms going, your main focus should just be on
surviving in your base.  The enemy will come from the east and the north, so
be prepared to defend around your Palaces.  The biggest threat is the American
airfield to the east, since Aurora bombers will shred your tanks and vehicles
instantly.  You should wipe out the airfield as soon as you can (either with a
scud storm or with a rebel ambush, once you have the ability).
Once your scud storms get going, that"s about it...  just use them to wipe out
the Particle Cannon and the Nuclear Missile, then destroy any and all base
structures you can find.  It won"t take long to wipe the enemy"s defenses out,
so you can go ahead and build some Scorpions to prepare for the last part of
the mission.
Once you"re sure the map"s fairly clear, send your Scorpions to the ground
control center with some Rebels and capture it.  The gantry is slightly more
defended, but it still won"t be hard to take.  Use your Scorpions (or a scud if
you"re lazy) to blast any bunkers in your way, then use a Rebel to capture the
gantry when it"s safe.
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |          1.30)  USA Campaign            |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |    1.31)  Operation:  Final Justice     |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
Summary                                      Location:  Iraqi War Zone
-------                                                 Siege of Baghdad, Day 3
 - GLA has SCUD Storm
 - They are based in Baghdad
 - Eliminate this threat
Mission Objectives
1)  Destroy all enemy forces.
 - A simple, straight-forward objective.  The mission will provide you with a
few Chinooks for some combat drops as well as some airstrikes, which will make
this even easier.
2)  Destroy the SCUD Storm.
 - You"ll have to hook around the mountains north-west if the town to reach the
Scud Storm.  Blast your way through the base, then destroy the Scud Storm to
finish the mission.
As was the case with the first Chinese and GLA missions, this mission is very
simple.  The Crusaders and Humvees you start with are more than enough to
finish the mission, but feel free to use your General"s promotion to get the
Paladin ability if you"d like.  You might also want to get battle drones on
your vehicles, which will help eliminate enemy infantry as well as repair your
As you approach the city, a cutscene will result in a Scud Storm hitting the
town square area.  The toxic goo it leaves behind will damage your vehicles, so
wait until it vanishes before you continue.  There"s a small group of POWs
shown on your map, and if you can manage to free them, you can put them in your
vehicles to increase their experience level.
When you move through the town, Chinooks will drop some Rangers into the
occupied buildings to clear them out.  Make your way to the north-west corner
of the map, clearing out any enemy units you see along the way.  Resistance
will increase when you reach the mountains, but your Crusaders should still be
able to handle it.
As you approach the GLA base, you"ll see a line of Scorpions waiting to greet
you.  Rather than trying to take them on, simple retreat and let the Fuel Air
Bomb take care of them (as well as some nearby structures).  After the bomb
blows, move your tanks in and finish off the base.  When you destroy the Scud
Storm (and its hole), the mission will be over.
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |    1.32)  Operation:  Treasure Hunt     |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
Summary                                              Location:  Al Hanad, Yemen
 - GLA leaders tracked to Yemen
 - Comanches are searching for criminals
 - Save the captured pilots
Mission Objectives
1)  Rescue captured pilots.
 - There are three of them, and they show up on your radar as a red dot.  When
you free the first one, the size of the map will increase, revealing the
location of the second one.  The map will increase again when you free the
second one, revealing the third.
You can literally win this mission using only Burton if you want...  just keep
moving him through the city, occupying buildings any time you need to fight
a vehicle or a mob.  Or, if you"d like, you can just crank out a pile of
Paladins and hose the entire freakin" map.  You"ll probably want to do it this
way anyway, since assaulting the eastern base is quite tedious with just
The pilots don"t even actually need to survive the mission once you"ve rescued
them, though you"ll need to return the third one to your base to finish the
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |    1.33)  Operation:  Guardian Angel    |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
Summary                                          Location:  Northern Kazakhstan
 - USA forces are in full retreat
 - GLA is in close pursuit
 - Provide cover for retreating forces
Mission Objectives
1)  Ensure the escape of 100 U.S. forces.
 - One hundred units of any type must survive to exit the north-east side of
the canyon.  A large Commanche pile armed with the rocket pod upgrade will make
this simple.
You have plenty of money, so select your airfield and build the rocket pod
upgrade followed by as many Commanches as you can afford.  US forces will
stream in from the south-west corner of the canyon, followed shortly by large
groups of GLA units.  The first several groups won"t have any anti-aircraft
power at all, so you can just blast away at them with complete disregard.
It won"t take long for the GLA to get wise to your attacks though, and they"ll
start sending forces towards your base.  Let your tanks and Humvees handle it
until you destroy the GLA forces hitting the retreating forces, then send the
Commanches handle the rest of them.
Keep building more Commanches as the mission goes on and add them to your pile.
As the mission progresses, Quad Cannons will start accompanying the GLA forces.
Make sure you target those manually as soon as you see them, or you"ll start
losing Commanches like crazy.
That"s all there is to it, this is another very simple mission.  Once the
hundredth US unit exits the map in the north-east corner, destroy every GLA
unit in the last assault on your base to finish the mission.
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |     1.34)  Operation:  Stormbringer     |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
Summary                                             Location:  Kazakhstan Coast
 - GLA training camp has been discovered
 - Eliminate this threat
Mission Objectives
1)  Destroy the Stinger Sites.
 - A cutscene will show you four flashing Stinger Sites.  Your first objective
is to remove these Stinger Sites so carpet bombers can swing in and destroy the
rest of the GLA camp.
2)  Destroy the GLA Base.
 - Once you destroy the four Stinger Sites, carpet bombers will clear most of
the remaining GLA forces and structures.  You"ll be given four more Crusader
tanks and a pair of Dozers, then you"ll have to clear out the rest of the GLA
forces from the map.
Wipe out any GLA units that survived the beach assault, then gather your forces
on the west side of the beach.  You start with four Tomahawks, which will make
short work of the bunkers along the beach.  Edge even closer to the GLA base,
and you"ll easily be able to blast the Stinger Sites from out of their range.
Just make sure you"re paying attention - there"s a rocket buggy and some
Technicals up there that could wipe your Tomahawks out if you don"t destroy
them fast enough.
With the Stinger Sites removed, your Dozers will arrive.  Start building a
power plant and a barracks, and have your Tomahawks destroy the garris

Command & Conquer - Generals [Walkthrough]
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