Neverwinter Nights Reference Guide [Walkthrough]

Neverwinter Nights Reference Guide

===================== Neverwinter Nights Reference Guide =====================
=====================      Revision 13.00 (26-03-09)     =====================
                      by Duncan Clay
                              Table of Contents
  (0) PRELUDE - Neverwinter Academy
  (1) CHAPTER 1 - The Wailing and the Waterdhavians
    (1.01) City Core
    (1.02) Beggar"s Nest
    (1.03) Peninsula
    (1.04) No-Man"s-Land
    (1.05) Barricades
    (1.06) Blacklake
    (1.07) Docks
    (1.08) Castle Never
    (1.09) Road to Helm"s Hold
  (2) CHAPTER 2 - The Search for the Cult
    (2.01) Port Llast
    (2.02) North Road
    (2.03) Green Griffon Inn
    (2.04) East Road
    (2.05) Druid Encampment
    (2.06) Deep Woods
    (2.07) Heart of the Forest
    (2.08) South Road
    (2.09) Farmland
    (2.10) Haunted Forest
    (2.11) Charwood
    (2.12) Luskan
    (2.13) Docks
    (2.14) Host Tower
  (3) CHAPTER 3 - The Words of Power
    (3.01) Beorunna"s Well
    (3.02) Coldwood
    (3.03) Coldwood, Layenne"s Tomb
    (3.04) Coldwood, Wizard"s Circle
    (3.05) Countryside
    (3.06) Fort Ilkard
    (3.07) Homesteads
    (3.08) Ruins
    (3.09) Moonwood
    (3.10) Moonwood, Caves
    (3.11) Spine of the World
  (4) CHAPTER 4 - The Final Battle
    (4.01) City Core
    (4.02) War Zone
    (4.03) Source Stone
  (5) XP1 CHAPTER 1 - The Missing Artifacts
    (5.01) Hilltop West
    (5.02) Hilltop East
    (5.03) Hilltop Foothills
    (5.04) Blumberg
    (5.05) Nether Mountains
    (5.06) High Forest
  (6) XP1 INTERLUDE - Identifying the Crystal
    (6.01) Anauroch Night Camp
    (6.02) Oasis of the Green Palm
    (6.03) Ao Encampment
    (6.04) Valley of Winds
  (7) XP1 CHAPTER 2 - The Lost City of Undrentide
  (8) XP2 CHAPTER 1 - Descent into Undermountain
    (8.01) Waterdeep
    (8.02) Undermountain Level 1
    (8.03) Undermountain Level 2
    (8.04) Undermountain Level 3
    (8.05) Realm of the Reaper
  (9) XP2 CHAPTER 2 - Defeating the Valsharess
    (9.01) Lith My"athar, City Core & Port
    (9.02) Shaori"s Fell
    (9.03) Isle of the Maker
    (9.04) Lith My"athar, Environs
    (9.05) Underdark, West of Lith My"athar
    (9.06) Underdark, Chasm of the Eye Tyrants
    (9.07) Drearing"s Deep
    (9.08) Zorvak"Mur, Entrance Cavern
    (9.09) Zorvak"Mur
    (9.10) Battle
 (10) XP2 CHAPTER 3 - Escape from the Hells
   (10.01) City of Lost Souls
   (10.02) Wastes of Cania
   (10.03) Finale
 (11) Pre-Order/Platinum Modules
   (11.01) The Dark Ranger"s Treasure
   (11.02) To Heir is Human
   (11.03) The Winds of Eremor
 (12) Kingmaker Premium Module Collection
   (12.01) Witch"s Wake
   (12.02) ShadowGuard
   (12.03) Kingmaker
 (13) Pirates of the Sword Coast
   (13.01) Neverwinter
   (13.02) Trackless Sea
   (13.03) Tropical Island
   (13.04) Spindrift
   (13.05) The Sea of Swords
  (A) Character Creation
    (A.01) Gender
    (A.02) Race
    (A.03) Portrait
    (A.04) Class
    (A.05) Alignment
    (A.06) Abilities
    (A.07) Skills
    (A.08) Feats
    (A.09) Racial Groups
    (A.10) Deity
    (A.11) Shapeshift
    (A.12) Multiplayer
  (B) Henchmen
    (B.01) Original Campaign Henchmen
    (B.02) Shadows of Undrentide Henchmen
    (B.03) Hordes of the Underdark Henchmen
    (B.04) Pre-Order and Premium Module Henchmen
  (C) Custom Items
    (C.01) Marrok"s Forge
    (C.02) Imaskarran Tomes
    (C.03) Alchemist"s Apparatus
    (C.04) Fantabulous Contrapulator
    (C.05) Hasuraman"s Tomes
    (C.06) Barun Silverblade
    (C.07) The Grinder
    (C.08) Strange Machine
    (C.09) Prayer Bag
    (C.10) Craft Trap
    (C.11) Craft Armor
    (C.12) Craft Weapon
    (C.13) Scribe Scroll
    (C.14) Brew Potion
    (C.15) Craft Wand
    (C.16) Enserric
    (C.17) Rizolvir
    (C.18) Bridge Control
    (C.19) Golem Construction Machine
    (C.20) Lord Nasher"s Items
    (C.21) Prugdush Glurp
  (D) Stores
    (D.01) General Stores
    (D.02) Weapon Stores
    (D.03) Temple Stores
    (D.04) Druid Stores
    (D.05) Rogue Stores
    (D.06) Magic Stores
    (D.07) Merchant Stores
    (D.08) Other Stores
    (D.09) Shadows of Undrentide Stores
    (D.10) Hordes of the Underdark Stores
    (D.11) Pre-Order Module Stores
    (D.12) Witch"s Wake Stores
    (D.13) ShadowGuard Stores
    (D.14) Kingmaker Stores
    (D.15) Pirates of the Sword Coast Stores
  (E) Items
    (E.01) Tiny Weapons
    (E.02) Small Weapons
    (E.03) Medium Weapons
    (E.04) Large Weapons
    (E.05) Thrown Weapons
    (E.06) Ranged Weapons and Ammunition
    (E.07) Robes
    (E.08) Light Armor
    (E.09) Medium Armor
    (E.10) Heavy Armor
    (E.11) Shields
    (E.12) Helmets
    (E.13) Gauntlets, Gloves and Bracers
    (E.14) Belts and Girdles
    (E.15) Boots
    (E.16) Cloaks
    (E.17) Amulets, Necklaces, Pendants, Periapts, Scarabs and Talismans
    (E.18) Rings
    (E.19) Wands and Rods
    (E.20) Scrolls Innate Level 0
    (E.21) Scrolls Innate Level 1
    (E.22) Scrolls Innate Level 2
    (E.23) Scrolls Innate Level 3
    (E.24) Scrolls Innate Level 4
    (E.25) Scrolls Innate Level 5
    (E.26) Scrolls Innate Level 6
    (E.27) Scrolls Innate Level 7
    (E.28) Scrolls Innate Level 8
    (E.29) Scrolls Innate Level 9
    (E.30) Trap Kits
    (E.31) Potions
    (E.32) Gems
    (E.33) Magical Items
    (E.34) Quest Items
    (E.35) Miscellaneous Items
    (E.36) Undiscovered Weapons
    (E.37) Undiscovered Items
  (F) Addendum
  (G) Unanswered Questions and Cheats
  (H) Credits and Revision History
  (I) Contact Information
= Introduction ===============================================================
This FAQ covers
  Neverwinter Nights
  Expansion Pack 1 - Shadows of Undrentide
  Expansion Pack 2 - Hordes of the Underdark
  Pre-Order Modules
  Premium Modules
  Neverwinter Nights Gold Edition
  Neverwinter Nights Platinum
  Neverwinter Nights Diamond
  Kingmaker Premium Module Collection
See appendix (F) for further details on the various game editions.
Note: The FAQ assumes you are using patch 1.69.8109 + XP1 + XP2
This guide is not a linear walkthrough although you can use it to work out
how to complete quests or the game.  To get the most out of it, open this file
in a program with a good find facility, I prefer using Firefox for this.  For
example, if you want to know where every piece of Adamantine can be found,
just do a text search.
= Area Guide =================================================================
  XP - Experience Point      STR - Strength
  HP - Hit Point             DEX - Dexterity
  SP - Skill Point           CON - Constitution
  AC - Armor Class           INT - Intelligence
  GP - Gold Piece            WIS - Wisdom
  DC - Difficulty Check      CHA - Charisma
  SR - Spell Resistance      BAB - Base Attack Bonus
  DR - Damage Reduction
  $ - Added in $hadows of Undrentide (SoU)
  &ndash - Added in &ndashordes of the Underdark (HotU)
  @ - Added in @ Premium Module
Shortcut Keys
  TAB - Highlight interactive objects
Most treasure is random.  If you save the game before opening a container or
killing an enemy you can reload it to get a different item.  Only items that
are the same every time are listed below.  Most random treasure is determined
by your level and some by your class or weapon proficiencies.
 - After speaking to someone, speak to them again or return to them later as
   they may have something else to say.
 - The more companions you have and the higher their level, the less XP you
   get.  One trick is to unsummon any creatures just before killing an enemy.
   A better trick is have companions that are a lower level than you as this
   will increase the XP you get.  Quest rewards are not affected by this.
 - Since quest XP is the same regardless of your level, but other XP decreases
   as you go up in levels, you will get a higher total XP if you complete as
   much of each quest as you can before then claiming the rewards.
 - Recover and sell traps rather than disarm them. &ndash Recovered traps are
   considered as stolen items.
 - If you have a familiar or animal companion you can heal it by talking to
   it and feeding it.
 - In the original campaign keep the 3xAdamantine, 3xDiamond, 2xIronwood and
   2xSpecial Holy Water for use by Barun Silverblade in Chapter 3.
 - In SoU keep the 2xRuby, the Dragon"s Blood (if you kill Tymofarrar) and all
   the Belladonna, Bear Hide, Wolf Hide, Skeleton"s Knuckle and Meat that you
   find for use with the Strange Machine and the Prayer Bag.
Opening movie of Nasher Alagondar killing the minotaur Koth Uth-Kalin
Neverwinter is in the Sword Coast North region of Faer—čn on Abeir-Toril.
(0) PRELUDE - Neverwinter Academy (Beggar"s Nest)
  Senior Barracks
    Paval (Bim"s brother)
    Bim - camera and menus tutorial (PgUp and PgDn change camera elevation)
  Training Halls
    Olgerd GENERAL STORE - inventory and store tutorial
      Gives You (Bard, Druid, Rogue): Studded Leather Armor
      Gives You (Barbarian, Cleric, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger): Chain Shirt
      Gives You (Monk): Robes of the Shining Hand +1
      Gives You (Sorcerer, Wizard): Robe of Fire Resistance
    Berna - map and journal tutorial
      Task (Barbarian, Monk, Ranger): Complete melee and ranged tests
      Reward: Boots of Reflexes +1
      Task (Fighter, Paladin): Complete melee and ranged tests
      Reward: Chainmail
    Corporal Dendy - melee weapon training
    Corporal Hewwet - ranged weapon training
    Erdan, Gilbert
    Weapon Rack - Sling, Short Bow, Longbow Light Crossbow, Heavy Crossbow
    Ferdinand (Keeper of Exotic Creatures)
      Task (Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard): Destroy the statue using a spell
      Reward: Rod of Frost
    Zedir, Chandra
    Chest - Magic Missile Scroll, Melf"s Acid Arrow Scroll
      Task (Cleric): Cure Injured Man and use Turn Undead on Skeleton
      Reward: Chainmail
      Task (Druid): Cure Injured Man
      Reward: Ring of Fortitude +1
    Ansel, Tabitha
      Task (Rogue): Get Rogue Key
      Reward: Minor Spike Trap Kit x2
    Bruno - pick pocket or use persude to get key
    Shade, Silk
  Graduation Chamber
    Lady Aribeth de Tylmarande - Aribeth"s Key
    Graduates Zarn, Naiad, Fonlim, Deelin, Kiki, Rezron, Meiron
    Chest - Ring of Fortitude +1 (Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Sorcerer, Wizard),
      Breastplate (Barbarian, Ranger), Amulet of Will +1 (Bard, Cleric),
      Chain Shirt (Druid), Boots of Reflexes +1 (Rogue)
    Pavel HENCHMAN
    Geldar - raises your XP to 1000 (level 2)
    Chest - Brawler"s Belt (Barbarian), Cloak of Protection vs Evil (Ranger),
      Average Spike Trap, Minor Frost Traps x2 (Rogue), Breastplate (Druid),
      Splint Mail (Cleric, Fighter, Paladin), Amulet of Will +1 (Monk), Sleep,
      Mage Armor, Color Spray, Summon Creature I (Sorcerer, Wizard, Bard)
    Mysterious Mage - Shield of the Watch (Barbarian), Shield of Dawn (Druid),
      Half Plate (Cleric, Fighter, Paladin), Wand of Sleep (Sorcerer, Wizard),
      Boots of the Sun Soul +1 (Monk), Gloves of the Minstrel (Bard),
      Gloves of Swordplay (Rogue), Archer"s Belt (Ranger)
    Watchknight Desther Indelayne
    Abbot Fenthick Moss - raises your XP to 3000 (level 3)
    Yuan-Ti, Dryad
(1) CHAPTER 1 - The Wailing and the Waterdhavians
  (1.07) (1.04)
    |      |
(1.01) City Core
      Task: Make the Peninsula safe
      Reward: Good+3
    Nyatar DRUID STORE
      Task: Free a brown bear, panther, wolf and lion from Blacklake Zoo
      Gives You: Scented Fetish, Transport via Plants Scroll, Zoo Key Copy
      Reward: 200XP, 400GP
      Persuade: Ironwood
    Priest of Helm
    Ibarum (City Gate)
    Mulland the Administrator
    Mano (Begger"s Nest Gate)
    Halion, Eravian
    Errol, Jerome, Duke, Saulter, Maureen, Borlan, Phoebe, Lydia, Harris
      Task: Give her 100GP
      Reward: Good+7
    Abbot Fenthick Moss
      Task: Bring Anonymous Letters to him
      Reward: 50XP, 300GP each
      Persuade: 50GP
    Watchknight Desther Indelayne
  Hall of Justice (Temple of Tyr)
    Lady Aribeth de Tylmarande TEMPLE STORE
      Task: Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun, Archmage of Waterdeep has discovered
        a cure for the plague and you must get the components from four
        Waterdhavian creatures (Lock of Dryad Hair, Devourer"s Brain, Yuan-Ti
        Heart, Cockatrice Feather)
      Gives You: 100GP, Stone of Recall
      Reward: 150XP and 500GP each
    Sergol (Keeper of the Portal)
    Tomi Grin Undergallows HENCHMAN
    Divining Pool
    Reverend Judge Oleff Uskar
      Task: Get 3 artifacts, Ancient Symbol of Tyr, Halueth"s Rusted Armor,
         Ancient Chronicles of Halueth Never
      Gives You: Letter from Oleff to take to Briley
      Reward: 200GP and Good+3 each, 200XP, Good+3, Amulet of Will +3
      Persuade: Adamantine
      Task: Get Jacob"s Quill from Gilles
      Reward: 500GP, Good+3
      Task: Give Oleff the Letter from Ophala
      Reward: Writ from Oleff and bribe him for 500GP
    Eltoora Sarptyl MAGIC STORE
      Task (Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard): Get Earth Clay, Flask of Water,
        Puff of Fog, Kindling Wood
      Gives You: Eltoora"s Key
      Reward: 300XP
      Task: Use the wands in the given order to defeat the minogon
      Reward: 300XP, Many-Starred Cloak, access to GENERAL STORE +1
  Cloaktower Portal
    Stones - Elemental Wand of Earth
    Divining Pool - Elemental Wand of Water
    Alchemist"s Apparatus - Elemental Wand of Air
    Woodpile - Elemental Wand of Fire
  Trade of Blades
    Graxx - sells you Gauntlet Pass for 50GP
    Boddyknock Glinckle HENCHMAN
    Daelan Red Tiger HENCHMAN
    Linu La"Neral HENCHMAN
    Grimgnaw HENCHMAN
    Sharwyn HENCHMAN
  Shining Knight Arms and Armor
    Durga WEAPON STORE - gives you Shining Knight Ward to get into back room
  Marrok"s Forge
    Marrok - enhances items (see Appendix C.01)
      Gives You: Recipes of the Forge
  Moonstone Mask (Level 1)
    Ophala Cheldarstorm
      Task: Get Writ from Oleff to get into back room
      Gives You: Letter from Ophala to take to Oleff
      Reward: Moonstone Mask Back Room Key
      Task: Get Gaudy Statuette, Portrait of Sir Reginald Rumbottom III,
        Gilded Urn
      Reward: 125XP and 400GP each, 250XP, 400GP, Boots of Reflexes +3
      Persuade: Diamond
    Gilles - talks to you once you have Letter from Oleff
      Gives You: Jacob"s Quill
      Task: Give him Oleff"s 3 artifacts instead
      Reward: 600GP and Evil+7 each, 600GP and Evil+10 on completion
    Torgo ROGUE STORE - sells you Pass Coin for 200GP
  Moonstone Mask (Level 2)
  Moonstone Mask (Level 3)
      Task (Male): Talk for a while then ask to retire to the bedchamber
      Reward: 50XP
      Task (Male): Threaten or kill Hoff in the Docks
      Gives You: Tamora"s Brooch
      Reward: 50XP, Good+3
      Evil: Sell Hoff the brooch for 200GP, Evil+5
      Task (Male): Talk for a while then ask to retire to the bedchamber
      Reward: 50XP
      Task (Female): Talk for a while then ask to retire to the bedchamber
      Reward: 50XP
  Refugee Shelter
    Winthorp, William, Cabbage, Issabon
(1.02) Beggar"s Nest
    Gate Captain Ergus - talks about Walters but gives no reward
    Plague Victim Pyre - light with a torch for 25XP
    Body of Marcus - Penhold Staff, Journal of Marcus Penhold, 50GP
      Task: Find Hector
      Reward: 100XP
  Thomas Wheelright (Wagon Repair)
    Hector - take him to Aldo
    Bookshelf - Official Document
  Shining Serpant Inn
    Harben Ashensmith
      Task: Find the source of the zombie infestation
      Reward: 500GP, Amulet of Natural Armor +2
      Persuade: 100GP
    Drake - talks about undead but gives no reward
  Temple of Helm (Helmite Sanctuary)
      Task: Find Journal of Marcus Penhold, Penhold Staff
      Reward: Give him journal - 50XP
            and give him staff - 400GP, 100XP, Good+3
          Or: Sell him journal - 50XP, 400GP, Evil+3
            and sell the staff - 1243GP
    Priest of Helm TEMPLE STORE
  House (Barricaded Home)
      Task: Find Torin
      Gives You: Estate Ward Stone
      Reward: 100XP
      Persuade: 50GP
  House (Barricaded Home)
    Krestal - talks about Drawl but gives no reward
    Chest: Club +1 (Monk)
  Siril"s Bakery (Barricaded Home)
    Body of Siril the Baker - Leaven Bread Recipe
    Cabinet - Fairy Dust
  Arcane Laboratory (Wizard Lab)
    Fire Mephit
    Woodpile - Kindling Wood
  Snake Cult Estate (Strange Building)
    Desk - Gargoyle Skull
    Snake Cult Leader
    Bookshelf - In Service of Gulnan book
    Sword Coast Boy
    Drawl - Dire Mace +1
    Weapon Rack - Club +1
      Task: Clear out the undead so Walters can escape safely
      Reward: 50XP
  Great Graveyard
    Chest - Note "A wall at arms length", put Ceremonial Shield in the chest
      to open the door
    Sarcophagus - Ancient Chronicles of Halueth Never
  Warrens of the Damned
    Sarcophagus - Armor of Comfort
    Corpse of Torin - Ancient Key, Torin"s Ring
    Armoire - Ancient Key, Crumpled Note, Magic Bag
    Cabinet - Gulnan"s Journal
    Jared - you might as well kill him
    Chest - In Service of Cyric book
    Pedestal - destroy it for 200XP
    Gulnan - 200XP, Yuan-Ti Heart, Scimitar +1, Special Holy Water
(1.03) Peninsula
    Gate Captain Kipp
    Ms Dulcimae (Maid for Lady Tanglebrook)
      Task: Escort her to the district gate
      Reward: Good+3
    Master Johns (Butler for Lady Tanglebrook)
      Task: Escort him to the district gate
      Reward: Good+3
    Welcome Mat - Tanglebrook Key
    Priest of Helm TEMPLE STORE
    Gang Leader
    Forlorn Woman
  Militia HQ
    Sedos Sebile
      Task: Get inside prison and kill the Intellect Devourer
      Reward: 300GP
      Persuade: 75GP
  Mizzenmast Mercantile
    Jones - Jones"s Key
  Tomb (of Miaslaznia Fairblade)
    Chest - Halueth Dig Logbook, Ceremonial Arrow, Shield and Sword
  Arcane Laboratory (Wizard Lab)
    Earth Mephit
    Stones - Rare Earth Clay
    Gang Leader - Prison Key
  Prison Barracks
  Tanglebrook Estate
    Bookshelf - Lady Tanglebrook"s Journal
    Weapon Rack - Dagger +1
    Alchemist"s Apparatus - Celestial Elixir
  Tanglebrook Tunnels
    Pawn - destroy it to disarm the traps
    Body of Lady Tanglebrook - Two-Bladed Sword +1
  Prison Main Floor
    Dhanis the Thug
    Former Guard - gives no reward
    Gang Leader
    Bookshelf - Prison Logbook, Prison Storeroom Key
  Containment Level
    Emernik - gives no reward
    Escaped Sorcerer
  The Pits
    Escaped Sorcerer
    Gang Leader
    Kurdan Fenkt - fight him until he surrenders, talk and tell him to stay
      here then quickly kill him as he leaves for no loss of reputation
    Book Piles - Head Gaoler"s Journal
  Lair of the Devourer
    Former Guard x4
      Task: Persuade them to leave
      Reward: Good+1
    Head Gaoler Alaefin - kill him
    Intellect Devourer - 200XP, Devourer"s Brain
(1.04) No-Man"s-Land
      Task: Kill Loxar
      Reward: 100XP, Good+3
      Loxar - Head of Loxar, Adamantine
      Desk - Alaganda"s Silver Ring
(1.05) Barricades
    Gate Captain Harn
(1.06) Blacklake
    Punkin - persuade her to tell you the secret word
    Formosa Laitannen
      Task: Get Meldanen"s Master Key
      Reward: Periapt of Wisdom +1
      Task: Get Meldanen"s Silver Tooth
      Reward: 500GP
      Persuade: 150GP
      Kill her: Gloves of the Rogue, 500GP
    Milly - Milly"s Key
      Tells you about the secret passage in her house
    Orrean - Key to Meldanen Estate, Glittering Necklace
    Rumbottom Estate Guard - Key to the Rumbottom Estate
    Hodge Estate Guard - Key to Hodge"s Estate
  Board Laid Bare
      Task: Find Samuel
      Persuade: 100GP up front
      Reward: 300GP, 125XP
      Persuade: 75GP
    Bartender MERCHANT STORE - exchanges Gauntlet Pass for Gauntlet Key
      Task: Beat Claudus
      Reward: 50GP every week
    Kellisai - talk to her when you are ready to fight
    Keener, Hrusk, Fashi, Agar, Claudus
    Round 1: Hrusk - 50XP, Gauntlet Award First Round
    Round 2: Fashi - Gauntlet Award Second Round
    Round 3: Agar - 50XP, Gauntlet Award Third Round
    Round 4: Claudus - 200XP, Gauntlet Championship Award
    Telma - persuade her to tell you the secret word
    Bookshelf - secret passage
    Chest - Note "A splinter delivered in flight"
      Put Ceremonial Arrow in the chest to open the door
  Never"s Tomb
    Sword of Never x4
    Sarcophagus - Halueth"s Rusted Armor, Greataxe +1
  Rumbottom Estate
    Lord Thoms Rumbottom
    Chest - Portrait of Sir Reginald Rumbottom III, Spear +1
  Hodge Estate
    Chest - Gilded Urn, Note from Hodge, Club +1
  Nobleman Residence
  Nobleman Residence
  Milly"s House
  Meldanen"s Estate
    Desk - Meldanen"s West Wing Key
    Desk - Journal of Meldanen
    Grommin - persuade him to open the door, kill him if you want
    Chest - Meldanen Prison Key
    Samuel - set him free for 100XP, Good+3
    Meldanen Apprentice
    Chest - Magic Bag 40%
  Meldanen"s Sanctum
    Weapon Rack - Greatsword +1
    Meldanen Apprentice
    Cabinet - Silver Chalice of Moonbow
    Alchemist"s Apparatus - Dragon Blood
    Blacklake Dryad - set her free for 200XP, Lock of Dryad Hair
    Meldanen - fight him until he surrenders
      Reward: 120XP, 500GP, Meldanen"s Master Key, Meldanen"s Silver Tooth
      Task: Kill Formosa
      Reward: 500GP
      Kill him: Staff of Meldanen
  Meldanen"s Warehouse
    House Guard
    Lord Eldan, Lady Zemeria, Billiam, Sally, Hubert
    Master of the Pens
    Montgomery "Sureshot" Weatherspoon - Longbow +1, Adamantine
    Brown Bear, Panther, Wolf and Lion
      Task: Get them to the tree outside
      Reward: 19XP each
      Bug: you get 19XP every time you speak to them)
    Tree - use the Transport Via Plants Scroll on it
  Arcane Laboratory (Wizard Lab)
    Air Mephit
    Alchemist"s Apparatus - Puff of Fog
(1.07) Docks
    Gate Captain Soren
    Hemmel Masterson, Agnes Masterson, Morden
      Task: Get Masterson Family Amulet from Callik
      Reward: 150XP, 500GP, Longsword +1
      Persuade: Masterson Family Amulet (AC Natural+1)
    Androd Estate Guard
    Bloodsailor - Bloodsailor Uniform
    Chest - Uthgardt Iron Brooch
  Golden Apple (Level 1)
    Gilda - gives you a Smugglers Coin
  Golden Apple (Level 2)
  Twenty in a Quiver
    Jerol GENERAL STORE +1 - sells up to 3 Smugglers Coins for 150GP each
      or you can kill him for the 3 Smugglers Coins and Ring of Protecion +1
  Androd Estate
    Lord Androd Golden
    Cabinet - Gaudy Statuette, Androd"s Key, Sickle +1
  Locked House (Level 1)
  Locked House (Level 2)
    Bloodsailor Lieutenant
    Chest - Tavern Key, Orders from Callik
  Seedy Tavern (Level 1)
    Avista (Doorman)
    Auctioneer ROGUE STORE - sells items for Smugglers Coins (SC)
      The items are listed in order of value for money
      Morning Star +1 5SC, Sash of Shimmering 6SC, Longsword +1 10SC,
      Leather Armor +1 5SC, Double Axe +1 15SC, Nymph Cloak +1 14SC,
      Large Shield +1 9SC, Brestplate +1 15SC
    Jalek - beat him in a drinking contest to be able to speak to Christov
      Round 1: Neverwintan Sailor Spirit    CON 11
      Round 2: Dockside Dunn"s              CON 12
      Round 3: Orc Blood Brew               CON 13
      Round 4: Dwarven Red Eye              CON 14 - You pass the test
      Round 5: Thayvian Fire Juice          CON 15
      Round 6: Catoblepas Death Cheese Wine CON 16
      Round 7: Dark Elven T"Keela           CON 17
      Round 8: Screaming Harpy              CON 18
      Round 9: Scurrd                       CON 19 - Jalek passes out
    Christov - gives you Tavern Key
    Chef - asks you for the password for the Bloodsailor Hideout
  Seedy Tavern (Level 2)
    Ulfnog - tells you the password
  Bloodsailor Hideout (Level 1)
    Bloodsailor Lieutenant
    Chest - Diamond
  Bloodsailor Hideout (Level 2)
    Bloodsailor Lieutenant
    Dara"nei - gives you Dara"nei"s Locket
    Weapon Rack - Dire Mace +1
    Chest - Large Box
  Silver Sails Trading Company (Level 1)
    Spiderweb Cocoon - Chain Shirt +1
    Strange Door - opened with Dara"nei"s Locket
  Silver Sails Trading Company (Level 2)
    Chest - Dragon Blood
  Aqueducts (entered from Silver Sails)
    Charon - provides transport to the Sewers
    Chest - Note "Tooth of the forge"
      Put Ceremonial Sword in the chest to open the door
    Sarcophagus - Ancient Symbol of Tyr
    Ghoul Lord x3
  Aqueducts (entered from the Docks)
    Bloodsailor Lieutenant
    Charon - provides transport to the Sewers
    Callik - Masterson Family Amulet, Fairy Dust
    Vengaul Bloodsail "The Scarlet Blade"
    Crate - Cockatrice Feather, 200XP
  Arcane Laboratory (Wizard Lab)
    Water Mephit
    Divining Pool - Flask of Water
(1.08) Castle Never (City Core)
  Ritual Chamber
    Judge Oleff Uskar
    Sergol (Keeper of the Portal)
    Watchknight Desther Indelayne
    Abbot Fenthick Moss
    Lady Aribeth de Tylmarande
    Lord Nasher Alagondar
    False Helmite x6
(1.09) Road to Helm"s Hold
    Strange Visage
    Corpse - Etched Gem
  Helm"s Hold
    Pedestal - put Etched Gem in here for 50XP
    Guardian Armor x4 - will only attack if you don"t do the above
    Chaohinon of the Void
      Task (Evil): Get Black Grimoire and Complete the Ritual
      Reward: 225XP and either Cloak of Movement, Ascorian Double Axe or
        increased abilities for a short while
      Bonus: If you are Chaotic Evil you will also get Dragon Slippers
      Task (Good): Get Black Grimoire and Banish the Demon
      Reward: 375XP
      Task (Good): Get Book of Helm and Summon the Guardian Spirit of Helm
      Reward: 375XP and either Ring of Elemental Resistance, Elven Court Bow,
        or an insight into events
      Bonus: If you are Lawful Good you will also get Periapt of Wisdom +1
    Bookshelf - Black Grimoire
    False Helmite Elite
    Bookshelf - Book of Helm
  Helm"s Hold (Cells)
    Johnny GENERAL STORE +1
    Yari the Knife
  Helm"s Hold (Level 1)
    Fenthick Moss
  Helm"s Hold (Level 2)
    Bodak - Bodak"s Tooth
    Ritual Creature x5 - destroy them to weaken Desther
    Desther - fight him until he surrenders
    Alchemist"s Apparatus - Dragon Blood
    Alchemist"s Apparatus - Special Holy Water
(2) CHAPTER 2 - The Search for the Cult
           |       |
         (2.13)  (2.03)
                   |      |
                   |      |
(2.01) Port Llast
    Farmer"s Son - speak to Gerrol
    Shady Character ROGUE STORE +1
    Eltoora Sarptyl MAGIC STORE +1
      Task: Get Imaskarran Tome of Ice, Resonance, Life, Death, Fire
      Reward: 500GP, 125XP each
      Persuade: 100GP each
    Ballard DRUID STORE +1
    Shaldrissa Dothwintyl (Kendrack"s daughter)
    Solomon (first appearance)
      Gives You: Solomon"s Ring
      Persuade: 112GP
    Jaheel/Tarran (after killing Solomon)
      Task: Rescue Neva
      Persuade: 100GP up front
    Lerner (after speaking to Benleran)
  Kendrack"s Barracks (Mayor Kendrack"s Mercenary Barracks)
    Lady Aribeth de Tylmarande - has a tale to tell
      Gives You: Aribeth"s Ring once you reach Level 10
      Task: Find two bits of information with the location of the Cult Base
      Give Her: Letter to Solomon, Letter to Neva, Letter to Vardoc,
      Ganon"s Journal, Relmar"s Journal, Charwood Cultist"s Journal
      Reward: 750XP
    Aarin Gend (Master of Spies) - has a tale to tell
    Kendrack (Mayor of Port Llast)
      Task: Get the ear"s of escaped prisoners Wyvern (Elf), Stirge (Gnome),
        Delilah (Halfling) and Zor (Minotaur)
      Reward: 125XP, 300GP each
      Persuade: 50GP each
      Task: Rescue Shaldrissa from Yesgar (Half-Orc) and bring back his ear
      Gives You: Port Llast Mine Key
      Reward: 125XP, 300GP and 500XP
    Sharwyn HENCHMAN
    Grimgnaw HENCHMAN
    Linu La"Neral HENCHMAN
    Daelan Red Tiger HENCHMAN
    Boddyknock Glinckle HENCHMAN
    Tomi Grin Undergallows HENCHMAN
  Inn Level 1 (Alliance Arms Inn)
    Elaith "The Serpent" Craulnober STORE
      Task: Get Zamithra"s Gem, Wanev"s Gem and Setara"s Gem
      Gives You: Wanev"s Cottage Key
      Persuade: 100GP up front
      Reward: 200GP each, Encircling Scale, 400GP
      Persuade: 200GP
    Alhelor STORE
    Darktongue Breakbone - interested in your search for the Cult
    Solomon (second appearance)
    Benleran (after killing Solomon)
    Ander (after killing Black Wolf) - give him 100GP to open a shop
      Reward: Good+7
  Inn Level 2
    Armoire - Fairy Dust x2
  Temple of Tyr
    Neurik (aka Nuirek) TEMPLE STORE +1
      Task: Get Bran"s, Geth"s and Urth"s Ring
      Gives You: Silver Charm x4
      Reward: 150GP and 74XP for each ring
      Task: Get The Journal of Sir Karathis Ironheart then kill Alhelor
         the Black Wolf
      Reward: 750XP, 750GP
      Persuade: 100GP
    Caliandros (Keeper of the Portal)
  Eltoora"s Lab
    Saer Bodkin STORE (after getting Tomes for Eltoora)
    Kermit (plant)
    Bookshelf (after getting Tomes for Eltoora) - Tome Research Notes
    Chest - put components in here to create magical items (see Appendix C.02)
  The Cracked Anvil
    Haljal Throndor MERCHANT STORE +1
    Blacksmith WEAPON STORE +1
    Captain Mung
    Prichev (Dock Master)
      Task: Persuade Captain Mung to take the Neverwintan shipment
      Reward: 200GP, 100XP
      Persuade: 50GP
  Eisenfeldt Home Level 1 (Outlying Farm)
    Mister Eisenfeldt
      Task: Cure Urth
      Reward: Sickle +1
      Persuade: 100GP
    Missus Eisenfeldt
  Eisenfeldt Home Level 2
    Urth - fight him until he surrenders
      Task: Ask him to use the Silver Charm
      Reward: 74XP, Urth"s Ring
  Wanev"s Cottage Foyer
  Wanev"s Cottage Basement
    Skeleton - Skeleton"s Knuckle
    Pile of Skulls - Fire Beetle"s Belly
    Bookshelf - Slaad"s Tougue
    Gargoyle - Gargoyle Skull
    Flesh Golem
    Cabinet - Wanev"s Bedroom Journal
  Wanev"s Cottage Kitchen
    Chest - Wanev"s Cookbook
    Brazler - put Slaad"s Tongue, Fire Beetle"s Belly, Skeleton"s Knuckle x2
      in it to open the portal to Wanev"s secret chamber
    Chest - Wanev"s Wardstone, Wanev"s Lab Journal
  House (Alhelor"s House)
    Alhelor the Black Wolf (after speaking to Sir Karathis) - Alhelor"s Tooth
    Farmer, Farmer"s Wife, Son, Daughter, Boy, Girl
  House Level 1
    You will have to bash the locked door or cast Knock
  House Level 2
(2.02) North Road
      Task: Find his wife Leah and kill Dergiab
      Reward: 150GP, 250XP for each
      Persuade: 50GP each
    Solomon (third appearance) - Letter to Solomon
    Thurwin (after speaking to Lerner) - warns you about Vardoc
    Vardoc (after speaking to Thurwin) - Letter to Vardoc
  Gerrol"s House Level 1
  Gerrol"s House Level 2
  Goblin and Orc Caves
    Goblin Chief
    Orc Chief - Chainmail+1, Two-Bladed Sword
    Bugbear Prisoner
  Bugbear Caves
    Leah - set her free for 125XP
    Bugbear Chief
  Ogre Caves
    Dergiab - Thayvian Circlet, Double Axe +1, Dergiab"s Head
    Chest - Ganon"s Journal
  Port Llast Mines
    Locked Door - get the key from Kendrack
    Yesgar - fight him until he surrenders then kill him
      Reward: Yesgar"s Ear, Yesgar"s Key
    Chest - Yesgar"s Key
    Shaldrissa Dothwintyl - set her free for 125XP
(2.03) Green Griffon Inn
    Darktongue Breakbone (after meeting him in the Alliance Arms Inn)
    Luskan Sergeant (after locating the cult base)
  Cave (Wolf Cave)
    Garbage - Journal Fragment
    Sir Karathis Ironheart (after finding all three boys) - fight him until he
      Task: Ask him to use the Silver Charm
      Reward: 74XP, The Journal of Sir Karathis Ironheart
  Green Griffon Inn Level 1
    Mutamin GENERAL STORE +2
      Task: Mutamin"s Challenge
      Gives You: Green Griffon Basement Key
      Reward: 900GP, 500XP, Broewende Family Armor
      Persuade: 300GP
    Kasma (Bard from Baldur"s Gate) - tells you of Mutamin"s Challenge
    Gorkan - persuade him or pay him to talk about Mutamin"s Challenge
    Dydd - tells you of Mutamin"s Challenge
    Gam - tells you of Mutamin"s Challenge
    Zamithra - you need to get in her room so either accept her offer to go
      upstairs or follow her when she takes the Witless Fighter upstairs or
      pick pocket Zamithra"s Room Key or kill her and her guards to get it
    Zamithra"s Guard x3
    Witless Fighter
  Green Griffon Inn Level 2
    Zamithra - take the gem and then kill her or tell her you are taking it
    Chest - Zamithra"s Gem
    Zor - fight him until he surrenders then kill him
      Reward: Zor"s Ear
  Green Griffon Inn Basement
    Jaroo - give him 500GP to enter Mutamin"s Challenge
    Kasma, Gorkan, Dydd, Gam
  Mutamin"s Challenge Level 1
    Queen Spider (to level 2)
    Yuan-Ti - answer her riddles then kill her (to level 3)
      Riddle 1: 15 clinks
      Reward: 125XP
      Riddle 2: 12 trinkets
      Reward: 125XP, Crystal Frog
    Chest - Crystal Skull
  Mutamin"s Challenge Level 2
    Minotaur Chieftain
    Minotaur - Crystal Insect
  Mutamin"s Challenge Level 3
    Gam - once healed he tells you about the Pillar of Light
    Dydd"s Journal (19 great great great grand daughters)
    Chest - Belt of Hill Giant Strength, Green Griffon Puzzle Door Key
    Chest - Crystal Egg
    Gorkan - Great Axe with Notched Blade
      Riddle: Crystal Egg
      Reward: 125XP
    Note: Crystal Skull - Skeleton Warrior x3
          Crystal Frog - Blue Slaad x3
          Crystal Insect - Umber Hulk x3
  Caretaker"s House (Gravekeeper"s Shack)
    Caretaker - Mausolem Key
  Arcane Brother"s Tomb
    Chest - Corpse Hand
    Chest - Tomb Key
    Brother Toras - Imaskarran Tome of Life
(2.04) East Road
    Geth - fight him until he surrenders
      Task: Ask him to use the Silver Charm
      Reward: 74XP, Geth"s Ring
    Professor Jax
      Task: Find Complete History of the Creator Ruins
      Gives You: Barracks Key
      Persuade: 100GP up front
      Reward: 500XP, 500GP
      Persuade: 500GP
  Jax"s Barracks Level 1
      Task: Get Head of the Troll Chieftain
      Persuade: 100GP up front
      Reward: 200XP, 300GP
      Task: Find Janis, his Momma
      Gives You: Revat"s Ring
      Persuade: 100GP up front
      Reward: 250XP, 300GP
      Persuade: 75GP
  Jax"s Barracks Level 2
    Delilah - fight her until she surrenders then kill her
      Reward: Delilah"s Ear
  Troll Caves Storage Area
  Troll Caves Level 1
    Corpse - Troll Note
    Corpse - Journal of Synth La"neral
    Troll Chieftain - Head of the Troll Chieftain
  Troll Caves Level 2
  Troll Caves Level 3
  Creator Ruins Level 1
    Crate - Prism Blossom Seed
    Seal Guardian Golem
      Task: Get Golem Signet Ring
      Reward: Seal Key
    Battle Horror - Full Plate, Greatsword +1
    Gargoyle - Gargoyle Skull
    Large Chest - Golem Signet Ring
  Creator Ruins Level 2
    Seal Guardian Golem
      Task: Get Creator Scroll
      Reward: Seal Key
    Small Chest - Creator Scroll, Fire Opal, Potion of Heal
  Creator Ruins Level 3
    Seal Guardian Golem
    Dead Thief - Thief"s Journal, Stolen Seal Key
    Scroll Chest - History Scroll
    Creator Sorceror x3
    Creator Sorcerer Synsilliusarian - fight until it surrenders
    Scroll Chest - Dread Queen Morag
    Scroll Chest - Initiate"s Primer
    Scroll Chest - Complete History of the Creator Ruins
(2.05) Druid Encampment
    Wyvern - fight him until he surrenders then kill him
      Reward: Wyvern"s Ear
    Archdruid Aawill
      Task: Save the Spirit of the Wood
      Persuade: 100GP up front
      Give reward to the poor: 375XP, 350XP, Good+7, Cloak of the High Forest
      Task: Rescue the druids Orlane (Halfling), Bree (Human), Terari (Elf)
      Reward: 99XP, 300GP each
    Jaer - if you are a druid talk to her to take each circle challenge
    Welcar, Henna, Janken, Elgar
  Druid Challenge Circle
    Forth Circle: Welcar - Quarterstaff +2
      Reward: Ring of the Forth Circle (Cast Summon Creature I 1/day)
    Third Circle: Henna - Sickle +2
      Reward: Ring of the Third Circle (Cast Resist Elements 1/day)
    Second Circle: Janken
      Reward: Ring of the Second Circle (Cast Poison 1/day)
    First Circle: Elgar - Scimitar +2
      Reward: Ring of the First Circle (Cast Stoneskin 1/day)
(2.06) Deep Woods
    Dryad - fight her until she surrenders
    Headstone of Kend
  Nymph"s Home
    Terari - set him free for 62XP
    Armoire - Lock of Nymph"s Hair
    Human Slave - fight him until he surrenders
    Pixie - Fairy Dust
    Grig - Fairy Dust
    Chest - Treatise on the Spirit of the Wood, Ceremonial Dagger,
      Mirror of Vanity
    Queen Spider
    Spiderweb Cocoon (Feeding Chamber) - Orlane, set him free for 62XP
(2.07) Heart of the Forest
    Crate - Spirit Poison
    Ancient Dire Bear
  Setara"s Home
    Bookshelf - Imaskarran Tome of Resonance
    Bree - set her free for 62XP
      Task: Get Mirror of Vanity
      Reward: 200XP, Setara"s Key, Setara"s Gem
    Bookshelf - Treatise on the Spirit of the Wood
  Realm of the Spirit
    Relmar - Relmar"s Journal
    Rubble - Spirit Poison Antidote
    Spirit of the Wood - fight it until it surrenders
      Task: Get Spirit Poison Antidote
      Reward: 125XP
(2.08) South Road
    Lerk the Troll
  Cave (Bear Cave)
    Loot Bag - Treatise on Forgotten Heros
    Well - need CON 16 to swim through
    Descending Chain
    Maegel - to answer his question you need Treatise on Forgotten Heros
    Remains of Maegel - Watchman"s Helm
  Cave (Wolf Cave)
    Bran - fight him until he surrenders
      Task: Ask him to use the Silver Charm
      Reward: 74XP, Bran"s Ring
  Wanev"s Tower Cellar
  Wanev"s Tower Main Floor
    Wanev"s Golem - does not attack if you have Wanev"s Wardstone
    Wanev"s Bugbear - does not attack if you have Wanev"s Wardstone
    Gong - distract the guards by sounding the alarm
    Chest - The Star of Calimshan
    Bookshelf - Imaskarran Tome of Ice
  Wanev"s Tower Second Floor
    Wanev - fight him until he surrenders
      Task: Kill Gulgash and close the portal
      Gives You: Wanev"s Wardstone and Wanev"s Summoning Room Key
      Reward: 150XP, Krotan"s Skullcrusher
      Persuade: 100GP
  Wanev"s Tower Summoning Chambers
    Brazier - put Gulgash"s Heart in here to close the portal
    Chest - Wanev"s Gem
(2.09) Farmland
    Pete O"Deel
      Task: Get Silverback"s Head
      Reward: 300GP, 200XP
      Persuade: 75GP
    Ingo - tells you to speak to Erik
    Stirge - play his game if you are evil otherwise just kill him
      Reward: Stirge"s Ear
    Jaheel, Tarran - instead of rescuing Neva they attack you
    Neva - Letter to Neva
  Farmer O"Deel"s House (O"Deel Ranch)
    Mary O"Deel
    Constance O"Deel - sells you Peasant"s Brooch for 250GP
  Farmer Ingo"s House (Erik & Ingo"s Home)
      Task: Buy Peasant"s Brooch from Constance O"Deel
      Reward: 650GP, 200XP
      Persuade: 100GP
  Cave (Wolf Cave)
    Silverback - fight until it surrenders then persuade it to stop hunting
      the cattle for 200XP or kill it and get Silverback"s Head
(2.10) Haunted Forest
    Chest - Old Scroll
    Pile of Skulls
    Corpse - Explorer"s Journal
    Pillar - press the runes Nether-Shall-Rule to create a portal
  Haunted Crypt
    Mummy Lord
(2.11) Charwood
    Quint Jhareg
  Mayor"s Office (Mayor Mobley"s Office)
    Mayor Mobley
    Strange Man - Charwood Cultist"s Journal
  Castle Jhareg Main Floor
    Riddle Chest - Castle Jhareg Riddle Key, Letter by a Strange Hand
    Note: The middle door is the most profitable route but you gain more
      experience going left or right
    Chest - Another Letter in a Strange Hand
    The Guardian
      Task: Pass judgment over Quint and Karlat Jhareg
      Gives You: Castle Jhareg Key of Judgment
      Option 1: Find Karlat guilty and destroy Phylactery - 500XP
      Option 2: Find Quint guilty and give Phylactery to Karlat - 375XP
      Option 3: Find neither guilty and take Phylactery - 375XP and
                  The Phylactery of Karlat Jhareg
      Option 4: Find neither guilty and leave Phylactery - 375XP
  Castle Jhareg Quint"s Chambers
    Alchemist"s Apparatus - Letter to Quint Jhareg, Empty Bottle x3,
      Healer"s Kit x2 - (to create potions see Appendix C.03)
    Chest - Castle Jhareg Quint"s Key
    Chest - Imaskarran Tome of Death
    Candalabra - lets you examine Bloodstained Book
    Statue of Lathander the Morninglord
    Book Piles - The Journal of Quint Jhareg
    Quint Jhareg - Oath of Quint Jhareg
  Castle Jhareg Karlat"s Chambers
    Chest of Drawers - Dragon Blood
    Chest - Castle Jhareg Karlat"s Key, Karlat"s Burning Wand
    Cabinet - Karlat"s Protection Wand
    Armoire - Rakshasa"s Eye
    Bookshelf - Burning Hands Scroll (different description to normal scrolls)
    Cabinet - Journal of Karlat Jhareg
    Candalabra - lets you read Summoning Tome
    Ritual Brazier - put Fire Beetle"s Belly in here then cast Protection
      from Alignment (Evil) and Burning Hands
    Belial Lord of Fire
      If you ask to be made more powerful he casts protection from elements,
      if you ask for a magic item you get Staff of Power
      if you ask for a powerful item you get Robe of Fire Resistance
      or if you ask for answers you get Oath of Belial, Lord of Fire
    Bookshelf - Ironwood, Fairy Dust, Ettercap"s Silk Gland
    Bookshelf - Imaskarran Tome of Fire
    Karlat Jhareg - Oath of Karlat Jhareg
(2.11a) Charwood Ruins (if you destroyed or took the Phylactery)
    Mayor Mobley
      Reward: 299XP and Chest - 500GP
(2.12) Luskan (City of Sails)
  High Captains Taerl, Suljack and Rethnor are dead, on the city streets
  there is fighting between Kurth"s Bloody Hands and Baram"s Black Knives.
  The Arcane Brotherhood lead by Archmage Arcane Arklem Greeth together with
  Overwizards Ornar of the Claw, Deltagar Zhelhund and Jaluth Alaerth rule.
    Gregor Armiste - helps you out
    Shady Character ROGUE STORE +1
    Countess Londa Whitesnow (after giving her the Child"s Bear)
    Host Tower Bridge Guard
      Task: Get Diplomatic Pass
      Reward: 250XP
  Wink and Tickle Level 1
    Miss Bela - tells you to speak with Rhaine/Oreth
    Common Chest - Lever of Stone
  Wink and Tickle Level 2
    Erb Jansen
      Task: Get ring from Lady Jadale
      Reward: 150XP, 650GP
      Persuade: 100GP
      Task: Get Yvette"s Baby from Galrone
      Reward: 150XP, 500GP
      Persuade: 150GP
      Task: Kill Kurth and Baram
      Gives You: Kurth"s Base Key, Baram"s Base Key
      Reward: 50XP each
  The Cutlass (Inn)
    Aruph Thunderfist
    Elynwyd Direlean
      Task: Get his sister Evaine back from Kurth
      Gives You: Elynwyd"s Signet Ring
      Persuade: 100GP up front
      Reward: 250XP, 300GP
      Persuade: 75GP
    Countess Londa Whitesnow
      Task: Get Child"s Bear
      Reward: 112XP, Vault Key
  Jadale"s Estate
    Lady Jadale - Erb"s Ring
  Slum Building (Galrone"s Home)
    Galrone - Yvette"s Baby
  Temple of Tyr
    Aarin Gend
      Task: Get High Captains" Seal
      Reward: 1000XP, Diplomatic Pass
      Task: Investigate the Host Tower of the Arcane
      Reward: Chapter 3 starts as soon as you speak to him
    Alaya (Keeper of the Portal)
    Priest of Tyr TEMPLE STORE +1
  Colmarr"s Shop (Colmarr"s Fantabulous Contraptions and Magical Errata)
    Clomarr the Uncanny GENERAL STORE +2
      Task: Find Lever of Stone, Lever of Wind and Lever of Water and put
        them in their pedestals to repair the Fantabulous Contrapulator
      Reward: 250XP, 33% Store Discount
    Locked Door - cannot be unlocked, it must be bashed
  Smithy (Battlehammer/Runehammer Smithy)
    Smith WEAPON STORE +1
  Mercantile Shop (Luskan Mercantile and Fine Goods)
    Arto Webber MAGIC STORE +1
    Merchant MERCHANT STORE +1
    Ghoul Outcast
      Task: Get Amulet of Power from his Ghoul Lord brother
      Reward: 150XP, 100GP, Sewer Control Key, Lever of Water
    Ghoul Lord - Amulet of Power
    Chest - Lever of Wind
    Fantabulous Contrapulator - makes potions (see Appendix C.04)
  Baram"s Sewers
    Illusion of High Captain Baram (if you did not come through the sewers)
      Task: Kurth"s Head
      Reward: 1000GP
      Persuade: 1000GP if you have already spoken with Kurth
    Wereat Captain
    Yuan-Ti Necromancer - Parchment
  Baram"s Lair
    Bone Transmitter Tablet x2 - destroy them to destroy Altar of Bone
    Skeleton Acolyte x10 - destroy them and them destroy Greator Mummy
    Yuan-Ti Necromancer & Yuan-Ti Conjurer - Necromancer"s Journal, Crypt Key
    Cocoon - Nanny - gives you Child"s Bear
    Gargoyle of Mask"s Shield - destroy it
    Gargoyle of Mask"s Might - destroy it
    High Captain Baram - Baram"s Head, Bone Phoenix, Studded Leather Armor +2,
      Dagger +2
    Chest - High Captains" Seal
  Harbor Sewers
  Slum Building
  Slum Building
(2.13) Docks
    Illusion of High Captain Kurth (if you did not come through the sewers)
      Task: Baram"s Head
      Reward: 562XP, 1000GP, Amulet of Will +4
      Persuade: 1000GP if you have already spoken with Baram
    Ogre Deathward
  Kurth"s Lair
    Bookshelf - Burke"s Manual
    Ogre Warden - Prison Key, Halberd +1
    Tolan Losen - set him free for Good+3
    Burke"s Corpse - Burke"s Manual, Smooth Token (Abyssal Metal)
    Fountain - Glowing Sphere (Water from Celestia)
    Planar Portal - put Smooth Token and Glowing Sphere in it for 50XP
    High Captain Kurth - Kurth"s Head, Prison Key
    Evaine - set her free
    Chest - Prison Key
    Chest - High Captains" Seal
  Ruined House (Abandoned House)
    Skull Warrior - Skull Warrior"s Head
    Arrow-filled Corpse - Written Orders
    Altar - put Skull Warrior"s Head in it to break the first seal for 49XP
  Ruins of Illusk Level 1
    Fallen Hero - Hero"s Heart
    Altar - put Hero"s Heart in it to break the second seal for 49XP
  Ruins of Illusk Level 2
    Water Elemental Guardian - Blessed Water
    Altar - put Blessed Water in it to break the third seal for 49XP
  Ruins of Illusk Level 3
    Voleron the Damned - 250XP
    Portal - returns you to the Ruined House
(2.14) Host Tower (of the Arcane)
    Captain Islund - Ring of Regeneration, Amulet of Natural Armor +2,
      Boots of Striding +2
  Ambassadors" Quarters (Level 1)
    Gurak Entrailspiller
    Shield Guardian (Tip: I recommend using the Club of Smiting)
    Armoire - Tower Entry Key, Small Diary
    Desk - Letter to Aribeth (from Apprentice Pim)
  Level 2
    Overwizard Blaskar Lauthlon - Staff of Defense, Ring of Clear Thought +2,
      Ring of Protection +2, Wand of Missiles
    Chest - 3rd Floor Portal Stone, 5th Floor Portal Stone
    Chest - 6th Floor Portal Stone
    Chest - 4th Floor Portal Stone
  Level 3
    Corpse - Dispatch
    Desk - Blood War Research Journal
    Chest - 4th Floor Portal Stone
    Book Piles - Host Tower Lab Notes
    Alchemist"s Apparatus - put Gargoyle"s Skull and Slaad"s Tongue inside and
      cast Dispel Magic on it to create Rod of Reversal
    Imp - Imp"s Eye
    Quasit - Quasit"s Eye
    Imp Ravager
    Hellish Portal - put Quasit"s Eye in it
    Greater Quasit
    Abyssal Portal - put Imp"s Eye in it
  Level 4
    Corpse of Arteno Geth - Journal of Arteno Geth
    Desk - Note
    Chest - Golem Control Rod
    Chest - Golem Replication Rod
    Golem Replication Pod - use rods to create Helmed Horror for 50XP
    Iron Golem
    Rimardo Domine - fight him until he surrenders then talk to him to get
      Letter to Rimardo, Ring of Clear Thought+2, Ring of Protection+2, Good+3
    Chest - 7th Floor Portal Stone
  Level 5
    Nyphithys - talk to her first
      Task: Destroy Brazier
      Reward: Scarab of Protection +3
    Armoire - 6th Floor Portal Stone
    Chest - 7th Floor Portal Stone
    Battle Devourer (Tip: Magic Missiles work a treat)
    Chest - 8th Floor Portal Stone
  Level 6
    Battle Devourer
    Valindra Shadowmantle - Quarterstaff +2
    Chest - 8th Floor Portal Stone, Pinnacle Portal Stone
  Level 7
    Warden Erjack - Banded Mail+1, Katana+2, Pinnacle Portal Stone, Prison Key
    Lich (Tip: Immunity to Death Magic is a must)
    Deltagar Zhelhund - talk to him then let him go
  Level 8
  Level 9 (reached by using Pinnacle Portal Stone)
    Archmage Arcane Arklem Greeth
      Task: Destroy the four Braziers
      Reward: Opens the locked door
    Portal to Pinnacle
  Pinnacle (Level 10)
    Corpse (Aarin Gend"s Spy) - Stone of Recall, Note
    Lady Aribeth de Tylmarande
    Archmage Arcane Maugrim Korothir
    Mistress Morag
  Maugrim"s Lair
    Stone Golem (Tip: use the Club of Smiting again)
    Desk - Journal
(3) CHAPTER 3 - Words of Power
         (3.10)    ----(3.03)
        /         |
  (3.09)    ----(3.02)-(3.04)
    |      |
(3.01) Beorunna"s Well
  The Black Lions Uthgardt tribe have joined the alliance and are camped by
  the well of their legendary hero Beorunna.
    Yusam DRUID STORE +2
      Task: Discover why the Elk Uthgardt tribe have joined Luskan
      Persuade: 100GP up front
      Reward: 750XP, Ring of Yusam
    Crate - Tome of Boots
    Dalcia (Juror)
    Endar Heartfoot
    Vanda (Wife of the Accused)
    Palla (Juror)
  Aarin"s Lodge (Aarin Gend"s Lodge)
    Aarin Gend
      Task: Find the 3 Words of Power
      Reward 1: 1500XP, 3000GP
      Reward 2: 1500XP, 3500GP
      Reward 2: 1500XP, 5000GP
      Persuade 1: 750GP
      Persuade 2: Ring of Protection +4
      Persuade 3: Heal Potion x3
    Sharwyn HENCHMAN
    Grimgnaw HENCHMAN
    Linu La"Neral HENCHMAN
    Daelan Red Tiger HENCHMAN
    Boddyknock Glinckle HENCHMAN
    Tomi Grin Undergallows HENCHMAN
  Many-Starred Cloak (Enclave)
    Eltoora Sarptyl MAGIC STORE +2
    Wizard"s Table - Quartz Crystal x2, Gargoyle Skull, Fire Beetle"s Belly,
      Bodak"s Tooth, Fenberry, Slaad"s Tongue, Rakshasa"s Eye
    Wizard"s Chest - put components in here to create items (see Appendix C.05)
  Temple of Tyr
    Neurik (Judge) TEMPLE STORE +2
      Task: Defend Rolgan at his trial for the murder of Griff
      Gives You: Defense Council Journal
      Reward for a guilty verdict: 390XP, 100GP and Rolgan"s Head is outside
      Reward for a 3 to 2 verdict: 781XP, 1000GP
      Reward for a 4 to 1 verdict: 1171XP, 1500GP
      Reward for a unanimous verdict: 1562XP, 2000GP
      Persuade: 100GP
    Edegar (Juror)
    Rolgan (Accused)
    Sergol (Keeper of the Portal)
    Divining Pool
    Igland of the Swift Sword (Prosecutor at the trial)
    Zed, Lodar (Witnesses at the trial)
    Edegar, Jevon, Averik, Dalcia, Palla (Jurors at the trial)
    Vanda (Wife of the Accused at the trial)
  Trading Post
    Husher Clay (not one of my relatives) GENERAL STORE +3
      Task: Get Star Sapphire of Layenne Cheroux
      Persuade: 100GP up front
      Reward: 400XP, 3000GP
      Persuade: 200GP
    Barun Silverblade - enhances items (see Appendix C.06)
      Gives You: Book (Barun"s Catalog of Weapon and Armor Modifications)
  Mercenary Enclave
    Rolkid WEAPON STORE +2
      Task: Get Vaath"s Head and Guzud"s Head
      Gives You: Bounty Hunter"s Writ
      Reward: 312XP, 500GP each
      Persuade: 100GP
      Task: Get Obould"s Head
      Reward: 625XP, 1000GP
      Persuade: Peasant Dynasty
    Jevon (Juror)
    Zed (Witness)
  Drinking House
    Lillian Cambridge
      Task: Get Snow Globe from the enchanter Nax in Coldwood
      Reward: 937XP
      Persuade: 300GP
    Lodar (Witness) - buy him a couple of drinks to get him talking
    Averik (Juror)
    Shady Character ROGUE STORE +2
    Commoner Alekos
    Commoner Dylan
  Drinking House Upstairs
    Pedestal (after getting the snow globe)
  Snow Globe (snowing)
    Hodd (Leader of the Dwarves)
      Task: Give him Broken Amulet of the Ages
      Reward: Drained Amulet of the Ages
  Snow Globe (clear skies)
    Arwyl (Leader of the Dryads)
      Task: Give her Drained Amulet of the Ages
      Reward: Amulet of the Ages (30/- Cold, Save vs Cold +5, Chapter 3 only)
  Snow Globe Cave
    Chest - Broken Amulet of the Ages
    Book Piles - Arwyl"s Journal, Hodd"s Journal
    Guardian White Dragon (Ma"fel"no"sei"kedeh"naar or Winter Fang)
    Chest (can only be opened once Winter Fang is dead) - Word of Power,
      1500GP, Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Greenstone, Fire Agate
    Haedraline (Leader of the Word Slaves - after getting the Word of Power)
    Portal (after getting the Word of Power) to Drinking House Upstairs
(3.02) Coldwood
    Delvar Vanathar
    Vaath - fight until he surrenders for 150XP
      Task: Let him go (you could always kill him as he leaves)
      Reward: 312XP, 300GP, Vaath"s Head
    Chest - Blessed Dagger
(3.03) Coldwood (Layenne"s Tomb)
    Vampire Champion
    Vampire Victim
  Layenne"s Tomb
    Chest - Succubus Stone
    Sarcophagus - Tome of Power
    Sarcophagus - Gem of Pain
    Sarcophagus - Gem of Misery
      Task: Get Succubus Stone, Succubus Necklace, Succubus Ring
      Reward: Opens all the locks, Courtesan Blade
    Sarcophagus - Gem of Duty, Succubus Necklace
    Bone Golem Champion
    Chest - Succubus Ring
    Sarcophagus - Gem of Honor
    Pedestal - Tablet of the Green Light, put Gem of Duty in it
    Pedestal - Tablet of the Purple Light, put Gem of Misery in it
    Pedestal - Tablet of the White Light, put Gem of Honor in it
    Pedestal - Tablet of the Green Light, put Gem of Pain in it
    Pedestal (in the centre) - Star Sapphire
(3.04) Coldwood (Wizard"s Circle)
    Cult Leader - Cultist Journal
  Wizard"s Dungeon (Wizard Cyril Lyricus" Dungeon)
    Bookshelf - The Nature of Water Summoning
    Bookshelf - The Nature of Water Summoning, Diary Page
      Task: Summon a water elemental to free him
      Reward: 100XP
    Corpse - Rakshasa"s Eye
    Adventurer"s Corpse - Slaad"s Tongue
    Altar (Wizard"s Lab) - put Rakshasa"s Eye and Quartz Crystal in here and
      cast Dominate Person to create Staff of Command
    Chest - Quartz Crystal, Ring of Melf (Cast Melf"s Acid Arrow 1/day)
    Alchemist"s Apparatus - Laboratory Notes
    Summoning Pool - put Slaad"s Tongue in here and cast Melf"s Acid Arrow
      to summon Greater Water Elemental
    Greater Water Elemental - gives you Ring of Invisibility (you could free
      Nax instead but it is not worth it)
    Gong x4 - Use them in the order Puma, Dog, Bear, Dragon to open the door
    Pedestal - Snow Globe
(3.05) Countryside
    Arrow-filled Corpse - Bag of Holding
(3.06) Fort Ilkard
    Ruzon Vond
    Knight x2 - Key (but will open the gates if asked)
    Subchief Arness - Arness"s Head
    Messenger Corpse - Letter
  Damas" Lodge (Commander"s Lodge)
    Commander Damas
      Task: Destroy the 6 catapults
      Reward: 312XP, 500GP
      Task: Get Arness"s Head
      Reward: 312XP, 1000GP
      Persuade: Hearth Shield
      Either: Get Zokan Thunderer"s Head
        Reward: 625XP, 1500GP
        Persuade: Axe of Dead Illusk
      Or: Get the Plague Cure from Damas
  Settlers" Barracks
    Eckel - Take Eckel"s Note to his wife Galia
  Barracks (Main Barracks)
  Orc Lair (Cave)
    Guzad - fight until he surrenders for 210XP
      Task: Let him go (you could always kill him as he leaves)
      Reward: 312XP, 500GP, Guzad"s Head
    Uncas - Feather of Peace
(3.07) Homesteads
    Elk Tribe Warrior - Gate Key (but will open the gates if asked)
  Massacred Homestead (Destroyed Homestead)
    Chest - Homestead Journal
    Corpse - Tome of Robes
  Eckel"s Homestead
    Elk Tribe Brute
      Task: Give her Eckel"s Note
      Reward: 375XP, 300GP
      Persuade: Greater Stoneskin scroll
  Eckel"s Homestead Upstairs
  Elk Tribe Keep (Uthgardt Fort)
    Urn - The Ashes of Running Wolf
    Elk Tribe Shaman
    Armoire - Islegood"s Complete History of Flight
    Prisoner Arden - set him free for 100XP
    Prisoner Mileene - set her free for 100XP
    Chest of Drawers - Islegood"s Complete History of Horses
    Cabinet -  Islegood"s Complete History of Seafaring
    Bookshelf - put Islegood"s Complete History of Flight in it
    Bookshelf - put Islegood"s Complete History of Seafaring in it
    Bookshelf - put Islegood"s Complete History of Horses in it
    Zokan Thunderer - Zokan"s Head, Uthgardt Ceremonial Spear
      Task: Get Plague Cure from Damas
      Gives You: Plague-Ridden Blankets (how kind)
      Reward: 625XP, Dreamcatcher, Uthgardt Ceremonial Spear
(3.08) Ruins
    Cult Leader - Cultist Journal
    Stones - Volcanis Oak Seed
    Altar x3 - destroy one to close the portal
  Creator Race Ruins (Cave)
    Corpse - Adventurer"s Note, Translation Amulet
    Temporal Lizard
    Temporal Golem Slave - use Translation Amulet to talk
    Book Piles - Principles of Time Travel
    Book Piles - Tome of Amulet
    Sarcophagus - Tamorlyn"s Song
    Old One Guardian Golem x3 (invulnerable until weakened) - Golem Key
      Bug: Once you have one key you can get it from the Divining Pool for 1GP
    Corpse - Old One Defenses, Translation Amulet
    Pool of Swirling Color - Green Gem x2, Orange Gem x2, Purple Gem x2
    Pool of Primary Colors x2 - press two colors
    Pool of Secondary Colors x2 - put a gem of the created color in each
    Old One Bodak Champion - Fairy Bottle, Bodak"s Tooth
    Gong x4 - smash the Fairy Bottle on one and then play them in order
    Alchemist"s Apparatus - Blue Powder x2, Red Powder x2, Yellow Powder x2
    Smoky Brazier - put powders in order Yellow, Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Yellow
    Easel - Malachite, Amethysts, Emeralds
    Door of Three - complete the three riddles of light, sound and smoke
    Balor Lord - Key
    Altar - Word of Power
    Haedraline (after getting the Word of Power)
    Portal (after getting the Word of Power) to Ruin entrance
  Creator Race Ruins Garden
      Task: Plant Ultarg Seeds 10,000 years in the past
      Gives You: Time Crystal, Ultarg Seeds, Principles of Time Travel
      Reward: 350XP, Ruby x3
      Persuade: Phantasmal Killer scroll
  Creator Race Ruins Past
    Lokar (Slave Leader) - Gives you Lokar"s Ring
    Chest - Time Crystal
    Bookshelf - Temple Defenses
    Old One Commander - Translation Amulet
    Old One Evoker - Temple Defenses
    Old One Champion
    Slave Worker - will weaken Old One Guardian Golem
    Chest - Top (child"s toy)
  Creator Race Ruins Garden (Past)
    Dirt and Weeds - plant Ultarg Seeds here
(3.09) Moonwood
  Ixaristu (Uthgardt Golden Eagle tribe)
  Orc Lair (Cave)
    Drow Commander - Note (from King Obould)
    King Obould Many-Arrows - fight until he surrenders for 130XP
      Task: Let him go (you could always kill him as he leaves)
      Reward: 1200GP, Obould"s Head
(3.10) Moonwood (Caves)
    Akulatraxas (Green Dragon)
      Task: Get Hill Giant Head
      Reward: 750XP, 1000GP, Scarab of Protection +4
    Egg Incubation Pool - Green Dragon Egg
    Chest - 1000GP, Dragon Blood
  Hill Giant Lair (Level 1)
    Hill Giant Champion
  Hill Giant Lair (Level 2)
    Hill Giant Prisoner - set her free for 150XP
    Hill Giant Prisoner - set him free for 150XP
    Fire Giant - Note (from Klauth the Terrible)
    Hill Giant Chieftain - Hill Giant Head, Notes
(3.11) Spine of the World
    Cult Leader - Cultist Journal
  Caves (Cave)
    Dead body of Scylandara (Brass Dragon)
    Corpse - Tome of Ring
    Rubble - Dragon Scale
  Caves (Mysterious Cave)
    Gorgotha (Gold Dragon) - Evil+5 if you slay it
      Task: Get Head of Klauth
      Reward: 750XP, Ceremonial Uthgardt Belt
      Persuade: Ring of Protection +4
    Chest - Drago

Neverwinter Nights Reference Guide [Walkthrough]
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