Esoteria [Walkthrough]



 ~  Esoteria Walkthru. ( June 7, 2001. *PC - Action, Version 1.40*)          ~
 ~  By Donald Wood(*doninss*) e-mail:                     ~
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 ~  *The Walkthru is complete.* I will correct it of course, as             ~
 ~  information becomes available. (I believe items were missed.) I         ~
 ~  will also add to the other sections as more info becomes available.     ~
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 ~  I wrote this Walkthru because I felt there should be one.               ~
 ~  Although only a few people even know this game exists, I consider it    ~
 ~  well worth playing. "Web sign"(some of it web scat) of this game and    ~
 ~  its developer dries up and blows away almost daily. There is a          ~
 ~  certain historical permanence afforded a game by a Walkthru at          ~
 ~  CJayC"s. This is my first attempt at a Walkthru. I consider myself at   ~
 ~  least an average gamer, but as a Walkthru writer I... But if "blood,    ~
 ~  sweat, and tears" count for anything, this is at least an average       ~
 ~  Walkthru. The game probably deserves better, but I"m what it got.       ~
 ~                                                                          ~
 ~  I am also attempting to balance my GameFAQs karma(real world), and...   ~
 ~  I brashly said I would, before I had any idea of what I was saying.     ~

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                                Version Info
Version 1.00 Complete Walkthru.
Version 1.01 Modified ASCII Art, made minor changes to Walkthru.
Version 1.02 Made minor changes to Walkthru.
Version 1.03 Made more minor changes to Walkthru, corrected the version
             number above. O_o
Version 1.20 Added a credit, added Prequel demo data files, made minor
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Version 1.30 Fixed typo in game credits section.(Sorry Hugh.) Added cheats.
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Version 1.31 Fixed some spelling errors, typos.
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Version 1.40 Changed version number system, added disclaimer, and sites with
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Version 1.41 Added site (Cheats-Corner) to permission list.

  >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1.0 Contents. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<
Section 1.1 Specs.
Section 1.2 Intro.
Section 1.3 Controls.
Section 1.4 Enemies.
Section 1.5 Enemy AI Guide.
Section 1.6 Weapons, Upgrades, Items.
Section 1.7 Game Interface.
Section 1.8 Tips, Strategies.
Section 1.9 My Observations.
Section 2.0 Walkthru.
Section 2.1 Data Files, Transmissions, Prequel demo.
Section 2.2 Data Files, Transmissions, Full game.
Section 3.0 Esoterica (Secrets, cool stuff, etc.)
Section 3.1 Cheats.
Section 4.0 Game Credits.
Section 4.1 Credits.
1.1 Specs.
Platform: PC
Genre: Action, Third Person Shooter/Sneaker/Sniper,
with some minor RPG elements.
Publisher: Kirin Entertainment. (R.I.P.?), (My copy. Bandai
may have also published previously?)
Developer: Mobeus Designs Inc. (R.I.P.)
Music: The Media Cafe. (R.I.P.?)
Release date: Scheduled for March 1997. 18 April 1998?
System Requirements (From readme):
Microsoft Windows 95 or Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
with Service Pack 3 installed.
Please note:  Esoteria will NOT run in MS-DOS,
Microsoft Windows 3.1 or Microsoft Windows NT 3.51.
A Pentium processor running at 133 Megahertz
(A Pentium running at 166MHz or higher is recommended).
16MB of RAM (Windows 95).  32M Recommended.
32MB of RAM (Windows NT 4.0).  48M Recommended.
100MB disk space (250MB with music).
A Windows compatible CD-ROM drive.

1.2 Introduction
Demos, Reviews.
The original and "Prequel" demos of this game are still available for
downloading if you haven"t played them. You may have to search a bit. The
original takes place in the Military Base area of the full game. The basic
level design is very similar but not completely the same. (In some minor
ways I think it"s better.) The enemy placement and objectives are different
It"s a field test of Raven"s abilities, not just a level from the full game.
(Killing all the enemies, and finding all the items and secrets generates a
code used in a contest being held at Mobeus at the time of release.) It
uses the originally planned control system, which allowed turning the camera
separate from the direction of travel. It also allowed saving anywhere,
which was changed for the Prequel and full game. The Prequel is set in a
level of its own. It is the first level of the game actually, and is not
present in the full game.
If you like the demo/s, you"ll like the full game. Some originally planned
levels were cut from the final game, but there is still a decent amount of
play here. Unless you have a 3dfx card, you"ll be stuck in 640 X 480 X 256
for the entire game. Graphically it is a bit dated, and the sound effect
delay of the demos was never fixed. The music is good but there isn"t
enough of it. There are no patches and no support. (And there are some
bugs.) In spite of this, I still consider it an excellent game. There was
quite a bit of talent at Mobeus and I think it shows.
The game is avail. online at:
It also shows up on Ebay once in while.
The only remaining review of the full game I could find on the web is at Happy
Puppy(TM). It was written by Pablo Garcia. (No longer available, can be viewed
at the Internet Archive WayBack Machine (TM) <

(Early Press.) The Esoterian solar system, in its infancy, was highly
subject to even the most minor of influences. Created out of necessity, the
inhabitants of the dying solar system of Azeria invested nearly 4000 years
of time to create Esoteria more than 5 light years away. After colonization
began on the still forming land masses, plans were put into effect that
would ensure the safety of their future planets from the unknowns of the
universe. Human resources were low, which necessitated the creation of a
new kind of highly mobile fighting unit. The result was a genetically
engineered human killer fitted with cybernetics. This creation, considered
an abomination by some, was single minded in its tasks: Eliminate all
opposition. The moral and ethical implications of this split most of the
Esoterian solar system into two factions. As a result, a militaristic
faction calling themselves the Regime emerged in support of the human
killing machines on Esoteria 1 while a group called the Loyalists fought
against their endeavors from Esoteria 3. The Regime was led by a despotic
individual by the name of Cohen Soldzen. His tyranny resulted in the deaths
of many innocent people. Thus, a civil war erupted between the two
factions, and many bloody battles were waged. Although only one finalized
version of the cybernetic soldier was available for duty, the Regime worked
him night and day to quell the Loyalist opposition. It seemed like a
hopeless battle for the Loyalists, who were nearly helpless against this
stalking assassin. New hope was found when an intricately devised trap
captured the assassin. Loyalist researchers were able to bestow
consciousness and conscience upon their prisoner. Their hope was that the
killer would be able to recognize that fact that it was being exploited by
an asympathetic regime. The researchers could not dream of better results.
Highly intelligent and capable of complex reasoning, the prisoner was able
to see that Cohen Soldzen and his plans to mass produce an artificial army
must no longer continue. This nameless individual was given the code name
Raven, because of the dark skin armor he wore that seemed to make him blend
into the shadows. Raven, already armed with an ARC generator strapped to
his forearm would be a valuable asset to the Loyalists. His catalytic
potential would determine the fate of the Esoterian solar system.
               * Copyright - Chronos Software Group 1996-99 *

(Prequel Readme.) Raven"s scores on his field test evaluation were much
higher than anyone could have anticipated. He was able to deactivate all
the security devices and destroy the Crimson Fury with ease. (First demo.)
It was very clear that Raven was suited to the critical mission of
regaining control of Esoteria 3 from Soldzen"s Regime who had recently
declared civil war against the Esoterian Unity. In typical megalomaniacal
fashion, Soldzen staged a coup d"etat which killed thousands and placed the
entire planet of Esoteria 3 under his suffocating grip. A small group of
Esoterian Loyalists managed to flee to the winding tunnels of the abandoned
triconium mines. From there, they focus their efforts upon undermining
Soldzen"s efforts at manufacturing an army of genetically enhanced and
conscience-free killers.
Raven, a prototype soldier produced by Gyrex Weapons Research, was stolen
by Solzden and unscrupulously used to assassinate opposing political
figures. After several assassinations, an intricate trap was devised by
Gyrex geniuses to capture the evasive assassin. The trap was successful and
Soldzen lost his most powerful soldier. Ethically and morally upstanding
Gyrex bestowed conscience upon Raven and requested his aid in removing the
Regime from Esoteria 3. Raven, feeling morally violated by Soldzen, agreed
to eliminate the one who commanded him to perform all of his heinous
crimes. After the completion of the field test, Raven would be prepared to
infiltrate Esoteria 3.
All that was left to do was to upgrade his ARC weapon and stealth
capabilities. These preparations would take place at a secret Gyrex Corp.
facility upon a small moon orbiting Esoteria 2 called Sehryn. All Gyrex
research facilities have been hidden or fortified since Raven"s retrieval
so that the Regime would not be able to obtain critical equipment and
technology necessary to reproduce Eliminator Class Soldiers like Raven.
However, while Raven was undergoing a procedure that would enhance his
cloaking abilities, alarms began to sound and screams of agony filled the
                     * Copyright - Mobeus Designs Inc. *

Nutshell. General Soldzen has threatened to take over the rest of the solar
system. He has control of the Neural Net(and all of the area defenses) in
Micropolis. The Loyalists surely plan on trying to regain control of the
Neural Net. They almost certainly will need Raven"s help to succeed, and
Raven is anxious to further follow his newly acquired conscience.
*Raven is the only one of his kind. The side he fights for opposes mass
production of these assassins. They are afraid of him, and stand ready to
"switch him off" at any time. Soldzen on the other hand wants to give Raven
an army of brothers. But the Loyalists have given him a conscience. They
have made him _human_. He fights for more than just a victory for the
Loyalist government. But can he trust the Loyalists? Does he have a choice?*
I recommend copying Intro.avi from the CD to your hardrive, and watching it
on a movie player at normal resolution. In game it may be choppy and
dithered. (ShiKaitek, Section 3.0)

1.3 Controls.
Default Keyboard Actions.
"e" - moves Raven forward.
"d" - moves Raven backwards.
"s" - moves Raven to the right.
"f" - moves Raven to the left.
"Space" - causes Raven to jump. The longer the key is held down,
      the higher the jump.
"a" - crouch.
"q" - toggles item selection forward.
"z" - toggles item selection backwards.
"r" - uses the item that is currently selected.
"m" - detonates any trigger mines that raven may have laid.
"g" - causes Raven to push buttons, open doors, and perform other
      environment interaction.
"x" - Zoom out.
"v" - Zoom in.
"x" & "v" at together - Completely unzoom.
"t" - toggles weapon up
"b" - toggles weapon down
"c" - toggles laser scope
"1" - makes the A.R.C. Blade Raven"s weapon
"2" - makes the A.R.C. Raven"s weapon
"3" - makes the A.R.C. Spread Raven"s weapon
"4" - makes the machine gun Raven"s weapon
"5" - makes the Gyrex Cannon Raven"s weapon
"6" - makes the missiles Raven"s weapon
"7" - makes the homing missiles Raven"s weapon
"8" - makes bombs Raven"s weapon
"9" - makes trigger bombs Raven"s weapon (press "m" to detonate)
"0" - makes V-Bombs Raven"s weapon
">" - increases radar view field
"<" - decreases radar view field
"+" - increases the viewport size
"-" - decreases the viewport size
"ESC" - returns view to main interface
Mouse Actions
Forward - makes camera look down
Backward - makes camera look up
Right - makes Raven turn right
Left - makes Raven turn left
Left Button - fires Raven"s primary weapon in single shot mode
Right Button - there is no default setting for this button
Press F4 to toggle between low and hi res screen modes.
                     * "Controls." from the Readme file *

1.4 Enemies.
Military Police. (MP1)
Height and weight: 6 ft, 165 lbs.
Basic weapon: Standard issue laser rifle.
Attack mode: These men are highly trained to fight in groups. When they
are found away from the main group, they pose little immediate threat.
Purpose: To keep the general populace under control.
Movement: Runs, jumps.
Military Police. (MP1 red.)
Height and weight: 6 ft, 190 lbs.
Basic weapon: Rapid fire laser rifle.
Attack mode: Same as MP1s, but tougher.
Purpose: Special Ops.
Movement: Runs, jumps.
Military Police ATC 2.
Height and weight: 7 ft, 515 lbs.
Basic weapon: Electron Macro Diffuser.
Attack mode: Seek and destroy.
Purpose: Patrols, and guards items of value.
Movement: Walks.
Military Police ATC 3.
Height and weight: 8 ft, 1100 lbs.
Basic weapon: Homing Plasma Balls
Attack mode: These ATCs are slow, and fire infreqently. Contact with the
Plasma Balls is dangerous, however.
Purpose: Guard against intruders.
Movement: Walks.
Military Police ATC 3b (My designation.)
Height and weight: 8 ft, 1220 lbs.
Basic weapon: Homing Plasma Balls, Time-bombs.
Attack mode: An advanced version of ATC 3s, they fire more frequently and
have much more armor.
Purpose: Guard against intruders.
Movement: Walks.
Construction ATC.
Height and weight: 10 ft, 1515 lbs.
Basic weapon: Electrical pinchers, rapid fire gun.
Attack mode: When the ground is struck by the pinchers, an electrical
charge field radiates through the ground to the opponent.
Purpose: Suit designed as a contruction aid, worn by a humanoid.
Movement: Walks.
Height and weight: 10 ft, 920 lbs.
Basic weapon: Homing missiles.
Attack mode: Flies over targets, and launches multiple Homers until they
are destroyed.
Purpose: Serve as aerial defense units.
Movement: Walks and flies with the aid of an anti-grv. belt and air pockets.
Guardian Cybe.
Height and weight: 11 ft, 2400 lbs.
Basic weapon: Rain-bomb and Gyrex cannon.
Attack mode: Launches bombs toward target which explode and release deadly
bomblet shards. Has cloaking ability.
Purpose: Patrols.
Movement: Fly and walk.
Height and weight: 10 ft, 2150 lbs.
Basic weapon: Machine(rapid fire ARC) gun and Homers.
Attack mode: Variable close and long range attacks.
Purpose: To defend and repel all invaders.
Movement: Walks.
All Terrain ATC.
Height and weight: 15 ft, 3300 lbs.
Basic weapon: High pressure laser cannon.
Attack mode: These gigantic and heavily armored vehicles progect a high
impact blast that is extremely deadly.
Purpose: Military version of an huge ATV, normally used in rough terrain to
find natural resources.
Movement: Walks.
Cave Spiders.
Height and weight: 1.5 ft, 145 lbs.
Basic weapon: Acid spit attack.
Purpose: These dangerous creatures often make their homes in abandoned
mining tunnels.
Movement: Fast walk.
Riot Guard.
Height and weight: Varies.
Basic weapon: Energy baton
Attack mode: These guards can shoot or beat their targets when nearby.
Purpose: Elite Guard.
Movement: Humanoid actions.
Maintainence ATC. (J5)
Height and weight: 3 ft, 200 lbs.
Basic weapon: Unarmed
Purpose: Roams, locating and fixing broken machinery. Often they carry keys
allowing them access to restricted areas.
Movement: Tread driven.
Height and weight: 30 ft length.
Basic weapon: Unarmed.
Purpose: Transport troops to needed areas.
Movement: Flies and hovers.
Scientist. (Non-antagonist.)
Height and weight: 6 ft, 165 lbs.
Purpose: Performs research, will often be able to render aid.
Movement: Stationary.
Carrier. (Non-antagonist.)
Height and weight: 6 ft, 165 lbs.
Purpose: Has knowledge of vital information, protect at all costs.
Movement: Walks.
                  * "Enemies." from the Instruction Manual *

1.5 Enemy AI Guide.
The enemies in Esoteria DO NOT CHEAT. They do not "just know" where Raven
is. They use a very sophisticated detection and tracking system known as
the Team Manager. Raven is initially undetected by all the enemies. Once an
enemy spots Raven, that enemy sends a message to all enemies in his group,
and he also sends a message to his local commander known as the Team
Manager. The Team Manager will then alert all enemies within a dynamic
transmission radius. (The size of the dynamic transmission radius is
determined by the geography of the game area.) Depending on the enemies
type, different things will happen. Sort of like a police dispatch. The
patrolling enemies will then go to where Raven has been spotted. Guarding
enemies will then be on alert status(which means their detection abilities
are enhanced) and wait to see if Raven appears in their area. If he does,
they will immediately begin attacking when they see him. Once no one can
see him, he is lost to all enemies, and the process begins all over again.
Enemy types.
There are two types of antagonists in the game. Patrolmen and Guards. Each
reacts differantly to a Raven sighting.
All Patrolmen in the game are human. As such they are a little smarter than
the Guards you will run into. On of their main strengths is their ability
to navigate through the world. If it is humanly possible(some jumps are
just too high for them to make) to get to Raven, these dudes will figure
out how to do it.
Another thing is that they always attack in groups. If you see one, and he
sees you too, be assured that more are on the way. If caught by himself, he
will try to pepper Raven with shots in an effort to stall Raven until the
other troops arrive. When fired upon, they are smart enough to dodge. Each
individual Patrolman has a reaction time. This is used to determine if he
can dodge an attack. So some Patrolmen react better than others. Each
individual Patrolman also has a different speed, so some Patrolmen are
faster than others even though they look the same. Because of this, it may
be difficult to learn patterns and timing when dealing with the Patrolmen.
They are pretty much a different fight every time you encounter them.
As their name implies, the Patrolmen comprise the Esoterian Seek and
Destroy Force. Their function is investigate all disturbances and deal with
it accordingly. Once a Raven sighting has been transmitted to the
TeamManager, he immediately orders a squad(or two) of Patrolmen to
The Guards in Esoteria are all mechanical. As such they are of limited
intelligence. The main strengths of the Guards are their firepower and armor.
Guards don"t move thru the world very well. At first sign of trouble they
immediately inform the TeamManager. Because of this limitation, the Guards
will not move very far away from their initial position, and they make for
very good sniping opportunities. Some Guards will move a little further
than others but nowhere near as far as the Patrolmen. So don"t expect to be
followed to far if being chased by a Guard. He will always return to his
position once he has advanced too far beyond it.
The function of Guards are to guard. If you see one, you can be assured
that he is guarding something precious, or he is guarding a route to
something precious.
Even though there may not be any enemies present, there are cameras
scattered throughout the world. Although they are hard to spot, it is in
your best interest to find and destroy all cameras because they will also
alert the TeamManager of your location.
Raven"s Advantages.
Raven is much harder for the enemies to detect when he is crouching. When
entering unexplored areas, try to crouch initially. If you are too close to
an enemy the crouching trick won"t work though. Play with this to see what
a safe distance is.
Raven is much faster and can jump higher & farther than most enemies. Once
you"ve exposed yourself, use Raven"s speed and jumping advantages to
attack. Jumping over some enemies and firing while above them is an
effective way to attack.
If a quick get-away is required, you can also use your speed and jumping
advantages to reach safe spots(where the enemy cannot reach). Try to survey
the situation from here and devise a good strategy for proceeding.
Sniping from a safe spot is highly recommended. The more enemies you can
pick off without being seen the better your chance of accomplishing your
missions. If you can go undetected the whole time, you can complete all
your missions without ever fighting an enemy.
(This is VERY hard to accomplish.)
              * "Enemy AI Guide." from the Instruction Manual *

1.6 Weapons, Items.
Several of the weapons you will find in Esoteria are upgradeable. Power
cells are scattered throughout the entire world and are required to upgrade
a weapon. A gold colored power cell is worth 1 unit, while a dark cell is
worth 5. Collecting 25 units will allow you to change a weapon to level 2.
This is accomplished in the Inventory menu in the interface. Click on Power
Cells to see which weapons can be upgraded and which are already upgraded.
Upgrading to level 3 is variable for all weapons. Check the interface for
the exact numbers.
Weapon 1 - A.R.C. Blade: Close combat weapon. This weapon is upgradeable.
Special capacitors with a Coridom dielectric were attached to the ARC unit.
The capacitors store enough energy to generate a crescent energy blade
indefinitely. Limited to close combat, the blade can easily slice through
tesselated Cevant armor worn by the military police.
Weapon 2 - A.R.C.: Shoots a single shot. When upgraded, this weapon does
radius damage.
ARC technology was originally intended for medical purposes, but was
exploited for military use. A lightweight and portable version of the ARC
generator was constructed to be strapped onto the forearm. The effectiveness
of the ARC unit is still undergoing tests. When used with optical boosters,
the portable ARC unit fires tightly packed energy bursts(as opposed to the
distinctive crescent-shape) intended to quickly silence unwary opponents at
a distance. A limitation of this "sniping" ARC is that movement disrupts the
auto-targeting signals relayed to the ARC unit from the optical boosters.
Weapon 3 - A.R.C. Spread: Shoots multiple shots. This weapon is upgradeable.
Individual bullets are not as powerful as A.R.C. for any given charge
level. Higher charge levels produce more bullets. Does radius damage at
higher levels. To fire your shots in a vertical formation, select the Spread
weapon again.
Weapon 4 - Rapid fire gun: Essentially a machine gun. Not upgradeable.
Weapon 5 - Gyrex Cannon: Shoots a single shot. This weapon is upgradeable.
Does massive damage and can blow through weaker enemies and continue on its
course. This weapon is upgradeable.
Weapon 6 - Missile: Shoots a missile. This weapon is upgradeable. Charge
level controls number of missiles fired. Missiles go straight. (Manual aim,
default mouse 2.)
The discovery of the high energy liberating triconium crystal has revived
this ancient weapon. Each missile contains four triconium packed warheads and
can be launched from a missile pack. A missile pack can carry a small arsenal
with enough explosive power to obliterate almost any military target.
Weapon 7 - Homing Missile: This weapon is upgradeable. Charge controls
number of missiles fired. Missiles home in on nearest target, if one is
Weapon 8 - Time Bombs: Throws a bomb. Detonates when it hits an enemy. Also
detonate when it hits a wall twice or after a time delay. If fire button is
held down, bomb detonates when released. Not upgradeable.
Weapon 9 - Trigger Bombs: Drops a trigger bomb. Places it on a surface
(wall, etc.) if close enough. Does not detonate on its own. To detonate all
placed trigger bombs, press "m". Not upgradeable.
Weapon 10 - Volumetric(Cluster) Bombs: Throws a V-bomb. Detonates
when it hits an enemy. Also detonates when it hits a wall twice or after a
time delay. If the fire button is held down, bomb detonates when released.
When a V-Bomb detonates, it creates a cloud of bomblets that hover in the
air. This cloud will attract all homing missiles.
Missile Pack:
A lightweight pack strapped to a person"s back used to launch missiles.
A missile pack can carry up to 50 missiles.
Homing Missile Pack:
A lighter version of the missile pack designed to carry up to 25 homing

Weapons Guide.
Most of the weapons in Esoteria have two properties, Charge Meters and
Charge Meters:
Each time you fire a shot, you have the option of firing normally(pressing
the fire button repeatedly) or charging(holding the button and releasing).
The advantage to charged shots is that they inflict more damage on whatever
they hit.
When you shoot, the weapon that you are using has a range of damage that it
can cause. This range is determined by its Level and is represented in the
game by a Charge Meter. For example, a Level 1 ARC can cause anywhere from
50 to 99 points of damage. If you fire normally, you will always cause 50
points of damage. If you fully charge the shot, you will strike with the
full 99 points. If you partially charge, ...
Each time you acquire a weapon, it is at Level 1 which is the base Level.
Level 1 weapons cause the least amount of damage. By collecting Power Cells,
you can Upgrade weapons. So if you have found enough Power Cells, you can
Upgrade your ARC from Level 1 to Level 2.
When firing an Upgraded weapon, you always do more damage than the full
charge of the previous Level... So a normal shot from an Upgraded weapon
is more powerful than a fully charged shot from a previous Level.

Power Cell:
Covered above. Once a weapon is powered up, it remains so indefinitely.
Choose which weapons to upgrade carefully. Once your power cells are used,
they are lost forever. You will discover that some weapons are better to
upgrade than others so be sure to save your game before using your power
Energy Tank:
Stores Raven"s health. One energy tank contains 100 hit points. When all the
tanks are depleted, Raven will die. Raven can carry 20 tanks.
Reserve tank:
The contents of this portable energy tank can be transferred to normal
energy tanks. One reserve tank can transfer 100 units of energy.
Health Tank:
Adds 50 health points to Raven"s energy tank.
Cloaking Device:
Renders Raven invisible for a short period of time. There are a digital
timer and an audible warning when the effect is about to end. (Timed items
can turned back off when no longer needed by pressing the "use inventory
item" key again.)
Renders Raven impervious to all types of damage for a short period of time.
There are a digital timer and an audible warning when the effect is about
to end.
Robo Scrambler:
Disrupts communication of robots, rendering them either inactive or hostile
toward your enemies for a period of time.
Unlock doors of same or lower security level.
Activator - Universal Esoterian Activator:
This universal activator can be found throughout the Esoteria world. When
it is encountered, the player can interact with the activator by toggling or
shooting the panel. Play the training demo for more details. (Buttons.)
Recharge Station:
Allows Raven to recharge his energy tank(s) to full. Unlimited use. Older
models of the recharge station require a "cooling down" period before it
can be used again.
Data Stations:
In consoles or mounted in wall panels with a screen(DATA READY) Use to
acquire Data files, Maps. May also appear as video monitors.

       * "Weapons, Items." from the Readme files, Instruction Manual *

1.7 Game Interface.
The Game Interface provides you with a quick reference to the state your
health along with information on your current weapon, and item as well as
enemy locations. (By increasing the "view port size"("+" key) to maximum you
switch to a minimal interface.)
The top bar on the left side provides a rough analog indication of current
health(bight yellow). It also shows the number of tanks you have found
(medium yellow if below full health). A numeric value below that shows the
exact amount of health. The third bar is a more precise analog indication of
the health remaining in the current energy tank.
Below the health indicators is the weapon readout. The first bar shows the
currently selected weapon and to the right of that a numeric readout of ammo
remaining. To the right of those is the Charge Meter. It will fill as you
hold the fire button to indicate the relative power of the shot.
Near the middle the currently selected item will shown. Below the item are
numeric readouts indicating the number of these items remaining in inventory
(left side), and the time remaining for timed items(cloak, invincibility).
To the right of the item box is an alpha-numeric readout of the weapon and
ammo inventory.
The radar will show all enemies, cameras and non-antagonist characters.
Everything will appear as red dots. Your position is always in the center.
The field of view is adjustable, with the resolution increasing as the area
shown decreases.

1.8 Tips, Strategies.
Treat Esoteria as the real world. Use the environment around you to your
advantage. Know your environment. Since Esoteria is one gargantuan level
rather than a series of small levels, you may be required to go back to
certain key buildings or places. Look everywhere for hidden power ups.
Search through air ducts, crates, sewer holes, and even garbage cans.
Shoot anything that looks breakable.
Explore alternate routes. There might be multiple ways to infiltrate an area.
Pick up everything and remember the location of things you couldn"t pick up.
Collect as many power cells as possible. Power cells are rare so look
carefully for them.
Look to the maps when lost.
Be on the lookout for health recharge stations. They will fill all of your
energy tanks.
Don"t stand around in one place too long. Enemy scouts are hunting you down.
Refer to the radar to survey the area for enemies.
Destroy all surveillance cameras, they are small so look closely.
Try to destroy Dropships before the land.
Access all computer terminals. They contain data files and help info. that
give you clues to where, why, and what to do.
Master variable jumping, it can mean the diff. between life and death.
Time bombs can be manually detonated, by holding down the the fire key for at
least one second. This will override the timer so that they detonate when
the key is released.
Strafe to avoid enemy fire.
Hit the space bar to respawn without reloading.
Don"t shoot missiles while in tight spaces or next to a wall, due to the
radius damage it can inflict.
When playing Esoteria the first thing you should keep in mind is that this
isn"t the standard 3D shooter. It doesn"t consist of killing all the bad
dudes, and then exiting the level. There are many diff. objectives depending
on where you are in the game.
Most of your efforts should be concentrated on figuring out how to complete
your mission priorities. This will mostly involve figuring out the game
environment and how to use it to your advantage. The enemies are there to
stop you. What this means is that the challenge of Esoteria is the world and
the missions; NOT the killing of all the enemies.(Which can never happen, see
AI guide) For example...
While playing you can either avoid the enemies or take them head on. It is up
to you to decide, but Raven has definite advantages when using stealth
techniques. The thing to remember is that killing all the enemies is NOT
your objective...
Update messages:
Update messages inform you of in-game situations... Update messages appear in
the top right area of the status bar...
Transmissions and data files:
Transmissions outline your mission and any known obstacles... data files
provide Raven with diff. types of info... Maps are also a type of data
file... Each time you recieve a data file, or transmission you will recieve
an update message... To read data files and transmissions you must press the
escape key.
             * "Tips, Strategies." from the Instruction Manual *

1.9 My observations.
I experianced no hardware issues running in Win95, AMD K6-2 500, VA-503+,
TNT2 M64 32MB. There are some issues with newer systems. Also, the game
seems to load and unload portions of the game world that shouldn"t be visible,
to facilitate "One Huge World". Most noticeably the game will stutter
momentarily and enemies will pop onto or off the radar. In a few places,
objects or walls will even appear and disappear within _eyeshot_. The
observed effects of being detected by an enemy or especially a camera may
also be delayed. If you save a situation like this unknowingly, it can be
very baffling later. Save carefully, and often. The game is a bit rough in
places. The "nether-world"(places you wouldn"t normally visit or see) is
very close in some parts of the game. The nether-world offers both
destruction and delight.
While you can only save at specific points, the save-points are abundant.
The number and placement of the enemies may vary slightly when loading a
save in a fresh game. (And when entering a new area. Once in great while the
enemy number may even be zero. :]) When you reload a save without reloading
the game, the number(if a spawn-point is involved), and Team Manager state
will reflect the game at time you reload. This can mean a different
situation will be loaded than the one you saved. A save loaded from a new
game will always reflect the Team Manager state at the time you saved. (I
experienced some locking of Win95 after quitting and restarting the game
numerous times while writing the Walkthru. A reboot was required to recover.
Memory leak?)
The print Screen key will take a screen shot. (A bitmap to the Esoteria
(I ran this game in Win95 and can lock the crouch by alt-tabbing out to
windows while holding the crouch key and returning to the game, avoiding
some finger cramp. As far as I can tell there no way to access the game menu
(maps and data files) and return to the game crouched however. You could do
this in the first demo, unfortunately it was changed.
If you are fired at, you have been detected. When standing Raven can be
seen at a great distance. Crouching decreases the distance the enemies can
see you considerably. You can be seen from a greater distance when firing,
so try to snipe around cover or a great distance to remain undetected. Many
enemies will move when hit or near-missed, so moving further out of view
after the shot will minimize the chance of detection. The third person
camera should of course be used to look around corners and over edges
covertly. (The camera will get weird sometimes, usually when close to a wall
or object. Moving away from the obstruction helps sometimes. It also doesn"t
handle confined spaces very well. It"s a large improvement over the one in
the first demo however. Vertigo, anyone?)
There is no indicator for the zoom setting, so extend the range all the way
out("period" key, the red dots will get closer). Then count the key presses
back in for repeatable settings. The nearer to the edge of the screen a
target dot is, the finer the resolution. This is good for determining the
exact direction of enemies, especially those very close but out of view. The
radar shows 2-d position, but vertical distance affects the overall range.
(Targets far above or below won"t register.) The radar is also very useful
for monitoring the effectiveness of radius damage weapons on "blind" shots.
The ARC is mounted on Raven"s right forearm. Snipe around the right side of
cover when possible. Using walk mode while crouched will allow you to move
out around cover in very small increments. It also slows the mouse
controlled movements, making precision aiming easier. Sniping from the left
side("offside") with the ARC is not recommended, use concussion weapons
instead if avoiding detection is important. The sniper ARC fires a fully
charged shot immediately, just as the normal ARC does when fully charged.
But it then takes the same amount of time to recharge as the normal ARC does
to fully charge. It cannot be dodged by MPs. The normal ARC can be fired
fairly rapidly, but with less power than a fully charged shot. The ARC Blade
is a decent melee weapon, but very short range. It does have a 360-degree
"arc", so aiming is unnecessary. When ammo is plentiful(usually) the ARC is
usually just as good if not better. The ARC Spread is effective against
dodgers and close groups, but consumes ammo quickly. It is also quite
powerful at a distance that has the multiple shots all making it to a single
target. Ammo is abundant, and comes in containers of 100.
The MG and the Gyrex cannon are mounted on Ravens left shoulder. So they
work on the left side of cover somewhat, and fire over obstacles a little
better than the ARC due to their higher mounting point. The MG is
particularly effective against robotic enemies, but has a relatively short
range. It also has a "stunner" effect. It goes through ammo very quickly,
however. MG ammo is medium scarce, and comes in containers of 200. The Gyrex
cannon is the most powerful weapon in the game. For maximum effect, use the
auto-aim with the Gyrex cannon only on slower targets, unless the attack is
unexpected. If the enemies are dodgers, use it like the missiles. (Radius
damage.) It doesn"t work exactly like the true radius damage weapons, but
rather will damage or destroy any enemy within a small radius of where it
contacts an object. Then it will damage the next closest enemy, if within a
small radius of the last enemy, and so on. This weapon shines on _tight_
groups of enemies. It is most effective on the MPs and more lightly armored
robots. Gyrex ammo is scarce, and comes in containers of 5.
The missiles fire from alternately the left and right bottom of Raven"s
backpack. When fired very close to an obstruction, the missiles will not
make it clear and will detonate harmlessly in the nether-world. (Except in
the Prequel demo, where the will damage Raven.) When they do detonate in the
real world close to Raven they will damage him. There must also be a certain
amount of clearance behind and to the side to fire them. Normal missiles are
most effective against the more mobile enemies when used as radius damage
weapons, aimed at a surface near the target/s, while overriding the
auto-aim. They are also great for firing from "offside" cover at enemies
that are looking away and then using the travel time to get back behind
cover. Missile ammo is abundant, and comes in containers of 5 and 20.
Homers. The manual aim doesn"t seem to affect the homing missiles. You must
be able to see the target(and it must be within the auto-aim "window")
before they will lock on. Avoid firing these in low ceiling areas. Homer
ammo is medium scarce. (Same container size as Missiles.)
Time-bombs are excellent for close range "blind" shots, and can be bounced
around corners and obstacles. They have a decent damage radius. Like
grenades in other games, some practice is necessary to become proficient at
using them. To use them as time-bombs, just tap the fire button. Anything
much longer than a tap will override the timer and they will detonate upon
release of the fire button. Get in the habit of either tapping or holding
down the fire button for at least a second. Time-bombs are medium scarce to
scarce depending on the level, and come in containers of 5.
Trigger-bombs are scarce, and come in containers of 5.
V-bombs. As well as attracting Homers, these will also block Homing Plasma
Balls quite well. *The game may crash when using these, if many homers are
flying*. V-bombs are scarce, and come in containers of 5. (Raven tosses
Time-bombs, he pitches these. Hold the fire button, what an arm!)
ARC scope and Laser aiming dot. For weapons other than the ARC, the point of
impact when using the ARC scope to pre-aim will vary depending on the
distance to the target. The greater the distance the smaller the error.
The cross hair will disappear when looking at some areas of the sky, it will
reappear if close to a target. (Even invisible targets.) When close to the
edge of a corner the laser will show the point of impact. It will be showing
it _thru_ any objects between it and the camera, however. Near the corner of
a wall it will seem to not be showing the point of impact because of this.
Cloaks: Coolest looking cloaks I"ve seen. Use them wisely. They can be
turned on and off, be efficient when you do use them. (Let them run on out
when they get low on time, to avoid surprises later.) You can carry 10.99
cloaks by turning &ndash10 on and off quickly, allowing you to pick up another.
Robo-scramblers are a gamble, but fun. The robot may either be rendered
harmless or attack your enemies. You must be very close to use one. Set them
while cloaked, on the strongest robot in the room. (Although Raven will not
be targeted, he may still be injured if in the line of fire.)
Invincibility. These are rare, save them for extreme situations.
"All items successfully found". This message appears at certain points in
the game if you have found all the bombs, missiles, power-ups, cells, and
special items(cloaks, etc.) in the section. If you have not, you will
instead see "You are leaving behind x items". Sometimes touching the item
seems to be enough to register it. Usually you will have to take the item.
This means making room in the inventory.

   >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2.0 Walkthru. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<
Prequel demo.
Military Base.
Communications room, Prison.
Kovach Mountains(Section 3.0) mine complex, CommLink-1.
Research Facility.
CommLinks 2 and 3.
Prequel demo.
Enemies/ MPs, ATC-3s, Guardian Cybe.
Keys/ None.
Power Cells/ 77 this level, 0 total. (There is no way to transfer.)
Power-ups/ MG, Homing missile launcher, Arc Spread.
Objectives/ Shut down the cooling units to destroy the equipment Soldzen
is trying to steal.
You start in a chamber in the floor. The cover slides open. Jump out,
access the data console for a briefing. Then press the button in the corner
to shut down the first of five cooling units. Grab the cloak under the ramp,
and go out the door. Take the lift to the left down to a save-point and a
cell. The next lift will take you down to your first encounter with MP-1s.
The radar shows a couple just around the left corner, very close. You can
strafe out and hammer them with ARC shots while attempting to avoid their
fire. But this will alert the Team Manager to your presence, which will
increase the alert status of all the enemies it"s in contact with. And send
any patrollers who can reach you, running toward your position. You"re weak,
with only one energy tank, so snipe them around the corner, cautiously.
(Remember, with the ARC scope, Raven can snipe around a corner without
exposure. The scope is on his right forearm.) Careful, these guys will
probably move when they hear a shot. Now, sneak to the opening down the hall
to the right. Peek around the corner with the camera. A cooling unit Raven
must shut down is in there. It"s being guarded by MPs, however. (Three
stationary, and one patrolling.) Sneak to the door. (Actually, the enemies
have a tough time seeing through glass. Their goggles, I guess.) Then, from
the cover of the left door jamb, take out first three guards inside. (For
the first shot, position Raven so that the MP near the buttons won"t see him
when he turns around at hearing his buddy"s "arhg".) There is one more down
in the bottom to the left, ease into the room and snipe him too if you can.
(If you hug the wall and _sneak_ off the end of the ramp slowly, you can
usually drop undetected to the floor below. Then snipe him from the right
edge of the vat.) Once he"s dead, push the buttons and gather the goods.
(Ammo, energy tank.) Leave this area and move to the other end of the hall.
There will be two more MPs out in the foyer, but they won"t appear until you
almost enter the room. Use the pillars as cover to snipe them if possible.
Move to wall on the left and sneak along it toward the door. As you go,
watch the far hallway for an MP. Snipe him if you get a shot. (The enemy
positions will be somewhat random from here on out.) When you reach the
corner, jump up to the ledge above for health, and then to the walkway above
that for some bombs. Drop back down to the ledge, then floor, and go thru
the glass door to the outside area. Collect the items on the grounds.
(3 cells, and a FP of homers.) When you"re done, enter the courtyard and run
to the door. Three patrolling MPs will be triggered as you approach it. When
all the ones you can see are headed away, enter and get to the cover of the
nearest pillar. Pick them off around the right side of the pillar as they
patrol. When they are no longer, grab the cell close, and then the one
behind the railing. The wall near the cell behind the railing has a secret
door. Action key the wall to enter for 2 FPs of homers and 2 dark cells.
Exit the room, jump the railing and enter the surgical theater. Grab the
energy tank from the operating table, then sneak into the lower area of the
cooling unit room. Sneak around the outside wall of the room to the far
corner for a dark cell. Back Raven into the corner. Snipe or shoot the ATC
in the far corner above. It can be sniped undetected, if you move slightly
left first. (This is kind of tough, the "window" is small.) The Plasma Balls
won"t harm you if you don"t move to the right of the corner.
When you have finished with the ATC, back away from the wall three or four
feet. Toss a bomb up to the next floor to eliminate the MP guarding the
consoles up there. (Alternatively, you can use the cloak upstairs to take
out this ATC and the MPs with it.) Make your way back out to lounge. Ride
the lift up, and save. Around the first corner to the left will be an ATC-3.
Snipe it from cover, then follow the hall it was in to the corner. Snipe the
MP around the corner, then head back to the save-point. Save, then follow the
other hallway around the top of the surgical theater, to the top floor of the
cooling unit room. The last MP is around the corner, down the hall guarding
a set of elevators. Snipe him from cover. Use the three consoles to shut
down this cooling unit, and move to the elevators. Shoot out the two grates
in the left elev. shaft. Use the call button between the elevators, then
take the right elevator up one floor. There will be an MP down the hall when
you exit. Kill him and move down the hall. Around the circular structure are
two more. Bounce a bomb their way, or ARC "em. Head back, and drop onto the
top of the left elevator. Jump into the duct, and follow it for a cloak and
an energy tank. Use the ledges to jump to the goodie stash above. (2 dark
cells, invincibility, and 2 reserve tanks. You have enough cells to upgrade.
I recommend the ARC.) Ride the elevator up one floor. Use the call button,
then drop to the top of the left elevator. Enter the duct as the elevator
rises. Shoot the crate at the end of the duct. Quickly sneak out and grab
the bombs, and re-enter the duct. Follow the duct back to the elevator, and
go down a floor. Follow the hall around to the door, and use it. Top off
your tanks at the recharge station, and pick up the homers. Go up the ramps
and out the door. Save at the top of the ramp outside, and move to the
building entrance nearby. (You can also work this hallway from the other
end. The two elevators top out at this floor.) Sneak a peek at the Crimson
on the roof around the corner, then peek inside the building. Snipe the MP
if there is one, and sneak to the corner. Peek around it, then snipe or bomb
any MPs you see. Sneak down near the first two rooms. Carefully peek inside
to gauge the position and direction of the MPs inside. Use bombs and sniping
to take out as many as you can without being detected. When you can, enter
the first room for ammo, health, and a secret door in the corner. (3 dark
cells, the MG power-up the Readme file hinted at, and 4 MG ammo. To make the
most efficient use of the MG, grab it first and only 1 ammo.) Select the MG
and clear the next room. (It only takes a short burst for an MP.) Grab the
data files from the consoles and switch off the first panel. Shoot the file
cabinet if you"d like the homing missile Power-up. Clear the last room of
enemies, then grab the data and switch off the second panel. Exit the room,
and enter the door next to the elevators. (Use the recharge station first if
you are low on health.) Grab the 2 cells(one on a ledge near the bottom).
There is also some health at the bottom. Thru the door near the buttons is
the Crimson. Use the save-point, then cloak up and MG the Crimson, turning
off the cloak when you are done. (Note the grates running from one side of
the building to the other. This seems to suggest a passage way. Hmm.) Go
back thru the door and up to the top floor. Follow the hallway back outside
the building. Take the large stair-steps down to the dark cell below, then
come back up. Save, then make your way along the roof and jump up to the
area with a flat skylight. Crouch to move into the short narrow ledge that
runs around the front of the complex for three cells. Drop back down to the
roof and shoot the triangular skylights. Drop down and explore the rooms
below for three dark cells. (Note the opening in the wall in the corner.
This opening isn"t visible from below. Hmm.) There"s also some ammo in the
green room. Then use the console in the corner to switch off another panel
and deactivate the force field. Out in the hall, take the lift down and grab
the cell and unlock the door. Then go back up, and send the lift back down.
Grab the two cells from the skylit mini-park. (Note the number of floors
that offer a view of this area. Hmm.) Then down the short set of stairs and
sneak thru the hall toward the reception area. Stop short of the windows,
and use the camera to survey the situation. There may be a couple of
patrolling and a few stationary MPs in this section. (One is below.) If
you"ve been seen, they may all be stationary and facing your last known
position. You can snipe and bomb these guys undetected, or outgun them with
the MG. (Some may also come from other rooms if you are seen.)Once they"re
gone, access the three consoles in the cooling unit room to shut it down.
Grab the cell and access the data console, then go down the ramp. Grab the
cell behind the reception desk, and press the button there to be granted
visitor status. Go out the glass door, then enter the one down the walkway.
The first room contains an energy tank and a _file cabinet_. The next, a
data console and a _file cabinet_. The end room has the final panel and a
_file cabinet_. Go back out to the walkway, and thru the door you unlocked
earlier. Ride the lift up, and make your way to the ramps at the end of the
hall. If there is an MP below, take him out. Grab the ARC spread Power-up
off the table, then work your way down to the bottom, killing any MPs that
show up on the way, and save. (Cell.) Now, up the ramps to the top floor.
There"ll be more MPs on the way, in the mini-park and the hallway off the
short stairway. Use that MG ammo. Kill the MPs up top, and grab the ammo,
health, and a reserve tank. (Note the view of the mini-park. Hmm.) Go down
the ramps to the second floor, and make your way to the elevators. Ride to
the top(grab a recharge on the way if you need to), and enter the cooling
unit with four buttons. Save, then press them all, then run to the top. Exit
the building and save. You"ll notice new enemies on the radar. They guard
the exit Raven must use. There will be some MPs and a Guardian Cybe. He has
big guns and cloaks. He can also fly. You can snipe him from cover. You can
use the homers and invincibility in a head to head. Or, you can cloak up and
leave them all standing there. The tunnel leads to the dropship, of course.
Next stop, Esoteria 3.

Enemies/ None.
Keys/ None.
Power Cells/ 1 this level, 1 total.
Power-ups/ None.
Objectives/ Get thru the fourth door.
Basic instruction in movement, jumping, interacting with the environment.
Weapon familiarization for the ARC. Starts where the Prequel ended.

Enemies/ ATC-2s.
Keys/ level_1, level_2.
Power Cells/ 15 this level, 16 total.
Power-ups/ None.
Objectives/ Infiltrate the HydroPlant and gain access to the transit system.
Use the transit system to enter the Military Base.
If you go through training, you will jump out of a dropship. If not, the
game starts just after you jumped out of the dropship. After you hit the
ground, press the "period" and "comma" keys while noting their effect on the
radar screen. Then move ahead around the blocks to where you can see the
small maintenance ATC. Try to get a feel for the radar zoom increments and
the actual distance to the targets here. When done, head back to where you
dropped into this level. Jump to the top of the blocks and try to snipe an
ATC 2 from there. You are relatively safe here even if they fire at you,
their "Electron Macro Diffusers" aren"t very accurate. And there are a
couple of health tanks right here. Next, locate the small maintenance ATC
and snipe it until it explodes, leaving the level-1 key-card. Pick the cell
from the cell-fruit tree, then swim to the bottom of the pool for the energy
tank and health tanks. Exit the pool, grab the key and deactivate the force
field. Go through the gate and dispatch the remaining ATC-2/s. Go up the
ramp and practice some "variable jumping" to reach the *bombs* on the fence
and over the door. There"s some ammo under the ramp and health tanks on the
equipment nearby. Sneak into the facility through the tunnel. (Save-point.)
Save your game and go back outside. Practice throwing the time-bombs (High,
low, standing, crouching, over obstacles, bouncing around corners...)
Remember, if you are holding down the fire button, they won"t detonate. When
you feel comfortable with them, load your save and sneak back in. Low on the
wall, just around the corner to the right from the save point, is an air
duct. Enter it, make the first turn then stop about halfway down the long
straight stretch. The maintenance. ATC should be along shortly with the
level-2 key. Once you have that, continue down the shaft for some bombs and
a energy tank. (If the maintenance ATC doesn"t come along, continue on and
chase it down later when you need the key.) After passing through two open
areas, the next one you see will be the end of the duct. Just outside there
will be one or two ATC 2s guarding a recharge station around the corner to
the right. Use your radar to get an idea of their position and slowly
approach the opening. When close, toss out a time bomb or two to frag the
first one. The other is most likely around the corner. Ease out into the
hallway and bounce a bomb off the wall to take it out. Recharge if needed,
then sneak back toward the large open area(left hallway). There should only
be one ATC 2 that isn"t behind a closed door. You can bomb it, or strafe out
and pepper it with the ARC, or use the other hallway to sneak up on it from
behind. Once your done, head upstairs and use the key. The ATC 2 should be
around the corner to the left. Frag or snipe it, then access the data
console and press the two buttons. Grab the cell below the ramp, then go
back the way you came. Practice jumping again to get the goodies on the
beams. (Dark cell, ammo, v-bombs and time-bombs) Then back upstairs yet
again. At the top follow the right wall around to a data console. When it is
accessed, you will have six seconds to get through the door below. (It is
close to the bottom of the ramp.) You have an unlimited number of tries.
Inside you"ll find a reserve tank, a cell and two Twenty-Packs(TP) of
standard missiles. From the door go left into the hallway. Near the end of
the first long stretch, on the left side is the capacitor room. Kill the
ATC-2(or two) inside and take what you can from the stuff he was guarding.
(Ammo, health tanks and a cell.) Exit and continue down the hallway to the
diving tank door on the right. Once inside, press either button to gain
access to the tank proper. Explore the tank for a cell, robo-scrambler and a
cloak. Hit the use key at the door to the outside, to drain the airlock and
exit. Make your way to the subway door(next to the secret area door). Take
out the two ATC 2s inside, grab the

Esoteria [Walkthrough]
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