Command & Conquer - Generals Zero Hour FAQ [Walkthrough]

Command & Conquer - Generals Zero Hour FAQ

                         You thought the war was over.
                               COMMAND & CONQUER
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                               You thought wrong.
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0.00)  General Notes
1.00)  Walkthrough
     1.10)  USA Campaign
          1.11)  Operation:  Global Security
          1.12)  USA Mission 2
          1.13)  Operation:  Snow Fall
          1.14)  Operation:  Black Gold
          1.15)  USA Mission 5
     1.20)  GLA Campaign
          1.21)  GLA Mission 1
          1.22)  Hidden Agenda
          1.23)  On the Waterfront
          1.24)  Jarmen Kell and the Forty Thieves
          1.25)  Sneak Attack
     1.30)  China Campaign
          1.31)  The Dragon Unleashed
          1.32)  Defending the Fire
          1.33)  Liberation
          1.34)  Burning Skies
          1.35)  The Dragon"s Destiny
2.00)  Units
     2.10)  USA Units
     2.20)  GLA Units
     2.30)  China Units
3.00)  Structures
     3.10)  USA Structures
     3.20)  GLA Structures
     3.30)  China Structures
4.00)  Upgrades
     4.10)  USA Upgrades
     4.20)  GLA Upgrades
     4.30)  China Upgrades
5.00)  General"s Powers
     5.10)  USA General"s Powers
     5.20)  GLA General"s Powers
     5.30)  China General"s Powers
6.00)  Generals
     6.10)  General Granger (Air Force)
     6.20)  General Alexander (Super Weapon)
     6.30)  General Townes (Laser)
     6.40)  General Fai (Infantry)
     6.50)  General Tao (Nuke)
     6.60)  General Kwai (Tank)
     6.70)  Dr. Thrax (Toxin)
     6.80)  General Juhziz (Demolition)
     6.90)  Prince Kassad (Stealth)
7.00)  End
     7.01)  Version History
     7.02)  Closing
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|                 |          0.00)  General Notes           |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
NOTE:  The walkthrough is written on Hard mode, which is the hardest difficulty
       setting the game has.  It"s important to note that there are more enemy
       units in each mission during a Hard campaign compared to a lower level
       campaign.  Some defensive structures are also missing in lower
       difficulty levels, so if you read about something in the guide but don"t
       see it during your game, that"s probably why.  Also, your starting units
       and starting money can be different.
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|                    |        1.00)  Walkthrough         |                    |
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|                 |          1.10)  USA  Campaign           |                 |
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|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |   1.11)  Operation:  Global Security    |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
Mission Objectives          Location:  Baikonur Cosmodrome, Southern Kazakhstan
1)  Secure the train depot and destroy surrounding GLA base.
 - Destroy or capture all of the GLA structures around the train depot to
accomplish this goal.  When you approach the depot, you"ll receive some Rangers
and some Missile Defenders from a paratroop plane.  While these aren"t exactly
an overpowering addition to your force, they"ll likely help you in your next
2)  Move units into the train cars.
 - The train has two cars, both of which must be completely full before the
train will start moving.  Load all of your tanks and other vehicles into the
cars, then fill any empty slots with the troops that just paradropped in.
3)  Destroy the GLA base.
 - The train cars will unload north of the GLA base, and more paratroop
reinforcements will arrive.  Clear out every GLA structure in the area, and a
bomber will end the mission for you with a nice little MOAB.
Start by getting the Capture Building upgrade from your barracks, then use two
Rangers to occupy the Oil Derrick and Oil Refinery slightly above and to the
left of your base.  Get the Paladin ability from your General"s point, then
crank out as many Paladins as you can afford.
When they"re done building, arm them with Hellfire Drones and move north,
killing anything you encounter along the way.  Halfway up, you"ll discover an
abandoned group of buildings with some empty Chinese vehicles nearby.  Send a
Ranger into the Overlord, then get the Speaker Tower upgrade on it.  (Also note
that there"re some crates of money north of the Overlord if you"d like to go
get them, though you likely won"t need the money.)
Move your entire group north-west towards the train station, making sure your
Paladins stay in the front (so their lasers will stop rockets).  Crush any
enemy units and buildings you see, and when they"re all gone, you"ll have
control of the train station.  Both train cars need to be completely filled
with your units before the train will move, so stick all of your vehicles in
there, then fill the rest with the paratroopers you just received.
The train will empty slightly north of the GLA base.  Target the Stinger Sites
first, then destroy anything and everything else.  When every GLA structure is
gone, a bomber will fly in and finish the mission for you.
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |          1.12)  USA Mission 2           |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
Mission Objectives                                  Location:  Coast of Somalia
1)  Defend the docks.
 - The main GLA pressure will come from the east, with only minor infantry
groups and a few Scorpions coming from the north.  Fill the buildings on the
east side with Missile Defenders and a Pathfinder, but be warned - rocket
buggies can easily destroy it from out of your range.
2)  Protect the incoming supply trucks.
 - They"ll land one at a time on the beach, then wait in the fenced area until
the rest of them arrive.  Prevent GLA units from destroying them, both during
the landing and during the move to the warehouse.
3)  Secure the warehouse.
 - The supply trucks will move north, then take the upper bridge on their way
east to the warehouse, which is shown on your map.  Move your units through
that area and clear out the bunkers, then cross the bridge and destroy the GLA
forces guarding the warehouse.
4)  Find and Destroy the GLA structures in the mountains.
 - You"ll be given a Construction Dozer, so this won"t be hard.  Get a Command
Center up, then use your General"s points to get the Paladin and the spy drone
abilities.  With the spy drone and your regular satellite ability, you can
easily reveal the entire map slowly.  Use your battleship and carrier to blast
every GLA structure on the map, or use a Paladin pile if you think that method
is too cheap for you.
Send a Pathfinger and a Ranger to the Oil Derrick and the Repair Bay.  Capture
them both with the Ranger, and leave the Pathfinder above the Repair Bay to
defend it from GLA soldiers.  Meanwhile, load the rest of your soldiers into
your Humvees or send them to a building on the east side of your landing area.
The majority of the GLA attack force will come from this side, so stay alert.
Reinforcements will continue to arrive along with the supply trucks.  Gather
everything together (except the Comanches, leave them there for safety) when
the eighth or so truck arrives, and move north.  Clear out the bunkers and
Stinger Sites on the way to the northern bridge, then cross it and eliminate
the GLA forces gathered at the warehouse.  The trucks will follow this path
when they"re all on the beach, so make sure it stays clear until they reach the
Once the trucks have made it to the warehouse, a Construction Dozer will arrive
on your beach.  Bring your forces back to the east side for protection, then
start building your base.  Get the Paladin and spy drone upgrades, and use the
spy drone and your standard satellite scan to reveal sections of the GLA
encampments along the northern edge of the map.  Your battleship and carrier
attacks can literally end the mission for you from here on.  Just keep finding
targets with your spy drone and satellite, and destroy them.
If you want to use a ground force, knock yourself out.  Just watch out for Demo
Traps - they"re spread all around the city and the hills.  Bring a Sentry Drone
or a few scout drones with you so you can see stealth, then destroy the traps
before they wipe you out.
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |      1.13)  Operation:  Snow Fall       |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
Mission Objectives                              Location:  Mount Elbrus, Russia
1)  Destroy the GLA POW camp and rescue the POWs.
 - There"re two sections to the POW camp, both of which will be revealed on
your map.  Eliminate the GLA forces around each half of the camp to free some
2)  Colonel Burton must survive.
 - If he dies, you fail.  Luckilly, he"s nearly invincible unless you attack a
Tunnel Network directly from the front or something...
3)  Move Colonel Burton to the rally point.
 - The rally point is marked with a flare on the mountains in the far north.
Burton just needs to reach the base of that mountain, and a cutscene will take
care of the rest.
Select Colonel Burton and start moving north towards the first POW camp.
Infantry, Technicals, bikes, and even Scorpions are no match for Burton, so
simply blast the crap out of them if they get in range.  The Tunnel Network in
front of the camp isn"t even really that much of a threat, but you should be
careful with it.  If necessary, attack if for a few seconds, then run, wait for
Burton to heal, and attack again.  The Stinger Site in the back of the camp is
no problem, since Burton"s machine gun will slaughter the rocket troops inside
it in no time.
When the camp"s completely clear, some Rangers (and other troops) will come out
of the barracks.  The Rangers are armed with Flash Bangs, so select them all
and switch them over to that ability.  Head south and then east to clear out
the town there, using the Flash Bangs to wipe out the garrisoned houses.  When
you reach the church on the far eastern side, send Burton towards it to rescue
some more friendly soldiers.
Time to raid the second part of the POW camp.  Send Burton north-west towards
the mountains.  He"ll comment on the camp when you get close enough, as will
the computer (about the oil derricks).  Burton suggests climbing over the rocks
to attack the camp from the south, which is fine, but it isn"t really
necessary.  If you"d prefer, you can simply get right up next to the mountains
and attack the western Tunnel Network with Burton.  He"ll usually destroy it
without getting himself killed if you attack from the side, but pay very close
attention to him just to be careful.  If it looks like he"s not going to make
it, retreat and attack again after he"s healed.
Destroy the Arms Dealer structure after that, then run in and take care of the
Radar Van and Rebel.  The building on the west side is garrisoned, so send
Burton into the building next to it for protection while he destroys it.  Once
it"s gone, take him out and send him into the identical building on the other
side of the camp, where he can easily take out the garrisoned guard tower and
the Stinger Site.
When all GLA forces are gone, more Rangers will come out of the camp barracks.
Use four of them to take the three Paladins and the Microwave Tank, then make
your way north into the mountains.  The Microwave tank can paralyze base
defenses from a distance, so use it to shut down Stinger Sites and Tunnel
Networks, then send in the Paladins to finish the job.  Be careful though - the
first tunnel network you attack will have vehicles and units in it.
When you clear out the defenses at the foot of the mountain, send Burton to the
area near the flare, and a cutscene will finish the mission for you.
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |      1.14)  Operation:  Black Gold      |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
Mission Objectives                          Location:  Amisbad Oil Fields, Iran
1)  Destroy the GLA base.
 - You"ll need to destroy every non-defensive structure to complete this
objective.  The only part that"s even remotely hard is the Scud Storm.  You"ll
be spending most of your effort trying to defend your base.
Speed is definitely the most important part of this mission.  You"ll need to
move fast, or you won"t have a chance.  Build a power plant with one dozer
while the second dozer removes the demo trap and booby trap from the eastern
oil derrick.  Use Burton to destroy the other two demo traps, then have the
dozer remove the other derrick"s booby trap when it"s done with the first.
Start building a supply depot near the supplies as soon as the power plant is
finished, and send a Humvee full of Rangers down the the derricks.  Capture
them both, then send the Humvee, a dozer, Burton, and a Pathfinder over the
bridge to the west (slowly, there"s a demo trap on the other side).
Keep two of the remaining pathfinders near the pair of derricks in your base,
but send the other three towards your Humvee pile.  Terrorists are going to
constantly attack your base from the north and north-west, so keep the
Pathfinders positioned accordingly.  Start building a ring of Patriots when you
can, but don"t neglect your power in the process.  Use your Avenger to cover
the Patriots on the north-west of your base, since Scuds and rocket buggies
will attack from the bridge there.
Meanwhile, you need to constantly keep your group on the west side of the
bridge moving.  Use the Pathfinder to find demo traps, and have the dozer
remove them as well as the booby traps on the first five oil derricks you
reach.  Send Burton south under the mountain range, where you"ll find a group
of money crates ripe for the taking.  Continue moving him west, and he"ll free
a CIA agent, which you"ll be able to use.  Send them both back to your base
when you"re done gathering the money crates.
Capture the five derricks you cleared, then retreat your forces to your base.
Concentrate on defending your base now.  Patriots combined with a few Avengers
and some Pathfinders is the ultimate defense, so build a Command Center, War
Factory, and Strategy Center, then start defending.  Don"t spend any of your
General"s points, though - you"ll want the level three A-10 strike as soon as
you can possibly get it.
Once you make it to level three, get the level three A-10 ability, then use
your satellite to scan north of the mountains above the lake.  You"ll find a
Scud Storm, so send the A-10s at it.  They"ll recharge before the Scud Storm
does, so send them a second time to completely remove that threat.
With the Scud Storm gone, you"re free to concentrate on defending your base.
When you"re comfortable that nothing can penatrate it, start building a group
of Paladins (with an Avenger or two).  Send them north over the bridge, always
leading with the Pathfinder to find demo traps.  Watch out for the towers in
the town - the rocket troops inside them can shred your tanks if you"re not
careful.  (Pick them off with some Tomahawks if you"d like.)
Clear a path to the entrance of the GLA base with your group, then sit back and
level the place with Tomahawks while the Paladins and Avengers defend.  If you
ever get your Pathfinder killed, make sure to replace him quickly - terrorists
can cause serious problems without the cover of a pathfinder.
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |          1.15)  USA Mission 5           |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
Mission Objectives                      Location:  Dr. Thrax"s Toxin Facilities
1)  Capture the 4 Toxin Missile Silos before they launch.
 - Two are on the right side along the top of the map, the other two are on the
left side.  Note that as soon as the GLA finds a ground unit of yours in their
base, you"ll only have half an hour to take the silos.  Avoid getting ground
units near their base if you"d like more time.
Start by building a pair or power plants, then get a supply depot going near
the supply pile.  A barracks and a few Patriots/Firebases should be your next
priority, followed by the capture building upgrade and at least one Ranger.
Send him east to the GLA base and have him capture both oil derricks.  When he
gets close enough to the GLA base, you"ll be given control of it.
Two more oil derricks are on the west side of your base.  When you have an
airfield built, start building Comanches and use them to defend the west side
of your base (and the oil derricks).  Crank out four or five Quad Cannons from
a GLA Arms Dealer, then send them to the top of your American base with your
Patriots/Firebases.  These will help destroy the plane that drops the toxin
Build a particle cannon when you get the chance, and a Scud Storm if you have
the money.  A few Aurora bombers on your airfield won"t hurt either.  Get the
level three A-10 strike with your General"s points as well - you"ll likely want
it to help destroy the enemy Scud Storm.
Once the enemy Scud Storm is revealed on your map, wait until you have at least
two powerful attacks to send at it (A-10s, particle cannon, scud storm, or some
Auroras if necessary), then send them both at the same time to ensure its
destruction.  With it out of the way, you"re free to sit back in your base and
plot the destruction of the entire GLA base.
Mass particle cannons or Scud Storms work well, or you can take the ground
approach and send a wave of Paladins, Avengers, and Quad Cannons up there.
That"s not the best of ideas, though, since you"ll only have half an hour to
capture the silos as soon as the enemy spots one of your ground units in their
base.  The better option is to use your super weapons and Auroras to knock out
as many GLA structures as possible, then send in the ground force when you"re
Make sure you bring something that can see stealth when you approach the silos,
since there"ll be some demo traps on the ground.  Eliminate everything from
around them, then use your rebel ambush ability from the GLA Command Center to
get some infantry, which you can use to capture the silos.  (Or you can just
send some Rangers up there somehow, I just find it a tad easier to use the
rebel ambush.)
Capture all four silos, and the mission will be over regardless of any
surviving GLA structures.
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |          1.21)  GLA Mission 1           |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
Mission Objectives                               Location:  Outside the city...
1)  Escort GLA leader to airstrip.
 - The limo needs to reach the plane on the airfield in the north-west corner.
Clear a path using your vehicles, then send the limo when it"s safe.
2)  GLA leader must survive.
 - If the limo gets destroyed, you lose.  Keep it safely behind your vehicles.
Leave the limo where it starts, then grab your vehicles and move south-east
along the path.  Only light enemy resistance is waiting for you, so simply
push through.  More bikes will join you when you cross the bridge, and you"ll
be advised to find an alternate route past the enemy camp, though it"s not
really necessary.  Just crush the camp with your vehicles to reach the other
side, then send the limo up to your position in the GLA base.
Repair the base, then crank out a small group of Scorpions (with the Scorpion
Rocket upgrade, of course).  Continue west when you have six or so of them, and
bring your remaining light vehicles too.  A small base stands between you and
the airfield, but only two Firebases defend it.  Level the place, making sure
there aren"t any surviving units around.  Send the limo to the plane on the
airfield, and this simple mission is complete.
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |          1.22)  Hidden Agenda           |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
Mission Objectives                       Location:  Somewhere near Cairo, Egypt
1)  Capture the Command Center in the city.
 - You"ll find this command center in the very north-east corner of the map.
Capturing it will give you the GPS scrambler ability.  Be careful when you
clear out the enemy units and structures from around it - you don"t want to
accidentally blow it up.
2)  Capture the Command Center across the river.
 - Crossing the bridge might prove a tad difficult, since the other side is
covered in demo traps, soldiers, vehicles, and Hijackers.  A group of Scud
Launchers armed with toxin missiles works wonders for clearing the place out,
especially when combined with several radar vans so you can reveal any stealth
units and buildings.
3)  Destroy or capture Kassad"s main Command Center.
 - Capturing the second command center will give you the sneak attack ability,
and it"ll also trigger Kassad"s Scud Storm countdowns.  Use your radar van
scout ability to reveal stealthed units and structures on the clearing above
the second command center, then use your Scuds to clear the place out.  Deploy
the sneak attack in the cleared area, then send a group of Scorpions through
the tunnel along with your Scuds.  Use them to destroy the command center in
the middle of the water, and the mission"s over.
Start building a supply depot as close to the supply pile as possible, then
build a barracks and an arms dealer.  Try to build to the west, not to the
north - it"s much easier to defend if you stay as far south as possible.  Two
Tunnel Networks should be your first priority, since terrorists and stealthed
units will be the biggest threats.  Leave room for a Palace between them,
though, since that"ll be your main defense.  Load the Palace with four rocket
soldiers and a Jarmen Kell as soon as you can build one, then get the fortified
structures upgrade along with the capture building upgrade.
Several Scorpions with the Scorpion Rocket ability should be enough to defend
the south entrance to your base.  Take the oil derrick as soon as possible, but
watch out for the sniper in the building on the edge of the small town closest
to your base.  Protect the derrick at all cost - it"s a vital source of income.
Once your base is secure, your next goal should be to completely seal the GLA
on the other side of the river, which you can accomplish by defending the
bridge on the top part of the map.  Thankfully, only the river bank is lined
with demo traps, but the city does have quite a few snipers.  You"ll want to
seek them out and slaughter them all, or your infantry will meet an unfortunate
end.  I suggest mass Scorpions to get a foothold on the bridge, then send a few
Technicals loaded with rocket soldiers and your Jarmen Kell.  Stick them in
the civilian buildings closest to the bridge, then stick a few workers behind
the buildings to keep them repaired.
When you have a strong hold on the bridge, use your radar van search feature in
conjunction with some Scud Launchers to clear the area around the GLA Command
Center in the north-east corner of the map.  Don"t destroy the command center,
though, since you"ll need to take control of it to complete the first mission
objective.  Once you capture it, you"ll have the GPS scrambler ability, which
you can use to turn some of your units into stealth units.
Next up is the command center on the other side of the river.  The approach to
it can be a little rough, since the place is laced with demo traps, vehicles,
soldiers, and worst of all, Hijackers.  Personally, I armed my Scuds with toxin
missiles, then force-fired on the ground to slaughter the infantry.  It works
wonders, but remember that the toxin will also hurt your Scorpions and other
You"ll find the command center on the western edge of the clearing, where it
turns to hills.  Capturing it will give you the sneak attack ability, but it
also starts a Scud Storm countdown.  Before you capture the command center, use
your radar van search feature to scout the hills to the north.  There"s no
direct land route, so you"ll be forced to use the sneak attack.  First, though,
you"ll want to use your Scuds to destroy the enemy units and structures, since
they"ll decimate your sneak attack tunnel if you don"t destroy them before you
launch the attack.
When you"ve cleared a suitable deploy zone, stick a group of Scorpions and your
Scuds into a tunnel network structure, then use the sneak attack tunnel to
reach the clearing you just made.  All you need to do to finish the mission is
destroy the final command center in the middle of the water, which you can do
from a distance with your Scuds.
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |        1.23)  On the Waterfront         |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
Mission Objectives                                      Location:  Malta, Crete
1)  Capture the USA Particle Cannon to the East.
 - Your troops start with the capture building upgrade.  Use the Quad Cannon to
clear the Rangers on the path, then send two Hijackers to capture the Paladin.
Continue to the east with the Paladin and the Quad Cannon, using the Paladin"s
point defense laser to defend the Quad Cannon from enemy rocket soldiers.
Once all of the Rangers around the Particle Cannon are dealt with, take it.
2)  Capture the USA Power Plants.
 - Once you have the Particle Cannon, you"ll be shown a new tunnel network on
the next island.  Send your forces through your other tunnel and pop out on the
other side, then assault the base to the west.  Use Jarmen Kell and the other
forces in that base to attack the US base north-east of there, and capture a
few power plants from it.
3)  Locate the Aircraft Carrier in the Southeast.
 - You"ll have to island-hop your way around the map, eventually ending up on
continent farthest to the east.  You"ll be able to see the carrier from the
southern edge of that island.  Hit it with the particle cannon to end the
Four Rangers are on patrol to the north-east, so use your Quad Cannon to kill
them from a distance.  Grab a pair of Hijackers and have them take the Paladin,
then send the Paladin and the Quad Cannon towards the Particle Cannon.  The
Paladin"s point defense laser should help defend you against missile defenders,
but you"ll still want to target them first.  Once all enemy infantry are
eliminated, have a Rebel capture the particle cannon.  Send all other units
back to the tunnel network.
When you capture the particle cannon, a second tunnel network will appear on
the next island to the north.  Send your units through and head north to take
out the Tomahawk before it escapes, then head west and eliminate the trio of
Crusaders (capture them with any Hijackers you have left if possible).  Take
control of this small base, then send Rebels into the abandoned vehicles in
the area (make sure to pick up the upgrade crates with your Quad Cannons, too).
Move Jarmen Kell and all of your other units away from the structures as fast
as possible, or you risk losing them to an A-10 strike.
Your next target is the small base to the north.  Another group of Crusaders
is guarding the front, so pick them off with Jarmen Kell.  For some reason,
Jarmen will only need two shots to destroy each of the Firebases, so take care
of those while you"re there.  Take the sniped Crusaders with some Rebels, then
send Jarmen back down to the Particle Cannon.  You"ll need him to defend
against paratroopers.
Capture several power plants from the base, then take a look at the north end
of the large island north-west of the power plants.  Use your first Particle
Cannon blast to wipe out the two highest Patriots, then use your tunnel network
to send any surviving tanks you have up there.  Don"t send the Quad Cannons,
though - you"ll want those to stay on the east side of the power plants so they
can defend against enemy planes.
Protect your new base structures from the tanks and infantry in the area, most
of which will come from the east side of the island.  Start constructing a base
near the two supply piles, but stay far enough away from the third Patriot to
prevent it from firing at you.  As soon as you have an Arms Dealer, start
cranking out mass amounts of Quad Cannons.  Send a group down to the particle
cannon to defend it, and send another group to reinforce the ones guarding
your power plants.  Keep a group on the east coast of this new island, too,
since planes will try to attack from there.
The islands to your west aren"t really all that interesting, so concentrate on
the final island to the east instead.  A group of about twenty Scorpions with
some Quad Cannons should be plenty to make it down to the carrier, especially
if you used the particle cannon to clear out the base before you deployed your
next tunnel network.
Make your way to the very south end of this island, where you"ll find a
decently sized enemy base.  Destroy it, then get as close to the south end of
the island as possible to find the carrier.  Hit any part of it with a particle
cannon blast to end the mission.
|               -----------------------------------------------               |
|              |                                               |              |
|              |   1.24)  Jarmen Kell and the Forty Thieves    |              |
|              |                                               |              |
|               -----------------------------------------------               |
Mission Objectives                Location:  Western USA Coastal Toxic Facility
1)  Team 1:  Take the ferry to the beach.
 - The ferry"s mechanics are a little odd, so be patient when you tell units to
board it.  Once you"ve got something loaded, highlight the ferry and use the
button on the bottom-right to make it move to the other side of the water.
2)  Team 2:  Obtain a Radar Van.
 - There"s a trio of abandoned Technicals near your starting location, so take
control of them.  Grab two of the nearby upgrade piles with each of them, then
use them to destroy the three patrolling Humvees in the city.  The Radar Van is
just slightly south of the bridge.
3)  Team 2:  Garrison the Valve Station.
 - After using the radar van to clear the mine field and advance Team 1 to the
north, you"ll be prompted to use the valve station to drain the water from the
secret route.  Use Jarmen Kell to approach the bridge from the north, where
you"ll find a pair of Tomahawks as well as a group of GLA prisoners.  Snipe the
Tomahawks with Jarmen, then free the prisoners.  Take the Tomahawks and use
them to destroy the forces defending the bridge.  Stick an infantry unit from
Team 2 into the flashing valve station to complete the objective.
4)  Team 1:  Destroy the Airfield.
 - You"ll want to move fast with this.  Perhaps the best option is to load two
Terrorists into some of the abandoned cars in the area, then send them to the
5)  Team 2:  Destroy the Power Plants.
 - Before you do this, you"ll want to wipe out the line of bunkers guarding the
route.  Capture some of the abandoned Toxin Tractors using Team 1, then use
them to kill the garrisoned units in the bunkers.  Move slowly, one bunker at a
time, and you should be able to clear them all out with a single tractor.  Move
Team 2 to the power plants when the bunkers are dealt with, and CAPTURE them
all.  Sell them to get a little money, which you can use later.
6)  Capture the Toxin Facility.
 - Using Jarmen and some Toxin Tractors, clear the garrisoned buildings in the
city on the way to the facility.  Clear the bunkers with the tractors, then
approach the facility.
7)  Transport the Toxins to the Airport.
 - Three transport trucks will appear.  You"ll need to send them to the toxin
facility to gather toxins, which they"ll take to the transport plane.
Use Jarmen Kell to snipe the three vehicles near your starting position, then
take them and move all of your units towards the ferry.  The ferry"s mechanics
are a tad odd - select your units and tell them to board the ferry, but be
patient.  They all enter one by one using a set path, and it takes a while.
Once it"s fully loaded, select it and use the button in the bottom-right corner
of its menu to move it to the other side of the water.
Use the disembarck button to eject your units.  Send the ferry back to the
other side of the water, grab your other units, and send them to the east side.
By now you"re well aware of the minefield in front of you, so switch to Team 2
in the south.  Take the three Technicals to the east, then have each one grab
two of the upgrade crates a little farther to the east.  (Also, have a Rebel
take the hospital.)
Use the three upgraded Technicals to wipe out the three patrolling Humvees in
the city (and free the infantry forces on the east side in the process).  The
Radar Van is waiting for you on the south side of the bridge, so take control
of it.
Thankfully, it doesn"t have the usual thirty second delay on it, so you"ll be
able to search constantly with it.  Use it in conjunction with your stolen
Humvees and Crusader to wipe out the minefield, then move north to the other
side.  Send Jarmen Kell east, sniping the Paladin and infantry there.  Send him
down the path to snipe the Ambulance and the two Tomahawks, then free the
imprisoned GLA soldiers.  Take both Tomahawks and use them to blast the
Patriots above the bridge.
Use Hijackers from Team 2 to take the Crusaders, then send an infantry unit
into the flashing valve station to drain the water near Team 1.  Send two
Terrorists from Team 1 into nearby abandoned cars, then send them towards the
airfield to destroy it.  Cross the drained area with Team 1 now, and then take
control of all of the abandoned Toxin Tractors on the other side.  Use them to
carefully wipe out the row of garrisoned bunkers by the bridge.  If you attack
from the west side and hit them one by one, you shouldn"t even lose a single
tractor (assuming you let it repair between strikes, of course).
With the bunkers gone, Team 2 is free to move east towards the power plants.
Capture them all with Rebels, then sell them - you can use the cash later.
Move Team 2 north through the narrow road, then stop at the abandoned Battle
Buses.  Meanwhile, move Team 1 north-west through the city, using the tractors
to wipe out the garrisoned civilian buildings as well as the bunkers.  Free the
group of trapped GLA soldiers on the west side, then move north and deal with
any remaining bunkers.
Approach the toxin facility and capture the Barracks on the west side.  Build
as many rocket troops as you can, then concentrate on clearing the bunkers
south of the facility with your tractors.  Use the trucks you"re given to
transport toxin samples from the facility to the plane on the airfield.
Enemy forces will try to stop you.  Stick some rocket soldiers in the bunker
south of the artillery platform, and keep the rest of your forces next to the
toxin facility.  Jarmen Kell can snipe quite a few vehicles, so be ready to
take them with Rebels whenever possible.  Don"t take your eye off of the plane,
either, as enemy units will sometimes sneak over there.
Once the trucks have loaded fifteen samples onto the plane, the mission"s over.
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |           1.25)  Sneak Attack           |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
Mission Objectives                      Location:  US Central Command
------------------                                 Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Germany
1)  Eliminate the southern US Support base.
 - Ignore the prisoners in the support base.  If they die, their friends will
join your fight anyway.  Just level the place with a pair of SCUD Storms, then
deal with what survived later in the mission.
2)  Eliminate the main US base to the north-east.
 - Once you have a firm hold on your corner of the map, mass Scud Storms are by
far the easiest way to deal with the main base.  Use Radar Van scans to reveal
the base, then pick good targets.  The huge pile of power plants in the north
west corner of the base is good, as are any of the three particle cannons (one
in the bottom-right corner, one in the middle near the top, and one slightly
east of the bridge on the west side).
[NOTE:  This mission"s objectives aren"t really as well-done as previous
        missions...  they"re not even really stated on the screen like usual.
        I"ve just decided to list those two parts, since that"s all you really
        need to do.]
If you"re playing this mission on the hardest difficultly setting, it"ll
actually be one of the most challenging missions in the game.  You"ll need to
be extremely fast, and you"ll need to do a fair deal of multi-tasking.
Start by building a supply depot with one of your two GLA workers next to the
small pile west of their starting position.  Have the second one build a
Barracks above your Chinese Command Center (sell both bunkers first, they won"t
be necessary).  For this strategy to work, you"re going to need to conserve
space in your base, so keep things tight.
As soon as the supply depot finishes, build two more Workers with it and make
sure the one you built it with is collecting supplies.  Build an Arms Dealer
west of the Barracks when it"s finished, then build a Palace directly south of
the tower in the north-east corner of your base (make sure the Palace is facing
due east).  Man it with five rocket guys, and get the Capture Building upgrade.
Build a Combat Cycle from your Arms dealer, then send it north along the west
side of the map.  You"ll find an oil derrick and an oil refinery, so eject the
driver and capture both structures.  Continue north with the Rebel to find
another derrick with some money on the ground next to it.
Keep a close eye on your money.  As soon as it reaches five thousand, start
building a SCUD Storm on the left side of your base, and remember to conserve
as much space as possible.  Meanwhile, take one of the combat cycles you start
with and head slightly north, then due east.  You"ll pass another derrick, but
ignore it for now.  Instead, grab the money crates east of it, then drive
through the GLA base in the middle of the map and keep heading east.
Make your way all the way to the east, then move south to find a group of hills
in the corner.  Follow the path in the hills to collect even more money crates,
but do it fast - US forces will likely be right on your tail.  Use this money
to build more SCUD Storms.  You"ll want six or so of them.
By now you likely have enough General"s points to get the level three cash
bounty, so do so.  Use your fourth point to get the level one rebel ambush,
then drop Rebels onto the island in the north-west corner of the map, which you
should be able to see thanks to the oil derrick you captured near it.  Use the
Rebels to capture the four oil derricks here.
By now you should"ve noticed the enemy particle cannons, so if you don"t
already have a Black Market, build one (along with some Radar Vans).  Get the
radar scan ability from the black market, then use the scans to reveal sections
of the US base in the north.  The first particle cannon they complete will be
near the center of their base, close to the top of the screen (the satellite
hack ability from the Chinese Internet Center will show this one to you).  The
second one that gets completed is in the very south-east corner of their base,
and the third is slightly east of the bridge on the west side of their base.
The particle cannons should be your primary concern, but don"t neglect the US
base closest to yours.  If you"re fast enough, your first two SCUD storms
should be ready way before the US has time to get their Particle Cannons ready,
and you"ll be able to use them to obliterate the support base.  If the GLA
POWs get killed, it doesn"t matter - the town to the north will still join you.
With your SCUD storms secured and the particle cannon threat under control,
your new primary concern is to defend your base against aircraft.  Mass produce
Quad Cannons, building a second Arms Dealer if necessary.  (You should have
plenty of money thanks to the derricks and the Cash Bounty ability.)  Continue
mass-producing Quad Cannons and Scorpions until you"ve pretty much wiped out
the main base with your Scud Storms, then send a large group of Scorpions and
Quads to the bridge on the west side of the US base.
Despite the warning, it"s not necessary to use a sneak attack.  Just cross the
bridge with overwhelming numbers, preferably after taking out their power with
your Scud Storms.  Destroy every non-defensive US structure to end the mission
(making note of the smaller base south of the water on the east side).
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |       1.31)  The Dragon Unleashed       |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
Mission Objectives                      Location:  Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Germany
1)  Eliminate all GLA forces in this region.
 - As usual, this means all non-defensive structures.  The paths leading to the
base in the north are lined with demo traps, so be careful.  You"ll also want
to use your artillery and carpet bomber to take care of the Stinger Sites along
the bottom of the base before you send your tanks in.
Build a power plant, barracks, and supply depot, then a War Factory and a
Propaganda Center.  Build a Propaganda Tower on the top of the Overlord, then
send it to the east with the two Listening Outposts and a Troop Crawler.  Move
slowly, detonating demo traps whenever you see them.  Turn south on the other
side of the gap and capture the US buildings there.  Get the Flash Bang upgrade
from the Barracks, then train a few Rangers.
Continue moving east along the bottom of the map, then turn north on the far
eastern side of the map.  Capture the GLA vehicles below the town if you"d
like, and definitely take control of the oil derrick and the oil refinery.
Assault the town between you and the bridge next, using your Rangers to Flash
Bang the garrisoned buildings.  Continue moving west now, all the way to the
main section of town.
Clear out the town, making sure to capture the oil derrick and the repair bay.
If your base is being attacks, build a group of Battlemasters and get the
Nationalism upgrade from your Propaganda Center.  Set the Battlemasters on
guard mode, then build a Propaganda Tower or two near them to keep them
repaired.  Concentrate on building as many Battlemasters (and some Gattling
Tanks) as possible now.
Meanwhile, use your General"s points to get the carpet bomber and the artillery
barrage as soon as possible.  Move your tank pile north along the west side of
the map (avoiding demo traps when necessary).  When you reach the path leading
to the GLA-occupied base, make sure it"s free of demo traps, then cross it to
get a look at its defenses.  As soon as you see a Stinger Site, launch your
carpet bomber and retreat your tanks.
The goal is to take out the Stingers before you assault the base.  Use your
artillery as well, and drop cluster mines to thin out the vehicles (as well as
scout further into the base).  Once the Stingers are gone, move your pile in
and wipe the place out.  If your first wave gets decimated, consider bringing
some Inferno Cannons with you in your second rush.  Their long-range attack can
help weed out enemy units before they reach your tanks, and they work wonders
against infantry.
Destroy every non-defensive GLA-controlled structure to end the mission.
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |       1.32)  Defending the Fire         |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
Mission Objectives                Location:  Weapons Production Facility, China
1)  Defend the Reactor and Storage Bunkers.  They must not be captured or
 - The timer in the lower-right part of your screen represents the time before
your reinforcements arrive.  Build several more Supply Trucks and have two
collect supplies from each of the two supply piles.  Since all you can build
right now is infantry, crank out Tank Hunters like crazy.  The enemy will
attack all four corners of your base, so make sure defend them all.
2)  Destroy all GLA forces in the region.
 - When your reinforcements arrive, you"ll be given a dozer.  Use it to finish
building a full base, then assault the four GLA bases in the corners of the
map.  (Watch out for demo traps on the paths.)
Your first objective should be to get two supply trucks running from each
supply pile.  Crank out Tank Hunters after that, and make sure all of your
bunkers are completely filled with them.  You"ll need to defend all four
corners of your base from constant GLA attacks until the timer runs out, so
you"ll want plenty of Tank Hunters.
You"ll be told about the neutron shells your Nuke Cannons are armed with, and
you should definitely try to make use of them.  When you see a group of GLA
forces approaching your base, select the closest Nuke Cannon and try to force
fire a neutron shell so it lands in the path of the attack.  It"ll kill
infantry instantly, and you"ll be able to steal the vehicles with your own
troops.  Just remember to stop force-firing with the cannon, or you"ll kill
your own guy with the next shell.
When the timer runs out, you"ll be given some reinforcements, including a
dozer.  Use it to build a War Factory, then crank out a group of Battlemasters
to strengthen your defenses.  Get a Propaganda Center, then put Propaganda
Towers near your defensive zones to keep your troops and vehicles healthy.
Make sure you get both upgrades from the Propaganda Center, too.
Get the carpet bomber, artillery barrage, and cluster mines from your General"s
points, then use a Helix to scout any of the four corners of the map.  Use
your new abilities to weaken one of the GLA bases while you build even more
Battlemasters and some Gattling Tanks to go with them.  (Note that you"ll need
to build a Command Center before you can use your General"s powers.)
The paths to the GLA bases are lined with demo traps, so use a Helix armed with
a Gattling Cannon to scout ahead and destroy them.  After that, send in a mixed
wave of Battlemasters and Gattling Tanks to destroy the four bases one by one.
A Helix with a Propaganda Tower on it will help keep your vehicles healthy
during the assault, but watch out for Quad Cannons.
Repeat this same process for all four GLA bases.  If you start to run low on
money, move a dozer to one of the destroyed GLA bases and collect supplies from
one of their supply piles.  You can also capture their oil derricks.
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |           1.33)  Liberation             |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
Mission Objectives                                   Location:  Coburg, Germany
1)  Destroy the GLA statues to liberate the city.  Our International Opinion
    will fall until we succeed.
 - There are six scattered through the city, one of which is all the way up in
the northern part of the map.  Destroying one will boost your international
support rating - let your rating fall to zero, and you lose.
If you"re playing this on the Hard difficulty setting, you"re in for one hell
of a mission.  With a strict limitation on what units you can build and an
even more strict monetary limit, you"ll need to move as fast as possible to win
this one.
Start by dropping a power plant and barracks, and blow up the demo trap near
your base while you"re waiting.  Make the hackers start their hacking, then
build a supply depot below the lower supply pile and a War Factory above your
Command Center.  Spread your Gattling Tanks around your base, one in the lower
left, lower right, and upper left.  GLA Rebel Ambushes will try to steal your
buildings, so you"ll want to be ready.  It"s not a bad idea to put a Gattling
Cannon a little to the right of your supply depot, either, since Technicals
like to try and hit your supply depot from there.
Get a second supply depot running under the second supply pile as fast as you
can, and have the five Battlemasters guard the area a little above the pile.
By now, Scorpions are probably attacking you in one or more places, so take
care of them without getting in range of the Stinger Sites on the edge of the
city.  Watch out for the demo trap closer to the city, too.
A second War Factory between your first one and the upper supply pile will
enable you to build vehicles faster, so I recommend you build one.  Start
cranking out about fifteen Listenning Outposts after that, then solid
Battlemasters.  Take seven or so Battlemasters along with a Listenning Outpost
towards the city now, and take care of the three Stinger Sites around the
closest statue to your base.  Watch out for demo traps while you"re doing it,
there"re all over the place in the city.  Take down the statue once the area"s
clean, then retreat the tanks to your base and repair any that got damaged.
The key to this mission is your Listenning Outposts, and if you failed to build
any, you"ll soon discover why they"re so important.  The GLA"s going to send
rocket buggies and SCUD Launchers galore at your base, and they"ll hit you from
out of your range.  Due to their lack of Radar Vans, though, they won"t be able
to see your Listenning Outposts.  Line the edge of the city with Listenning
Outposts, and they"ll pick off those nasty buggies and SCUDs before they get
the chance to reduce your Battlemasters to a pile of toxic goo.
But lining the edge closest to your base isn"t good enough - you"ll want to
line the entire left side of the city, as well as the left side of the top.
Why?  The assault on the northern-most statue is by far the hardest part of the
mission, and if you don"t block the GLA from reaching the left side of the map
while your tanks are moving up there, they"ll hit you with SCUDs and rocket
buggies constantly, wiping out literally thirty or more Battlemasters before
they even reach the top of the city.  Line the city with Listenning Outposts,
though, and they"ll pick them off before they get the chance to slaughter you.
With your Listenning Outposts set up properly, you should make sure you"ve been
building Battlemasters this whole time.  When your approval counter reachs five
or so, gather your Battlemasters and head east underneath the city.  Your
target is the southern-most statue, so turn up when you reach it.  Ignore any
and all GLA forces that try to stop you, since your tanks will fire at them
automatically.  Destroy the statue, then take out any holes left over from
Stinger Sites, since your tanks won"t automatically fire at those.
The worst part about this assault are the demo traps and SCUDs.  If you see a
SCUD, don"t stop moving.  If you"re close enough, destroy it.  If not, ignore
it for now and head north instead.  Your target now is the statue directly
above the one you just destroyed.  Stay as far away from the edge of the city
as possible, since it"s heavilly mined.  Take out the stingers and the statue,
then run south-east and deal with any SCUDs that might be hitting you.
Take out the next statue here, then move north past the supply pile and then
back down through the small section of town from above it.  You need to take
out that statue, but if you fail, don"t give up hope.  It"s still quite
possible to win the mission later (though you"re MUCH better off if you can get
all five of the city ones gone in a single rush).
The final statue is by far the worst one to destroy, since it"s surrounded by
garrisoned buildings in a very tight area.  You"ll want to build five or six
Dragon Tanks to accompany your last Battlemaster rush.  Make them team two and
the Battlemasters team one.  Continue buidling as many Battlemasters as
possible until your counter reaches five again, then rush all of your
Battlemasters north along the west side of the map.  The tunnel network above
your base usually spouts a bunch of crap, so deal with it as fast as possible.
As your Battlemasters move north, follow them closely with your Dragon Tanks at
all times.  At least one needs to survive to make it into the final statue"s
area to clear the garrisoned buildings.
If your Listenning Outposts are still in place, you"ll be able to reach the
right turn with little or no resistance.  Once you turn right though, a wave of
GLA vehicles will try to stop you from entering the final statue"s area.  Use
your Frenzy ability now, and blast your way through.  Keep the Dragon Tanks in
the back of the pile until you"re ready to move east towards the statue, then
move them north along the top of the buildings.  Use them to torch the
two garrisoned buildings on this side of the statue, then rush your tanks
through the gap and destroy the statue.  It doesn"t matter if you lose all of
your vehicles in the process, since this is either your last or second to last
The mission"s over if it was your last statue.  If not, you"ll need to make a
final rush towards the eastern-most statue.  Hopefully you"ve been building
more Battlemasters with what little money you have left...  Sell your supply
depots, barracks, and one of the war factories, since none of them will really
be useful at this point.  Every dollar helps.  Wait until the timer reaches
five again so you have as many tanks as possible, then take the exact same
route you used last time to reach the statue and destroy it.
Note:  The level three emergency repair General"s power can be a life saver in
       this mission, since it"ll completely heal quite a few Battlemasters at
       once.  I suggest getting level one Frenzy with your fourth point, which
       will make a huge section of your tanks more powerful for a while.
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |          1.34)  Burning Skies           |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
Mission Objectives                              Location:  Halberstadt, Germany
1)  Prevent all GLA forces from leaving the area.
 - If a single unit makes it to the edge of the map, you lose.  They"ll come in
six waves, and you"ll be shown where they"re headed for the first five.  The
sixth wave will come from two areas, but it won"t really matter since you
should already have all three exits covered.
This mission"s a cakewalk compared to the previous mission.  GLA forces will
appear in six waves, and your objective is to make sure not a single unit makes
it off the map.  You"ll need to cover three exits - the one on top of the
screen and both of the ones on the right side.
Start by buildinga a second supply truck and sending your troop crawlers north
to the oil derrick (and capture it).  Build bunkers on all three of your
Helixes, then start building fifteen Tank Hunters.  Get Gattling Cannons on
both Overlords, then send them along 

Command & Conquer - Generals Zero Hour FAQ [Walkthrough]
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