Acamar Rising [Cheat]

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Acamar Rising

Submitted by Haspa
hold down NTAC at the same time to unlock all weapons. 
hold down BLU at the same time to get super speed.
They only work in the full version not the demo.
Submitted by: conner54
Enter one of the following codes during game play in the full version of the 
Result        Code 
All weapons - N + T + A + C  
Super speed - B + L + U

Achtung Spitfire! [Cheat]

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Achtung Spitfire!

Cheat Codes:
Start a game with the param "-cool" and you"ll get unlimited lives!

Pilots and aces:
You can choose a bunch of pilots and turn them into aces, then they
gain more accuracy and it"s easier to acomplish missions, when they
reach full ace status , rotate pilots and use the others to give the
aces a rest, but built a squadron with at least one ace. An ace can 
in most cases be the difference in a dogfight, but use them wisely.

1701 A.D. [Cheat]

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1701 A.D.

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM
Rename your warehouse to one of the following case-sensitive 
names to activate the cheat function. 
Result          Code	
BonanzaCreek  - 100,000 gold.
Linlithgow    - Warehouse filled with tools.
SiliconValley - All (current) research completed when you build.
                the correct building.
ParadiseCity  - Warehouse filled with all custom goods your people
                need to stay happy.
MariaDelTule  - Plant trees and other plants using the pipette.

Age of Wonders [Cheat]

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Age of Wonders

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by RickHH
First, start the game with the command line parameter of beatrix.
You may do this by modifying your shortcut to the game. Your game
directories may vary from our example. 
(ie: "C:Age of Wondersaow.exe" beatrix)
Then you may press [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + C (you should hear a PING
noise) while playing to enter the following cheats: 
Code          Result 
gold        - 1000 Gold Pieces.
mana        - 1000 Mana Crystals.
fog         - Toggle Fog on/off.
explore     - Toggle Exploration.
spells      - Research All Spells.
win         - Completes the Level.
lose        - Lose the Level.
freemove    - Free Movement.
towns       - Ownership of All ndependent Towns.
research    - Research ALl Spells.
ah teer     - All spells and extra gold.

* The AI is attracted to your hero in tactical combat. Use your hero to
  lure enemy units into a killing zone of ranged fire. For nonhero fights,
  this trick works with a ranged unit out front. Retreat your siege engines
  from combat as soon as the wall is breached. They are too expensive to 
  be destroyed by token infantry attacks. 
* Migrate friendly citizens to every city you conquer unless you are in a
  big hurry or need gold immediately, in which case, you should just loot.
  Never raze, unless it is a victory condition. 

Most powerful leader:
In scenario mode, when you use a customized leader give him Atk 7, Def 7,
Dmge 6, and Life Stealing. He does not need anything else. Note: This is 
for a dwarf; other leaders might have 1 or 2 points difference on Atk or 
Dmge; do not get rid of Life Stealing or Def. You should also give him 
the following spheres: 4 Air, 3 Fire. Air has Chain Lightning, Haste, and
Windwalking. Fire has Fire Halo and some good offensive spells. Attack 
enemies with your hero, He will be able to destroy almost anything. When
he levels up, give him full Def then Wall Climbing and Round Attack. Do 
not give him Archery or some form of a ranged attack, because in automatic
battles he will use those and Life Stealing will not do anything. It is 
the most important thing about the leader. When your leader has full Def
and Wall Climbing, give him better Atk, Dmge, and Resistance. At about 
level 11, your leader will be strong enough to take on groups larger than
15 and leader"s bases. You should also give him abilities like Extra Strike
and Parry later. Remember, spellcasting is not a large part of this leader.
The best place to use this leader would be Oracles Eye, because there are 
plenty of opponents. At the end of the scenario your leader will be 
slightly higher than level 20. Remember to attack almost only with your

Looking inside a monster lair:
If you want to know what kind of enemies there are in a monster 
lair/crypt/similar, just enter it with a battering ram and choose 
"Fast combat". The fast combat screen pops up with all fighting units,
including the ones defending the lair, and your battering ram flees 
from the battle.

2067 B.C. [Cheat]

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2067 B.C.

1      n/a

Alan Wake [Cheat]

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Alan Wake

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.
Cheat mode:
Add the -developermenu command line parameter to end of the "Target" field in the 
"Shortcut" properties that are used to launch the game. You will now have an option
at the main menu which will allow you to receive infinite ammo, guns, flashlights, 
and unlock all level episodes.

Nightmare Mode:
Beat the game on any difficulty to unlock Nightmare Mode. This mode makes combat 
much more difficult and adds 16 Manuscript Pages to collect.

Microsoft Tag:
In Episode 4 there is a modern art painting on the top floor of the 
lodge. It is actually a tag. Take your smartphone, aim it at the tag
on your screen and use Microsoft Tag to read it.

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. 
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then
"My profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.
Achievement         How to unlock
A Friend in Need  - Special 1: Find someone to help you.
A Friend Indeed   - Special 1: Follow the signal to its conclusion.
Alan, Wake Up     - Complete the game on Nightmare difficulty.
Boob Tube         - See what"s on TV.
Departure         - Complete the game on Normal difficulty.
Ding!: Special 2  - Complete the elevator ride.
Drink "Em Both Up - Put de lime in de coconut twice.
Energized!        - Use 100 batteries.
Heartbreaker      - Special 2: Have some poison poured in your ear.
Heavy Metal       - Survive the bulldozer attack.
Hypercaffeinated  - Discover all coffee thermoses.
Iron Horse        - Encounter a steam engine.
Right of Way      - Drive over 15 Taken.
Tick Tock         - Special 1: Discover 10 hidden alarm clocks.
Tornado Wrangler  - Defeat the tornado.

Episode 3: Missing toilets:
When you look for the keys to the car at the end when escaping from the 
nature center. Search the women"s bathroom. None of the stalls have toilets.

Item limits:
You can only carry the indicated maximum amounts of the following items. 
Batteries                   : 20
Revolver rounds             : 42
Shotgun shells (both types) : 32
Rifle rounds                : 25
Flaregun ammo               : 12
Flares                      : 20
Flashbangs                  : 20

Force view change:
If your character cannot be moved from the center of the screen, hold the 
camera view fully to the left or right until Alan Wake turns around completely.
This will force his body to one side and you can see what is in front of him. 

Max Payne references:
* Search the bookshelves in Alan"s New York apartment and other locations. One 
  of the books is is "The Things I Want", which is a chapter title from Max 
  Payne 2.
* In Alan"s New York Apartment and various other locations throughout the game,
  examine bookshelves: One of the titles is "The Things I Want" which is a 
  chapter title and monologue sequence from Max Payne 2.
* During the flashback at the start of Episode 2, inside the apartment"s master 
  bedroom is a radio which broadcasts a winter storm warning and comments that 
  it is the worst in New York history. This also happened in the original Max Payne,
  which was set in a blizzard-covered New York. 
* Alan Wake"s fictional protagonist in his novels, Alex Casey, has many similarities
  to Max Payne.
* In the Episode 6 flashback, Alan wakes up with a hangover and requires pain killers
  to stop the pain. The bottle is identical to the one that is used by Max Payne for
  his pain relief. 
* In Episode 4 you meet a burned out game designer. The game designer rants about 
  how they thought it was fun to include "mullets" and "mullet time" in their game.
  Soon producers wanted "mullet time" in everything. This is a reference to the 
  "Bullet Time" ability both Max Payne games used. 
* Two pages of the manuscript found in Episode 2 appear to be from Alan Wake"s 
  Novel: The Sudden Stop. The implication of the protagonist"s wife and child 
  matches the setup for Max Payne. The reference to painkillers could also call 
  out to the use of painkillers to restore health in Max Payne.

Easy "Creative Space" achievement:
Go to the area with the airplane. Jump on its wings to reach the lower level. Drop 
from the plane, then go to the left of the furthest wing (towards the front of the 
plane). Once you reach the rock wall, find the slightly hidden hole. Go through it,
and follow the path along the cliff side to reach a cave with a giant typewriter 
and get the "Creative Space" achievement. After Alan is done speaking, go on top 
of the typewriter to read a paper that reveals more of the storyline.

Surviving without ammunition:
Several of the episodes (until the Boss battles) can be completed without firing a shot. Use your 
flashlight and dodge frequently. The checkpoints are the lamplights you can see in the distance. 
The Taken usually cannot follow you past those points. Run to them without using ammunition. 
Frequenly there will be a weapons cache near the lamps, allowing you to resupply and continue. 
Do not worry about carrying ammo over into each episode because you lose will your weapons at the
end of each one.

Getting past the tornado:
Shoot the tornado with the flare gun. Three hits are required under the Normal difficulty setting. 
If you are out of ammunition, there is a full box of flare gun ammo very near the tornado, within 
the outer ring of flying debris. You can destroy at least one of the outer flying items to create 
a gap to jump across to reach it.

Episode 4: Defeating the harvester:
* Use your flashlight against the harvester. If you are getting killed by Taken while doing this, 
  dodge the vehicle as it comes by, light a flare, and kill it using the flashlight from your safe 
* Lure the Taken to the front of the harvester, then dodge the machine and it will run over and kill
  the enemies. The machine will stop for a moment. Use this opportunity to focus the flashlight at it. 
* Remain close to the bulldozer and to its side. It will not be able to ram you because it will still
  be turning to line up with you. In the meantime, light a flare and use your flashlight. You can also
  resupply at the red boxes in the area. One is located near the stairs where you first drop down. A 
  second one can be found back where the bulldozer first jumped out from. There is also a third red 
  box in the area.

9 Clues: The Secret Of Serpent Creek [Cheat]

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9 Clues: The Secret Of Serpent Creek

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.
Easy "Cat Lady" achievement:
When you first meet the black cat, Breebo, it will be next to a bicycle
in front of the Rattlesnake Hotel. Instead of scaring it away with the 
bicycle horn to get the gear, select it a few times until it hisses at 
you to get the "Cat Lady" achievement. There will also be another 
opportunity to get this achievement later in the game. You eventually 
have to scare Breebo off to get Helen"s amulet. Before scaring the cat,
select it several times.

Alien: Isolation [Cheat]

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Alien: Isolation

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.
Disable introduction sequence:
Enter the "SteamSteamAppscommonAlien IsolationDATAUIMOVIES" folder and move the
following files to a temporary folder: 
-=Change field of view=-
Use a text editor to edit the "ENGINE_SETTINGS.XML" file in the directory: 
"SteamSteamAppscommonAlien IsolationDATA". 
Locate the following lines: 
 < setting name=”Field Of View”>
 < quality name=”47? float=”47.0? precedence=”7?></quality>
 < quality name=”50? float=”50.0? precedence=”6?></quality>
 < quality name=”55? float=”55.0? precedence=”5?></quality>
 < quality name=”60? float=”60.0? precedence=”4?></quality>
 < quality name=”65? float=”65.0? precedence=”3?></quality>
 < quality name=”70? float=”70.0? precedence=”2?></quality>
 < quality name=”75? float=”75.0? precedence=”1?></quality>
 < /setting>
Increase the 75.0 value, which is the default setting, to any number up to 100.

Blade Runner reference:
Enter Sevastopol station in mission 2. After checking in with the android, explore the 
station to find origami foil unicorns in various locations. This is a reference to another
Ridley Scott film, Bladerunner, where Harrison Ford finds one at the end of the movie.

General Tips:
* Sound is huge in this game. Make sure you have the TV cranked up or headphones on so 
  you can listen to the Alien, just as it listens for you.
* Never run. Ever. The Alien hears louder footsteps, so running is almost always suicide.
* Avoid fighting other enemies. The Alien isn"t the only threat in the game, but stealth
  is your best approach even against other humans and androids.
* Watch out for the Alien drool – that means it"s in a vent above you. Walking under 
  the Alien guarantees death.
* The flamethrower and molotov are two of the only items/weapons that work against the
  Alien. Burning the Alien can often save you from instant death, as it runs away from
  the fire.
* Alien: Isolation is very much a trial-and-error kind of game. The Alien will often 
  find you, so it"s about adjusting on the fly and doing your best to move quietly at
  any given moment. Don"t feel too bad if you die a lot in the process.
* Craft items often. You don"t want to be holding onto materials for a long time, 
  otherwise it"s just a waste.
* Two simple words: save often.

Higher shadow map resolutions:
Use a text editor to edit the "ENGINE_SETTINGS.XML" file in the  directory.
"SteamSteamAppscommonAlien IsolationDATA". Locate the following lines.
 < Setting name="ShadowMapResolution">
 < !-- resolution in pixels. -->
 < Quality name="512" int="512" precedence="1"/>
 < Quality name="1024" int="1024" precedence="2"/>
 < Quality name="1536" int="1536" precedence="3"/>
 < Quality name="2048" int="2048" precedence="4">
 < DefaultRequirements>
 < WindowsExperienceIndex type="GPU" value="7.6"/>
 < /DefaultRequirements>
 < /Quality>
 < /Setting>
...and change them to: 
 < Setting name="ShadowMapResolution">
 < !-- resolution in pixels. -->
 < Quality name="2K" int="2048" precedence="1"/>
 < Quality name="4K" int="4096" precedence="2"/>
 < Quality name="8K" int="8192" precedence="3"/>
 < Quality name="16K" int="16384" precedence="4">
 < DefaultRequirements>
 < WindowsExperienceIndex type="GPU" value="7.6"/>
 < /DefaultRequirements>
 < /Quality>
 < /Setting>
Increased draw distance:
Use a text editor to edit the "ENGINE_SETTINGS.XML" file in the directory.
"SteamSteamAppscommonAlien IsolationDATA". Locate the following lines.
 < Setting name="Level of Detail">
 < Quality name="Ultra" float="1.0" precedence="4"/>
 < Quality name="High" float="0.9" precedence="3"/>
 < Quality name="Medium" float="0.75" precedence="2"/>
 < Quality name="Low" float="0.6" precedence="1"/>
 < /Setting>
...and change them to: 
 < Setting name="Level of Detail">
 < Quality name="Ultra" float="2.0" precedence="5"/>
 < Quality name="Very High" float="1.0" precedence="4"/>
 < Quality name="High" float="0.9" precedence="3"/>
 < Quality name="Medium" float="0.75" precedence="2"/>
 < Quality name="Low" float="0.6" precedence="1"/>
 < /Setting>

Easy "My Turn Now" achievement:
At the start of Mission 4: Seegson Communications, as you go through the long hallway,
you will see a friendly android (robot that looks like a human). Attack him a couple of
times with the maintenance jack from behind. This will put the android in combat mode,
and he will counter all frontal attacks. Run away and hide until the android goes back
to his post. Then, sneak up to him again, and perform some strikes from behind. Keep 
repeating this until he is dead to get the "My Turn Now" achievement.

Easy "One Shot" achievement or trophy:
Play under the Novice difficulty setting. Quickly open the menu before you dying in 
order to continue. If you actually end up dying, do not load the current saved game. 
Instead, use the second option to load the previous save. Although this will resume 
the game further back, it prevents the death from counting.

Alcatraz (2010) [Cheat]

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Alcatraz (2010)

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.
God Cheat:
Create a File called "Ar.cfg"
Copy the following and save it.
ScreenWidth 800
ScreenHeight 600
RunWorld worldsintro.w
StartMenu 1
loadmodels 1
drawfps 1
drawsky 1
numconsolelines 0
DrawCharacterPaths 0
consolelog 0
RaportTextures 0
RaportSubsets 0
god 1
DebugCharacters 0
RaportVariables 0
DrawDisplace 0
debug 0
RaportTechs 0
Replace "Ar.cfg" with new one for god mode. 
Note: You may have to reconfigure some graphic options.

Alkie Kong 2 [Cheat]

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Alkie Kong 2

Submitted by: David K
Easy Mode Codes
level  1: FLEYS
level  2: HPWTR
level  3: KQWXT
level  4: YMPEM
level  5: COENC
level  6: NNSSW
level  7: PZEPO
level  8: OJUGL
level  9: WYUPQ
level 10: QITFD
level 11: GDOGN
level 12: HAMPL
level 13: SMLSN
level 14: DPNIS
level 15: YBRBT
Normal Mode Codes
level  1: RLEYS
level  2: APWTR
level  3: IQWXT
level  4: MMPEM
level  5: FOENC
level  6: KNSSW
level  7: LZEPO
level  8: WJUGL
level  9: EYUPQ
level 10: LITFD
level 11: KDOGN
level 12: XAMPL
level 13: CMLSN
level 14: YPNIS
level 15: ZBRBT
Brutal Mode Codes
level  1: MLEYS
level  2: ZPWTR
level  3: XQWXT
level  4: PMPEM
level  5: UOENC
level  6: ONSSW
level  7: IZEPO
level  8: EJUGL
level  9: TYUPQ
level 10: MITFD
level 11: QDOGN
level 12: RAMPL
level 13: GMLSN
level 14: JPNIS
level 15: BBRBT

Enter "DR0KN" as a password - Auto win special code!