CHOW 489 Tear Gatherer (finals)

CHOW 489 Tear Gatherer (finals)

CHOW 489 Tear Gatherer (finals)

Character of the Week #489
Tear Gatherer
:right: Deadline - Monday, June 17th 8AM GMT:left:

Whilst children sleep the tear gatherer stalks the shadows, dragging nightmares from the folds of its cloak to place in their minds
so that it can collect their precious tears in tiny vials whilst they dream.
No one knows what this twisted creature does with these tears, but then again, what does the Tooth Fairy do with teeth?

Humanoid male or female.

Carries containers for collecting tears.

Genre is supernatural horror

The Rules:

- FINALS: Must post in finals thread before the deadline
- KNEES UP: Must show at least 3/4 of the character, from at least the knees up.
- FRONT VIEW: Must be able to see the front of design. No back views without a front.
- WIPS: Must show at least 2 work in progress shots either in the wips thread or finals thread.
- READABLE: Design must be readable, as in a 3D model could be made from your image.
- ONLY ONE: May only submit one entry. No multiple submissions.
- 3D: Must be originally created models, excluding primitives. 3D paint-overs permitted. If you choose to use 3D in whole or in part you must show a screenshot of the model in 3D software with final entry.
- UNACCEPTABLE: These are not permitted: Photo paint-overs, photobashing, pre-made or purchased 3D
models, rushed works/ rough sketches. PHOTO TEXTURES are allowed as long as they are suitably worked into the piece and not lazily dumped on top.
- NEW USERS: Must submit entries by 6pm GMT on due date, due to's moderation process:

- DESIGN: Design your character for the brief, not your personal fetish. Nudes without some design are not permitted.
- READ: Read through the threads; there may be answers to your questions already posted.
- FUN: Have fun!

CHOW 489 Tear Gatherer (finals)
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