SeanAsh - Composition 1.1

This assignment was really eye opening in many ways for me. Have not drawn in a long time and I have realized a bad habit in myself. I seem to always want to draw some of the most complicated images, just to see if I can. Then hours in, I realize that it's above me, I start getting reluctant to carry on and eventually I just quite. I have many unfinished illustrations. I almost quite this one (was going to start over using a different image but decided to post this anyway as it is part of my personal growth/a learning curve) With that being said it took close to 4 hours which is already too long and the hardest part was convincing myself to stop.
Having spent so much time on this, here's what I did learn along the way (apologies if I am writing this in the wrong format, I can only write this in the way I understand). I am fairly new to concept art and have unfortunately never heard of Frazetta. Image was chosen based on the names given in the assignment.

If I where to illustrate a bad ass guy killing people I would draw a big muscular dude, having blood everywhere and some sort of blur to show action or movement and yet this piece shows a bad ass dude without using any of those cliches (in fact a lot of his muscles are hidden). The rhythm of the men falling before him is kinda cool, creating movement and giving the battle more energy. I like how the contrast is used in this image. It almost looks like the timeline of the battle in a way. Like the dark's are of the battle that has past (the dead) and the light is of the battle that is to come. I really like how his strength is shown. The hierarchy or emphasis of your main character sitting above all showing his dominance. But it's also how frazetta show this dominance. You have the spears, swords and pointy helmets creating these lines in a charge towards him and in his defiance you have his hand holding the axe that creates this hard horizontal line that sort of stops it. I like the curve of the axe to the shield that creates an anticipation for a powerful swing. coupled with that I also like the cloud coverage behind the character (don't know if this was intentional but with the axe and the dark clouds, its like the hand of god coming down upon the "enemy").

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SeanAsh - Composition 1.1
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