Advanced Perspective (Multi Point Perspective)


I'm trying to understand perspective, sometimes I need to rotate and object in a scene which already has a 2 point perspective and I'm trying to understand how I could setup another 2 point perspective over the top of the first, yet maintain the same sense of perspective overall.

I'm having trouble describing putting what I'm doing into words, except that it appears that the line which is becoming more parallel to the horizon expands out across the horizon line at a ratio greater than 1. Perhaps the further away a vanishing point is from the center of the "camera eye" of the picture the more the vanishing point expands out at a ratio greater than 1.

Like I said I'm having trouble describing this but I hope the attached image gives you an idea of what I mean, I rendered it in blender so it has camera distortion. Are there any known ratios with perspective drawing or is it entirely dependent on camera angle and position?

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Advanced Perspective (Multi Point Perspective)
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