TheWildUnknown's Sketchbook

Hi guys, my name's Catarina Moreira and I'm just sharing some of my work here in hopes that I will get better.
Right now I'm focused on Painting and watching some videos from the New Masters Academy to get better at anatomy.

I have some 3d tutorials done but... I always had trouble bringing myself to create independently from them so, after some time, I decided to focus on something I had a lot of fun doing and was already receiving some requests to do. Oil Portrait Paintings.

Any feedback in the future as I create artwork would be appretiated and if I should post in the Fine Arts section as well please say so. :)

Name: 51328973_10157083733463489_6018786951786659840_n.jpg Views: 841 Size: 95.7 KBName: 50775255_10157083733513489_3329317631197970432_n.jpg Views: 833 Size: 116.8 KBName: 50958939_10157089104168489_7851932002205827072_n.jpg Views: 836 Size: 55.5 KBName: 51081688_10157091584693489_9022703382304915456_n.jpg Views: 817 Size: 87.5 KBName: 50690280_10157064515593489_1089331228139585536_n.jpg Views: 819 Size: 61.7 KBName: 50401192_10157068236248489_7863369732043309056_n.jpg Views: 821 Size: 95.8 KB

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TheWildUnknown's Sketchbook
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