DnD first commission work

Hiya every one,
This is my first post here. Have been searching high and low for a platform to post and get feedback and critiques on my works and the internet brought me here! :D

I've been commissioned to design and illustrate some DnD characters for me extended family members. they live on the other side of the world and don't use the internet much. So getting feedback and updates from them is pretty inconsistent. I thought that tapping into the wealth of knowledge on these forums will help guide me and my art in the best possible direction.

I've managed thus-far to get most of the designs to an agreeable state. so here is my progress:

Character #1 (The Mother)
Mei Shou
Human Warrior class, Wears Chain Mail with leather padding, caries a massive huge big sword, but prefers to use her long bow.

I started with sketching some ideas on paper, Scanned and refined digitally, #1 was chosen as preferred design.
So I moved onto sketching various poses and angles along with some thumbnail sketches trying to figure out the overall composition of the final piece.
Name: Koras Character sheet.jpg Views: 931 Size: 220.6 KBName: refining design2.jpg Views: 903 Size: 235.4 KBName: thumnails Kora.jpg Views: 893 Size: 106.4 KB

Character #2 (The Father)
Erich Cobbletoss
Halfling (Dwarf / "Hobbit") Rogue class, A serious face with a mischievous Grin. Wears mythril Chain Mail with loose fitting leather pant, Tucked into Boots. Since he's half Dwarf He's able to grow facial hair, which is trained into bushy sideburns meeting at a handlebar mustachio.

Once again starting on Paper, I used a template to sketch out some ideas, I never got any feedback from the first list, so either they didn't like any of them? :D or they just didn't see them.. so I re-designed the second picture, which I showed them and they loved it.
Next I moved on to composition sketches, unable to decide between a "Hobbity" Pub scene, or an Idylic Shire-esk outdoor scene, (he's a huge LOTR fan, so I've used that as an influence).

Name: Erichs costumes2.jpg Views: 957 Size: 158.8 KBName: Erich the Hobbit for Stan.jpg Views: 885 Size: 152.0 KBName: thumnails Stan IN PUB2.jpg Views: 943 Size: 176.9 KBName: thumnails Stan OUTSIDE2.jpg Views: 961 Size: 165.1 KB

Character #3 (The Brother from another mother)
Goliath Barbarian, under the spirit path of the Bear. Huge, standing at around 7-8 Feet tall and covered in muscles and the markings that all Goliath have. He wears the bones and teeth of his defeated foes, the largest Human sized pants, all worn and tattered just below the knee, He carries a huge crude two handed stone Maul.
Since he's taken the spirit path of Bear, he has developed bear like traits, such as the thick mass of fur growing from his head down his back, also his hands and feet are developing large claws. Sometimes he'll wear large fur trimmed boots or just go ..Bear foot! :D

After some sketches first the weapon was chosen, then the first character design I submitted was agreed on.
bringing me to the composition stage of the design. was either thinking something showing his bearish nature, dwelling in a cave, surveying his domain or adventuring through unknown forests. choices choices..
Name: weapon of choice.jpg Views: 903 Size: 224.8 KBName: Kendal Chosen one2.jpg Views: 897 Size: 240.3 KBName: Kendal compo sketches.jpg Views: 889 Size: 171.6 KB

Character #4 (The Sister from another Mister)
Elf sorceress class, She is fierce, elegant and very enchanting. That is really the extent of a description I have for her. (she will have long graceful hair)

Beginning with 3 basic variations, Number 3 was the favorite, so I moved on to exploring that idea and refining some more. and once again at the composition stage, I am open to suggestions, since the pose is tied to the design sketch it is subject to change and is just a place holder in the compo-sketches for now.
Name: concepting2.jpg Views: 903 Size: 176.3 KBName: 22 outfitting elf.jpg Views: 889 Size: 150.6 KBName: CompoCompareELF.jpg Views: 901 Size: 152.0 KB

Character #5 (The Brother)
The Dwarf Illusionist / Caster. He wears steampunk styled attire and carries a large 2 handed battle Axe of Dwarven make. He uses illusion and confusion spells to confound his enemies, and is a bit of a nerd, but exceptionally buff, so as a result he is often tasked with carrying the rest of the parties gear and luggage.

I started without much clear direction and came up with the first 3 sketches in img 1), going forward with the 3rd sketch. but after the first iteration img 2), he changed his mind so I made a re-design of the short figure in number img 4). he liked that design, but thought the proportions were too comical, So I re-drew in more realistic style and he was happy! now I'm at the Composition stage again, and would love to hear what direction you like best and how to improve?
1)Name: Nardok early failed sketches.jpg Views: 976 Size: 165.5 KB2)Name: directional inquiry.jpg Views: 890 Size: 251.4 KB3)Name: Nardok recent new pose7.jpg Views: 949 Size: 295.6 KB4)Name: Thumnails Nardok.jpg Views: 907 Size: 441.0 KB

Overall it's a fun experience but the lack of feedback makes me feel "stuck" at certain stages of the process. so any feedback, Suggestions and Critiques anyone has I would be very grateful for! :)

-Samuel. W.

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DnD first commission work
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