Samuels Sketch Book

Hiya all,
Here's is my sketchbook that I have started recently.

Some Master Studies for learning Composition.
Name: master studies4.jpg Views: 801 Size: 337.7 KB
Some Rock formations
Name: 001 rocks2.jpg Views: 831 Size: 386.8 KB
Some Animal faces without the faces
Name: 004 animal skulls togevz3.jpg Views: 828 Size: 425.3 KB
A little Crocodilian
Name: Crocobaby2.jpg Views: 816 Size: 420.7 KB
My Friend and his Cat
Name: Peter Murcury2.jpg Views: 815 Size: 448.8 KB
Some gesture drawing studies I did a while ago.
Name: Figure Sketch Studies2.jpg Views: 781 Size: 419.6 KB
A Fire I tried to make.
Name: 001Fire study.jpg Views: 785 Size: 46.2 KB
Some Value studies and Likeness attempts I did do (Unfinished)
Ron Pearlman
Name: Ronny Pearlface.jpg Views: 777 Size: 384.5 KB
Lucy Liu
Name: lucy head and ref.jpg Views: 783 Size: 66.9 KB

^^ Enjoy

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Samuels Sketch Book
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