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I crashed my car today.

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Nobody was hurt. My car took the hit for me.

I got extremely lucky.

While the smoke settled (cops were called, reports were written, I had time to myself) I thought about my life and the situation I was in, and decided it was bullshit.

I got lucky today. Will I be as lucky tomorrow?

I don't want to die with my song still in me.

Here are some scales:

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These are to establish my starting point. Nothing pretty, obviously. I'm starting at zero just like everyone else and for the first time in my life I'm ok with that.

I drew these months ago and have done nothing since.

I'm going to be working out of the "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" workbook. I've got the textbook on Kindle and will be reading that as well.

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I'll be posting my progress here. Hopefully one day my artwork will inspire others to take the plunge, like the many beautiful and inspiring pieces I've seen here have done for me.

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