[WIP] been in a road block for ages

Hi everyone, this is my first post here in a long time so sorry if I'm asking stupid questions or coming off as rude.
The more I work on this painting, the more and more weird/off track it looks to me. This seems to happen every time I paint a character; it never comes out the way I intend but when I draw them they look accurate to how I imagine.
This character is supposed to be a bit weird-looking; she's very sickly and thin with downturned eyes and a slight weak chin. However, I can't seem to capture her permanent sad face when I paint. She always looks stoned when I first try to make her eyes, and then when I try to undo that she ends up looking happy like she does now. There's also something wrong with the planes in that area, but I can't seem to identify or correct it. Any help/advice with these issues or anything in general you notice would be VERY much appreciated, sorry for the ramble and thanks in advance. :heart:
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[WIP] been in a road block for ages
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